Creation Gate Chapter 342

“There was a series of explosions as hundreds of black and white blades that could tear through the air were blocked by a single shadow thunder city.

The shadow of the thunder city only faded, but under Ning Cheng’s excitement, it soon became clear again.

“What kind of magic treasure is this?” Lacquer Le stared at that Thunder City’s Void Shadow in shock and muttered, a Yuan Soul cultivator could actually use a magic treasure to block the full force of a God Shaping Realm cultivator’s attack, could this magic treasure be simple? And it was still a virtual shadow?

Thinking of this, and then looking at the paths of flickering lightning in the Thunder City’s virtual shadow, Lacquer Le’s gaze immediately became hot. This magic treasure, he had to get his hands on it.

His insight was much stronger than Ning Cheng’s, and as soon as he saw the Infinite Green Thunder City, he understood that it was definitely a supreme magic treasure. This magic treasure was still a shadow and was so powerful, once he could fully sacrifice this thunder city, he could definitely control countless thunder arcs to blast his enemies. At that time, who else would be his opponent, Lacquer Le?

It had to be said that Lacquer Le’s vision was higher than Ning Cheng’s. Ning Cheng only knew that this Thunder City was a good thing, but he was still limited to using the Infinite Green Thunder City for defense, as for using the Infinite Green Thunder City to blast out thunder arcs, he did not have any idea yet.

Lacquer Le’s heart was on fire for Ning Cheng’s Thunder City, so where did he care that at this moment Yan De and Ning Cheng were in a big battle, his body flashed and he raised his hand and grabbed towards Ning Cheng.

Apart from being concerned about Ning Cheng, Shi Qiong Hua had been staring at Lacquer Le’s movements. Now that Lacquer Le dared to take the initiative to deal with Ning Cheng, how could she agree? As she raised her hand, a green sword aura had already glowed out, instantly transforming into a semi-circle of green sword arcs.

The reason why he dared to be so conceited was because he had been through hundreds of years of life and death experiences in the Roland Star. He had also received many inheritances and benefits at Roland Star. Besides, his cultivation level was much stronger than that of Shi Qionghua. How could he put Shi Qiong Hua in his eyes?

Lacquer’s hand and claw instantly transformed into a huge fist shadow. The fist shadow did not have the slightest intention of dodging and blasted at Shi Qiong Hua’s green-coloured sword arc.

With a “bang” sound, the sword aura escaped in all directions and the green sword arc disappeared. He looked at the back of his hand in shock, and there were several bloodstains on it.

He looked at Shi Qiong Hua who also flew backwards, no longer looking at Shi Qiong Hua as an ordinary cultivator of the third level of the Tripod Transformation. This stunningly beautiful woman in white in front of him was not at all below him in strength.

But Childe knew his own strength. His strength had been condensed under the raging environment of Roland Star, and with the addition of various inheritances, although he did not dare to say that he was invincible at the same level, he believed that there were not many Tripod Transformation cultivators who were stronger than him.

Now that this woman in white opposite him was not as strong as him in terms of cultivation, while her strikes were not weaker than his, that meant one thing, the other party’s inheritance was much stronger than the techniques he cultivated.

Together with that shadow of Thunder City, where was Lacquer Le not to know that he had met a heavenly good thing. A supreme magic treasure, and a supreme gongfa seemed to be waiting for him.

Thinking of this, Lacquer Le instead calmed down. Raising his hand, he sacrificed a large black banner.


When Ning Cheng saw that Shi Qiong Hua did not seem weaker than this red-haired man, he immediately put his heart down. He only had to find a way to finish off this Yan De. Then he could go and help Shi Qionghua.

Yan De was just as shocked in his heart, he had not even snapped out of his shock that Ning Cheng had blocked his Black and White Hundred Blades Wheel when Lacquer Le made his move on Ning Cheng. He knew that Lacquer Le was coveting this Thunder City’s Shadow of Ning Cheng, which was definitely a good thing.

At this moment, not to mention Lacquer Le, even he had moved his heart. However, he knew that his cultivation level was inferior to Lacquer Le’s, so even if he had his heart moved, he could not show it. Now that Lacquer was being blocked by that female cultivator, his heart was immediately enlivened. As long as he could kill this Yuan-Soul kid and grab the stuff, he would not be easy to find in Roland Star.

As Yan De’s mind moved, he even exploded with a fierce killing aura. His hundred-blade wheel swung, and this time it was not a thousand blades that he brought up, but a storm of blades intermingled with a killing aura.

When the furious wheel blade storm blasted onto Ning Cheng’s Peerless Green Thunder City, Ning Cheng felt an extremely unpleasant sensation coming from him, as if his internal organs were being torn apart by this terrifying killing storm. Not only that, but it was his mind that was filled with all sorts of violent killing sounds. The shadow of the Infinite Green Thunder City cracked in an instant and gradually dissipated into thin air.

Just because Ning Cheng was able to block the siege of many Origin Soul and God Shaping cultivators at the Zhan Emotion Dao Sect, it did not mean that he could definitely beat a cultivator of the middle God Shaping realm, it was not a simple matter of one plus one.

When he had held off so many Yuan-Soul cultivators in the Zhangyi Dao Sect, he was still relying on the Wuji Green Thunder City after all. Moreover, Yan De had cultivated on Roland Star with killing as his dao, so he was much stronger than an ordinary mid-God-shaping cultivator.

“Husband, be careful of this person’s sneak attack, he cultivates the Dao of Killing, once his killing aura invades his heart and soul, there will be death without life ……” Shi Qiong Hua’s voice reached Ning Cheng’s ears in time.

Ning Cheng’s heart was startled and he instantly came to his senses. His cultivation level was still more than a notch below Yan De’s. However, his magic treasures were much more powerful than Yan De’s, if his cultivation was not good enough, he would use his magic treasures to crush this bastard.

Feeling Ning Cheng being suppressed by his own killing aura, Yan De sneered in his heart, a mere Yuan Soul realm cultivator. He opened his big mouth and let out a burst of piercing killing sounds. A circle of killing aura, invisible to the naked eye, burst out from his entire body.

Those with weaker cultivation levels were already frightened to their core.

Ning Cheng was already on alert after being alerted by Shi Qiong Hua, and at this moment when Yan De sent out a circle of killing sound aura, Ning Cheng was even more unwilling to wait for a moment longer. With his divine sense and true essence frantically urged, the shadow of the Infinite Green Thunder City was once again offered up by Ning Cheng.

When Yan De saw the shadow of the Peerless Green Thunder City come out again, he smiled even more coldly in his heart, he was sure that Ning Cheng had some difficulty in harnessing this shadow of the Green Thunder City, as long as he blasted in with countless killing wheel blades, Ning Cheng would definitely not be able to sacrifice this shadow of the Thunder City for the third time.

His Killing Sound Aura was cultivated from the hurricane and the spatial turbulence of the Roland Star, how dare a mere little Yuan Soul that had just arrived at the Roland Star fight against it?

Yan De’s Killing Sound Aura suddenly rose a notch again, and the Hundred Blades Wheel also went berserk at this same time.

Amongst the “click ……” sounds, Ning Cheng’s shadow of the Infinite Green Thunder City was once again about to shatter, and at this time Ning Cheng’s face was pale, and in Yan De’s opinion Ning Cheng was bound to tie his hands.

Unfortunately, he did not know Ning Cheng, if it was Yin Kongchan, then he would have known that Ning Cheng was preparing a backhand.

“Ka ……” Another burst of shattering sounds came from Ning Cheng’s shadow of the Infinite Green Thunder City once again disappeared.

Almost at the moment the shadow of the Limitless Green Thunder City disappeared, an incomparably huge mottled bronze coin appeared in the air, which instantly grew larger. It was as if the vault of heaven had suddenly fallen, giving people an incomparably oppressive feeling.

Ning Cheng’s face grew paler and paler, as his cultivation level increased, it became more and more difficult to sacrifice the Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin. But similarly, the effect of his sacrificing the Five Elements Falling Treasure Coins was also becoming greater and greater.

Every time the Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin refined an additional layer of the ban, it would take several times more true essence and divine sense to sacrifice it, which was why Ning Cheng rarely used the Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin against his enemies.

Yan De also felt this oppression in this instant, and in the next moment he actually perceived that his Hundred Blades Wheel magic treasure had lost contact with his mind and soul.

“This is the Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin?” The first to make a shocked sound was not Yan De, but with Qi Le. Lacquer Le was forced by Shi Qiong Hua’s green-coloured sword aura, and even though he had many means, he was unable to exert them in this instant.

He had not expected Ning Cheng to not only have that shadow of Thunder City, but also the Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin. The Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin was an extremely precious magic treasure from ancient times, and many Cultivators of the Transformation Tripod did not know this kind of magic treasure.

While Lacquer’s eyes became even hotter, Yan De’s mind was shaken in this instant.

Ning Cheng had already anticipated Yan De’s reaction when he offered up the Five Elements Falling Treasure Coin, anyone would have been surprised for a very short time if the magic treasure was swept away for no reason, he had been waiting for this moment, how could he waste such a perfect time.

Ning Cheng knew very well that he could only sacrifice the Five Elements Falling Treasure Coin once at most, and then he would have to rest for a long time before he could sacrifice it a second time. This item was different from the Infinite Green Thunder City, and it could not be sacrificed out of the shadow at all.

The Tai Void True Devil Axe was sacrificed, and countless patterns of angry axes were like falling leaves in the autumn wind, completely blocking off Yan De’s surroundings, while at that moment a black lance came from the sky and slashed down into the air.

Only then did Yan De react, he could no longer care about his Hundred Blades Wheel, nor could he continue to explode with his killing aura to crush Ning Cheng. The most important thing for him at this moment was to escape from this calamity, as long as he escaped from this calamity, Ning Cheng would be at his mercy to kill. He could sense that this was Ning Cheng’s bottom card.

The dense and furious axe patterns around him, although incredibly strong, were still not put in Yan De’s eyes. As Yan De was about to break out of the axe stripe encirclement, a sail-like orb bulged out from his entire body. Ning Cheng’s Angry Axe Kill Stripe blasted at Yan De’s bulging sail, making a sound like breaking leather. At most, it only suppressed this sail to a smaller size, but could not tear Yan De’s sail.

With this sail he had drummed up, Yan De swiftly dashed out of the dense axe pattern killing aura of Ning Cheng. The powerful axe intent seemed to be a kind of pendulum to Yan De, unable to affect his mind by half at all.

The moment Yan De was about to rush out of Ning Cheng’s axe pattern killing awning, the shadow of the lance that cut through the sky had already arrived in front of Yan De.

It was silent, yet carried an aura of a monarch on the verge of the world, an aura that made Yan De feel suffocated and desperate. At this moment, he found that no matter where he went, he had to be torn apart by this lance; this was not a lance, this was a verdict on his fate. The powerful aura of this shot suppressed him so much that he was unable to make a choice at all.

“What a powerful gun intent ……” Yan De’s tone carried a hint of despair, he had never seen such a powerful gun intent, this was not an ordinary gun intent, this was a gun intent that ruled his fate. At this moment he had understood that the other party had taken away his Hundred Blades Wheel and made him go all out to dodge the axe pattern killing mane, all for the sake of this shot.

“Pfft,” blood mist splattered everywhere, and Yan De’s entire head was reduced to nothingness in this single shot.