Creation Gate Chapter 350

“It’s good, it is indeed a true pole shoot, I had a good look at it when my couple tried to go in…. .xstxt… See the latest and greatest It’s just that the two of us have limited strength and couldn’t rush to the very inside. Even if they did rush in, there seems to be a natural wind and fire formation at the very inside. If the two of you are interested, we can go there together.” Chao and affirmed.

Yu Zheng agreed without hesitation, “Of course I want to go for this, my body refinement reached the peak of the fourth level long ago, but I just can’t break through. This thing is just a little too important to me.”

“I’ll go over there too.” Gongye Yingxiu likewise didn’t hesitate half a second.

This thing was a treasure to anyone. Who would be a cultivator in Roland Star who didn’t refine their body? Cultivators who didn’t refine their bodies simply couldn’t survive here.

“Good then, I was worried about the lack of manpower, but now there is enough, we will go now.” Chao He said with a clap of his hands.

He hadn’t expected to find five people at once either. In Roland Star, no one would be willing to tell you where their lair was if they weren’t very familiar with it, and because of this, Chao He even wanted someone like Ning Cheng who only had a Yuan Soul cultivation. Of course, if he had known that Gongye Yingxiu was also there, even if he had met Ning Cheng, he would not have taken the initiative to call on Ning Cheng.

Instead, Gongye Yingxiu said, “The four of us God Shaping Realm cultivators should be enough ……”

As soon as Ning Cheng heard this fellow’s words, his heart just became furious, Chao He hadn’t even spoken, and this fellow had taken the initiative to tell him not to go. It was not like this fellow had discovered that True Extreme Shoot, this Gongye Yingxiu was obviously not a good person.

Chao He chuckled and said, “There are more of us and we have more strength, besides Brother Ning was the first one I met before. Let’s all go together.”

Although Chao He did not say it explicitly. But the meaning was understood by everyone. That was that he could not do something that would tear down a bridge over a river. Bringing Ning Cheng along when he needed him before, and then kicking him away now that there were enough people, it seemed a little too much.

Gongye Yingxiu did not know what had occurred to him and suddenly smiled faintly, “It’s better, one more person is more powerful.”

Hearing that Gongye Yingxiu had agreed to Ning Cheng going together. Chao and Chao breathed a sigh of relief. They were all clear about Gongye Yingxiu’s skills, and being able to join the small team would increase the chances of success by a lot.

But then, Gongye Yingxiu said to Ning Cheng, “This friend, in Roland Star everyone groups up in a circle. Brother Ning only has a Yuan Soul Realm cultivation and can enter the circle of the God Shaping Realm, so he must have an amazing cultivation in his possession, so don’t let us down when the time comes.”

The sneer in his tone could be heard by anyone.

Only then did Ning Cheng understand why Chao and the others he was familiar with were all cultivated at the God Shaping Realm, so it was a circle of friends. It looked like even more sinister places. As long as there were people, there would be rivers and lakes.

Ning Cheng did not care about Gongye Yingxiu’s ridicule as he said indifferently. “Gongye Yingxiu, you think highly of yourself. I have never treated you as a friend, I came here in a group with Brother Chao, you don’t need to put gold on your own face. As for whether or not I have amazing cultivation, it’s none of your business?”

“You ……” When Gongye Yingxiu saw that Ning Cheng had dared to ridicule him in such a way, he was immediately about to lash out.

Chao He also did not expect Ning Cheng to have such a temper despite his low cultivation level, so he hurriedly persuaded on the side, “Everyone’s grouping is only temporary, this time the grouping is over, whether they are friends or not, each one looks at their own, there is no need to make a dispute.”

Gongye Yingxiu coldly snorted, the killing chance in his eyes flickered away, and did not continue to speak.

Yu Zheng and Chao He secretly sighed, both of them knew that Gongye Yingxiu had moved against Ning Cheng with a murderous intent, but there was nothing they could do to sway this matter. One could only say that Ning Cheng did not have the awareness that his cultivation was low, this kind of person would become a stepping stone for others sooner or later, even if he was anywhere.

Ning Cheng also sensed Gongye Yingxiu’s killing intent, and he didn’t even put it to heart. If his cultivation level was inferior to the other party, then he would just play the grandson. Gongye Yingxiu was at the seventh level of the God Shaping Realm, Ning Cheng wouldn’t be half afraid of him, so why should he play the grandson?

He had killed Yan De at the middle stage of the God Shaping Realm when he was at the early stage of his Yuan Soul, now that he was at the late stage of his Yuan Soul, he was still afraid of a late stage God Shaping Gongye Yingxiu?

“In that case, let’s go there early.” Ban Miao Lei jacked in from the side, and all of them understood that she did not want things to continue to get worse.

Although several people were all body refining cultivators, their cultivation levels were all less than that of a Transformation Tripod, and they could only move quickly on the ground now. In this part of Roland Star, ordinary cultivators did not dare to sacrifice their flying magic treasures to fly.


It was a full day before the five arrived outside a stone forest that was incomparably hot. This rocky forest was rugged and odd, with rocks of all shapes and sizes intermingling, making it impossible to see what was going on inside. A wave of heat came over them, and even divine sense was greatly affected, so one could only guess that it might contain a huge volcano.

Ning Cheng did not speak along the way, after he had followed the rest of the group for a day, he knew that when it came to being familiar with the terrain, he was too far from the other few.

Whether it was Chao and his wife or Yu Zheng and Gongye Yingxiu, they were all more familiar with the terrain here than Shi Qionghua.

“Brother Chao, is this the place? I’ve been here before too, and I didn’t find anything strange?” Yu Zheng said in confusion as he looked at the intermingled stone forest.

Chao He paused, his demeanour becoming a little more serious and said, “It was not easy for me to discover this place. More than ten years ago, I found a fragment of a top-grade defensive true weapon near here, and I once thought that there was a cave of a great cultivator here. But unfortunately, I searched for a long time and could not find it. After that, every time I passed by here, I would take a chance and come to have a look ……”

“Well?” Gongye Yingxiu asked eagerly, obviously he was more concerned about something that possessed a top-grade defensive true weapon Da Neng cultivator.

Chao He said helplessly, “I’ve searched almost all of this area countless times, and still haven’t found anything. A month ago, I blasted out a bursting blade in anger. Unexpectedly, this blast of mine really did explode something, and a very hidden natural concealment ban was detected by me.

Miao Lei and I spent the better part of a month barely getting into the middle of this hidden forbidden system, only to find a large expanse of wind and fire lava mist. Unfortunately this vast expanse of wind and fire magma fog was so ferocious that I barely made it halfway through before I almost got killed. However, I vaguely saw what seemed to be a few True Extreme shoots inside, and there was also a wind and fire formation on the inside of the True Extreme shoots ……”

After hearing Chao He’s words, not only did Yu Zheng and Gongye Yingxiu’s eyes show a sizzling light, but Ning Cheng’s heart also rose with eagerness. Once he obtained the True Extreme Bamboo Shoots, then not only would he be able to advance to the God Shaping Realm, he might even go further in body refinement.

Yu Zheng looked a little better than Gongye Yingxiu as he said directly, “This place was discovered by Brother Chao, how to obtain the True Extreme Bamboo Shoots, Brother Chao tell us, we will cooperate.”

Gongye Yingxiu also agreed and said, “Yes, Brother Chao you tell us the way, not only did you discover this place, but you also have the highest cultivation level.”

Ning Cheng saw Gongye Yingxiu’s disdainful gaze and simply did not bother to look at this fellow.

Chao He nodded, “In that case I’ll be polite, it was not easy for me to discover this place, so before we go in, I think it would be best for us to discuss the distribution plan. Even though we’re all friends, it’s better to be clear about such things.”

“Then it would be better to go by cultivation level, when the time comes, we will distribute them according to cultivation level.” Gongye Yingxiu immediately replied, his cultivation level was the second highest here apart from Chao He, and he would not lose out half the time when it was distributed according to his cultivation level.

Ning Cheng sneered at one side, “Gongye Yingxiu, so you don’t have to go in and be given the second highest allocation when you get the stuff later?”

“When did I say I wouldn’t go in? You are a mere Yuan-Soul cultivator, you are not qualified to participate in this kind of treasure hunt at all.” Gongye Yingxiu shouted angrily without ceremony, having arrived here, he was attracted by the True Extreme Shoots, so how could he care about Ning Cheng? In the end, even if Ning Cheng did not die, he would not want to share the True Extreme Bamboo Shoots.

Ban Miao Lei suddenly said, “Brother Ning’s argument is not unreasonable, I think it would be better to distribute it according to how much each person contributed.”

Seeing that Ban Miaolei also said this, Gongye Yingxiu could not refute it.

Ning Cheng clapped his hands and said, “I agree with Senior Sister Ban’s distribution plan, just because it’s not good to specify how much effort to put in. Let’s see how about this, when we go in, we will all go all out, and when we meet the True Extreme Shoots later, we will all fight to grab them as well. No matter what is inside, whoever grabs it will be the one who gets it. But Brother Chao is the one who finds and leads, so I suggest that in the end, no matter how much we get, each of us will take out a tenth of the True Extreme Bamboo Shoots and give it to Brother Chao.”

Yu Zheng immediately said, “I agree with what Brother Ning said, this is a very good proposal. Brother Chao, what do you think?”

Chao He was also very satisfied and said, “I also agree.”

After saying this Chao He also glanced at Ning Cheng, this idea was proposed by Ning Cheng, in fact, this distribution plan Ning Cheng was the most disadvantaged, after all, his cultivation level was the lowest.

However, Gongye Yingxiu said, “Then what if there are the rest of the things in there besides the True Extreme Bamboo Shoots?”

Chao He immediately said, “Whatever it is, it is each person’s chance to get it, as for the True Extreme Bamboo Shoots, then it will be distributed according to Brother Ning’s statement.”

Chao He’s words set the tone for this operation, and no one else refuted it. Ning Cheng was also very appreciative of Chao He, showing that this fellow was generous.

Seeing that everyone had agreed, Chao He took the lead and walked into the incomparably hot stone forest while turning back and saying, “Everyone follow me.”

Chao He wandered around the stone forest for more than an hour before stopping in front of two immense stone pillars, which were stirred together and seemed like they would break at any moment.

Ning Cheng was a Grade 7 Formation Master and he immediately sensed the fluctuations of a natural formation here.

“This is the place. If we blast this place, we will reveal the entrance to the formation, and when we enter, we will be able to see a wind and fire magma fog.”

As Chao and Chao spoke, Ning Cheng had already seen this entrance. It was indeed a natural hidden entrance, but there were artificial traces outside the entrance, and Ning Cheng always felt that the traces here were somewhat familiar to him.

“Attack.” While Ning Cheng was still pondering, Chao He was already the first to sacrifice his magic treasure and blast down.