Creation Gate Chapter 20

Ning Cheng did not reply as a sharp breaking sound interrupted his contemplation. A grey shadow flew past not far in front of him with a whistling sound, and a moment later, another black shadow followed close behind. A few breaths later, these two shadows disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng’s heart was in a hurry, he could see that the shadows were magic weapons, he had seen Aunt Ji Luofei’s magic weapon before. He had heard that hundreds of countries in the Continent of Transformation, as well as countless other powers had come to the Mango Sea to experience and search for resources. Now it seemed that this was indeed the case, and the two shadows that had just pa*sed were clearly not cultivators from the Cang Qin Kingdom.

Those who could have flying spells were definitely already late stage True Condensation, or even Yuan Establishment cultivators. It looked like it was not an easy task to survive properly in the Mango Sea. Ning Cheng’s surge of excitement just now instantly lowered a lot, and he was already thinking about how he could survive in this place.

Even An Yi could see that the two people who had just pa*sed were one fleeing and one chasing, while she and Ning Cheng both had very low cultivation levels. She wasn’t quite sure about Ning Cheng’s cultivation level, but it didn’t seem to be very high either.

“An Yi, we have to be careful, there seems to be danger everywhere in the Mango Sea.” Ning Cheng hurriedly pulled An Yi down from that high place and came to an isolated place by the path.

An Yi had also forgotten what she was going to ask Ning Cheng just now, she gave a hint and followed Ning Cheng closely. If she was the only one now, she was completely at a loss as to what she should do.

“An Yi that Nascent Pouch of yours, keep it well stored, don’t reveal it.” Ning Cheng once again thought of that Nascent Pouch of An Yi’s, once An Yi revealed the Nascent Pouch, not only would An Yi be exterminated, he would be exterminated as well.

An Yi hurriedly put her hand on her waist, “Brother Ning, let me take it off and put it on you, this is too unsafe to put on me ……”

Ning Cheng stopped An Yi’s movement, “An Yi, this Nascent Pouch was left to you by your master, just keep it close to you, there might still be something of yours inside, it’s not good to put it on me.”

Ning Cheng originally wanted to take a look at An Yi’s Nascent Pouch, but then he thought that An Yi’s master must have some things pa*sed down to An Yi, if he took it over, it would be like looking at someone else’s privacy.

An Yi hurriedly said, “Brother Ning, this is not a Nascent Pouch, it is a storage pouch. There is a difference between a storage pouch and a nano pouch, a nano pouch is smaller and a storage pouch has a little more space. It’s all communicated with intent, and inside it is a spatial formation composition that allows larger items to be placed in it.”

Only then did Ning Cheng understand that there was this difference between a Nascent Pouch and a Storage Pouch, and the thought that a small Storage Pouch could hold many things made Ning Cheng’s heart itch a little, and he really wanted one of these bags.


After experiencing this incident just now, Ning Cheng took An Yi as far as possible down the path.

“Big Brother Ning, there is a stagecoach stop there.” After An Yi knew that Ning Cheng was worried about her, she spoke slightly more. It seemed that she had hidden the hurt of her master’s pa*sing away in her heart, and she also took the initiative to ask Ning Cheng about some things along the way, only that she did not ask Ning Cheng about his girlfriend anymore. Nor did she ask Ning Cheng what a girlfriend was.

Ning Cheng at the same time saw the stage in the distance, that stage did not look very big, but Ning Cheng stopped.

“Big brother Ning, big brother Li Shao said that after pa*sing the Dingbi Town post station, we are out of the range of the Cang Qin Kingdom. Although there is a post station up ahead, it might not be from the Cang Qin Kingdom.” Seeing Ning Cheng stop and even be a little cautious, An Yi took the initiative to say something.

Ning Cheng nodded, “That’s right, let’s go over there first and take a look.”

The stagecoach station was not large, it was a purely stagecoach station with a hotel in addition to the dozen or so soldiers guarding it. The largest part of the post was where the beast carts were parked. Many owners of beast carriages were yelling at their customers. The words on top of the stagecoach station made Ning Cheng completely put his mind at ease, the Fire Yuan Country Eup River Foo Stagecoach Station.

Ning Cheng and An Yi had just arrived when a short-haired woman with a rugged face greeted them, “Are you two friends going to the Mango Sea? Take my beast cart, it’s only twenty gold coins per person.”

Ning Cheng was startled, twenty gold coins per person? That was still just? Earlier, Li Shao said that he would only charge a few dozen silver coins for a trip, why was the price so high here?

“Isn’t this price too high?” Ning Cheng was not sure if this woman was trying to rip him off and asked hesitantly.

The brash, short-haired woman froze for a moment and before she could answer, a person came over next to her and said, “Friend, this price is not too high. Not to mention that there are still more than ten days to go to the Mango Sea, even the danger of the Mango Sea is worth this much gold coin. The carriage drivers here all live with their heads on their trousers, so if it is not necessary, it is best not to bargain.”

The man who came to speak was a man with a short beard on his face, and he only seemed to have a cultivation level of the third level of Qi gathering. However, he spoke in an extremely gentle tone and did not make people feel any abruptness. There was a barrier between the third and fourth Qi gathering levels, and there were more than ten times as many cultivators at the third level as at the fourth level.

Ning Cheng hastily cupped his fist and said, “Thank you for this friend’s explanation, this is the first time my sister and I have gone to the Mango Sea to seek work, so we do not know the market here. With my friend saying so, those twenty gold coins are really not high.”

Speaking of his sister, Ning Cheng immediately thought of Ning Ruolan again, and his heart was even more worried.

An Yi had tied her head with a white headscarf, and it was impossible to tell that she was a nun. When Ning Cheng said that An Yi was his sister, the short-bearded man did not think that Ning Cheng was telling lies, he nodded and said, “Sister He’s beast carriage has a very good reputation, I happen to be going to the Mango Sea as well, and I plan to take Sister He’s beast carriage as well, so why don’t we join together.”

Ning Cheng said with some embarra*sment, “I don’t have a single gold coin on me, I would love to go to the Mango Sea right away, but I can’t.”

The most valuable thing he had on him now were only two things, one was the knife inside his parcel, which he had snatched from Gu Fei. The other was the Qi gathering stone that Ji Luofei had given him, a stone he hadn’t thought of using up. Other than that, it was the two leather scrolls of the Ning family.

At this moment, he did regret that he had not searched Gu Fei’s body carefully after killing him, there might still be some valuable things.

This short-bearded man looked at Ning Cheng for a moment and said with a smile, “There are really not many cultivators at the third level of Qi gathering that are as poor as your friend. I’ll pay for this beast cart’s gold coins for you, so it’s a way to make a friend.”

After hearing the short-bearded man’s words, Ning Cheng immediately cupped his fist in great joy and said, “Then, thank you very much friend, when I arrive at the Mango Sea, I will definitely find a way to return it.”

If Ning Cheng hadn’t offended Gu Yiming, he really wouldn’t have wanted to owe this favour. Right now, for Ning Cheng, the further he left the Cang Qin Kingdom, the better. There were all sorts of people in the Mango Sea, even the Cang Qin Kingdom was nothing in the Mango Sea, and it was the safest there.

“A mere forty gold coins, there is no need to return it. My name is Feng Fei Zhang, and I have been travelling between the Mango Sea and the Euphefu Post. Although I would even make twice as much by sending the goods back to the Fire Yuan Kingdom, I would rather sell my things here, which would save a lot of time.” The short-bearded man said with a smile.

“My name is Ning Cheng, and this is my cousin An Yi.” Ning Cheng temporarily changed his sister to cousin. Two people were brother and sister, if their surnames were different, what kind of brother and sister would they be called?

Feng Fei Zhang did not mind Ning Cheng saying the wrong thing back and forth, and remained extremely interested as he introduced, “The Mango Sea is filled with gold coins everywhere, as long as you have the ability. If you are unable to advance to the middle stage of Qi gathering like me, when you have earned enough gold coins, go back and establish a clan.”

“Brother Feng, are the Mango Seas full of killing machines everywhere as well?” Ning Cheng heard Feng Fei Zhang say that he had been in the Mango Sea, so he wanted to inquire about some of the Mango Sea from him.

Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Feng Feizhang’s expression became grave, “Yes, Brother Ning. In the Mango Sea, our kind of cultivation is considered to be the dregs of existence, only slightly better than some of the lowest level adventurers. I can only fish for some things offshore, and I don’t dare to go to places a little further away at all. And the richest resources in the Mango Sea are all far away, there are too many people near the sea, and it’s hard to find anything better now.”

After a pause, Feng Fei Zhang continued, “Going to the Mango Sea would require a team, and over the years, I have gone out with many friends in teams. But not many have actually made it back, and I have witnessed many friends I knew fall before me without being able to do anything at all. I think, or maybe one day, I’ll be like them and stay in the Mango waters forever.”

An Yi had always lived in a safe place with her master and did not have much idea about this. Ning Cheng, however, was worried, although he was at the third level of Qi gathering, he did not have much experience in fighting. The reason why he was able to kill Gu Fei last time was entirely because Gu Fei treated him as if he was at the Qi gathering level one. Even so, he was still seriously injured by Gu Fei’s backlash before he died.

What worried Ning Cheng the most was that he had very poor qualifications and would not be able to advance at all. If he could still upgrade from Qi gathering layer one to Qi gathering layer three with ease as he had done in Cang Le City, then he would definitely raise his cultivation level before going to the Mango Sea.

Seeing that Ning Cheng seemed to be worried, Feng Fei Zhang took the initiative to speak out and said again, “Actually, as long as one is more careful, it is not necessarily certain that one will die in the Mango Sea. I’ve been in the Mango Sea for almost ten years now, and I’m still doing fine. When the time comes, we’ll team up together and I’ll show you how to survive in the Mango Sea.”

Ning Cheng cupped his fist gratefully and said, “Brother Feng is so enthusiastic, Ning Cheng would like to thank you.”

Going to a dangerous place like the Mango Sea, the more experienced and capable the group was, the better, and since he had no experience, for Feng Fei Zhang to bring him and Anyi along, if he didn’t have ill intentions, then he was really enthusiastic. With his and An Yi’s attire, people could tell at a glance that there was nothing good about them, and Feng Fei Zhang was obviously a warm-hearted person.

“Sister He, are there any seats left in the car, we are also going to the Mango Sea.” With the voice, two more people came, a man and a woman. The man was not bad looking, with a red scar on his face that broke his face straight away. The woman, however, looked a little odd, clearly demure in the extreme, but if you had to look closer, she was a dignified and quiet lady of the house.