Creation Gate Chapter 345

The smell of sulphur at the bottom of the canyon grew thicker and Ning Cheng’s divine sense swept out and found that it was still restricted. After another incense stick, Shi Qiong Hua led Ning Cheng to a volcanic lake where lava was tumbling. If Ning Cheng was not already a Yuan-Soul realm cultivator, he would not be able to stand here at all.

“Huh, someone has been here before.” Shi Qiong Hua caressed a huge rock by the volcanic lake and spoke in surprise.

Ning Cheng smiled and said, “Many people have come to Roland Star, it is not unusual for someone to find this place.”

Shi Qiong Hua shook her head, “No, even ordinary Cultivator of the Transformation Tripod wouldn’t dare to come to this place casually. There are all sorts of natural prohibitions here, and the volcano erupts at any time, and once it erupts, a Transformation Tripod cultivator who enters here won’t be able to get away.”

“How do you know that volcanoes won’t erupt here?” Ning Cheng asked, puzzled.

Teacher Qiong Hua said casually, “I don’t really know, maybe the volcano will erupt here in the next moment, or maybe it won’t erupt here in another countless years.”

“Then you still dare to come here?” Ning Cheng was startled, he did not think so. It was more likely that a volcano would erupt at any time in this place, he and Shi Qionghua had casually met a volcano that had erupted suddenly before, let alone this place where the smell of sulphur was so strong.

Shi Qionghua took Ning Cheng’s hand and said, “Uncle Yu told me that one must have the heart of a strong man to become a strong man. If one is even afraid of a volcano, then one can never become a strong person. When I was very young, I went in and out of here alone and never cared about volcanic eruptions.”

Ning Cheng was furious and said, “That Uncle Yu of yours is a two hundred and five, strong heart my ass, this is brain-damaged.”

Letting a little girl live in this place and having to teach something about a strong heart, was that Uncle Yu an idiot? Not being afraid of death makes you a strong person? This was the most brain-dead statement Ning Cheng thought he had ever heard. Rather than saying that this was the heart of a strong person, it would be better to say that it was just a cover-up, expecting the volcano not to erupt.

Hearing Ning Cheng scold Uncle Yu, Shi Qionghua hurriedly said, “Husband, Uncle Yu is as gracious to me as a mountain ……”

“Alright, I won’t scold him. Let’s hurry up and get out, this place is completely uncontrollable, in case the volcano erupts, it is really impossible to get away if you want to.” Ning Cheng said helplessly, he felt that if he and Uncle Yu were together, there would be no common language.

Wanting to hurry out was not that Ning Cheng was afraid of death, but he felt that there was absolutely no need for that.

Shi Qiong Hua said with a faint smile, “I was already a body refining level five king body when I was ten years old, even if the volcano erupted, it wouldn’t hurt me. This volcanic lake, I used to come here often to temper my body ……”

“What?” Ning Cheng looked at Shi Qiong Hua in a dumbfounded manner, Shi Qiong Hua, with such a delicate, soft and fragrant body, was actually bathing inside this volcanic lake? A body refining cultivator was that powerful?

He remembered the question he had been wanting to ask before and immediately asked, “Qiong Hua, you are a body refining cultivator?”

Teacher Qiong Hua did not answer Ning Cheng’s words, but only took Ning Cheng’s hand and said, “Come with me, I will slowly tell you.”

Ning Cheng followed Shi Qionghua around the volcanic lake and arrived at the edge of an unobtrusive stone wall. When he saw that Shi Qiong Hua was standing in front of this stone wall and did not move on, he immediately began to observe this stone wall. After looking at it for a while, Ning Cheng found that there was nothing strange about this stone wall at all, nor was there any concealment formation. However, Shi Qiong Hua took out a jade token and set it on top of the stone wall, and in the next moment, the stone wall suddenly made a soft ‘creak’ sound, and then revealed a hole.

“I can’t believe I can’t see that there is a hidden entrance here, what level of formation is this?” Ning Cheng said in surprise.

“I don’t know either, I’ve been here for as long as I can remember.” As Shi Qiong Hua said this, she had already entered the stone cave and Ning Cheng hurriedly followed her in. After Shi Qiong Hua had taken the jade token, this stone wall closed up once again, completely unchanged from before.

After walking along the path of the stone cave for just about ten metres, Ning Cheng saw a very ordinary wooden door. Shi Qiong Hua pushed open the wooden door and a stone room of more than thirty square feet appeared in front of Ning Cheng’s eyes. On the four walls of the stone room, there were also some bright light stones. Ning Cheng had just entered the stone room when he felt a dense spiritual qi, which was simply not half as bad as the spiritual qi he cultivated in the Little Spirit Domain.

The stone room was elegant and clean, there was a jade table and a few jade chairs in the middle, in addition to that, on the side of the stone room, there were two room doors, Ning Cheng’s divine sense swept over and found that these were two rooms. Inside the rooms were not only futons for cultivation, but also beds and some simple household items.

“No wonder you were able to cultivate so fast, cultivating in this place is simply perfect.” Ning Cheng said with an exclamation as he immediately fell in love with this place.

Seeing that Ning Cheng liked this place very much, Teacher Qiong Hua became more and more happy in his heart, “Uncle Yu said that this place is one of the safest places on Roland Star, even if the volcano outside erupts, it is still safe and sound here ……”

Shi Qiong Hua’s words suddenly stopped while she took a few steps forward and eagerly grabbed a jade slip and a talisman at a corner of the stone wall. After she read that jade slip, her face immediately changed drastically.

“What’s going on?” Ning Cheng hurriedly asked.

Shi Qiong Hua did not show the jade slip to Ning Cheng and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Uncle Yu has returned, this jade slip and jade talisman were left behind by him, he told me to leave for a trip immediately after I came here ……”

Ning Cheng did not continue to ask, since Shi Qionghua did not want to talk about it, why should he ask again?

Seemingly affected by the jade slip message, Shi Qiong Hua became silent. Ning Cheng frowned for a moment and was about to speak when Shi Qiong Hua suddenly took out two rings and handed them to Ning Cheng and said, “These are the rings of that Qi Le and Yan De, open them and see what’s inside.”

Ning Cheng nodded his head and did not say anything else. If Shi Qiong Hua felt that he should be told, he was bound to tell him. With the relationship between them as a couple, what else could they hide?

He quickly opened Yan De’s ring, Ning Cheng was stunned by the piles of materials and various high grade spirit herbs in Yan De’s ring, there were at least thousands of grade five and grade six spirit herbs, and more than ten grade seven spirit herbs. There were even more piles and piles of materials for refining weapons. Even though there were not many spirit stones, these things were much more valuable than spirit stones.

Ning Cheng couldn’t wait to open Lacquer’s ring, and to Ning Cheng’s astonishment, the most abundant thing in Lacquer’s ring was Spirit Stones, and the pile of Spirit Stones was at least two to three hundred million. This made Ning Cheng wonder if this guy had dug up a spirit stone mine, otherwise where would he have gotten so many spirit stones?

He had worked so hard to sell a huge barrel of Spirit Cleansing True Dew, but in the end, he had only raised 80 million spirit stones. Now these 80 million spirit stones had even been used up by him.

What was even more surprising to Ning Cheng was that there were twenty-three extremely high quality spirit stones in Lacquer Le’s ring. Apart from the Black Flag magic treasure that was not in the ring, there were also seven or eight attack or defence magic treasures in Qi Le’s ring. Even the flying magic treasure was an excellent quality lower grade true weapon airship.

There were several times as many Spiritual Herbs below Grade 6 as there were in Yan De’s ring, and Grade 7 Spiritual Herbs added up to dozens of them. On top of that, Ning Cheng also saw a spirit grass that had been kept separately, with a fine frost around it, protected tightly by the prohibitions in the jade box.

This was a Grade 9 Spiritual Herb, Frost Bud. When Xu Yingdie had burned her life to save him, Ning Cheng had planned to look for the Frost Bud to help Xu Yingdie. He had never expected that the first thing he found in the Roland Star was not a Heavenly Resurrection Flower, but a Frost Bud, which was really an unexpected pleasure.

Of course, Ning Cheng would not give this frost bud to Xu Yingdie, for it was so precious that its value was not much lower than that of the Underworld Soul Flower.

“Qiong Hua, we have made a fortune this time, this Lacquer Le is really too rich.” Ning Cheng couldn’t help but say with joy.

Teacher Qiong Hua sensed Ning Cheng’s joy and said to Ning Cheng with a smile on her face, “Wait.”

After saying that, Shi Qiong Hua entered one of the rooms, and a moment later, Shi Qiong Hua had come out with a jade slip. She handed the jade slip to Ning Cheng and said, “You should read this first.”

Ning Cheng took the jade slip and swept his divine sense in, and soon he looked up at Shi Qiong Hua in shock, “Qiong Hua, you have a complete body refining technique?”

Shi Qionghua nodded, “This is what Uncle Yu left behind, I heard that it has also been modified, and it may not be exactly the same as the original. But in the Yixing Continent, this is definitely one of the most complete body refining techniques. There are nine realms of body refinement, the first three realms being the Spirit Body, the middle three realms being the King Body, and the last three realms being the God Body.

Ordinary cultivators without body refinement can only be called mortal bodies. Many cultivators do not refine their bodies, but after reaching a certain level of cultivation, their physical bodies will also become powerful. But even if they are stronger, they cannot compare with cultivators who specialise in refining their bodies.”

“So you’re already at the fifth realm of body refinement?” Ning Cheng recalled that before, Shi Qiong Hua had said that she was a fifth level king body, and only then did he understand.

Shi Qiong Hua continued with a hmph, “I was already a fifth level king body when I was ten years old, but I have made no progress in the past twenty years or so, and I had planned to come here to refine my body with you. It’s just that ……”

Ning Cheng frowned for a moment, Shi Qiong Hua must be because of that jade slip from before. He was not a macho man, but when Uncle Yu told Shi Qiong Hua to leave, Shi Qiong Hua had to leave, which made him a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Sensing Ning Cheng’s thoughts, Shi Qionghua walked over to Ning Cheng, sat down close to him, grabbed Ning Cheng’s hand and said, “Husband, I will be back soon. Uncle Yu left me an air-breaking talisman, so I will come back here to keep you company after I finish my business, and then go back to Jiangzhou with you to visit sister Ruo Lan.”

“Let’s go together if we want to do the errand, one more person is more powerful.” Ning Cheng said without hesitation. Although Shi Qionghua’s cultivation level was higher than his, she was a little too kind, and it was always a little unsettling for him not to follow.

Teacher Qionghua handed the jade slip in her hand to Ning Cheng, “This is what Uncle Yu left for me, you should read it first.”