Creation Gate Chapter 36

“There’s really a Golden Cicada Fruit?” Ning Cheng’s tone rose with some excitement.

He did not want to go to the middle of Lan Sha Island, not because he could not see the Golden Cicada Fruit, but because he knew that it would be useless for him to go. His cultivation level was too low, so he would not be able to grab the Golden Cicada Fruit if he went there. Moreover, he doubted whether that Golden Cicada Fruit was really there.

Looking at the few people who had come out of Ming Xin Academy, the worst cultivation level was also at the sixth level of Qi gathering, so what would he have to grab the Golden Cicada Fruit with the others?

“That’s not right, An Yi, it doesn’t seem to be the 15th day yet, how can there be the scent of the Golden Cicada Fruit? Could it be that the Karma Daoist is lying to us?” Ning Cheng immediately recalled when the Daoist of Karma said that he could not enter the formation until the fifteenth day.

“Big Brother Ning ……,” An Yi called out to Ning Cheng, she could already tell what Ning Cheng wanted to do now from the look in his eyes.

If he hadn’t smelled the scent of the Golden Cicada Fruit, Ning Cheng would definitely not have been moved, in his opinion, even if there was a Golden Cicada Fruit here, it was not something he could get, he might not even be able to find it.

But now it was different, he could clearly smell the scent of the Golden Cicada Fruit. This meant that he could see the Golden Cicada Fruit as long as he searched past along this smell.

The question of whether to go or not was directly ignored by Ning Cheng, in this place of cultivation, if he was indifferent to something like the Golden Cicada Fruit when it was placed in front of him, then how dare he talk about any chance? What was chance? This was the chance.

In this part of Ping Chau, the Golden Cicada Fruit was one of the most valuable spiritual fruits, something that could allow a cultivator who had gathered Qi to advance to Condensed True. Could he give up this kind of thing? If he gave up this time, maybe he would never be able to see it again. What’s more, maybe when the Golden Cicada Fruit was ripe, there was no one here and it just happened to be met by him.

“Anyi, I’ve decided to go in search of the Golden Cicada Fruit, and you stay here and wait for me. If I never return, you will wait until the spirit stones run out and find a chance to leave Lan Sha Island.” Ning Cheng said with determination.

To Ning Cheng’s surprise, An Yi, who had always obeyed him, directly put away the futon on the ground for cultivation, “Brother Ning, I’ll join you. It’s lonely for me to stay here alone if you go, and I’m afraid of those soul soldiers.”

Ning Cheng scratched his hair and said, “An Yi, as I told you, I have actually always wanted to go back to my hometown. My hometown is very far away, and I simply can’t go back if my cultivation level is poor. I don’t know how far I can cultivate before I can go back, but I don’t want to give up, so I don’t want to let go of any opportunity that I can advance.

I know the chances of being able to go back are slim, but even if they are slim, I still have to try to go back. Going in search of the Golden Cicada Fruit this time will definitely be a life of nine deaths, but I can’t give up this chance, I must go. You are different, your hometown is here, there is no need to go with me.”

“Brother Ning, why do you have to go back to your hometown, isn’t Ping Chau great? We can go to another country. When we were in Mango City before, that person from Ming Xin Academy said that Ming Xin Academy was enrolling students, so we can go to Ming Xin Academy. Is it because your girlfriend is in your hometown, so you can’t feel at ease?” An Yi asked carefully.

Ning Cheng shook his head, “It’s not because of her, it’s because of my sister. I still have a younger sister around, and she must be very worried now without me. Unfortunately, I can’t go back to her side. So I want to work hard on my cultivation, or one day when my cultivation level is high, I can go back.”

“Brother Ning, I will go with you to look for the Golden Cicada Fruit.” An Yi simply said after hearing Ye Mo’s words, without using any other reason to explain.

Ning Cheng looked at An Yi’s firm eyes and knew that further persuasion would be useless. He could only nod his head and say, “Alright then, you follow me closely at all times. When two people are together, they won’t be lonely when they die.”

Ever since Ning Cheng knew that even if he cultivated to the Yuan Building Realm, he would not be able to get from Ping Continent to Hua Continent, he knew that his hope of returning to Earth was already extremely slim. As he said, even if it was slim, he did not want to give up. If he didn’t give up, there was still a slight chance, but if he did, there would be no chance at all.

The heavens had already given him a chance to obtain the Xuanhuang Pearl. The Xuanhuang Pearl was heaven defying, but it also required countless spirit stones to support cultivation and many spirit herbs as well. He had no relatives here, he couldn’t even join a clan or an academy, so who would help him if he didn’t go and search desperately for spirit materials himself? Besides, even if he was a disciple of an academy, there was no such academy that could use heaps of spirit stones to pile up his cultivation.


Ning Cheng led An Yi out of the reef cave and carefully pa*sed along the direction where the Golden Cicada Fruit was emitting its fragrance. After the two of them had walked for an incense stick, the vaguely blurred fog enveloped them once again, and both Ning Cheng and An Yi appeared vague to each other.

Ning Cheng grabbed An Yi’s hand, he knew that once this kind of place was lost, the two of them would not be able to get together again.

“Snapping, snapping ……” A sound of footsteps came, and Ning Cheng and An Yi immediately stopped.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, but to Ning Cheng’s horror, he could not see anyone’s shadow at all, he could only hear the non-stop sound of footsteps.

Suddenly, the footsteps stopped and seemed to be just a few metres in front of Ning Cheng. An Yi subconsciously stuck close to Ning Cheng, she was just like Ning Cheng, she also could not see what kind of person the footsteps were coming from.

Ning Cheng was about to pull An Yi up the path when another aura emanated from the Xuanhuang Pearl in his Purple Mansion. The coldness that had invaded Ning Cheng’s body disappeared in an instant, and then Ning Cheng heard the ‘snapping, snapping, snapping’ sound of footsteps going away.

“Big Brother Ning, just now I seem to have seen a small path, and soon that path disappeared, was that fake.” An Yi had already somewhat understood that the path she and Ning Cheng had just seen was a fake.

Ning Cheng said in a deep voice, “There is something strange about this Mango Sea and this Lan Sha Island, the soul soldier from before, and the headless man, as well as this figureless footsteps. We can’t go on like this, you wait.”

Ning Cheng pondered slightly for a while before he said, “Let’s go according to that route map from the Daoist of Karma, I feel that the one he gave is true.”

An Yi gave a hmmm and did not speak again.

Ning Cheng immediately changed his direction after recalling that route map given by Daoist Karma to enter the formation. He had long been familiar with that route map, plus he himself could now say that he knew a thing or two about formations, and in just a few steps he had found a real curved path.

When Ning Cheng and An Yi found this curved path, the vague fog around that area, although still present, was obviously much thinner. Not only that, but the fragrance of the Golden Cicada Fruit had become stronger and stronger.

“That diagram is correct, let’s hurry up and go. ” Ning Cheng pulled An Yi tightly as he turned around from time to time on this curved path. The faster they went, the faster they went, they no longer saw anything bizarre on this path.

An hour later, Ning Cheng and An Yi stopped, there was no longer a path ahead, and that route map given by Daoist Ye to enter the formation only ended here.

“There’s no more path.” Ning Cheng said with a frown as he stared at the curved pathway that disappeared in front of him. He also knew that this was indeed a formation, but unfortunately, this formation was so advanced that he had no way to find the real path right now.

“Brother Ning, the scent of that Golden Cicada Fruit seems to be gone as well.” An Yi suddenly said.

Ning Cheng had been paying careful attention to the path ahead and had not paid attention to the scent of the Golden Cicada Fruit for a while, but only when An Yi said it did he react. The fragrance of the Golden Cicada Fruit had disappeared somehow, and he had not even noticed it.

“An Yi, stay close to me, I will go down this way, once something is not right, we will come back again immediately.” After Ning Cheng carefully admonished An Yi, he carefully took a step out of this curved path.

“Boom ……” Ning Cheng had just stepped out of this path when he heard a muffled booming sound in front of him.

At this moment, Ning Cheng’s attention was extremely focused, and as soon as he heard the muffled sound, the first thing he did was to return to the original path, but when he turned back to look at the path again, he found that the path had disappeared just now. It was as if it had been taken away from him out of thin air, and all that was around him were some barren gra*s and rocks.

“An Yi ……” When Ning Cheng felt that something was wrong, he unexpectedly found that An Yi had disappeared as well without knowing when. Next to him was all a vaguely blurred haze, where was there any shadow of Anyi?