Creation Gate Chapter 348

Ning Cheng walked out of the centre of the spatial turbulence, cleaned himself up and changed his clothes. The eighth level of Yuan Soul plus the fourth level of King’s Body, this strength if he met another cultivator similar to Yan De, Ning Cheng would not even need to use the Falling Treasure Bronze Coin to easily kill him.

It had only been a year since he came to Roland Star, but he had made such a powerful progress in strength, and even his alchemy level had risen to that of an Earth Dan Master, Ning Cheng was still very satisfied in his heart. The only regret was that it had already been a year and Shi Qiong Hua had not yet returned.

Ning Cheng had no intention of returning to his residence, he was at the eighth level of his Yuan Soul and was preparing to advance to the God Shaping Realm. To advance to the God Shaping Realm, apart from needing a large amount of cultivation resources, he also needed to have the spirit source to break through the God Shaping cultivation level.

In the Yixing Continent, most cultivators broke through the God Shaping Realm by using ‘Void Breaking Pills’. Although the ‘Void Breaking Pill’ was a Grade 7 Earth Pill, it was extremely difficult to refine, not only was it difficult to make, but it also required several top grade spirit herbs, such as the Yuan Sheng Flower, the Yin Jia Fruit and other precious Grade 7 spirit herbs.

Not to mention that Ning Cheng was simply unable to refine the ‘Void Breaking Pill’ right now, even if Ning Cheng could refine the ‘Void Breaking Pill’, he did not have such spirit herbs. Not to mention that he had obtained a large pile of Grade 5 and above spirit herbs in Yan De’s and Lacquer Le’s rings, in reality, there were really not many truly precious spirit herbs, except for one Frost Bud.

Ning Cheng knew that he would not be able to advance by himself by hiding inside his house in seclusion, which was why he planned to leave this place temporarily to look for opportunities to advance. It was a fact that there were various dangers in the Roland Star, and it was also a fact that there were various opportunities.

“Huh, there’s someone here?” A startled voice rang out, and only then did Ning Cheng see two figures flying over.

The sound of the spatial turbulence here was so noisy that he surprisingly did not perceive anyone coming over at first.

The two people who came were both of God Shaping cultivation level, a female cultivator of the fifth level of God Shaping, with a delicate and extremely beautiful appearance. The other was a male cultivator at the ninth level of the God-shaping realm, of medium stature and of average appearance, looking even a little crude.

Ning Cheng thought that these two people had also come here to refine their bodies, after all, this place only had spatial turbulence and the spiritual energy was not very dense. So he immediately wanted to leave, with a female cultivator refining her body here, it would be inappropriate for him to stay here, not to mention that he was going to leave.

“Is this friend here to refine his body?” The male cultivator took the initiative to ask to Ning Cheng, his cultivation level was far higher than Ning Cheng’s, and he was very casual in his questioning.

Ning Cheng nodded, “Yes, I do want to refine my body here, but the spatial turbulence here is a bit turbulent, so I want to change to a more moderate place.”

“Wait a moment friend ……” Seeing that Ning Cheng was about to leave, the male cultivator hurriedly stopped Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng asked in a light voice, “What else is there?”

Seeming to sense Ning Cheng’s defensiveness, the male cultivator smiled, “Friend, don’t worry, my husband and wife have been cultivating in Roland Star for many years, they are not people who act recklessly.”

Ning Cheng laughed in his heart, even if they were reckless, he was not afraid of these two people.

“Let me introduce myself, I am Chao He, this is my daoist couple, Ban Miao Lei.”

When the male cultivator heard that Ning Cheng was a body refining cultivator, his tone became polite, “This is how it is, if your friend has reached the third pole spirit body in body refining, we would like to invite our friend to go to a place together, the Wind and Fire Rock of Roland Star ……”

“Sorry, I don’t have much interest in that.” Ning Cheng refused without hesitation.

These two people were both God Shaping Realm cultivators, so why should they team up with him, a Yuan Soul cultivator? If there were really good things, it wouldn’t be his turn. After so many years of groping and crawling in the Yixing Continent, Ning Cheng had long been convinced that good things would not fall from the sky for no reason.

“Don’t refuse yet, my friend must be preparing to advance to the God Shaping Realm soon, right? There is no ‘Void Breaking Pill’ in Roland Star. But this place I’m going to will not only allow you to advance to the God Shaping Realm, it will also allow you to take your body refinement a step further. It is because that place is too small for people to enter that we invited our friend.” When Chao He saw Ning Cheng’s refusal, he still said without panic.

When Ning Cheng heard this, his heart immediately just moved, he didn’t care about anything else, but he couldn’t care less about the resources to advance to the God Shaping Realm. No matter if what the other party said was true or not, let’s hear it first.

Seeing Ning Cheng stop in his tracks, Chao He was not half surprised. If a cultivator who was about to complete his Yuan Soul still did not care when he heard that he wanted to advance to the God Shaping Realm, then there were only two possibilities: one was that this cultivator already had pills or treasures to advance to the God Shaping Realm, and the other was that this cultivator had very little guts and did not dare to venture out casually.

How could a cultivator who could come to Roland Star be so timid?

Chao He said unhurriedly, “There is a spiritual object called True Extreme Bamboo Shoots at Wind and Fire Rock ……”

Seeing Chao He looking at himself, Ning Cheng shook his head, “I haven’t heard of such a thing.”

Chao He laughed, “It’s right that you haven’t heard of it, because this item is not found in the Yixing Continent. I guess you haven’t been here in Roland Star for long, right? I wonder if you have any companions, if so, we can go there together, the more people the better.”

Ban Miaolei, who had been silent on the side, suddenly said, “The True Extreme Shoot is a rank seven spirit item, but it is the king among rank seven spirit items. Not only does this kind of spiritual item have the effect of a Void Breaking Pill, which can help a cultivator break through the bottleneck of the Yuan Soul realm, it can also temper the flesh and has an even greater effect on breaking through the Body Refining realm.”

Ning Cheng was even more puzzled as he asked, “If there is such a top grade seven spirit item, why hasn’t the Yixing Continent heard of it?”

Chao He explained, “Although the True Extreme Shoot is a spiritual item that can help Yuan-Soul cultivators break through the bottleneck and advance to the God Shaping Realm. However, ordinary Yuan-Soul cultivators cannot consume it directly at all, but need to use it in conjunction with the rest of the spirit pills. This is because the True Extreme Bamboo Shoots are powerful and destructive. If one were to take the True Extreme Bamboo Shoots directly to impact the Origin Soul realm, there is a high risk that one’s meridians would be torn apart and one’s body would burn to death. Most of all, this spiritual item is extremely rare.”

“Since this is the case, there is not much use for me to obtain this kind of spiritual item.” Ning Cheng replied in a deep voice.

Chao He immediately said, “Otherwise, the True Extreme Shoot Bud can be used in conjunction with the Numinous Ice Flower. And I happen to know where to find the Numinous Free Ice Flower.”

Ning Cheng was moved upon hearing about the True Extreme Bamboo Shoots, not just because they could allow him to advance to the God Shaping Realm, but because this spiritual item could actually help refine his body. When Chao He spoke about the Numinous Ice Flower, Ning Cheng had already decided to go and take a look.

The Numiness Ice Flower was something Ning Cheng had heard of, it was a rare spirit herb with the ice attribute. It could be used to refine the Numinous Free Pill to curb the demons of the mind, and also to help cultivators suppress demons that had gone off the rails.

Ning Cheng knew that because he had the Xuanhuang Origin in the Xuanhuang Pearl, there was no heart demon intrusion when he was advancing to the Yuan Soul. Who knew if he would still have heart demons infesting him in the future when his cultivation level was higher? It was always good to be prepared. According to Chao He, the thoughtless ice flower could neutralise the True Extreme Shoot, which made sense.

“Okay, I agree, my name is Ning Cheng. Will it be just the three of us going over?” Once Ning Cheng agreed, there was no half-hearted hesitation.

Chao He said joyfully, “There is another friend, we are going to look for him. With four of us going over together, we have another layer of certainty. Does Brother Ning have anything prepared, we can wait for you.”

“I don’t have anything to prepare, I can go right now.” Ning Cheng replied.

Seeing Ning Cheng, a Yuan-Soul cultivator, teaming up with two of their God Shaping Realm cultivators to explore the treasure, he actually acted so calmly, without a trace of worry or surprise. Ban Miao Lei was puzzled as she carefully looked at Ning Cheng once again, but did not find anything unusual.

“Brother Ning, have you just arrived at Roland Star?” Ban Miaolei took the initiative to ask.

“Yes, I heard that body refinement was better here, and I happened to have obtained another body refinement technique, so I came here.” Ning Cheng replied in a crisp manner.

Ban Miao Lei said approvingly, “That’s right, Roland Star is indeed the best place to go for body refinement, and we also started refining our bodies after coming here. I haven’t asked which sect Brother Ning comes from?” Ban Miaolei asked, intentionally or not.

“Just a casual cultivator, just made a small fortune, which gave me the opportunity to come to Roland Star. I did sense in Senior Sister Ban that she came from a large sect.” Ning Cheng replied as if nothing was wrong.

Chao He chuckled on the side, “Brother Ning, you are not wrong, Miao Lei comes from the Zhangyi Dao Sect, which is considered one of the top ten sects in the Heaven Continent.”

“Chopping Emotion Daoist Sect?” Ning Cheng was truly surprised this time as he stared at Ban Miaolei and repeated.

The Zhan Emotion Dao Sect was too familiar to Ning Cheng, before he came here, he had even made a big mess of the Zhan Emotion Dao Sect and almost set it off. His words just now were also a blindfold, he hadn’t really thought that Ban Miaolei was from the Zhangyou Dao Sect.

Wasn’t the Chopping Emotions Daoist Sect about chopping emotions? Was this Chao and Ban Miaolei together just to get Ban Miaolei to chop off her emotions? Thinking of this, Ning Cheng subconsciously looked at Chao He again.