Creation Gate Chapter 343

Ning Cheng’s shot was so stunning that Lacquer Le could not even think of not paying attention to it. Even though Ning Cheng’s magic treasure was really good, Lacquer Le did not expect that Ning Cheng, a mere third level cultivator of the Origin Soul Realm, could kill a fourth level cultivator of the God Shaping Realm. And it was still a single shot to the head, without any flowery head.

It was not that he had never seen a cross-level decapitation, he had also seen Yuan Soul cultivators decapitate God Shaping cultivators. But most of those were already in the late Yuan-Soul stage, and Yan De’s strength was very clear to Lacquer Le, definitely not an ordinary fourth level God Shaping cultivator.

In Lacquer Le’s opinion, no cultivator at the third level of the Origin Soul could finish off Yan De, and Ning Cheng could not do the same. Now that Ning Cheng had taken out Yan De, the only explanation was that Ning Cheng’s magic treasures were too strong. Using these two magic treasures, it was possible to take out a God Shaping cultivator at the Yuan Soul cultivation level. Lacquer’s heart was even more eager, he had to get his hands on these two magic treasures.

Even though he was the only one now, he was not worried. Even if Ning Cheng was more powerful, it would not have half the effect on him. The difference in strength was not a little or two, and this difference could not be made up even if he used magic treasures. Thinking of this, the large black banner in Lacquer Le’s hand even rolled a cloud of darkness and blasted at Shi Qiong Hua.

Ning Cheng did not immediately go up to help Shi Qiong Hua, he also knew that his cultivation level was too far away from that of Lacquer Le. Going up directly like this would not help much. As for him killing Yan De, it was indeed because the advantage of the magic treasure was too great. But it was the shot that he had comprehended from Thunder City that ultimately built the success.

As Qi Le’s attack intensified again, Shi Qionghua instantly felt it, and the green sword curtain likewise whipped up a sword wind, like overlapping mountain peaks, tearing apart the dark clouds that had become a roaring force, one after another.

Lacquer suddenly let out a long, broken gong-like whistle. At the same time. The black banner swept up the huge dark clouds. This black dragon completely swallowed up Shi Qiong Hua’s blue sword curtain, which was like a stack of waves, just by opening its mouth.

Before Shi Qiong Hua could react, the black dragon opened its mouth again, and the countless green sword curtains that it had swallowed were once again spat out. Only these cyan sword curtains turned into thousands of black flag blades, each of these flag blades carried a fierce fury and a harsh sharpness that not only locked up the surrounding space, but also carried a powerful tearing aura.

It was true that Childe wanted to kill Shi Qionghua now, and Shi Qionghua was beautiful. It was certainly good to have such a furnace censer to accompany one in cultivation at Roland Star. But in the face of these magic treasures of Ning Cheng’s, even if Shi Qiong Hua was beautiful, he had thrown it aside.

“Boom boom boom ……” The green sword curtain that Shi Qiong Hua blasted out once again in his haste smashed together with these thousands of black flag blade maces and exploded with an explosive sound.

Lacquer was at full strength, and even though Shi Qiong Hua had formed a sword curtain in his haste, he was still blown away by these thousands of black flag blade awnings.

Seeing that the black flags that broke out of the sword curtain were about to seriously injure Shi Qiong Hua, Ning Cheng, who was about to step forward, hastily sacrificed the Infinite Blue Thunder City, whose shadow blocked the remaining black flags.

“Ka-ching”, just the shadow that blocked these flag blades. The shadow of the Green Thunder City instantly shattered, and Ning Cheng and Shi Qionghua flew backwards together. At the same time, they spurted out a mouthful of blood. However, Ning Cheng had also helped Shi Qiong Hua to stop this one and prevented Shi Qiong Hua from being seriously injured.

“How are you.” In her anxiety, Shi Qionghua hurriedly held Ning Cheng. She knew that it was caused by her carelessness, otherwise Ning Cheng would not have been injured.

Ning Cheng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, “I’m fine, my strength is still a little too far from his, Qiong Hua you can just hold him back later. I’m not looking for any merit, just don’t get hurt.”

Ning Cheng transmitted his voice to Shi Qionghua, he could tell that Shi Qionghua’s strength would not be much worse than Lacquer Le’s. It was just that Shi Qiong Hua’s methods were on the weaker side and not very decisive.

“I know, I won’t let him hurt you again.” As Shi Qionghua spoke, the aura on her body instantly rose high, and the green sword in her hand even automatically emitted a burst of clear sound.

It was true that she had not struck with her full strength before, and the reason she had not struck with her full strength was completely different from that of Lacquer Le. She had put part of her mind on Ning Cheng, she was afraid that if she went all out and Ning Cheng was in danger, she would not be able to save him. Now that Ning Cheng had already killed his opponent and was injured due to her negligence, how could she still reserve her strength?

Seeing Shi Qiong Hua’s Qi soar, Lacquer Le knew that this woman in white had not brought out her full strength before. It looked like he might not be able to kill this woman by relying on the flag blade alone.

As they fought again, the hard sand and stones around Shi Qionghua and Lacquer turned into pieces instantly, and the green sword curtain turned into a tens of feet long cutting blade awning, while the flag dragon transformed by Lacquer’s big black banner could always devour these terrifying cutting sword awnings.

On the surface it seemed that because Shi Qiong Hua was no longer holding back, although the black banner dragon could devour these long sword-edged mangles, it could not spit them out in the same timely manner as before. Even if it did occasionally spit out part of the fierce flag blade, it could not sway the general situation. For a time, no one could kill the other.

Ning Cheng did not directly participate in the battle, he certainly knew what was an advantage and what was a disadvantage. Compared to Lacquer Le, his cultivation was really too clumsy. But he had his own advantage, he was now a rank seven formation master, and if he didn’t make use of this advantage, unless he was stupid.

With the fastest speed, Ning Cheng set up a large formation around the two of them. Trapping Formation, Killing Formation, Continuous Strangulation Formation ……

As long as Ning Cheng could think of anything that could be laid out, he laid it out, even the concealment formations were laid out.

When Qi Le saw Ning Cheng setting up the formations, he laughed coldly in his heart. A mere Yuan-Soul cultivator dared to use an array to trap him? Even if he did not move and let Ning Cheng set up the formation, he would not be able to help him. Despite this thought, he still carefully observed Ning Cheng’s formation.

When he saw that what Ning Cheng had set up was merely a Grade Three Trapped Formation, he did not even have the interest to continue looking. To him, there was only one great enemy, and that was Shi Qionghua. Don’t look at the fact that he was currently in a stalemate with Shi Qiong Hua, but he still had a killer technique that he hadn’t brought out, just until his Flag Dragon swallowed a certain amount of sword curtains, he would leave his opponent dead and buried.

The more sword curtains his opponent blasted out, the more powerful the flag dragon would be when it finally exploded out. No one knew how terrifying this black flag magic treasure of his was, it was a post-attack magic treasure.

Ning Cheng was certainly not trying to set up a Level 3 Trap Formation to trap Lacquer, he knew that even if the Level 3 Kill Formation blew itself up in front of Lacquer, it would not be able to do anything to him. After he had set up the Level 3 Trap Formation, he set up another concealment formation. Beyond this concealment formation were the formations he really wanted to set up, the Level 6 Trap Formation, and the Level 6 Kill Formation.

The Level 7 Killing Formation took too long to set up and was not suitable for now, but the Level 6 Killing Formation, he was perfectly capable of setting up. A level six killing formation plus a level six trapping formation, plus a level six strangulation formation, these three formations he would not believe that he could not trap this red-haired ghost. Even if he couldn’t trap it, he could still self-destruct these three level six trapping formations. Now that Lacquer didn’t care about his Grade 3 formations, that was the best.

Ning Cheng knew clearly that even if Shi Qionghua’s strength was not inferior to Lacquer’s, when it came to the level of treachery, Shi Qionghua was far less than Lacquer. Therefore, while he was setting up the formation, he was also constantly observing the fight between the two.

He soon sensed that something was wrong. According to reason, if Qi Le wanted to kill them both, he could not be on the defensive. And now Lac Le was in a defensive position, no matter how many sword curtains Shi Qionghua blasted out, they would be swallowed up by Lac Le’s flag dragon. Only occasionally would he counterattack once or twice, but the counterattack was simply not strong enough to threaten Shi Qiong Hua.

This was definitely not Lacquer Le’s true cultivation level, thinking of this, Ning Cheng hurriedly transmitted a voice to Shi Qionghua, “Qionghua, there is something wrong with that red-haired ghost’s flag dragon, you should not attack, just defend.”

Teacher Qiong Hua also felt that something was wrong, she did not see what was wrong for a while. As soon as Ning Cheng reminded her, she woke up. Lacquer Le was acting a little too low-key, this fellow was afraid that he was that much stronger than her in terms of true strength, so why was he bounding to take a beating?

She obeyed Ning Cheng’s words and immediately withdrew the green curtain sword mane she had blasted out and instead offered up a round shield. Although there was still a green coloured sword curtain, it was not an attack anymore, but a defensive wall was formed.

When Shifu Qionghua switched from attack to defence, Qi Le instantly sensed it. In his heart, he was shocked, did his opponent see the threat of his magic treasure?

He could also detonate the Flag Dragon now, but in his heart, Qi Le knew very well that the sword curtain that the Flag Dragon was now devouring could only seriously injure the opponent at most, not kill him yet. It had to devour some more sword curtains blasted out by true essence before it could kill the opponent in a self-detonation.

This magic treasure of his had a very odd name, called Parasitic Flag Dragon. When fighting an enemy, he could use his true essence to make the magic treasure manifest a black shadow of a flag dragon.

This black flag dragon can devour any attack from the opponent and then turn this attack into its own and spit it out to the opponent. This is only one of the functions, the most important killer feature is that this flag dragon’s shadow can explode itself. Moreover, after the self-explosion, there is not much effect on the magic treasure itself.

The only drawback is that the flag dragon’s shadow must also devour more of the opponent’s various harsh attacks to self-detonate, and the more attacks it devours from the opponent, the more terrifying the self-detonation will be.

It is also called the Parasitic Flag Dragon because it can only devour the opponent’s true essence attacks, forming the prerequisite for the self-explosion. Now that Shi Qiong Hua does not attack him, the flag dragon cannot devour the sword curtain and form this powerful self-explosion condition.

Lacquer was anxious in his heart, but he was not willing to just blow himself up, thinking that this must be a way for his opponent to take a break before attacking. As long as he continued to counterattack, his opponent would attack him again.

With this in mind, Qi Le’s black flag dragon kept spewing out all sorts of fierce flag blades with a fierce aura, which were even more ferocious than the ones spewed out before. However, Shi Qiong Hua had experience once and was able to fend them off.

As the black flag dragon spewed out more and more fierce flag blades, Qi Le became more and more anxious. If this continued, the power of the flag dragon’s self-explosion would also become less and less powerful. Once the flag dragon had spewed out all the true essence sword blades it had devoured earlier, the flag dragon would no longer be able to explode itself.

Just when Qi Le was getting anxious, Ning Cheng suddenly rushed into the battle circle of the two and slashed his axe at Qi Le.

Lacquer Le was overjoyed, he was worried that there was no one to attack the Flag Dragon, and Ning Cheng had come. As long as he killed this Yuan-Soul cultivator, was he still afraid that the white-clothed female cultivator would not go all out?