Creation Gate Chapter 26

Even if Ning Cheng’s brain was strong and his memory and comprehension were unmatched, the influx of so much information was too much for him to adapt to. For a moment, Ning Cheng felt as if his brain was about to explode, he simply could not bear it.

Luckily, as time pa*sed, he was gradually able to sort out what was going on with him. The place he was in seemed to be just a bead, and this bead was called the Xuanhuang Pearl.

The full name of the Xuanhuang Pearl, the thing that opened up the heavens and the earth, was the Xuanhuang Pearl of Creation. There are four other magic treasures of the same level as it, the Green Lotus of Creation, the Jade Disc of Creation, the Golden Page of Creation and the Axe of Undying Creation.

The Xuanhuang Pearl has experienced seventeen apparent masters, with the highest cultivation being called Qiang Xiang. The reason why Qiang Xiang was able to attain the highest cultivation level was because when Qiang Xiang received the Xuanhuang Pearl, he was still just cultivating and had not even forged his foundation yet.

When the other sixteen received the Xuanhuang Pearl, they had already achieved a small degree of cultivation, so they could not allow the Xuanhuang Pearl to truly recognise their master, nor could they truly enjoy the Xuanhuang Pearl’s source of blessing. All they could obtain was the help of the unique Xuanhuang Qi of the Xuanhuang Pearl.

The Xuanhuang Pearl is a world that can nurture Xuanhuang Qi, and cultivation in it will not only cleanse the spiritual intelligence and spiritual roots, but will even automatically correct deviations in the cultivator’s gong methods. Not only that, but the cultivation speed is several times or even tens or hundreds of times faster than others. Moreover, if one cultivates in Xuanhuang Qi for a long time, one can be invincible in the same cla*s ……

Ning Cheng winced as he came to his senses completely. He was already incredibly intelligent, so how could he not know what he had obtained at this point? He had obtained the Xuanhuang Pearl, a Xuanhuang Pearl that could nurture the Qi of Xuanhuang.

He had no idea what Xuanhuang Qi was, but now the information that had flooded his mind had been as much as an ox, and had long since given him a clear understanding of what a Xuanhuang pearl was.

“No wonder the last time I tested, my spirit root was raised from turbid yellow to yellow, so it was Xuanhuang Qi, it wasn’t any spirit Qi at all ……” Ning Cheng’s heart was filled with shock and ecstasy, he knew that this bead was definitely not an ordinary item.

The information that Ning Cheng then felt from the Xuanhuang pearl was even more amazing, he could hardly believe that he had such good luck.

Apart from those previous effects of the Xuanhuang Pearl, there was something even more powerful, and that was the Xuanhuang Origin. If someone who had cultivated and then received the Xuanhuang Pearl, they would not be able to feel the Xuanhuang Origin at all. Only if a person who has never cultivated before gets the Xuanhuang Pearl and allows it to recognise his master, can he get the Xuanhuang Origin.

Ning Cheng, because he had never cultivated before, had received recognition from the Xuanhuang Origin, and although he could not fully use the Xuanhuang Origin yet, he became the first person to truly acknowledge the Xuanhuang Pearl. Although the Xuanhuang Pearl had gone through seventeen people before him, when they received the Xuanhuang Pearl, the one with the lowest cultivation level, Qiang Xiang, was also a Qi Practitioner. Because Qiang Xiang had already practised Qi, he could not obtain the Xuanhuang Pearl’s Origin and could only use the Xuanhuang Pearl instead of allowing it to truly recognise its owner.

So I am the first owner of the Xuanhuang Pearl, I wonder if this is the last one. Ning Cheng muttered to himself, he was not very clear about the true meaning of the Xuanhuang Origin. That strong Xiang was at Qi cultivation level when he obtained the Xuanhuang Pearl, so he wondered if his Qi cultivation was the same as his own Qi gathering.

At this moment, Ning Cheng had completely forgotten that he was still in the Xuanhuang Pearl, and he was preoccupied with how he could make full use of the Xuanhuang Pearl.

If he had not received the information that he was invincible at the same level in the Xuanhuang Pearl, Ning Cheng might have trusted the Xuanhuang Pearl even more blindly. But another piece of information made him somewhat disdainful of this same rank invincibility. This was because the rest of the seventeen people who had obtained the Xuanhuang Pearl had all been killed. If they were truly invincible in the same rank, how could they be decapitated?

He thought that this message of invincibility must have been left behind by the first person to obtain the Xuanhuang Pearl, otherwise how could he be invincible in the same rank while being decapitated.

Ning Cheng did not know that he was the only one who had gotten this information because he was the first person to get the Xuanhuang Pearl to truly acknowledge his master. Other people who had obtained the Xuanhuang Pearl and thought that they were invincible in the same cla*s were not the information given by the Xuanhuang Pearl, but the confidence that was naturally born after absorbing the Qi of Xuanhuang.

Ning Cheng did not understand the meaning of the Origin, but it did not mean that he did not understand the meaning of cultivating in the Xuanhuang Qi that could correct the merit method.

The Ning Family’s cultivation techniques obviously did not meet his needs, and he had to find a technique more suitable for his cultivation through the Qi of Xuanhuang. Or he could find a more advanced cultivation technique and then correct it through the Qi of Xuanhuang.

Ning Cheng began to search within the tedious information in his mind, his original intention was to find a cultivation technique that was more suitable for him. It was reasonable to say that he was not the first to obtain this Xuanhuang Pearl, so there must have been some cultivation information left behind by his predecessors.

But after half a day, Ning Cheng did not find any cultivation information, he only found a cultivation six-letter word, Xuan Huang has form and no phase.

Ning Cheng did not understand what Xuanhuang has form and no phase, his understanding was already unbelievable, plus being washed by the Xuanhuang Pearl Origin, he could see it even more. In just a short time, Ning Cheng figured out what Xuanhuang has form and what Xuanhuang has no phase, and he almost stood up in shock.

Xuan Huang With Form was the fact that he could touch any technique or spell, and then by cultivating in the Xuan Huang Pearl, he could correct such techniques to become even more powerful. This was something that Ning Cheng had noticed long ago, and did not feel anything.

What really shocked Ning Cheng was Xuan Huang Wu Xiang, which was the true cultivation technique of the Xuan Huang Pearl. The message of Xuan Huang Wu Xiang was that any gong method varied not only from person to person, but also from time to time and place to place. A gong method changes from moment to moment, and you can use the Xuanhuang Pearl to change the gong method, but you cannot get a gong method that changes from moment to moment.

A gong method that is changing and transforming all the time is the true Dao of Heaven and Earth, also called Xuanhuang Wufang. Only by possessing the Xuanhuang Origin can one obtain the true Xuanhuang WuXiang. In other words, apart from him, who knew that there was still no phase of Xuanhuang, the rest of the people who had obtained the Xuanhuang Pearl could only know that Xuanhuang had a form.

Ning Cheng could no longer hold back the shock within him as he stood up. Xuan Huang has no phase, it was simply that he didn’t need any gong methods, it was simply a gong method without a gong method. As long as he wanted to cultivate, the Xuanhuang Pearl automatically gave cultivation pointers and cultivation realms. All he had to do was to absorb the spiritual qi while cultivating according to the Xuanhuang pointers.

Ning Cheng had not cultivated before, he had not been exposed to cultivation for long, and although he had cultivated to the fourth level of Qi gathering, he did not have anyone to guide him. If one had to say that there was someone to guide him, it would be the Xuanhuang Pearl. Even if he didn’t know anything, he was still clear about how counter-intuitive and terrifying the information obtained in the Xuanhuang Pearl was.

There was a form without a phase, what kind of technique could do that? If the Xuanhuang Pearl was so powerful, were the rest of those creation treasures in the information he had received earlier just as powerful?

The only regret was that he could not make use of the Xuanhuang Origin, and likewise he would not be able to make use of the Xuanhuang Formlessness. Although he knew that there was Xuanhuang Wufang, he still had to cultivate it through other techniques, which meant that Xuanhuang had form. It was not until one day after he could sense the Xuanhuang Origin that he could understand Xuanhuang 無相.

Even if it was Xuan Huang with form, he would still be satisfied. Ning Cheng forcefully suppressed the surprise and unease within his heart and began to survey the place where he was. Only then did he realise that the place he was in was not very big, only a few kilometres in circumference, and surrounded by a yellow haze.

How should I get out of this place? Ning Cheng had just thought of getting out when the next moment he was already standing in the middle of the reef cave where he had originally cultivated.

It was exactly the same as last time when he had come to his senses from studying the formation, and An Yi was still staring at him. However, unlike last time, An Yi’s eyes were filled with shock.

“What was that about just now?” Ning Cheng and An Yi asked these words at the same time.

Ning Cheng did not know what An Yi saw after he entered the Xuanhuang Pearl and hurriedly said again, “An Yi, what did you see just now? You tell me.”

“I saw you disappear, then I saw a yellowish bead suspended where you were. Then you reappeared, what’s going on?” Anyi asked in a panic.

Ning Cheng hesitated for a moment, he still chose to believe An Yi, he said in an extremely gruff tone, “An Yi, I obtained a bead, it should be the one you saw just now. This bead is very precious, and once others know about it, I will immediately be killed. So I want you not to tell anyone, even if it’s with your master ……”

Ning Cheng originally wanted to say that even if it was someone who was as related to your master, you should not tell them. It was just that he immediately understood that his relationship with An Yi was nowhere near the same as An Yi’s relationship with her master. Besides, An Yi’s master was already dead, so even if An Yi wanted to talk about it, she had no place to do so.

An Yi, however, nodded cautiously, “I know, Brother Ning you are the closest person to me apart from my master, I won’t tell anyone else.”

Ning Cheng let out a slight sigh of relief before saying, “I don’t know how long I’ve been in seclusion this time, I’m surprised I don’t feel hungry, I guess I’m overly hungry …… Huh, An Yi, you’ve also advanced to the fourth Qi gathering layer?”

It was only at this moment that Ning Cheng discovered that An Yi had advanced to the fourth Qi gathering layer, just like him, this spirit stone was indeed a good thing.

An Yi finally revealed a smile and said, “Yes, Brother Ning, I only used three spirit stones to advance to the fourth Qi gathering layer. When I woke up from my retreat, I saw a yellow bead in front of me.”

“That’s great, in the future, if we have spirit stones to cultivate, that speed will definitely be faster ……” Ning Cheng said in surprise, the spirit stones were so effective, he had more than a hundred of them, he was still afraid of not advancing?

“But you have advanced to Qi gathering level four, the spirit stones used seem to be a bit much ……” said An Yi pointing at the powdered spirit stones at Ning Cheng’s feet.

Only then did Ning Cheng realize that none of his nearly one hundred spirit stones were left, he had used up over one hundred spirit stones to advance from Qi gathering level three to all four levels.

Ning Cheng was shocked, he could not think about it carefully and hurriedly cultivated with his luck to see if he could still cultivate without spirit stones. To his disappointment, although he could still sense the Xuanhuang Pearl in his Purple Mansion without spirit stones, he was no longer able to cultivate.

“What can we do?” Ning Cheng panicked, he knew how fluky it was that these hundred or so spirit stones had come. With so many spirit stones, it only allowed him to go from the third level of Qi gathering to the fourth level of Qi gathering, how was he going to get by with his future cultivation?

This Xuanhuang Qi cultivation speed was fast, but the amount of spirit stones required was a little too frightening.

An Yi suddenly said, “Brother Ning, I still have a dozen spirit stones here, but I think we should leave here first. When I saw the yellow pearl earlier, it seemed like some of the aura was spilling out, and I’m afraid that if others find out about it, it will ……”

“Haha …… really is here, and there really is something.” A loud laugh came, and then a man with a face full of water rust had appeared at the mouth of the reef cave where Ning Cheng and An Yi were.

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