Creation Gate Chapter 32

(Correction of an error, Ming Xin College is in Ping Chau not Hwa Chau, a mistake was made earlier in the writing)


“Soul Soldiers?” Ning Cheng froze for a moment, the meaning of soul soldier was obviously composed of inanimate souls. But how could that majestic sound of hooves just now be a soul soldier? Besides, could there really be soul soldiers?

Seeing Ning Cheng freeze, Fang Yijian’s voice came again, “What’s so strange about that, over the countless years, the Mango Sea has lost an unknown number of cultivators who came, the souls of the cultivators were already incredibly powerful, and many even had the embryonic form of a Yuan Shen, there’s nothing strange about forming soul soldiers. Although the soul soldiers look terrifying, with your cultivation and alertness, it is not worth mentioning.”

Ning Cheng saw clearly this time, Fang Yijian’s voice was coming from and a more intact log on the hull of the ship.

He understood where Fang Yijian had stored himself, and with a slight relief in his heart, he led An Yi into the cabin of the ship.

“You survived on this log, could it be that there is something special in the log?” After Ning Cheng knew that Fang Yijian’s Yuan Shen had stored in the round wood, he immediately knew that this round wood must not be simple. Otherwise, Fang Yijian would have left long ago, and even if he had burned the ship, Fang Yijian should not have cared.

“It’s nothing special, I like this boat, I’m used to staying in this boat.” Fang Yijian said as if nothing was wrong.

Ning Cheng swept around and found that there were several other round logs of the same material, he then said, “So that’s it, I know this round log, it can be used to make chairs to refresh the mind, there are still a few on this boat, I’ll dig them out and take them away. I won’t just dismantle the boat, don’t worry.”

Seeing that Ning Cheng was really ready to demolish the rest of the soul nurturing woods, Fang Yijian’s voice became a little panicked, “Don’t demolish it, can’t I tell you, this is a soul nurturing wood, each soul nurturing wood has an inch of soul nurturing wood heart on it, I have to rely on this soul nurturing wood heart to survive, if you demolish these soul nurturing woods, I will be finished.”

“It’s soul nurturing wood ……” Ning Cheng was overjoyed at hearing this, he had seen this soul nurturing wood in the book An Yi had given him.

In fact, the soul nurturing wood that the crowd usually talked about was the soul nurturing wood heart, for each soul nurturing wood, the only thing that was really useful was the soul nurturing wood heart that was less than an inch. Here, together with the place where Fang Yijian had stored himself, there were four of them. Even if he left one for Fang Yijian, he could still get the other three. Of course he would not get rid of all three round logs; to him, all he had to do was to dig away the heart of the Soul Raising Wood.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s glowing eyes, Fang Yijian secretly said something bad, this was a greedy fellow, he hurriedly said, “Those boat builders have no eyes, they actually cut the Soul Raising Wood to build a boat, if they hadn’t met me, this would be a waste. By the way, I haven’t asked you for your friend’s name?”

How could Ning Cheng not know what Fang Yijian meant? Fang Yijian was reminding himself that he had found all these soul nurturing woods, and that it was his stuff. However, Ning Cheng directly ignored Fang Yijian’s meaning, he had no friendship with this Fang Yijian and had almost been killed by this fellow just now, so how could he be polite? Then he hedged and laughed, “My name is Ning Cheng, it’s kind of fate that we meet today. I also see you rather well, so I have decided to leave you one inch of this four inch Soul Raising Wood, and I will take the remaining three inches.”

“Brother Ning, you can’t do this ……,” Fang Yijian was shocked when he saw that Ning Cheng was going to dig away the remaining three inches of Soul Raising Wood Heart. He was staying here because he had Soul Nurturing Wood, without it, he would be finished, and there was no point in staying here.

Ning Cheng’s face turned cold as he said, “Brother Fang, people say that each side of the road goes halfway, once you go off course, there is a little bit of wealth for you and a little bit for me. Now that I have accidentally gone off course, could it be that you intend to disregard the rules and don’t want to share a little with me?”

Fang Yijian had lived for countless years, but he could not recall such a phrase anywhere. What kind of disregard for the rules was this? This was simply robbery.

“That’s not what I meant, what I meant was that I’m a Yuan Shen body, you have a physical body, once you take the Soul Raising Wood away, it’s a disaster for me. Judging others by myself, Brother Ning must be thinking the same as me if he was in my situation.” Fang Yijian said, holding back his anger, without the Soul Raising Wood, what was the point of him staying here? He should have known not to do this brat’s business, originally he thought he had two more pure souls of cultivators, but he didn’t think he was asking for his own suffering.

To Fang Yijian’s surprise, Ning Cheng nodded his head forcefully and said, “What Brother Fang said is extremely true, thank you for reminding him. This man has no distant worries, so I dug up the Soul Raising Wood today, or maybe I will use it in the future, thanks a lot.”

Fang Yijian wanted to cry, he was trying to persuade Ning Cheng not to dig, but he did not expect it to have the opposite effect. When he saw Ning Cheng take out a flying sword and just spin it on a soul nurturing wood and bring out a black soul nurturing wood heart, his heart was almost dripping blood.

Ning Cheng did not stop at all and continued to dig out the heart of a second soul nurturing wood. Seeing that Ning Cheng was still going to dig out a third soul nurturing wood heart, Fang Yijian could not hold back any longer, “Brother Ning, please stop. Brother Ning has just gathered Qi at the fourth level, so he must have many things that he does not understand. If Brother Ning is willing to leave behind this soul nurturing wood heart, I am willing to teach him anything. I dare not say anything else, but I can still guarantee that Brother Ning will be able to complete Qi gathering in the shortest possible time.”

Hearing Fang Yijian’s words, Ning Cheng did stop the movements in his hands, “Brother Fang, when you say that, I really do have a few questions for you. This Soul Raising Wood, take it as payment.”

If there were teeth, Fang Yijian’s teeth would have been gnashing at this point, these Soul Nurturing Woods were obviously mine, okay? Despite this, he could only smile dryly and say, “Brother Ning, please ask, I’m sure Fang will tell you everything.”

“Right, Brother Fang, I’ve heard that a Yuan Shen can take over a body, will you take over a body for me?” After Ning Cheng pulled An Yi to sit down, he suddenly asked an irrelevant question.

“Brother Ning is joking, how would I take a life on Brother Ning.” Fang Yijian said with a compensating smile, in his heart he was cursing in a broken voice. At this age of cultivation, he was only at the fourth level of Qi gathering, so he didn’t need to look to know that his spiritual roots were rubbish, only an idiot would be willing to take a body from you.

Ning Cheng however nodded cautiously, “Then I am relieved, I heard from others that only when one cultivates to the Yuan Building realm divine thoughts are transformed into divine sense can they be released outwardly. It is only at the True Condensation realm that one has the means to control magic weapons with divine thoughts. Just now, Brother Fang said that by gathering Qi, you can release your divine thoughts externally?”

As soon as he said cultivation, Fang Yijian’s tone immediately became disdainful, “The person who said that is just an idiot, a real Qi gathering realm can also let out their divine thoughts, it’s just limited by the lack of gong methods and spiritual energy. Even so, the Qi gathering realm can control magic weapons to attack the enemy. In Le Continent, it is too common for Qi gathering cultivators to cast flying swords to attack the enemy.”

“What is that all about?” Ning Cheng hurriedly inquired.

Fang Yijian did not hide anything, “The Le Continent is rich in spiritual energy, and there are many sects, so the level of merit techniques is obviously not comparable to that of a low-level continent. In fact, in the middle level continent, there are many Qi gathering cultivators who can control flying swords with their divine thoughts. The low-level continent has a lack of spiritual qi, and in order to speed up cultivation, some gong methods reduce the role of the divine mind, which is why it is a fact that only when you reach condensing truth can you drive a magic weapon, and only when you reach building yuan can you let your divine mind out.”

“So it’s a simplified version of cultivation techniques.” Only then did it dawn on Ning Cheng, in that case, his gong method should be a complete version after being amended by the Xuanhuang Pearl. When the time came, he would go and try to see if he could control the flying sword.

“Did you get the boat to the sea, did you want to fish? Trick people into coming aboard? And where are the original people on this boat?” Ning Cheng thought about his pa*sage on the boat and already had some clarity in his heart.

Fang Yijian was not understanding what fishing was, and only after hearing Ning Cheng’s later words did he come to an understanding and immediately replied, “That’s right, I am indeed fishing. I am a Yuan Shen body, and apart from the soul nurturing wood to keep it alive, I have to devour some souls to grow because of the technique I cultivate. This boat turned out to have some problems, and it just so happened that those souls were used up by me.”

Ning Cheng smiled coldly in his heart, something had gone wrong, it must have been this Fang Yijian himself who had taken it out.

“You find me a few cultivation techniques, something with a higher level, I was tricked into coming to the ship by you, you have to show something, right?” Ning Cheng was sure that this Fang Yijian was from an unusual background, he might have many good things on him.

When Fang Yijian heard Ning Cheng ask him for a cultivation technique, he quickly waved his hand and said, “I really don’t have any cultivation techniques, I’m just a Yuan Shen body.”

“Really don’t have any?” Ning Cheng asked heatedly.

Fang Yijian suddenly felt himself shiver, and in his heart he regretted getting Ning Cheng up here more and more, this was the first time he had met a Qi gathering fourth layer that he could not kill with his Shadowless Arrow.

“Yes there isn’t one, but I have a way to get it for you, so I want to make a deal with you. Not far from here, there is a Jiaoshu Island. You help me spread a message inside Mango City that a large number of low-grade sea spirit creatures have appeared on Jiao Tou Island. When the time comes, I will give you a map, and as long as you help me with this, I will definitely help you get a cultivation technique.” After Fang Yijian finished speaking, he always felt that his words were a little underpowered.

Ning Cheng immediately understood Fang Yijian’s thoughts, as there were a large number of low-level sea spirit items on Jiaoshu Island, it would definitely attract many adventurers to come over. And it would also attract many low level cultivators to come over, this Fang Yijian was trying to hide on Jiaoshou Island to harm people and then slowly devour the spirit creatures.

Ning Cheng said with an expressionless face, “Then I am really sorry, I just offended the Wolf King Mansion and Luhouhai Zhuang inside Mango City, are you not asking me to send me to my death now by asking me to go to Mango City?”

When Fang Yijian heard this, he cursed in his heart, this kid was really not a good person, a mere Qi gathering fourth level, he was causing trouble everywhere and had actually offended two of the major powers in Mango City. He had devoured numerous souls, so of course he understood what Ning Cheng was talking about when he said that the Wolf King’s Mansion and the Luhouhai Zhuang were places.

“It looks like you really don’t want to give me the gongfa, then it’s really a pity, I can’t bother you anymore, hmm, there is a small boat up here, why don’t my cousin and I take this small boat.” Ning Cheng slowly stood up.

“Don’t be in a hurry, I’ll think of another way ……,” Fang Yijian panicked when he heard that Ning Cheng wanted to leave. He had not spent much time with Ning Cheng, yet he felt that Ning Cheng was an extremely shameless person. If he did not satisfy Ning Cheng, it was possible that if Ning Cheng got off the boat with his first foot, countless fireballs would be thrown onto his big boat behind him.