Creation Gate Chapter 23

From the moment he vaguely saw those two shadows, Ning Cheng only had the thought of escaping. When he had first arrived at the outskirts of the Mango Sea, he had seen the scene of two extremely fast shadows breaking through the air, and the impression it gave him at that time was too deep.

Thinking about the one-horned stone whistling beast being torn in half, the good hard roadside being cut into a gully of more than ten feet, and the terrifying explosion behind it. How could Ning Cheng not know that these were two extremely powerful experts fighting again?

When such experts fought, staying here was an absolute death wish, the only way was to flee as far away as possible. The two fighting experts would not care about a small third level Qi gathering expert like him, so the faster he escaped, the better.

As for fleeing to the side, that was because Ning Cheng knew that Daoist Ye was fleeing backwards. He had already been thinking about how he could avoid Daoist Ye, and now that he had the chance, he obviously would not flee in the same direction as Daoist Ye. Moreover, he was sure that at this moment, the Karma Daoist would not care about the direction he was fleeing in, and he was probably anxious to run faster himself.

Half a column later, An Yi who was in Ning Cheng’s arms said in a small voice, “Brother Ning, I can come down and escape on my own, just let go of me.”

Only then did Ning Cheng realise that he was so intent on escaping that he had even held An Yi in his arms until now.

As Ning Cheng let go of An Yi, he was thankful in his heart that the two guys who were fighting were not coming this way, if those two guys were also coming this way, he would be dead.

An Yi followed Ning Cheng and fled for a while longer before she asked, “Brother Ning, do you not want to team up with that Daoist?”

An Yi didn’t know anything about the world, but she wasn’t stupid, and it was clear enough with Ning Cheng’s performance.

Only then did Ning Cheng remember what happened on the beast cart earlier, and hurriedly took the parcel off his back, threw the two route maps on the ground, and handed the parcel to An Yi, “An Yi, can you put this parcel inside your storage bag?”

“Yes you can.” An Yi nodded and without much thought, she directly placed the parcel given by Ning Cheng in her storage pouch. Then she asked, “Do we still have to escape now?”

“Not only do we have to flee, but we also have to increase our speed, we change our direction a little and flee as far away as possible.” As Ning Cheng spoke, he had already changed his direction slightly and continued to frantically sprint.

An Yi of course went whichever way Ning Cheng went, she went whichever way she went.

Ning Cheng and An Yi were both at the third level of Qi gathering, so the two of them ran with all their might and their speed soared beyond compare. After most of the day, the sky had already darkened, while some sounds of seawater lapping against the rocks came, Ning Cheng then stopped and said, “We should be close to the beach, no need to continue running, let’s find a place to hide first.”

As soon as Ning Cheng finished speaking, a black shadow fell heavily from the air with a “bang”.

This sudden sound scared Ning Cheng so much that he pulled An Yi back quickly, and it was only after he had withdrawn a few dozen metres that he turned around to check the shadow that had fallen from the air.

A man covered in blood fell on top of the beach, and it was obviously this man who had just fallen from the air. His head was just under half a foot short of hitting a huge rock. I don’t know if this man was lucky or if he was in control of himself when he fell.

“Two of you, please do me a favour ……” The bloodstained man did not pa*s out, instead he was still weakly calling out to Ning Cheng and An Yi both.

Ning Cheng did not move, he saw An Yi take a step forward and immediately pulled An Yi to a halt without making a sound. Not everyone in this world who was seriously injured was as kind as he was. Although this man who landed on the beach was seriously injured, Ye Mo was not able to see his cultivation clearly. Ning Cheng vaguely guessed that this man was definitely above Condensed True cultivation.

And there was another point that made Ning Cheng reluctant to come forward to help, he had a vague feeling that this was the guy who had fought with another person in the air before, and ended up killing the One-Horned Stone Whistling Beast and almost taking his life. A person who fought without any regard for the lives of innocent people was definitely a ruthless person.

“I have been a*sa*sinated, please help me for the sake of fellow travellers, you two.” The seriously injured man still said earnestly.

Ning Cheng whispered to An Yi, “An Yi, you just need to follow one step behind me.”

An Yi did not have any doubt at all about Ning Cheng’s words, and when Ning Cheng asked her to follow behind, she naturally followed close behind Ning Cheng.

When the man who had fallen to the ground and was seriously injured saw Ning Cheng and Anyi coming over, he seemed to pant and said, “Thank you two fellow Daoists, I am from Mango City, I will definitely thank you both heavily ……”

Ning Cheng hurriedly said, “No need, as fellow Daoist said just now, we are all of the same path, this small matter is really nothing.”

Ning Cheng was not sure if the person in front of him was the one who had straw-manned people before, he carried caution in his heart, and at the same time he also knew that whether the other party was or not, his cultivation level was countlessly different from the other party. It was a good thing that the other party was seriously injured and could not even get up.

When Ning Cheng was less than two feet away from the man, Ning Cheng suddenly and without warning pulled An Yi to the side and fell. Two feet was the most threatening distance for a wind blade, and in Ning Cheng’s opinion, the other party was so seriously injured that even if his cultivation level was high, his true essence was still limited. Apart from being able to cast some wind blade spells or fireball spells, he should not be able to cast any other spells.

Whether it was wind blades or fireballs, it was the distance of two feet that was most threatening. He didn’t care if his opponent would do so, he would dodge first. Otherwise, even if the other party was seriously injured, he might not be able to dodge.

“Poof ……” A bloody light slashed by, and two wind blades flashed past Ning Cheng and An Yi.

Although Ning Cheng dodged first, he was still a little slow, and the wind blades cut a bloody gash into his waist, and blood instantly spurted out.

Ning Cheng secretly said how close it was, if he hadn’t been smart enough to fall to the side first, these two wind blades could have directly cut him and An Yi open.

After being slashed by the wind blades, Ning Cheng blasted out a fire blade almost immediately. He felt that his fire blade was more powerful than the wind blade. He did not choose to flee at the first opportunity, even though this fellow’s cultivation level was high and he had to trick him into coming around to kill him, he was obviously already very badly injured.

Ning Cheng had prepared the fire blade a long time ago, he had come here with his guard, at this moment he was wounded by the wind blade even with his guard, could he not send out a fire blade at the first opportunity?

Immediately after Ning Cheng’s first fire blade was sent out, An Yi reacted and she sent out two wind blades at the same time.

The man who fell to the ground did not expect that a mere third level Qi gathering could evade his wind blades within two feet. This was completely out of his expectation. In his opinion, even if he was above the fourth level of Qi gathering, he would not be able to avoid it at this distance by his sudden sneak attack. In his shock, before he could make his next reaction, Ning Cheng’s fire blade had already come over.

The fire blade slashed through his waist with unparalleled precision, and the man’s body, which had already been stained red with blood, was instantly infested with blood once again on one side.

“Wait ……” The man just said the word wait, and An Yi’s two wind blades came over at the same time.

Ning Cheng certainly would not be merciful, at this time he had long understood the law of survival in this world, one absolutely could not be merciful to the enemy. And the opportunity must be seized at the first opportunity, he sent out several wind blades again almost at the same time as the fire blades were sent out.

Together with An Yi’s wind blades, these several wind blades split the man who had landed on the ground into several pieces.

If Ning Cheng’s hands were still a little shaky when he first beheaded Gu Fei, only that the threat to his small life at that time made him forget his fear of killing, then now he was not half uncomfortable when he beheaded this man who was going to count him.

On the contrary, An Yi’s face was a little pale; it was her first time killing someone in the true sense of the word. It was a good thing that she was only an accomplice. Even so, she still did not understand, this man was going to die, she and Ning Cheng had come to save him, so why did he have to kill his benefactor? If it wasn’t for Ning Cheng, she would have already been killed.

She had saved Ning Cheng in the same way before, but why had Ning Cheng treated her so well? An Yi subconsciously glanced at Ning Cheng, whose face was a little pale, and suddenly thought that Ning Cheng had been struck by the wind blade, and hurriedly took out some medicinal powder and sprinkled it on Ning Cheng’s wound.

Ning Cheng was at the third level of Qi gathering and had already curbed the bleeding, and now that An Yi had used the medicinal powder, the wound had long since stopped bleeding.

An Yi was relieved, or maybe in this world, there were not really many people like Ning Cheng and her master.

In a few steps, Ning Cheng walked up to the man who had already been decapitated by him, raised his hand and pulled off the storage bag around his waist.

At the same time, he felt around his body a few times and fished out another jade token. Ning Cheng didn’t even have time to look at what the jade token was and directly said to An Yi, “An Yi, let’s hurry up and burn this guy with a fireball and then leave quickly.”

Knowing that this was not the time to ask questions, An Yi also joined Ning Cheng as the two of them kept casting fireballs. Only when the man was burnt to a charcoal did Ning Cheng throw these charcoals into the sea.

“Big Brother Ning, we are now ……” An Yi looked at Ning Cheng with increasing trepidation, before she lived with her master in Lan Xin An, but nothing like this had ever happened. Now she had only been out for how long? This was not the first time this kind of thing had happened.

Ning Cheng said in a deep voice, “Let’s hurry up and go as far away as possible, the faster the better.”

The two of them once again changed directions and ran desperately once again. The whole half of the night pa*sed and it was about to be dawn when Ning Cheng and An Yi both stopped.

At this time, the two of them were in a forest of endless reefs, and Ning Cheng found a cave under a huge reef. Only then did the two of them have time to catch their breath after hiding in the cave.

Outside the reef came the sound of waves lapping and the faint glimmer of bright light, which slowly relaxed Ning Cheng’s heart, which had been hanging in the air, a little. He had never thought that one day he would have to run for his little life.

“Brother Ning, how did you dodge so fast just now? If it was me, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to dodge that wind blade.” An Yi was still a little scared, if Ning Cheng hadn’t pulled her a little, she would have been sneaked up on by the man on the beach with the wind blade at that moment.

Ning Cheng breathed out and said, “When I went there, I had a feeling that there was something wrong with that man, and I really wasn’t wrong about him. Wait for me, I’m a bit badly injured and need to heal.”

Ning Cheng didn’t have any good ways to heal his injuries, at that time, after he was injured last time, he was able to make his injuries recover quickly after constantly running his modified gong method, this time he still used this method.

But Ning Cheng’s true qi hadn’t even finished running for a single circumference before his face just changed drastically.