Creation Gate Chapter 347

Time passes quickly even when one is practising.

When Ning Cheng saw that the broken crystal stone was getting darker and darker, he did not continue to use it. At this time, he was already at the 8th level of Yuan-Soul cultivation, so even if he consumed the crystal stone completely, he would only be at the Yuan-Soul level at most.

Teacher Qionghua had not yet returned, so Ning Cheng could only continue to start refining his body.

Body refinement was not just a matter of having a dense spiritual energy, he had to find a place where he could refine his body. In Roland Star, there was no shortage of places to refine the body.

Ning Cheng put away the cave jade token left by Shi Qiong Hua and temporarily left the place where he was staying. He knew that his cultivation level was still too low, at least compared to the cultivators who stayed on Roland Star.

The first place Ning Cheng searched for was a spatial turbulence. Even though the turbulence was not very severe at the outer edge of this spatial turbulence, Ning Cheng’s entire body was still quickly torn clean of his clothes after entering. Luckily, there were not many people coming to this place either, so he did not feel uncomfortable being here alone.

After just one day of running the body refining technique left behind by Shi Qiong Hua, Ning Cheng’s skin was drenched in blood from the spatial turbulence.

Even though he could feel his body slowly strengthening, Ning Cheng still felt that it was too slow. He began to fuse the Clasping Yang Divine Technique and the Body Refining Technique left behind by Shi Qionghua. With the Xuanhuang Imperfection Technique in place, fusing the two Body Refining Techniques was not very difficult for Ning Cheng.

As the body refining techniques continued to be revised, Ning Cheng also moved slowly at the edge of this spatial turbulence. This movement was not even perceptible to himself.

After moving just less than one zhang, Ning Cheng’s body was once again covered with countless bloodstains, and his entire body was covered with bloodstains, but he had already entered that state of body refinement, or rather entered a kind of epiphany.

It was rare for body refinement practitioners to have an epiphany, as body refinement was different from cultivation, and once they had an epiphany, it was very likely that they would lose their lives. Moreover, body refinement does not require epiphany, it relies entirely on the harsh environment of nature to temper one’s physical body.

“A crunching sound made Ning Cheng wake up from his epiphany. Without waiting for him to understand his situation, there was another ‘poof’ sound as a spatial blade slashed through his waist, bringing out a long bloody gash. Blood instantly sprayed out.

With shock in his heart, Ning Cheng hurriedly retreated. Only at this time did he realise that he had unknowingly arrived at a dense area of spatial turbulence. There were not only spatial turbulence here, but also spatial wind blades. If he advanced a little further, he might encounter even more dense and powerful spatial wind blades, and he would die without knowing how.

Ning Cheng took a breath, he had been refining his body here for a month, and apart from integrating his body refining techniques once, he had not made any progress. It was still a second level spirit body. Apart from the fact that the spirit body was a little more condensed, nothing had been gained.

The jade slip left behind by Teacher Qiong Hua had introduced very clearly that body refinement had to endure loneliness and pain, it wasn’t that Ning Cheng couldn’t endure such pain, he felt that this kind of body refinement was simply too slow.

After swallowing a few pills. Ning Cheng did not continue to refine like this, he returned to his cave under the canyon. He decided to refine pills first, he had a bunch of Grade 5 to Grade 7 spirit herbs on him, he wanted to refine a batch of pills before continuing to go on to refine his body. He knew that there was a grade Xuan Dan called the Dust Cleansing Pill, which would be of great help in refining the body.


A month later, Ning Cheng could already easily refine a Grade 5 Extraordinary Xuan Dan. Four months later. Ning Cheng refined the Extraordinary Grade Xuan Dan ‘Pure Lotus Pill’ and became a Grade Xuan Dan Master. Half a year later, Ning Cheng successfully refined the first grade ‘Jade Clear Pill’.

The ‘Jade Clear Pill’ was a Grade 7 Earth Pill, and although it was a Grade 7 Earth Pill resisting pill, restoring true essence was something that no Grade Pill could compare to. The appearance of the ‘Jade Clear Pill’ meant that Ning Cheng had become a true rank seven Earth Pill Master.

Ning Cheng was very regretful. He did not have any more Grade Seven Spiritual Herbs on him to try, otherwise he was certain that he could become an Earth Dan Master who refined Extraordinary Grade Seven Pills within a month.

In half a year’s time, apart from the wasted spirit herbs, the rest of them were refined into a bunch of pills by Ning Cheng. Xuan Continuation Pill, Speedy Yuan Pill, Pure Lotus Pill, Mu Lin Pill, Sheng Xuan Pill and Dust Cleansing Pill ……

All together, there were one to twenty kinds of pills, and the most important ones to Ning Cheng were the three kinds of pills, the Pure Lotus Pill, the Mu Lin Pill and the Dust Cleansing Pill. And these three pills were all grade Xuan Dan.

The Mu Lin Dan was a top-grade healing elixir, and Ning Cheng definitely did not need a healing elixir if he wanted to refine his body. The Dust Cleansing Pill was a true body refining pill that could help cultivators speed up the progress of condensing their flesh bodies. The Pure Lotus Pill, on the other hand, was a pill that could wash away dan poison to remove impurities from the body.

With the help of these three pills, Ning Cheng felt that he was almost ready. If this was the case and his body refinement was still unable to speed up his progress, there was nothing he could do about it.


When he arrived at the spatial turbulence where he had cultivated last time, Ning Cheng simply took off his clothes completely in order to avoid his clothes being torn by the spatial turbulence again.

The tearing turbulence swept through again, and it was not known whether it was a psychological effect or whether it was because the body refining technique after the fusion of Xuanhuang Wufang was more powerful, Ning Cheng felt that the speed at which he quenched his body was significantly faster.

Ning Cheng slowly moved towards the turbulent space, but even though the speed of tempering his body was much faster, when he approached the place where he had been seriously injured last time, he was still cut by several wind blades again with several bloody cuts. Ning Cheng did not dare to move on, he swallowed a ‘Mu Lin Dan’ and frantically ran his Phaseless Body Refining Technique right where he was, fighting against the chaotic spatial wind blades around him.

“Snorting” sounds of blood splattering continued to resound as those tiny spatial blades cut through Ning Cheng’s skin, bringing up trails of blood, but they were unable to tear through Ning Cheng’s body.

Ning Cheng’s flesh body also continued to strengthen, and as his body made a few small clicking sounds, a few more tiny spatial blades brushed past Ning Cheng’s body. However, these few tiny spatial blade auras were completely unable to cut through Ning Cheng’s skin. Ning Cheng was overjoyed in his heart, he knew that his few tiny clicking sounds were his bones partially reorganising, and at this moment, he had advanced to a third level spirit body.

The body refinement had only just begun and he had advanced to the third level spirit body, this was a great encouragement to Ning Cheng. He carefully continued to advance, for Ning Cheng this turbulent space was the best place to go for the very beginning of his body refinement. The outer turbulence was relatively weak, but the further one got inside the stronger it became, and there were even spatial blades of great intensity running across it.

After advancing more than ten feet, an extreme danger came to Ning Cheng, who subconsciously deflected his body, ‘poof’ an arrow of blood spurted out, half of Ning Cheng’s shoulder was almost cut off. If he hadn’t just advanced to the third level spirit body, this blow would have taken away one of his arms. The shoulder bone that had been cut in half emitted a tearing pain.

Ning Cheng was well aware of the dangers here, there were already spatial blades that crisscrossed all over the place, getting his shoulder chopped off was still a light matter, a serious one could even be cut off at the waist.

Even so, Ning Cheng still did not retreat. He knew that it was perfectly fine to use the words of Uncle Yu at this time. Body refinement should never be cowardly, and cowardice at this time would prevent him from ever advancing to the king body.

Luckily, Ning Cheng was well prepared this time, after he swallowed a Mu Lin Pill, he swallowed two Dust Cleansing Pills one after another. The Phaseless Body Refining Technique even ran to its extreme, and as the Dust Polishing Pills were refined and fused into his essence blood, Ning Cheng felt his flesh body becoming more and more condensed.

The spatial wind blades kept coming and going, except for the very beginning when Ning Cheng almost lost his arm to a spatial wind blade, the later ones could also injure Ning Cheng, but not to the extent of serious injury, and Ning Cheng became more and more comfortable in handling them.

On the surface, it looked like Ning Cheng was covered in blood, but in fact, Ning Cheng knew very well that none of the injuries he received were fatal, they were just flesh wounds. The only thing was when the wind blades touched his bones, the pain was really unbearable.

A month passed slowly while Ning Cheng was refining his body. At the beginning of the second month, Ning Cheng could completely ignore the spatial wind blades here even though he had not advanced to the king body level. His body surface even began to scab over, and some of his flesh and skin wounds, along with the bones that had been injured by the wind blades, also began to recover.

As Ning Cheng once again walked deeper into the turbulent space, he was already thinking in his mind if he could combine his body refining technique with his cultivation technique. Otherwise, he would have to spend time refining his body and time cultivating again, which was too wasteful.

As Ning Cheng entered deeper into the turbulent space, he once again began to get injured.

Ning Cheng spent one dull day after another in this process of getting injured, cultivating, getting injured again, and cultivating again.

Three months later, Ning Cheng could no longer feel any progress, and he had not felt the realm of the fourth level king body at all. Ning Cheng knew that he had to go in some more before he had a chance to advance to the fourth level king body.

After advancing by a few feet, several wind blades blasted at Ning Cheng’s body and the ear-piercing sound of bones breaking came from him, but Ning Cheng did not move at all. He had once been injured even more severely than this, but he had still survived? Not to mention that now he could still run his body refining technique without any distractions?

The spatial wind blades were so dense in this place that Ning Cheng’s body was covered in blood and flesh, and his bones were broken inch by inch. Ning Cheng’s face was getting paler and paler, as if his entire body did not belong to him the next moment. He grabbed a handful of Dust Cleansing Pills and a handful of Mu Lin Pills and swallowed them, and even more so, he frantically ran his body refining techniques.

At this time, Ning Cheng couldn’t care less about saving his pills or thinking that it was bad to take too many Mu Lin Dan. If he could no longer advance here, he could only withdraw.

The terrifying medicinal properties of a handful of pills rapidly reorganised his bones, while the Mu Lin Dan rapidly restored his injuries. With a “click”, Ning Cheng felt his first broken bone automatically recover after the rest of his broken bones were also quickly and incomparably reorganised and restored.

The blood-drenched skin also healed up in this instant, even returning to its original state at a speed visible to the naked eye. A spatial wind blade continued to sweep over, but apart from leaving a trace on Ning Cheng’s smooth and healthy skin that quickly disappeared, these spatial wind blades could no longer cause Ning Cheng to suffer a single injury.

Although Ning Cheng had finally advanced to the fourth level king body, he did not feel much joy. He had modified his techniques and utilised many Dust Cleansing Pills and Mu Lin Pills, but it was surprisingly difficult for him to advance to the fourth level king body. It was already much harder for him to advance to the fifth level King’s Body again. At least it would be difficult for him to advance without the help of an external substance that was even higher than the Dust Polishing Pill.