Creation Gate Chapter 39

Ning Cheng saw the sea vessel coming at the same time, and his heart was in a state of shock. He desperately needed to find someone to ask about the route, and was afraid of being seen. Having offended the two major powers in Mango City, the sea ships here were definitely all related to Mango City. Once they recognised him and Anyi both, it would certainly not end well.

In just a few moments, the sea ship had already approached next to Ning Cheng’s ship.

“Haha, I didn’t expect to meet Brother Ning and your cousin even in the boundless Mango Sea, it’s really fate.” A cheerful laugh came out.

Ning Cheng had already recognized who this person was at this time, it was the same Le Bo Hong who had helped him out in Mango City. Le Bo Hong appeared here at this time, there was no need to even think about it, he must have returned from Lan Sha Island, he just didn’t know how his harvest was.

“It is indeed destiny to meet Brother Le in the Mango Sea.” Ning Cheng also said with a smile on his face as he stepped forward and cupped his fist. In his heart, he was a little helpless, later on, Le Bo Hong would definitely ask him what he was doing here, how should he answer? It would be an idiotic statement to say that he had gone to Lan Sha Island before returning.

As expected, Le Bo Hong immediately asked, “Brother Ning is so bold that he dared to kill Miao Wen Hong of Mango City, I admire him. Not only that, Brother Ning also dares to stay at the edge of the Mango Sea, indeed he has the guts.”

Ning Cheng saw Le Bo Hong’s gaze sweep over the pile of sea beast materials on the bow of his ship, and instantly understood why Daoist Ye had gotten so many sea beast materials piled up here. In his heart, he could not help but admire Daoist Ye even more. In terms of experience, he was far inferior to Daoist Ye. In terms of experience, he was far inferior to Daoist Ye. Daoist Ye had made these sea beast materials to find an excuse to go to sea.

Ning Cheng, who was calm, said, “Miao Wenhong is too deceitful, if I didn’t have an advanced lightning talisman, my cousin and I would have been killed by this person. Killing this person, I was only acting in self-defense.”

Justified defence? It took a moment for Le Bo Hong to understand the meaning of this term by Ning Cheng and immediately said approvingly, “Brother Ning killed well, if this kind of second-rate person had hit my hands, I would have killed him without hesitation as well.”

Ning Cheng was speechless in his heart, you came from Ming Xin Academy, of course you would have no problem killing Miao Wenhong.

Le Bo Hong didn’t seem to think about his backstage at all, and after saying that, he stared at the pile of sea beast materials on the bow of Ning Cheng’s ship and said, “Brother Ning, you are already at the fourth level of Qi gathering, these sea beast materials can only be exchanged for some gold coins at best. Even though you got a lot of them, it won’t help your cultivation much.”

Ning Cheng pretended to be helpless and said, “How could I not know this, it’s just that my cousin and I are just two casual cultivators with no backing and poor cultivation, so apart from being able to collect some sea beast materials next to the Mango Sea, there’s really nowhere else to go.”

After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Le Bo Hong then said, “Brother Ning, if you believe in what I believe, why don’t you come with me to the Bright Heart Academy and take a look. Even if Brother Ning can’t get into the Brightheart Academy, doing some work next to the academy would be far better than seeking work here in the Mango Sea. What’s more, Brother Ning has offended the Wolf King’s House in Mango City, so it’s a bit tough for you to survive around here with your cousin.”

Ning Cheng saw Le Bo Hong’s gaze sweeping over An Yi from time to time, so how could he not know what was on his mind? However, his words were right, the Mango Sea was indeed not a place where he could continue to stay.

“Brother Le is right, earlier Brother Le and I said that the Bright Heart Academy will be enrolling students to the entire Ping Continent in a year’s time, and I am collecting these sea beasts precisely to find some road money to travel to the Bright Heart Academy.” Ning Cheng said regarding Le Bo Hong’s words.

Le Bo Hong looked at Ning Cheng and replied with a straight face, “Brother Ning, please forgive me for being blunt. If Brother Ning intends to rely on gold coins as travel expenses to get to Brightheart Academy, it would be difficult to reach Brightheart Academy within a year even if he were to set off immediately. In half a month’s time, there will be an airship pa*sing through Mango City, and we are about to return to Brightheart Academy on this airship. Brother Ning can come with us if he doesn’t mind.”

Ning Cheng’s heart moved, but immediately shook his head and said, “I have an enmity with the two major powers of Mango City, and even if there is an airship pa*sing by, I don’t have enough gold coins to pay for it.”

Le Bo Hong laughed, “Brother Ning, you shouldn’t have been in this kind of airship before, this kind of airship is a large magic weapon, and it doesn’t charge gold coins. At worst, you need a Qi gathering stone, but for long distance, they don’t even charge Qi gathering stones, they charge lower grade spirit stones.”

“Lower grade spirit stones?” Ning Cheng repeated, his face showing some shock.

The woman standing behind Le Bo Hong suddenly said, “Instead of stopping here in the sea, why don’t you come on this boat of ours and talk?”

Although Ning Cheng did not know this woman’s name, he had seen her once in Mango City. She was at the seventh level of Qi gathering, and based on the badge on her chest, she should also be from Ming Xin Academy.

After hearing this woman’s words, Le Bo Hong said to Ning Cheng somewhat apologetically, “Brother Ning, let me introduce you, this is Senior Sister Lu Xue.”

After saying that, he pointed to the other two and said, “These two are Yin Wenguang and Xu Xiang, this time the four of us came out together for an adventure, and this time we have just returned after many days of turning around in the Mango Sea. Senior Sister Lu Xue’s words are also somewhat true, so Brother Ning might as well abandon the boat and travel with us.”

It must be said that Le Bo Hong spoke with extreme grace, asking Ning Cheng to abandon his boat, without a half-hearted tone of your boat being worthless, so you might as well abandon it.

This time Ning Cheng didn’t hesitate, he directly winked at An Yi and carried out a cloth bag from inside the cabin, then landed on Le Bo Hong’s boat with An Yi. Without control, Ning Cheng’s boat instantly separated from Le Bo Hong’s boat and disappeared into the boundless sea.

Seeing Ning Cheng abandon his boat and travel with his side, Le Bo Hong said even more enthusiastically, “The travel fee from Mango City to Mingxin Academy is two spirit stones per person, Brother Ning I will …… pay for the two of you.”

Ning Cheng knew what Le Bo Hong wanted to say, he quickly waved his hand and said, “I have a sword here, Brother Le help me see how much it can be worth? Is it enough for the journey.”

As he spoke, Ning Cheng had already taken out the knife that he had taken from Pi San from his cloth bag. Previously, Feng Fei Zhang had helped him out with a travel fee, and he still owed Feng Fei Zhang a favour and could not help much. At this moment, Ning Cheng was not willing to owe someone another favour for no reason.

“Huh, Brother Ning still has a lower grade magic weapon?” When Le Bo Hong saw the blade that Ning Cheng took out, he immediately said with a surprised eek. However, he then guessed that this magic weapon should be Miao Wenhong’s.

“Let me have this blade for four spirit stones.” Lu Xue, who had invited Ning Cheng and An Yi on board earlier, suddenly said.

As soon as Ning Cheng heard Lu Xue’s words, he knew that he was afraid that this blade was not worth four spirit stones, and this was supposed to be a favor for Lu Xue to say so.

Even though he knew that Lu Xue was helping, Ning Cheng still handed the knife to Lu Xue and said, “Thank you, Senior Sister Lu, there is no need to give me the spirit stones, just ask Senior Sister Lu to help me with the boat fare when the time comes.”

Seeing that Ning Cheng did not try to take advantage of Le Bo Hong, the few people here had a much better view of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng introduced An Yi to him as well, and soon the few people warmed up and got even more acquainted with each other.

Ning Cheng also learnt from Le Bo Hong that they had indeed returned from Lan Sha Island, and that there were hundreds of cultivators who had gone to Lan Sha Island this time, and there were even cultivators of the first and second Qi gathering levels. However, after these cultivators entered Lan Sha Island, they directly disappeared without a trace.

Le Bo Hong had a set of high-level defence array plates on his body, so he was spared a disaster. However, several people did not dare to continue their search into the heart of the island and immediately returned.

“I’m already sure that the matter of Lan Sha Island having Golden Cicada Fruits was made up by someone with a heart.” The slightly dark-skinned Yin Wenguang said with some indignation.

Ning Cheng asked in confusion, “Why does Brother Yin have this certainty? Didn’t you say that someone had already obtained the Golden Cicada Fruits from Lan Sha Island?”

Ning Cheng was aware that there must be Golden Cicada Fruits on Lan Sha Island, otherwise he would not have been able to obtain such a thing from the Daoist.

Le Bo Hong smiled faintly, “Brother Ning is unaware of this, Wen Guang is from the Pill Liquid Division of the Ming Xin Academy, he specialises in studying all kinds of pill liquids and has some exposure to pills, so Wen Guang has some certainty when he says such things.”

Ning Cheng already knew what medicinal liquids were, and in his heart he was still thinking that this Ming Xin Academy was just like the universities on Earth, it looked like there were various sub-disciplines.

Without being modest, Yin Wenguang said directly, “The Golden Cicada Fruit is an extremely fragrant spirit fruit before and after it ripens, and Lan Sha Island is only this far away, so if there was a Golden Cicada Fruit, I would definitely be able to smell it. After we entered the island, there was not half a fragrance of golden cicada fruit, so I knew that Lan Sha Island should be a trick.”

“Brother Le, if Ming Xin Academy has a medicinal liquid branch, does it likewise have a refining branch and an array branch and so on?” Ning Cheng was not willing to talk more on the topic of Lan Sha Island, he was even a little more interested in the Bright Heart Academy.

Le Bo Hong shook his head and said, “It’s not like that, I’ve heard that among the six-star academies on the Intermediate Continent, there are already such divisions. Bright Heart Academy doesn’t have that yet, except for the Pill Liquid division, the rest are all mixed together. It was divided only according to cultivation level and so on. Of course, some disciples with excellent qualifications could worship separately. Disciples who can worship individually also receive more cultivation resources.”

Ning Cheng suddenly asked, “You have such high cultivation levels, are you disciples who can worship individually?”

Le Bo Hong laughed, “Brother Ning, we are only at Qi gathering cultivation level, which is nothing at all. At my age at Qi gathering cultivation, I can only be said to be a bit above the middle, barely making it into the core cla*s.”

Ning Cheng had always thought that three-star academies were just like that, and that the truly good academy should be the Meteorite Five Star Academy where Ji Luofei went, but now that he heard Le Bohong’s words, Ning Cheng was truly surprised. Hearing the meaning of Le Bo Hong’s words, students at the late stage of Qi gathering in Ming Xin Three Star Academy were really rare, and there were many students with True Condensation cultivation.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s surprise, Le Bo Hong suddenly asked, “Brother Ning doesn’t look very old and is already at the fourth level of Qi gathering, so I guess his qualifications are not bad, right?”

Ning Cheng smiled bitterly and said, “Yes, I am only a three lineage miscellaneous branch spirit root, the only reason why I have reached the fourth level of Qi gathering is because I got five good Qi gathering pills by coincidence.”

If Le Bo Hong asked about the origin of the Qi Gathering Pills, Ning Cheng pushed that aunt of Ji Luofei out as a shield.

Ning Cheng’s words caused several people in Le Bo Hong to look at each other in disbelief, in their opinion, if Ning Cheng could advance to the fourth Qi gathering layer in such a resource-poor environment, his spiritual roots must not be bad. However, they did not expect that it was only a mere three-lineage miscellaneous spirit root, and this kind of spirit root was really not worth their friendship.