Creation Gate Chapter 340

An hour later, outside a mountain range in the far north of the Heaven Continent where spiritual energy was scarce, Ning Cheng and Shi Qionghua appeared here. Not only was there a lack of spiritual energy here, but there was also a whirlwind that swirled around from an unknown place. People with poorer cultivation levels could be swept away by these whirlwinds if they were not careful.

“This teleportation formation’s bit presentation is really remote.” Ning Cheng sighed.

Teacher Qiong Hua responded, “I heard that this was originally a not-so-small sect in the Heaven Continent, but after that foreign cultivator landed here, he felt that it was a good place to set up a teleportation array, so he set up a teleportation array to Roland Star here.”

“Let’s go take a look.” Ning Cheng’s divine sense swept the rolling mountain range in the distance, and he knew that the teleportation formation to Roland Star was located in the deepest part of this mountain range.

“Why don’t I go into the small world first and you go there alone?” Teacher Qionghua said in a hurry.

Ning Cheng nodded, “We can only take our chances now, with so many Cultivators of the Transformation Cauldron pressing for questions, Li Lingfan definitely won’t last long. I just hope that so far, Li Lingfan hasn’t told us where we are going.”

At the same time, in Beiyi Town, Li Lingfan was bowing and greeting a few of the Transformation Tripod cultivators.

“Magnanimous Nephew Lingfan, I won’t beat around the bush, a cultivator has just met you here, do you know where he has gone?” Tang Guangxi thought that his words had been very much to Li Lingfan’s face, or at least he had spoken very cryptically. There was no direct question to Li Lingfan as to where Ning Cheng had gone.

Li Lingfan frowned and thought for a while before asking, “Who is senior Tang talking about? I’ve just met with many friends here, that is, there are a dozen of them talking together …….”

Tang Guangxi impatiently interrupted Li Lingfan and said, “I’m not going to beat around the bush with you, just tell me where Ning Cheng went?”

“Ning Cheng?” Li Lingfan suddenly laughed, “Senior Tang, how do I know where Ning Cheng has gone? Besides, I am a disciple of the Heavenly Dao Sect, could it be that Senior Tang thinks that the Red Star Sword Sect is sure of my Heavenly Dao Sect? So you threaten me like this?”

After Li Lingfan finished speaking, he raised his hand and took out a flying sword, about to shoot it out. Tang Guangxi’s face immediately turned ugly, he didn’t know if he should stop it, if he stopped it, then he was afraid of the Heaven’s Path Sect. If he didn’t, the Heavenly Dao Sect was obviously far stronger than the Red Star Sword Sect. This time, they hadn’t asked the Heavenly Dao Sect to make an appointment, and once the Heavenly Dao Sect came over, what Ning Cheng had on him would be partly missing again.

Moreover, the Heavenly Dao Sect was extremely two-faced, last time when they intercepted the Zhangyi Dao Sect, all the sects were damaged, it was the Heavenly Dao Sect that was unharmed, not even a single minor injury. Obviously it was because the Heavenly Dao Sect did not fight at full strength, so this time when they intercepted Ning Cheng, they had no intention of calling the Heavenly Dao Sect.

The reason why Tang Guangxi spoke to Li Lingfan in such a nonchalant tone was because Li Lingfan had always been very polite to his elders and had always had a good reputation, it was not too much to say that he was a good and docile disciple. He wanted to use his own cultivation to suppress Li Lingfan for a while, so that Li Lingfan would give an honest account, but he didn’t expect to run into a nail.

A white-faced man from the Yin Yang Dao saw this and hurriedly stepped forward to stop him and said, “Magnanimous nephew Ling Fan, let’s talk about it. Brother Tang doesn’t mean that, he just wants to ask you about Ning Cheng’s whereabouts.”

“So that’s what it is, I see.” Li Lingfan laughed and put away the messenger flying sword.

Seeing Li Lingfan reveal his original appearance, several of the Cultivators of the Transformation Tripod were relieved, they should have asked like this a long time ago. Tang Guangxi wanted to impersonate a senior, but ended up hitting a nail in the head.

“Yes, yes, you know where Ning Cheng went?” The Yin Yang Dao Tripod Transformation Cultivator asked eagerly.

Li Lingfan smiled and said unhurriedly, “I don’t know.”

A few of the Transformation Tripod cultivators looked at each other, they were not forced to force Li Lingfan. After all, forcing Li Lingfan would be to cross paths with the Heavenly Dao Sect, and no one was willing to take the initiative in such a foolish matter.

After these few cultivators of the Transformation Tripod had finished their discussion, every so often, Li Lingfan received a messenger flying sword. Li Lingfan knew that it was his Heavenly Dao Sect’s Tripod Transformation Elder who had come over. At this moment, he could only hope that Ning Cheng had not gone to the transmission array, once the Heavenly Dao Sect’s Tripod Transformation Elder came over, he would definitely have to reveal Ning Cheng’s whereabouts, and this concealment could not be hidden.

After passing through the rolling mountain range, Ning Cheng saw a grey building surrounded by a forbidden system. Ning Cheng had just walked into this grey building when he was stopped by a God Shaping Realm cultivator.

“I want to go to Roland Star, here is the identity card.” Ning Cheng’s face was expressionless as he took out a black jade token and handed it over.

He was already prepared, once the people here recognized him, he would immediately call out to Shi Qiong Hua and the two of them would kill out before saying anything.

Ning Cheng had just taken out the black jade token when several strong divine senses swept past him. This was definitely a Tripod Transformation Cultivator, Ning Cheng was shocked in his heart and kept his composure even more.

After landing on Ning Cheng, these several strong divine senses did not leave, but surrounded Ning Cheng’s body, and one of them landed on top of Ning Cheng’s Small World Ring.

Ning Cheng became slightly nervous in his heart, he was sure that up until now, Li Lingfan had not told the news that he was going to Roland Star. But this kind of thing could happen at any time, once the people here received the news, it would be hard for him to get away again, then it would not be a case of using his divine sense to check him out.

What’s more, Ning Cheng was even more worried about his Little World Fruits. He had always had two rings in his hand, one that was open to the public and one that was engraved with a concealment ban, which was his Little World.

Ordinary people would not be able to see this hidden ring of his, and now that a divine sense had landed on his Little World, it meant that this was a formation dao expert. This fellow could see that there was something different about this concealment ring of his.

Ning Cheng believed that even if the other party was a Formation Dao expert, it would never be possible for him to use his divine sense to break the concealment restriction of his small world. His Formation Dao cultivation was already far better than his actual cultivation.

The God Shaping Realm cultivator took Ning Cheng’s jade token and entered inside, and not long after, he came out and said to Ning Cheng, “The identity token is verified to be correct, but now even with the identity token, you will still need three million spirit stones and two extremely high quality spirit stones to go to Roland Star by yourself.”

Ning Cheng reckoned that Li Lingfan hadn’t inquired about these things either, and he had no objection to asking for three million spirit stones here. Although it was a bit of a pity to take away two Extreme Grade Spirit Stones, it was within his affordability. He originally had five extremely high quality spirit stones on him, so taking away two would not affect him much.

Seeing that Ning Cheng had taken out three million top grade spirit stones plus two extremely high grade spirit stones without any hesitation, this God Shaping Cultivator looked at Ning Cheng a few more times. Even if Ning Cheng was from the Heavenly Dao Sect, it was not often that a Yuan Soul Realm cultivator would be so generous.

Luckily, this cultivator did not ask any more questions and directly brought Ning Cheng to the Teleportation Cantonment. Only then did the strong divine sense that had been surrounding Ning Cheng’s body retract, and Ning Cheng secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Half a column of incense later, a choking white light flashed through the grey buildings, and Ning Cheng, who was standing in the middle of the teleportation array, was swept up by this white light and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Ning Cheng had just left within a few minutes when a red flying sword rushed into the grey building and landed in the hands of a long-haired man.

“A great enemy of the Heavenly Alliance is going to Roland Star, make sure to stop …… him.” The transmission flying sword only had a few words, but the long-haired man knew that the flying sword had come a few minutes too late.

The great enemy mentioned on the flying sword must be the Yuan-Soul cultivator who had just concealed the ring, but unfortunately, they had already teleported away by now.

The moment Ning Cheng was sent away by the teleportation array, he felt a burst of tearing pain. At this moment, it was not easy for him to even keep his wakefulness, not to mention his divine sense out. Ning Cheng forced himself to stay awake, he knew that once he passed out, even if he was transported to the Roland Star, he didn’t know what would happen.

Time and space became nothing in Ning Cheng’s consciousness at this time, he could not perceive any time passing or any spatial transformation at all.

He held on to his mind, and in his heart, he secretly admired the guy who had built this teleportation array, he was really too capable. Even a ninth-grade formation master would never be able to build such a terrifying teleportation formation.

“Boom ……” It was not known how long had passed when Ning Cheng felt himself being dropped on top of a jumble of rocks, and the pain all over his body made him come to his senses.

Only now did he realise that even though he had been forcing himself to stay awake, he had still ended up losing consciousness. It was a good thing that the fall was so solid that he couldn’t keep from waking up.

Ning Cheng had just opened his eyes when a fishy wind came welling up, and Ning Cheng couldn’t take a closer look before he blasted out a fist.

“Boom …….” Ning Cheng then felt that his fist had blasted on top of a hard steel plate, and the recoil caused his fist to hurt a little.

Ning Cheng hurriedly took out the dark lance, while telling Shi Qiong Hua that he had arrived.

Shi Qionghua had just come out of the small world when the fishy wind once again swooped over. Shi Qiong Hua raised her hand and a sword light flew out, the fishy wind let out a hiss and spilled a streak of blood before disappearing in an instant. From the beginning to the end, Ning Cheng did not even get a clear look at what kind of demonic beast it was.

“This is a Fishy Wind Beast, it comes and goes without a trace. The level of this one Fishy Wind Beast is still very low, so it is not enough to worry about.” Shi Qiong Hua explained.

All sorts of terrifying whistling sounds came from Ning Cheng’s ears as he looked at the endless wilderness and said, “Qiong Hua, it’s lucky that you came here with me, a low level fishy wind beast almost, finished me off, what if I ran into a high level demonic beast, and a hurricane?”

Teacher Qiong Hua knew that Ning Cheng had said this on purpose, she smiled, “Actually, all the demonic beasts here have characteristics, once you have mastered them, you can easily kill them.”

After a pause, Shi Qiong Hua continued, “In Roland Star, it is not suitable for cultivation, but it is most suitable for refining the body. It would be best for your Clasping Yang Divine Skill to temper your flesh in this place.”

Ning Cheng said with a bitter face, “The Clasping Yang Divine Technique is now modified by me to only be called the Phase-less Divine Technique, although it is good for quenching the flesh body, but I don’t know anything about body refinement at all, nor have I come across any body refinement techniques.”

Shi Qiong Hua smiled mysteriously, “I’ll take you to a place.

Ning Cheng almost froze when he saw Shi Qiong Hua’s smile, it was the first time he had seen such a playful smile from Shi Qiong Hua. At this moment, he felt that Shi Qiong Hua was the most beautiful scenery that the heavens had given him.