Creation Gate Chapter 349

Seeing Ning Cheng sizing himself up, Chao He smiled unconcernedly and said, “Brother Ning must have thought that Miaolei and I were together for the sake of Zhangyi, right? In fact, Miao Lei and I fled to Roland Star in order to avoid the Zhan Eros Dao Sect’s pursuit. This matter is known to many people, and there is no need to hide it.”

“A chase? Isn’t Senior Sister Ban a member of the Zhangyi Dao Sect? Why are they still chasing and killing?” Ning Cheng asked, puzzled.

Seeing that Ning Cheng seemed to be more interested in the Emotion-Cutting Daoist Sect, Chao He deliberately explained in order to draw closer to Ning Cheng, “Miao Lei and I truly love each other, and after we became husband and wife, not only did Miao Lei not cut off her love, she also raised a daughter for me. The Love-Cutting Daoist Sect absolutely does not allow a disciple to lose her chastity in the body of a love-interrupter, let alone to fall in love with someone genuinely. Miao Lei and I even had a daughter, and they were determined to hunt me and Miao Lei down.”

“You came to Roland Star because you were hiding from the Emotion-Cutting Dao Sect?” Ning Cheng immediately understood that he had also come to Roland Star to hide.

Chao He’s face however turned gloomy, “Yes, we even lost our own daughter to the Chopping Emotion Dao Sect in order to escape, my husband and wife and the Chopping Emotion Dao Sect are sworn to disown each other. This is a sect with no humanity, and the sect leader who established it is even a crazy woman.”

Ning Cheng said with approval, “That’s right, this sect is indeed not very good, a sect of old virgins, all of them are perverts.”

Chao He did give Ning Cheng a puzzled look, he could hear that Ning Cheng did not have a good impression of the Zhan Eros Dao Sect either. However, he explained, “Brother Ning is mistaken, the Chopping Emotion Dao Sect does not really have many old virgins.”

Ning Cheng was puzzled and said, “I’ve heard that once a woman of the Emotion-Cutting Dao Sect has double-cultivated with someone, she is unable to cut off her emotions. That’s when they are truly in love. For example, …… The virtuous couple should be that, right?”

Chao He said with a cold laugh. “Brother Ning, you don’t know much about the Zeng Eros Daoist sect. I thought that they are all immortals who do not eat the fires of the world and look at matters of men and women very cautiously. In fact, it’s not like that at all. The women of the Emotion-Cutting Daoist Clan will go around looking for mating opportunities like bitches when their cultivation is successful after they have cut their emotions.

They never mate with the person whose love they have beheaded, but look for unrelated men to mate with, and after mating, the men will be beheaded and killed by the disciples of the Zhan Eros Daoist Sect. Very few people know about this kind of thing. This is because all those who betrayed the Chopped Emotions Daoist Sect were hunted down and killed by the Chopped Emotions Daoist Sect. Miao Lei and I would never have been able to escape to the Roland Star if it wasn’t for a coincidence.”

After hearing Chao He’s words, Ning Cheng froze and said, “There’s still this kind of perverted sect?”

“That’s right, it’s perverted, Brother Ning’s description is all too correct. To them, chastity is simply unimportant, yet they have to pretend to be a whore/set up a pagoda or something to enter the Emotion Chopping. That founding patriarch of the Chopping Love Dao Sect, Xu Binglan, and the current one, Xu Anzhen, which one is not the head of countless faces ……”

“Senior brother. Let’s not talk about those things, I’m also considered a disciple out of the Chopping Emotions Daoist Sect ……” Seeing Chao and the more he said, the harder it was to hear. Ban Miao Lei pulled Chao He.

Chao He’s anger was immediately calmed down once Ban Miaolei pulled, and he sighed and said, “Miaolei, you are no longer a disciple of the Zhan Eros Dao Sect, and the cultivation is not the Zhan Eros technique. The Zhan Emotion Daoist Sect killed our daughter, and I will have to go back to take revenge after all.”

I don’t know if it was to take care of his Daoist partner’s face, or if he felt that there was no point in discussing this being. After Chao He finished this sentence, he did not continue and took the initiative to digress and said, “After crossing this area, the block is going to reach Yu Zheng’s residence. Yu Zheng is a rank four king body, which is a great help to us in this operation. By the way, Brother Ning was able to refine his body in that chaotic space before, and his walking speed here is not slower than ours in the slightest, so I guess he must be at least a level three spirit body as well?”

Ning Cheng did not hide it and casually responded, nor did he explain that he was a level four king body now.

“That would be best, Miao Lei and I are also both level three spirit bodies, together with Yu Zheng who is a level four king body, this operation should have a great chance of success.” Chao He said with great satisfaction, he knew that he had not misjudged the situation. Ning Cheng, who was at the eighth level of his Yuan Soul and could refine his body in the chaotic space, had definitely reached a level three spirit body.

“Brother Chao, can you tell us about the Wind and Fire Rock? I also have a preparation.” Ning Cheng asked carelessly, he was indeed not afraid that Chao and Ban Miaolei would lie to him, but if he added a Yu Zheng who did not know the details, Ning Cheng would be a little more cautious in his heart.

Chao He said grumpily, “Brother Ning doesn’t need to worry, the entrance to the Wind and Fire Rock is a wind and fire lava fog. Fewer people won’t be able to get in at all, and the more people there are, the easier it will be to get in. I found this place by chance, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to find the entrance even if I had arrived next to the Windfire Rock.”

Seeing that Chao He did not say much more carefully, Ning Cheng stopped asking about the Wind and Fire Rock. However, Chao He was a veteran at Roland Star, and he had other things to ask, “Brother Chao, I heard that there were many top-notch heavenly treasures at Roland Star, and I even heard that there were Heavenly Resurrection Flowers and Frost Buds here?”

Chao said with a smile, “There are definitely frost buds, and there are more than one or two of them on Roland Star. As for the Heavenly Resurrection Flower, I have heard people say that there are also some. It’s just that these things, even if we know where they are, we don’t have the ability to get them.”

“Brother Chao has really heard of this kind of treasure there, huh?” Ning Cheng suppressed the surprise in his heart and asked again.

Ban Miao Lei, who rarely spoke, gave Ning Cheng a meaningful glance and took the initiative to say, “I heard that there is a Heavenly Reserves Flower in the most terrifying Poison Mist Thorn on Roland Star, as to whether it is true or not, no one knows either. That Poison Mist Thorn even if a Cultivator of the Transformation Tripod went there, there would be death but no life. As for where the frost buds are found, I don’t know either. But even if something like frost buds would appear, it would definitely be in the extreme north of Roland Star.”

When Ning Cheng heard about the Poison Mist Thorn, he wanted to ask where this Poison Mist Thorn was, but he did not know how to speak.

As if she knew what Ning Cheng was thinking, Ban Miao Lei took the initiative to take out a jade slip and handed it to Ning Cheng and said, “Brother Ning, this is a sketch map of part of the Roland Star, I also purchased it from someone else, it might be of some help to you.”

Ning Cheng’s divine sense swept into the jade slip and he immediately found the Poison Mist Thorn. This map could not be considered a sketch map at all, to Ning Cheng, this jade slip could even be considered a good treasure. Not only were many places and locations marked on it, but it also indicated some of the possible spiritual objects that might appear.

“Thank you, Senior Sister Ban, this jade slip will be of great use to me.” Ning Cheng put away the jade slip and sincerely thanked him.

“Hehe, there is no need for Brother Ning to be so polite. Every once in a while, there will be some exchanges held at Roland Star. Some of the cultivators who stayed on Roland Star would exchange each other’s experiences and exchange some things. The next exchange will be at the top of Pan Reef Mountain in a year’s time, so if Brother Ning is interested, he can also go there and take a look.” Chao He chuckled and said with a wave of his hand.

“Thank you both, I will definitely go to the top of Pan Reef Mountain to take a look if I have the time.” Ning Cheng was overjoyed in his heart, having cultivated to this day, he certainly knew that the effect of one’s closed-door cultivation was completely different from discussing it with others on a regular basis.

“Brother Chao, Senior Sister Ban, why are you free to come to my place?” A refreshing voice interrupted Ning Cheng’s words.

Immediately afterwards, Ning Cheng saw a male cultivator dressed in a light grey cultivator’s uniform land, who looked to be about his age and had a cultivation level of the God Shaping Tier. A head of long hair was tied casually behind his back, looking extremely relaxed and at ease. Compared to the average looking Chao He, this grey clothed cultivator was much more handsome.

“This one is?” When the grey-clothed cultivator saw Ning Cheng, he asked in a somewhat puzzled manner. He was friends with Chao He and his wife, but had never seen Ning Cheng before.

Chao He said with a smile, “Let me introduce you, Ning Cheng, this is the Yu Zheng I was talking about. Brother Yu Zheng, this is Ning Cheng, a friend that I have just met not long ago.”

Yu Zheng was very polite, and seeing this, he quickly said, “Let’s all go and sit together at my place, I happen to have a friend who has just arrived on my side as well. If Brother Chao waits a little longer to come over, I’ll have to leave here.”


Yu Zheng was the one who took the initiative to come out to greet Chao and the others after seeing them arrive, and Ning Cheng and the others followed Yu Zheng around the monitoring formation before arriving at Yu Zheng’s cave.

Yu Zheng’s cave was built in a very strange way, in a huge rocky area. Moreover, the space around it was not very stable, and Ning Cheng doubted that this place would suddenly erupt into a volcano or something. However, thinking that Yu Zheng was a fourth level king body refiner, even if a volcano suddenly erupted, it would probably not be able to help Yu Zheng.

Just as Yu Zheng had said, a guest had already arrived at his residence. It was a seventh-level God-shaping cultivator, whose cultivation level was not too different from Yu Zheng’s. With a long face and short beard, slender eyes, and a strong violent aura all over his body, he reminded Ning Cheng of Qi Le and Yan De.

It was evident that this cultivator had not been at Roland Star for a short period of time, and was also a body refining cultivator who had just advanced, otherwise he would not have had this violent aura.

“So it’s Gongye Yingxiu’s friend.” Both Chao and the couple obviously knew this God-shaping cultivator with slender eyes.

Knowing that Chao and the couple knew Gongye Yingxiu, Yu Zheng simply introduced both Ning Cheng and Gongye Yingxiu to each other.

When Gongye Yingxiu saw that Ning Cheng only had a cultivation level of the eighth level of the Yuan Soul, he gave Ning Cheng a bland look and did not even nod his head, obviously not looking at Ning Cheng in his eyes.

Ning Cheng was brought by Chao He, and for Gongye Yingxiu to treat Ning Cheng so coldly made Yu Zheng very embarrassed, so he hurriedly said, “Brother Chao, if you hadn’t come, I would have gone to the Moon Stream Pond with Brother Gongye soon. It’s just as well that Brother Chao is here now, so let’s go there together.”

Gongye Yingxiu frowned for a moment and did not say anything. Ning Cheng could see clearly and knew that this fellow did not want to bring him along as a partner.

Chao He smiled and said, “I’m here on good business this time, it doesn’t matter if I go to the Moon Stream Pond later, I’ve found the True Pole Shoot and was about to find you to team up with me ……”

“What? True Extreme Bamboo Shoots?” Gongye Yingxiu and Yu Zheng spoke out in shock almost simultaneously, Chao He’s words were just a little too shocking.