Creation Gate Chapter 21

The two men and women who came over here obviously knew Sister He as well.

“There’s a grin, go up and leave right away.” Sister He said extremely loudly.

In this short time, five people had gathered on Sister He’s side. Ning Cheng and An Yi followed Sister He to her beast car, and only then did they see that this beast car was no smaller than an ordinary business car on Earth.

The one pulling the cart was not a horse, but a beast that Ning Cheng had seen before. Ning Cheng had seen this kind of beast in Cang Le City at the beginning, but at that time, that head was pure white, while this one was a mixed colour. Ning Cheng had heard Jane Su-jie say that it seemed to be called some kind of one-horned stone whistling beast.

This one-horned beast was pulling such a big cart with so many people, could it pull it? At the beginning, Li Shao’s cart also used two horses to do so.

“Get in, we’ll be leaving soon.” Sister He said before she was already sitting in front of the carriage drive first.

After Ning Cheng, An Yi and the others got on the car, they realised that there was already a person on this car. It was an old man, also at the third level of Qi gathering cultivation. Although he was also at the third level of Qi gathering, Ning Cheng felt that this old man’s cultivation seemed to be much stronger than Feng Fei Zhang’s.

When this old man saw Ning Cheng’s five people get on the bus, he only swept a bland glance before continuing to close his eyes. In just this short time of opening and closing his eyes, Ning Cheng sensed a murderous aura. Ning Cheng knew that this murderous aura was not directed at him or the people here, but rather because there was an invisible murderous aura on this old man. Clearly this was a person who was extremely fierce in killing.

An Yi sat next to Ning Cheng, she also felt this old man’s killing aura and moved even closer to Ning Cheng, not daring to look at this old man much.

Sister He sat in the carriage catcher seat, the leather whip in her hand brought up a whistling wind sound, and the one-horned stone whistling beast immediately hissed and dashed out with its hooves stomping away. The one-horned stone whistling beast immediately hissed and dashed out with its hooves.

Not only that, the speed of the carriage did not seem slow at all, but the only shortcoming was that the carriage was a little bumpy. Ning Cheng and the others sat in the bumpy car, but they could still see the scenery outside through the transparent windows.

The people sitting in the beast carriage had all come from life and death killings, and their eyes were incomparably poisonous. Ning Cheng and An Yi knew at first glance that they had not experienced killing, and to these two people heading to the Mango Sea, apart from Feng Fei Zhang who still had some thoughts of helping, the other three were all sneering in their hearts that Ning Cheng and An Yi were going to seek death.

“The wise couple should be Miao Xiuming and Tian Fei, right? I have heard a lot about you, and it is an honour for Feng to sit on a beast carriage today.” Feng Fei Zhang was a warm person and took the initiative to greet the man and woman sitting across from each other with a cupped fist.

The man with a red scar on his face did not expect Feng Fei Zhang to know him, but he was not surprised. Although his cultivation level was low, his couple were ruthless and together they would not be afraid of even the most powerful early Qi gathering stage. In the area around the edge of the Mango Sea, they had a small reputation.

“Not bad, I am none other than Miao Xiuming, and this is my beloved couple Tian ……” The man with the red scar on his face didn’t finish his sentence before he stared at Ning Cheng and snorted coldly. Obviously, he was very upset at Ning Cheng for staring at his love interest.

Feng Fei Zhang also noticed Ning Cheng’s rudeness and hurriedly coughed, and only then did Ning Cheng come back to his senses and clasped his fist somewhat awkwardly, but did not explain anything. He knew that there was no way to explain this kind of thing.

Just now, when he heard this woman opposite him called Tian Fay, he thought of Tian Muwan and was surprisingly a little lost in thought for a while. He was staring at Fay Tian, when in fact there was no image of Fay Tian in his eyes at all.

Seeing that Ning Cheng did not continue to be rude, Miao Xiuming could not afford to get angry. Instead, he had already treated Ning Cheng as a fellow who had to be taught a lesson in his heart, and he deliberately looked at An Yi who was next to Ning Cheng. Originally, An Yi, with her head wrapped in a white cloth and wearing an ordinary blue cloth robe, looked bland and unimpressive, so he did not even care about it before. However, when Miao Xiuming looked at An Yi carefully, his heart burst into flames.

An Yi was so clear and beautiful that she was as uncommon as a fairy on earth. She sat there quietly, as clear as a white lotus flower. He had seen too many beautiful women before, but he had never seen such a pure and quiet woman like An Yi, who made his heart beat non-stop.

This woman was just too pure, he must get his hands on her, Miao Xiuming secretly squeezed his fist for a moment.

“I wonder if Brother Miao has heard of the Golden Cicada Fruit?” Feng Fei Zhang hastily changed the topic to digress and took the initiative to ask a question.

Hearing Feng Fei Zhang’s words, Miao Xiu Ming came back to his senses and immediately said, “Brother Feng is saying that someone brought out the Golden Cicada Fruit from Lan Sha Island in the Mango Sea?”

Feng Fei Zhang laughed, “Brother Miao has indeed heard of this matter, if I could obtain a Golden Cicada Fruit, it would almost be worth a lifetime of selling my life in the Mango Sea.”

Miao Xiuming seemed to have forgotten about Ning Cheng’s rudeness and said in an unconcerned manner, “It is true that someone had come out of Lan Sha Island, and there was more than one. I heard that none of those who went in in groups afterwards were ever able to come out again. Besides, the Golden Cicada Fruit is not something that we can get our hands on. Even if we get a Golden Cicada Fruit, we are still making our own little lives die a little faster.”

Feng Fei Zhang had no idea that Miao Xiuming had already set his eyes on An Yi, his original intention was to divert Miao Xiuming’s attention from Ning Cheng, and now that he had heard Miao Xiuming’s words, he immediately nodded in agreement and said, “It is also true that even if we obtained the Golden Cicada Fruit and did not get killed, there is no way to turn the Golden Cicada Fruit into a Gathering True Pill.”

Ning Cheng had recently studied spirit herbs and the characteristics of various types of spirit herbs, and he had really heard of a spirit fruit like the Golden Cicada Fruit. It was a third-grade spirit root that could be refined into a Gathering Truth Pill, which was used to allow cultivators at the ninth level of Qi gathering to advance to Condensing Truth. What Feng Fei Zhang meant was that even if an ordinary cultivator obtained the Golden Cicada Fruit, he would not be able to refine it to become a Gathering True Pill. What kind of alchemist would help a Qi gathering cultivator to refine a pill?

In fact, Ning Cheng also knew Feng Fei Zhang’s other meaning, not to mention that there was no way to refine the Golden Cicada Fruit to become a True Concentration Pill after obtaining it, even if they could refine such a pill, what would happen? They were only at the third level of Qi gathering, while the True Condensation Pill was for cultivators at the ninth level of Qi gathering, there was still a difference of a hundred thousand miles.

The old man whose eyes had been closed and whose body was suffused with killing intent suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Actually, Lan Sha Island is not that scary, as long as you master a formation you can enter and exit safely. However, if you want to obtain the Golden Cicada Fruit inside, the chances are extremely slim.”

“What?” The old man’s words immediately attracted Feng Fei Zhang as well as Miao Xiuming and Tian Fei, and the three of them looked at the old man together in disbelief.

An Yi had her head down and did not know what she was thinking, she did not even hear the conversation of a few people clearly. Although Ning Cheng had heard it clearly, he was not interested. Regardless of whether what this old man said was true or not, even if it was true, there was no use for him to obtain the Golden Cicada Fruit. What’s more, he was certain that this old man’s words were not true or untrue.

He also believed that Feng Fei Zhang and Miao Xiuming did not believe the old man’s words either, they were just surprised that the old man’s words were too outrageous.

“You may think that my words are a lie, I can tell you clearly that not half a word of my words are false. Lan Sha Island is good to enter or leave, but obtaining the Golden Cicada Fruit requires a great chance.” The old man continued.

Miao Xiuming really couldn’t help asking, “Friend, if Lan Sha Island is so good to enter and so good to exit, then why have so many cultivators who have entered Lan Sha Island not been able to come out?”

“That’s because they don’t know about formations, the outside of Lan Sha Island is shrouded by sea fog, which is actually a formation. You can only enter the island on the 15th day of the month, and only those who are proficient in this formation are allowed to do so. And the reason why I was able to enter Lan Sha Island several times and come out several times is also because I am proficient in that formation.” The old man said proudly, with a hint of disdain in his tone.

“Friend, you say you have been in and out of Lan Sha Island a few times? The Lan Sha Island in the Mango Sea?” Feng Fei Zhang asked in even more disbelief, sensing that the old man did not seem to be lying.

After hearing Feng Feizhang’s words, the old man instead did not have the disdain he had before, and instead said with some dismay, “Although I have been in and out of Lan Sha Island several times, I did not obtain anything good. I have also seen the Golden Cicada Fruit, but never obtained it, alas!”

“You’ve seen the Golden Cicada Fruit?” These words were asked by Feng Fei Zhang and Miao Xiuming almost simultaneously.