Creation Gate Chapter 341

Ning Cheng felt that something was wrong after following Shi Qionghua for a while, and he asked suspiciously, “Qionghua, there are raging winds everywhere here and daylight is not visible, how did you distinguish the direction?”

“I lived here before I was ten years old.” Shi Qionghua spoke in a somewhat downcast tone, as if she thought of something from the past.

“What?” Ning Cheng stopped in shock, he did not expect that Shi Qiong Hua was born in the Roland Star. If Shi Qiong Hua was born in Roland Star, wouldn’t that mean that Shi Qiong Hua’s parents were also here?

Seeing Ning Cheng stop, Shi Qiong Hua also stopped, and as she stood side by side with Ning Cheng, she looked at the distant place and said, “I have been living in this place with Uncle Yu for as long as I can remember. Then Uncle Yu went out once and never came back, so I lived here alone ……”

Ning Cheng even looked at Shi Qiong Hua in disbelief, although he had just arrived at Roland Star and had not yet encountered any dangerous places. But with the fierce winds everywhere here, and the deep ravines ploughed out by something on this ground, it was clear that this place was definitely not a place for people to live. Shi Qionghua was only ten years old, how could she live here alone? And to spend her entire childhood cultivating in such a terrible place was unthinkable.

Seemingly knowing what Ning Cheng was thinking, Shi Qionghua helped Ning Cheng stroke some dust from his face and said, “The place I live in is still considered safe, and I was already at the God Shaping Realm when Uncle Yu left.”

Ning Cheng was completely speechless this time, he knew how difficult cultivation was. His cultivation speed could be said to be soaring beyond compare, and Dao was only at the third level of the Yuan Soul now. Teacher Qionghua was at the God Shaping realm at the age of ten, what kind of speed was this? Even genius cultivators like Yin Kongchan and Xu Yingdie would not be able to shape their gods until they were in their twenties and close to thirty. This was still the effect of the clan’s resources piling up, otherwise the progress would be even lower.

Ning Cheng knew that it had actually only taken him a few years to cultivate to the Elemental Soul Realm, but he still felt puzzled by Shi Qionghua’s cultivation speed. There were conditions that limited his cultivation to the Elemental Soul Realm, if he had not been given the Xuanhuang Pearl, not to mention the Elemental Soul Realm, he probably would not even have reached the middle stage of Qi gathering now.

There would definitely not be many such things as Xuanhuang Pearls, and Ning Cheng was certain that if Shi Qionghua also had such things, he would definitely tell him. Just as he had done, he had told Shi Qiong Hua about the origin of the Xuanhuang Origin.

“I am a reincarnated body and my Yuan Shen is naturally powerful. Together with the inherited techniques and Uncle Yu’s going around to find heavenly treasures for me, it’s not uncommon for me to cultivate to the God Shaping Realm at the age of ten. Moreover, Uncle Yu said that the conditions here are too poor for me to cultivate too slowly ……”

Hearing Shi Qiong Hua’s words, Ning Cheng did not know what he should say, this speed was still slow?

Shi Qiong Hua continued, “I don’t know if it’s fast or slow, after Uncle Yu didn’t come back, I cultivated here alone. Once I went out to look for spirit herbs and met Xu Anzhen. Because my soul and spirit were incredibly powerful, Xu Anzhen took me directly away from Roland Star and suppressed a trace of my spirit. If it wasn’t for you, by this time, I might not be here anymore.”

“This dead old woman, I should have burned her doghouse down with a fire.” Ning Cheng said with hatred.

Then he remembered that Shi Qiong Hua was already thirty-three years old, and if she had advanced to the God Shaping Realm at the age of ten, then in the following twenty-two years Shi Qiong Hua’s cultivation progress was practically no progress compared to the initial ten years.

Shi Qiong Hua smiled faintly, grabbed Ning Cheng’s hand and said, “Actually, I don’t hate her now, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have met you, and not having you is either my biggest regret. I was able to return to Roland Star with you this time, just to find out if Uncle Yu is still around.”

Shi Qiong Hua doesn’t say anything about love, what she says comes from her heart. If there was anything, it was all said.

“Me too.” Ning Cheng similarly held onto Shi Qiong Hua’s hand, “You show me where you live ……”

“Mhmm ……” Shi Qiong Hua had just answered before she suddenly hugged Ning Cheng and leapt away at speed.

Ning Cheng trusted Shi Qiong Hua immensely, even when Shi Qiong Hua suddenly hugged him and leapt away, he did not resist or even think much about it.

“Boom …….” A terrifying burst exploded behind Ning Cheng, and Ning Cheng’s divine sense swept over, only to find that the place where he and Shi Qiong Hua had just stood had spewed out flames tens of feet high, and the flames were still spewing higher and higher, and spreading.

Ning Cheng sucked in a cold breath, once this erupting volcano was swept in, even if he was of Yuan-Soul cultivation, he would end up with a corpse without bones.

“This is a scattered volcano of Roland Star, this kind of volcano can erupt anytime and anywhere, once you feel some instability in the surrounding space and the temperature changes, then you should be aware of this kind of volcanic eruption.” Teacher Qiong Hua explained beside Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng nodded, if he didn’t have Shi Qiong Hua by his side, even if he was more careful, in this place, sooner or later, he would still get hit.

“Then, let’s go now.” As Ning Cheng spoke, his divine sense had already spread out completely, in this place, not only did he have to pay attention all the time, but it was also a test for his divine sense ah.

Shi Qiong Hua did not leave immediately, instead she said, “This kind of volcano comes and goes quickly. Moreover, after such volcanoes erupt, a kind of refining material will be brought out, and this kind of refining material is called Red Brilliant Crystal, which is a rank seven refining material.”

Before Ning Cheng had time to sigh, danger accompanied by opportunity, he felt two spatial fluctuations.

“Someone is coming over, they also know that there is a volcanic eruption here, so they have come to look for the Red Brilliant Crystal.” No sooner had Shi Qiong Hua’s words fallen than two figures landed not far from them.

Ning Cheng sensed a raging aura from these two people, as if a volcano had erupted or a hurricane had swept through. He did not ask Shi Qiong Hua, but in his heart he understood what was going on. These two people had definitely developed this raging aura because they had been cultivating on the Roland Star for a long time, circling between volcanic hurricanes and spatial turbulence.

One of the two people who came was in the middle stage of the God Shaping Realm, and the other was in the late stage of the Tripod Transformation Realm. The one in the late stage of Transformation Tripod was a middle-aged man with dark red hair, as if he had just lit a fire. The cultivator at the God-shaping realm looked softer and wore a cultivator’s hat on his head.

Shi Qiong Hua’s cultivation level was at the third level of the Transformation Tripod, and Ning Cheng’s was only at the third level of the Origin Soul, so compared to these two, Shi Qiong Hua and Ning Cheng were clearly at a disadvantage.

“Huh, just arrived?” The middle-aged man at the late stage of Tripod Transformation took a startled eeking glance at Ning Cheng and Shi Qiong Hua, Shi Qiong Hua and Ning Cheng did not have the raging aura of Roland Star on them, so they had obviously just arrived here.

After muttering this to himself, he then looked at the God Shaping Realm cultivator beside him and asked, “Yan De, didn’t you say that the Roland Star doesn’t allow any more Transformation Tripod cultivators to come here? How come there is still a Transformation Tripod cultivator here?”

The God Shaping Realm man smiled heatedly, “Brother Le, this means that they have something like a small world. And ……”

Yan De spoke without concealment and even used his gaze to recklessly survey Shi Qiong Hua. As for Ning Cheng, it had been ignored by him. An early Yuan Soul cultivator would not be able to make him look at him.

“Hahahaha ……” The late stage Tripod Transformation cultivator called Brother Le laughed loudly, and after he finished laughing, he said without regret, “It’s a pity …… ”

Yan De seemed to be the roundworm in the belly of the late stage Tripod Transformation cultivator, he immediately narrowed his eyes and said, “Brother Le, it’s actually not a pity, where can you not get a pure Yin woman? On this Roland Star, it’s really rare to find such a stunning woman as a furnace censer with a high cultivation level …… ”

Ning Cheng’s eyes burst with killing intent, only he was worried that Shi Qiong Hua would not be able to deal with that late stage of Tripod Transformation.

“Hehe, this little cricket still dares to show killing intent? Could it be that I, Lacquer Le, have not returned to the Celestial Continent for a few hundred years and the tempers of the crickets in the Celestial Continent have become bigger?” When the red-haired man at the late stage of the Tripod Transformation saw Ning Cheng’s eyes showing killing intent, he seemed a little puzzled and muttered to himself.

“Brother Le, why do you need to be common sense with a mole, I will kill him first.” After this God Shaping man finished speaking, he had already pounced on Ning Cheng.

Shi Qiong Hua was about to make a move, but Ning Cheng transmitted a voice saying, “Qiong Hua you watch out for that red-haired ghost, he won’t let you make a move, when I finish this guy, we will join forces to kill that red-haired ghost.”

Teacher Qiong Hua was obedient to Ning Cheng’s words, but she did not know that Ning Cheng did not understand her methods at all. If Ning Cheng knew how strong she was after her Yuan Shen was restored, there would be no need to worry at all.

The red-haired man at the late stage of the Tripod Transformation was a little surprised to see that Shi Qiong Hua did not help Ning Cheng. When Shi Qiong Hua did not move, he obviously would not move. In his opinion, Yan De’s middle stage of the God Shaping Realm was as simple as crushing an ant to kill Ning Cheng, a third level of Yuan Soul.

As Yan De pounced on Ning Cheng, his magic treasure had already blasted out.

A pair of black and white hundred-edged wheels, two of which were blasted out, inspired dense black and white wheel shadows, each of which carried a thousand hundred wheel blades. The thousand and hundred wheel blades cut the space around them away with a hissing sound, as if they were countless poisonous snakes.

It was these Thousand Hundred Wheel Blades that had completely blocked off Ning Cheng. In his opinion, not to mention that Ning Cheng was only at the third level of the Origin Soul, even if Ning Cheng was at the late stage of the God Shaping Realm, he would still be in danger under these thousands of black and white wheel shadows.

Although Shi Qiong Hua was tensely watching Ning Cheng, she did not make a move. She had never seen Ning Cheng’s combat power, but she knew a little about it. When she had rescued Ning Cheng from the Zhangyi Dao Sect, Ning Cheng had killed more than just one or two Zhangyi Dao Sect disciples. Moreover, among the people Ning Cheng had killed, there were also God Shaping Realm cultivators.

Now that Yan De was the only one attacking Ning Cheng, Shi Qiong Hua believed that Ning Cheng could handle it.

If there was no Extreme Green Thunder City, even if Ning Cheng could deal with Yan De, it would only be a stalemate at most. However, with the Peerless Green Thunder City, even if Yan De was in the middle stage of the God Shaping Realm, Ning Cheng would not be afraid in the slightest.

If Yan De’s cultivation level at the middle stage of the God Shaping Realm wanted to lock Ning Cheng with his Qi and Divine Sense, it was indeed a delusion.

Ning Cheng’s body only flickered a few times before he completely broke free from Yan De’s divine sense bondage. But Ning Cheng did not avoid this Thousand Black and White Wheel Blade, he directly sacrificed the Infinite Green Thunder City.

The Extreme Blue Thunder City had been exposed at the Zhangyi Dao Sect, so it was no big deal to expose it again at the Roland Star now. Moreover, what Ning Cheng had in mind was that as long as Shi Qiong Hua could hold the red-haired man in check, he would finish this fellow off.