Creation Gate Chapter 4

When he returned to that stone house again, the first thing Ning Cheng did was to recall the gong methods he had learnt before. His predecessor originally did not like to cultivate, and with his poor qualifications, he did not make any progress in cultivation, and the more he cultivated, the less energy he had, and now Ning Cheng could barely recall the cultivation techniques pa*sed down from the Ning Family.

Fortunately, although Ning Cheng’s grandfather, Ning Hongchang, was indulgent towards Ning Cheng, the basic elements of the Ning family gong methods and cultivation had to be remembered.

After repeatedly recalling it, Ning Cheng finally recalled the first level of the Ning Family cultivation technique’s recipe, as well as some of the acupuncture points and meridian directions for cultivation.

Following the cultivation recipe that he had memorised, Ning Cheng carefully sensed the thin spiritual qi from the outside world, trying to create a sense of qi in his meridians. At the same time, he was already prepared for a long period of time without qi sensation, knowing his qualifications, if qi sensation was so easy to sense, he wouldn’t have waited until today to gather qi.

“Buzz ……” Just as Ning Cheng started to gather his spirit qi, his entire meridian buzzed, the kind of sound he could clearly hear, while intense pain filled his entire body.

The next moment, a pure and gentle power spread throughout his entire body, almost tearing his entire body apart. The feeling Ning Cheng had at this moment was that if he was even slightly careless, his entire body’s meridians would be completely torn apart and he would become a ruined man.

Ning Cheng was shocked and did not dare to let up, gathering his spirit to guide those sudden Qi sensations, and according to the cultivation recipe he knew, he guided those Qi sensations to flow through his entire body’s meridians. As he carefully guided them, the body that was about to burst finally gradually eased up.

As time pa*sed, Ning Cheng had already immersed himself in this state of breath flowing through his meridians, like a thread of warm water that slowly spread throughout his body. He vaguely sensed that some blockages in his meridians were naturally being flushed out, and some impurities in his body were being squeezed out of his meridians and emitted by this filmy flow of warm breath.

A warm and soothing feeling rose up in Ning Cheng’s body, and in that sensation where even his consciousness was shielded, Ning Cheng always felt that his cultivation seemed a little different from what others had said before. From his memory, cultivation was absorbing the spiritual qi from outside and transforming it into his own true qi through the meridians in his body.

But at this moment, his feeling was that he had not absorbed half a cent of spiritual qi from the outside. There seemed to be a pure aura in his body, which filled his meridians as he cultivated. This breath was like a thread of hot water, automatically squeezing out the impurities in his body, and automatically flushing out his blocked meridians, which then circulated through his meridians.

It was not known how long had pa*sed when Ning Cheng felt his entire body shake and he opened his eyes with a start.

The sudden clarity of the world made him forget that the breath that was still running through his body just a moment ago had disappeared.

A feeling of extreme relief flooded his heart, and even if Ning Cheng was a fool, he knew that he had unknowingly succeeded in gathering Qi and was already a Qi gathering layer cultivator.

Cultivation was that easy? No, if cultivation was that easy, then he would not have been unable to gather Qi for so many years, and so many people in the entire Cang Qin Kingdom would not have been unable to gather Qi.

Ning Cheng calculated the time he had spent cultivating, he was sure that he hadn’t spent more than a day cultivating, but in just a day’s time, he had actually gathered Qi at the first level, no one would dare to believe it if he said it out loud, what was going on?

At this moment, Ning Cheng had already forgotten about the odour of the impurities that had been discharged from his body, and instead sat in the same place and pondered. Not only was he not a fool, but he also knew how to preserve himself. Even before he was reborn Ning Cheng knew that he was different, because he could not forget anything and his comprehension was simply unmatched.

It was because of this counter-intuitive and terrifying ability that Ning Cheng did not dare to speak out. He only wanted to live an ordinary life, and when his sister graduated from university, he would go in search of his own simple life. He knew very well what his ability represented, and as soon as he revealed a little, he would immediately become the centre of attention. Or from now on, he would not even be able to live an ordinary life freely if he wanted to.

This is also the reason why Ning Cheng would rather work inside a construction site than use his skills to make money. He knew that once he started, it would be difficult to stop and he would eventually be noticed. If it wasn’t for his encounter with Tian Muwan, he wouldn’t have even wanted to go on to university. The only thing he didn’t expect was to be reborn in such a place after his breakup.

Ning Cheng was sure that his cultivation was different from others, while others cultivated by absorbing spiritual qi from outside, he had a pure aura in his own body, and this aura allowed him to quickly gather qi and advance to the Qi gathering layer. Having always been cautious, Ning Cheng wanted to figure out what was going on. There seemed to be a source within him in general, and this source provided this pure aura allowing him to cultivate at a great speed, even ignoring his qualifications.

Unfortunately, Ning Cheng knew very little about the path of cultivation, and the only information he knew was what he got from his predecessor’s memories, which could be said to be pathetic. His predecessor was definitely not a person with great qualifications, if he had great qualifications, he wouldn’t have waited until now to gather Qi. And yet it was so easy for him to cultivate, the only possibility was that something had happened during his rebirth.

Ning Cheng remembered that yellow mane that came from the air, or perhaps his cultivation speed being so fast had something to do with that yellow mane.

Putting aside these thoughts that he could not understand, Ning Cheng walked out of the house and began to cleanse his body. After Ning Cheng had washed his body with well water, he found that some of the scars on the surface of his body had actually faded, and his skin seemed to be much fairer.

Although Ning Cheng had never gathered Qi, he was a student of the Cang Qin Two Star Academy and came from the Ning Family, so he was not ignorant of cultivation. He knew that a cultivator’s wounds would recover quickly, but definitely not as quickly as on him. The wounds on his body, which had been clear yesterday, had faded a lot today after he had reached the Qi gathering layer, which was somewhat unusual.

A somewhat hurried footstep came, which was obviously coming to this courtyard where he was, Ning Cheng was startled in his heart. He had lived here for a few days and no one had ever come over, now there were footsteps coming over, obviously they were aimed at him. Ning Cheng didn’t have time to think about it, so he hurriedly entered the house and quickly took out clean clothes and put them on.

Ning Cheng had just put on his clothes when Ji Luofei pushed the door in somewhat anxiously.

“Why have you come back?” Ning Cheng was slightly relieved when he saw that it was Ji Luofei. He had been a little uneasy in his heart after offending that Ham Yuan Kui.

When Ji Luofei saw that Ning Cheng was alright, she was also secretly relieved and said in a flat tone, “I heard that you had offended and Xian Yuankui ……”

Thinking that Ji Luofei was going to scold him, Ning Cheng took the initiative to speak up before Ji Luofei could say the words that followed, “He was the one who took the initiative to provoke me, even if it were to happen again, I would have done the same to save him.”

Letting a young boy be trampled to death by a unicorn in front of his own eyes, or in a situation where he could save himself, Ning Cheng really couldn’t do it, it was the same as not saving him from death. To him, once he really allowed that little boy to be trampled to death in front of his eyes, he would not be able to let go of his feelings in the future.

To Ning Cheng’s surprise, Ji Luofei did not say anything about him, instead she eased her tone and said, “Xian Yuankui has an unusual status in the Cang Qin Kingdom, if you continue to stay here, you will definitely be dead, eh ……”

When Ji Luofei said this, she gave a eek and looked straight at Ning Cheng for a while before saying, “You have successfully gathered Qi? The odor inside this room is the impurities in your body?”

Only then did Ning Cheng realize that Ji Luofei had already smelled the odor as soon as she entered, only that she had not said it to her face. Only now that she saw that he had gathered Qi did she say this.

“Yes, I just came back with a feeling in my heart, so I cultivated like this, I didn’t expect to succeed in gathering Qi, what luck.” Ning Cheng smiled awkwardly.

When Ji Luofei heard Ning Cheng’s words, she did not reply, instead, she stared at Ning Cheng and looked him up and down for a while. Ning Cheng was about to ask Ji Luofei what was going on when suddenly his heart tightened and he understood what Ji Luofei meant.

Ji Luofei was still with him a few days ago, with his body it was a bit difficult to recover in the past few days, how could he have reached the Qi gathering layer in one go? Obviously there was a secret in him, and if Ji Luofei could see it, how could other people not see it? He had just come out of prison, so I’m sure anyone would know that.

Even though Ning Cheng himself didn’t know what the secret of his body was, others didn’t think so, and it was possible that they might split him open to check.

“Luo Fei, now that I’ve gathered Qi at the first level, I also want to go to the academy to have a look.” Ning Cheng quickly figured out his situation. To him, the only way to save his little life at this point was to go to the Cang Qin Two Star Academy. If he stayed outside, he could be exterminated at any moment.

Ji Luofei was still in awe of what secrets Ning Cheng was carrying, but now after hearing Ning Cheng’s words, she instead forgot about what she had just said to the side. Ning Cheng had never called her girl, but now he had even changed his name to Luo Fei, could trials and tribulations really make a person grow up so quickly?

She quickly reacted that now was not the time to think about such things. With that, she said, “I came back this time just to let you go to the academy for the time being, if you stay outside alone, I guess they won’t let you go. It’s just that now you’re no longer a student of the academy, there’s no way you can go to the teaching institute to listen to cla*ses. Elder Mu in the academy’s cultivation room is very good and has helped me a lot. I’ve talked to him about you, and you can go and help out at Elder Mu’s place, as a sort of handyman for the academy.”

“I have no problem with that.” Ning Cheng immediately agreed, he just needed to save his little life for now. Ning Cheng knew that he had secrets on him, and he believed that with this rate of cultivation, he would soon be able to defend himself.

Ji Luofei nodded, ”Go and help out in the cultivation room, at least if you are successful in gathering Qi. I brought a Qi gathering stone with me this time, I originally wanted to help you gather Qi, but I didn’t expect you to have already succeeded in gathering Qi yourself, so that would be perfect. Let’s wait here for a few days and then go to the academy.”

Ning Cheng was incredibly smart, he instantly understood what Ji Luofei meant, Ji Luofei knew that his success in gathering Qi must be unusual, which was why she had taken the initiative to ask to stay for a few more days. In the future, if others knew that he had gathered Qi, they could also put it on her.

Ning Cheng was just about to thank her when he saw that Ji Luofei’s face seemed a little off, vaguely white.