Creation Gate Chapter 31

Neither Ning Cheng nor Anyi had ever ridden a One-Horned Stone Whistling Beast, and their speed did not increase much when they rode on one.

“An Yi, hurry up and get down, we’ll run ourselves.” Ning Cheng felt what seemed to be some vibrations on the ground, which were definitely the vibrations of a large number of One-Horned Stone Whistling Beasts darting around, obviously someone was coming after them.

An Yi also felt the subtle vibration of the ground at the same time, without even needing Ning Cheng to greet them, the two of them left the unicorns and ran frantically along the edge of the Mango Sea.

The ground beneath their feet was shaking more and more, and Ning Cheng was extremely anxious in his heart, he and An Yi had searched for half a day, but they had not found the boat. If they could not find the boat, the two of them would definitely not be able to escape.

Dozens more breaths pa*sed, and Ning Cheng could even see a large area of blackness coming from behind him, and his heart was suddenly cold. What was the origin of this Miao Wenhong? How could he have gotten so many people to chase him?

“Brother Ning, there are boats.” While Ning Cheng was concerned about the pursuers behind him, An Yi saw a boat parked on the beach.

“It’s really a boat, hurry up.” Ning Cheng immediately greeted An Yi, and the two of them landed on this boat with a few ups and downs.

As soon as Ning Cheng reached the boat, he had to greet the boatman to open the boat, even if he didn’t, he had to force the other party to open the boat. This was a matter of his life, so he wouldn’t be so nice. Moreover, Ning Cheng also knew that this kind of boat was mostly taken by some adventurers.

Adventurers were, to put it bluntly, people who could not cultivate, and cultivators were a completely different concept.

But Ning Cheng immediately swallowed the words that were on his lips, the boat was not small, but he did not see a single person, the whole boat was quiet and silent.

There was a faint smell of blood and a damp, dark smell coming from inside the cabin, causing Ning Cheng to frown a little.

“There’s no one inside the boat.” An Yi also sensed it and moved a little closer to Ning Cheng with some nervousness.

“Not true.” Ning Cheng suddenly said, the dark swathe of pursuers that he saw just now was not right. Even if Miao Wenhong was of a very high status, it was impossible for someone to come after him so quickly, and in a large group at that.

Ning Cheng subconsciously looked back after finishing his sentence, only to find that the boat he and An Yi were standing on had long since left the edge of the sea. He could not even see where the edge of the sea was anymore, and in what direction.

Where were there any pursuers behind them? Apart from the darkening sky and the endless sea, there was nothing more to be seen.

A cold, dark wind struck Ning Cheng, who felt a chill all over his body and subconsciously winced. The Xuanhuang Pearl in his Purple Mansion instantly emitted an aura that swept away the cold, dark wind.

“An Yi, where are you going?” Ning Cheng stepped forward and pulled An Yi back with one hand. He had just turned back when he saw that An Yi had already approached the cabin and was even about to enter it. As long as he was one breath later, Anyi would have already entered the cabin.

Ning Cheng had just grabbed An Yi’s wrist when he felt an equally cold and eerie aura. At the same time as he felt these cold and eerie auras, the Xuanhuang Pearl once again emitted a soft aura, dispelling the eerie coldness without a trace.

An Yi came back to her senses and looked at Ning Cheng with some confusion and asked, “Brother Ning, what happened to me just now?”

Ning Cheng waved his hand and did not let go of An Yi, he just stared at the pitch black cabin and said, “There is something wrong with this ship.”

An Yi was about to say whether she wanted to change the boat, but immediately understood that she and Ning Cheng could not change the boat at all now, they were already in the sea, and this boat, which was not controlled by anyone, was not slow.

“I don’t care if you are a ghost cultivator or something else, my cousin and I will just borrow the deck to stay for a while, we will each stay out of the way, if you dare to backstab again, I will immediately burn this boat.” Ning Cheng stood outside the cabin and said a few words loudly, the others did not enter.

Ghost Cultivator Ning Cheng was aware of this, he had this concept in his memory. Ning Cheng believed that with his cultivation level, if the other party was just some ghosts, he would not be afraid in the slightest.

Ning Cheng had just finished saying these few words when he heard an insidious Jie Jie laughter coming from inside the cabin, the Jie Jie laughter was very strange, making Ning Cheng unable to grasp the exact direction.

Ning Cheng subconsciously pulled An Yi back a few steps again, he had always been very bold and was now a mid Qi gathering cultivator. Even so, this Jie Jie sound caused his scalp to fry a little.

Almost as soon as Ning Cheng stepped back, two shadows in the shape of ice arrows subconsciously appeared in Ning Cheng’s mind, and he immediately pulled An Yi to the side and dodged. Fortunately, he had sensed them early, otherwise his head would have been pierced by them.

If the trajectory of the invisible ice arrows had not appeared in his mind first, he would have been hit.

Ning Cheng had never been a man of words, even if he knew that this shapeless arrow of darkness was terrifying, he would not take a beating and not fight back.

Without waiting for the next moment for the Shadowless Arrow to come over, Ning Cheng had already raised his hand and blasted out several fireballs. Without exception, these fireballs were thrown into the cabin of the ship. At this moment, his life was in danger, so how could he care if the cabin would be set on fire?

The shadowless arrows shot out from inside the cabin just now, An Yi had also sensed it. If Ning Cheng hadn’t pulled her, she would have been unable to dodge it herself. Now when she saw Ning Cheng continuously throwing fireballs into the cabin, she did not hesitate to throw several fireballs into the cabin as well.

This sea boat was originally made of wood, so Ning Cheng and An Yi kept throwing fireballs into it, and these fireballs were not ordinary fire, so even if the boat was damp, it would burn up inside. In a flash, smoke rolled inside the cabin of the ship, and the flames rose.

Ning Cheng didn’t have the intention to stop, he once again threw out fireballs, wanting to burn away all the roof of the cabin.

Just at this time, a cold hum came out, “Stop, hurry up and put out the fire, otherwise everyone will be a dead man.”

Ning Cheng heard the words coming from inside the cabin, and the fireballs were thrown with even more vigour. He had never been someone who could be threatened, no matter if it was a ghost or a ghost cultivator, since he had backstabbed him, then don’t blame him for being ungracious. Earlier he had said that he would stay on deck because he did not want to cause trouble, but now things had gotten to him.

“Everyone is dead? I’m afraid that doesn’t have to be the case, does it? We can survive if we find a piece of the deck. You, a ghost or a ghost cultivator, are the one who is dead, don’t a*sociate us with you ……” As he spoke, Ning Cheng threw out several more fireballs, and by now even the roof of the cabin was on fire.

“Alright, I’m not right this time. I’m not a ghost nor a ghost cultivator, you put out the fire and I’m willing to give you some compensation.” The voice inside the cabin was somewhat helpless and could only compromise with Ning Cheng.

“Compensation for what?” Ning Cheng wasn’t impressed by this kind of blank cheque, if he still had some scruples before, now he really wasn’t afraid anymore. Ghost cultivators and ghosts, he hadn’t seen them yet and didn’t know what was going on. One always has some scruples and unconscious worries about things one has not seen. Since the other side is not, what else does he have to fear?

I am familiar with this sea area, and I can help you advance to the late Qi gathering stage. Otherwise, you are just a small cultivator of the fourth Qi gathering layer, here you are just serving food to others.

“I’m very afraid of that dark arrow of yours.” Ning Cheng said slowly, neither making a request nor stopping his hand.

“Boom ……” A piece of horizontal wood was burnt by the flames and fell off the top of the cabin, hitting the boat with a muffled sound.

“I swear, if my side of the sword ever backstabbed you again, I will have my soul scattered and never have a chance to turn back.” The voice inside this cabin seemed to know that Ning Cheng was not easy to deal with, and did not dare to fake when he swore.

“Your name is Fang Yijian?” Ning Cheng stopped to continue releasing the fireballs.

However, the voice inside the cabin said eagerly, “Can you put out the fire of this ship first before asking me my name?”

The fire inside the cabin had just burned up and had not yet formed a mighty power, after Ning Cheng’s several water balls pa*sed by, the flames were immediately suppressed, but they soon rose up again. Seeing this, Ning Cheng directly raised his hand and brought up the sea water under the boat and blasted it on top of these flames, An Yi also came over to help at the same time, and the two of them were able to extinguish the flames that had risen in just a short time.

“Not bad, a mere fourth level of Qi gathering, but you have such a thick true qi. No wonder you can dodge my Shadowless Arrow.” The voice inside the cabin said with some surprise.

Ning Cheng said disdainfully, “I’ve only just gathered Qi, when I reach Yuan Building, to deal with a ghost like you, I can sacrifice my flying sword and make a U-turn and be done with it.”

“Humph, that’s because the people here are too stupid, who told you that if you gather Qi, you can’t control the flying sword? When you gather Qi, you have divine thoughts, and when your divine thoughts are strong, you can control the flying sword just the same.” The voice inside that cabin coldly snorted disdainfully after hearing Ning Cheng’s words.

After the voice finished coldly snorting, it seemed to be unhappy with Ning Cheng calling him a ghost and added once more, “Don’t call me a ghost, my name is Fang Yijian, I am not a ghost, I am a Yuan Shen body. You are considered to be capable if you have survived, come in and let’s talk.”

“A Yuan Shen? I thought you were a ghost. It looks like the large group of people who were chasing me on the shore just now were really Miao Wenhong’s backstage.” Ning Cheng panted, he had never thought that the people from the Wolf King’s House in Mango City would react so quickly and team up to chase after them in a short amount of time.

Fang Yijian, the self-proclaimed Yuan Shen Body, gave another cold snort, “You’re wrong again, that group of running hooves are the real soul soldiers.”