Creation Gate Chapter 28

It was obviously An Yi and Ning Cheng who entered Mango City, and after Ning Cheng took the time to refine his flying sword, he brought An Yi straight to Mango City. Although it was good to use the Xuanhuang Pearl to cultivate, the amount of spirit stones needed was also tens of times more than An Yi’s, and this was still just the beginning. So even with the Xuanhuang Pearl, Ning Cheng was still a little worried about his cultivation.

“Brother Ning, this place is so prosperous.” An Yi had always been in Lanxinan and had rarely seen a prosperous city such as Mango City.

It was also the first time that Ning Cheng had come to this kind of city that tended to be cultivation-oriented, although Cang Le City was not in the least bit weaker than Mango City in terms of prosperity, it was two different kinds of prosperity compared to Mango City. In comparison, the current Ning Cheng liked Cang Le City a little more.

In Cang Le City, there was still a high and mighty royal family of the Cang Qin Kingdom, as well as the Cang Qin Two Star Academy. Even though Cang Le City was also about the weak and the strong, it was still basically based on the Cang Qin Kingdom’s laws and discipline, and despite the low status of mortals, the mortals and cultivators there could still be in a balance.

It was different in Mango City. It was Ning Cheng’s first time in Mango City and he had already sensed that there was no unified power here at all. He could sense that Mango City was made up of many forces, and in this place, it should be the place where the weak are truly strong and the strong speak.

“Auction, Mango Auction ……” a skinny girl holding dozens of brochures in her hand called out while raising the brochure in her hand, “This auction has magic weapons, and high grade elixirs, and most importantly, there is a trip to Lan Sand Island’s entry route map ……”

Ning Cheng had no intention of participating in the auction, he had nothing good other than some gold coins right now. Going to this kind of auction, even if he had more gold coins, it would not be of much use, not to mention that he did not have much gold coins.

“The two seniors must have just arrived in Mango City, I have here not only an instructional map of Mango City, but also an introduction to the major powers of Mango City, and the price is not expensive, only fifty, no, only thirty silver coins ……”

When this girl saw Ning Cheng and Anyi coming over, she immediately came up to sell her stuff. Her eyes were incomparably poisonous, and she could tell at a glance that Ning Cheng and Anyi were not frequent visitors to Mango City, nor were they in the Mango Sea.

Ning Cheng fished out a gold coin and handed it to this girl and said, “Fine, you can help me with a copy of this instructional map, and don’t look for the rest of the silver coins, just give me a copy of the auction promotional brochure.”

Seeing Ning Cheng’s generosity, the little girl hurriedly grabbed the gold coin and at the same time took out two books and stuffed them to Ning Cheng with unbelievable swiftness.

While Ning Cheng was puzzled, she was already far away. When Ning Cheng saw the rest of the few manual sellers who had flocked over, he already understood that there was competition for the sale of manuals here as well.

“Wait, I’ll find a place to stay first.” Ning Cheng said to An Yi on the side, while already pulling An Yi to the street.

Although he was not a rich man on Earth, he was not so rich that he had been living outside without a place to stay. After coming here, Ning Cheng had never found a peaceful place to sleep. Now that he had arrived in Mango City, no matter what, he would first stay here for a while to get to know the situation. Of course he couldn’t just find a random place to stay, at least he had to be clear about which accommodation was a bit better.

An Yi of course would not have any opinion, Ning Cheng flipped open that instructional map of Mango City, which clearly marked several major powers. The first was the Mango Society, which was the largest organization in Mango City. They controlled over fifty percent of Mango City’s transactions, and there were many experts within the society. Secondly the Wolf King’s House, and thirdly the Luhouhai Zhuang ……

Ning Cheng had only just looked a little ahead when he felt someone standing in front of him and Anyi. Ning Cheng looked up and saw standing in front of him was a young woman wearing a red dress and at the second level of Qi gathering. The red-dressed woman was quite pretty, and beside her stood two equally pretty female companions. Looking at the attire of these two female companions, they should be the handmaidens of this red-skirted young woman.

“You have just arrived in Mango City?” This red-dressed woman nudged Ning Cheng with her hand and asked bluntly.

Ning Cheng was slightly irritated in his heart, what the hell did it have to do with her if he had just arrived or not? Facing this red dressed woman, Ning Cheng always felt a little uncomfortable.

“Yes, my cousin and I have just arrived in Mango City.” Ning Cheng calmly clasped his fist and replied, he knew very well that he couldn’t afford to mess with anyone in Mango City.

“Oh, this is your cousin?” This red-skirted woman swept her gaze towards An Yi, it was then that Ning Cheng could see that the purpose of the red-skirted woman standing here talking to him seemed to be An Yi.

Without waiting for Ning Cheng to answer, this red-skirted woman said once again, “I like your cousin very much, I am from Luhouhai Zhuang. Let your cousin come with me, I won’t treat her badly.”

Ning Cheng immediately frowned and said, “Sorry, my cousin won’t go with anyone, we can support ourselves.”

“If your cousin doesn’t come with me, you won’t be able to feed yourselves.” This red-skirted woman did not expect Ning Cheng to dare to talk back, and immediately said with a cold snort. But then she thought that Ning Cheng should have just arrived in Mango City and did not yet know the horrors of the Road Houhai Zhuang.

Ning Cheng held back the anger within him, he knew that the Mango Sea and Mango City were not good places to deal with, yet he did not expect that he had just arrived here and was being picked on by someone who wanted to take away Anyi.

“Lu Yan, these two should have only just arrived in Mango City, it’s not very nice of you to do so, is it?” Before Ning Cheng could say anything, an unhurried voice interjected from the side and said.

An Yi, who was on the side, was slightly relieved to hear someone come out to help speak. Letting her leave Ning Cheng was something she would never do. Moreover, she saw something in this red-skirted woman’s eyes that she was somewhat uncomfortable with, and it gave her a sense of trepidation.

Ning Cheng also saw this person who had come over, a young man dressed in fancy clothes. There was a hint of green around his eyes and he looked incredibly thin and weak. However, his cultivation level was higher than this red-skirted woman called Lu Yan, who was already at the third level of Qi gathering. Behind him was also a household servant, whose cultivation was even at the sixth level of Qi gathering.

The red-skirted woman called Lu Yan immediately sneered back, “Miao Wenhong, don’t think I don’t know what you want, do you have to steal from me every time? I already gave it to you once last time, and I definitely won’t give it up this time. What about the girl you took by force last time? I’m afraid you’ve spoiled her.”

Miao Wenhong snorted coldly, “That girl is now living a good life in the Wolf King’s residence, what do you mean by spoiled? What do you mean by “spoiled”? It’s only when you bring her back that you call it “spoiled”. You are a woman and you want to get a woman, what is this if you are not spoiling?”

Hearing Miao Wenhong’s words, Lu Yan was even more furious, and the two immediately argued.

Only then did Ning Cheng understand that none of these two people were good. As soon as he pulled An Yi, he said, “An Yi, let’s go, this is not a good place.”

“Since you’re here, don’t rush to leave.” Seeing Ning Cheng wanting to leave, Miao Wenhong, who was just arguing with Lu Yan, immediately stopped Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng looked around, surprisingly, there were not even a few people watching, and even if there were people watching, they were still sneaking a glance. It was evident how much these two people were flaunting their power in Mango City.

Ning Cheng forced down the killing intent within him and said in a slow voice, “I don’t know you two at all, can it be that this Mango City can only be entered but not exited?”

As he said these words, Ning Cheng was already thinking about how to break out of Mango City. That sixth level Qi gathering household servant would not be able to stop him, and at the same time, he had also planned to kill this Miao Wenhong and Lu Yan when he had the chance. Right now, he had just entered the city, so he had every chance to rush out.

Given the nature of Miao Wenhong and Lu Yan, even if he didn’t kill them, they wouldn’t let them go, so he might as well just kill them. Since they had offended, they would be offended to the end, there was no need to cower.

“You’re really right, if I don’t let you go, you can’t get away. Leave this woman beside you and then you will go out yourself.” Miao Wenhong’s tone was still unhurried, but that high and unquestionable tone was already evident.

“Oh, and what if I am partial to saying that they both get away?” Another voice came.

This time there were four people walking over, three men and one woman, and the one who spoke was none other than the man walking in the forefront, dressed in light blue.

Ning Cheng had already noticed that these four people all wore an identical logo on their chests, so obviously these four people came from the same place. He did not speak, here in Mango City, the forces were intricate, and he was still unsure if this man was speaking to help him.