Creation Gate Chapter 179

More than ten days later, Ning Cheng and Yang Hong Hou once again returned to the inner sea of the JIA Continent Yixing Sea. Calm had long since returned to this area, the battle that had taken place back then seemed to not exist at all, and many merchant ships were once again navigating through this sea.

Ning Cheng secretly sighed at the vitality of the merchants, it had only been a short month and the traces of the countless cultivators’ battles were already completely invisible.

Pu Bu Sea Island was not very far away from here, Yang Hong Hou controlled the Black Silver Warship and soon arrived at the outskirts of Pu Bu Sea Island.

Before the black silver battleship even approached Pu Bu Sea Island, several Jiazhou cultivator soldiers surrounded it. Before Ning Cheng had the chance to reveal himself, the voice of Empty Peng Peng laughing loudly came over, “Not bad, not bad, you’re doing well in the Hua Continent.”

A few Jia Continent cultivator soldiers who had come up hurriedly saluted Empty Peng Peng, and after waving his hand to indicate that these cultivator soldiers should retreat, Empty Peng Peng landed on Ning Cheng’s black and silver warship and patted Ning Cheng’s shoulder and said, “When those monkeys from the Yixing Sea tried to make the Hua Continent cultivator army retreat, they were taken out by you. Ning Cheng, you did a good job, it looks like I was right to risk being talked about a lot to make you a Five Star Young Capital.”

“Many thanks to General Empty.” Ning Cheng hurriedly thanked him.

“Change this on first, I’ve helped you change it to your own name.” Empty Peng Peng took out a shoulder badge and handed it to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng took the shoulder badge and asked again, “I wonder what the final outcome was between the Yixing Sea Cultivator Army and my Nine Continents Cultivator Army?”

Empty Peng Peng smiled heatedly, “The result is exactly as I guessed, those monkeys from the Eithering Sea just wanted the quota for the Rule Road. This time, the cultivator army of the Nine Continents suffered a considerable loss, and the cultivator army of the Yixing Sea was also unable to attack the High Continent. The result of the negotiation between the two sides was that the four hundred spots on the Rule Road were distributed to the cultivators of the Yixing Sea.”

“That many?” Ning Cheng thought that even if both sides compromised, it would only end up being around a hundred places, but he did not expect that the Yixing Sea side would share out four hundred places at once.

Empty Peng Peng collected his smile and said, “This time, the Yixing Sea cultivators are breaking the ice, and the Yixing Sea’s Cultivators of the Transformation Cauldron have also intervened. If these places are not given, the war will inevitably continue and the nine continents of the Yixing Continent will be wiped out between the battles of those powerful people. The battles between Transformation Cultivators are not something that an ordinary army of cultivators can compare to.”

“In the past, when the two sides fought the Transformation Tripod Cultivators did not come out?” Ning Cheng asked.

“That’s right, under normal circumstances, Cultivators of the Transformation Cauldron do not participate in ordinary cultivator armies battles. This time, it is because the Heavenly Road is open, and both the Heavenly Tripod Cultivators from the Yixing Sea and the Heavenly Tripod Cultivators from the Nine Continents will travel to the Heavenly Continent to give it a try once they reach a certain age and cultivation level. That’s why this war is a little different from the past.” Empty Peng Peng also said somewhat helplessly, clearly dissatisfied with his cultivation level.

While the two of them were talking, Empty Pengpeng had already brought Ning Cheng into the camp of the Yizheng Camp, while introducing Ning Cheng to the remaining three young captains of the Yizheng Camp. All of them were surprised that Ning Cheng, who was so young and did not seem to have a high cultivation level, had become a five-star Young Capital.

Empty Peng Peng’s prestige was extremely high, and all the people in the camp were surprised, but none of them asked.

“Ning Cheng you’ve just returned from the Hualu Continent, so I’m sure it’s been a bit hard. Do you intend to go and select your own soldiers now, or do you want to rest first?” Seeing that Ning Cheng was a little distracted, Empty Peng Peng took the initiative to ask.

The rest of the few young captains and first lieutenants secretly sighed that General Empty really had nothing to say about Ning Cheng, thinking so much of him.

Ning Cheng really had no interest in the affairs of the military camp, and as he did not intend to stay in the camp for a long time, he hurriedly said upon hearing this, “I don’t know much about the Jiazhou Cultivator Army, so please ask the general to help me mobilise a young capital. I want to go back and rest.”

The rest of the officers in the barracks all secretly sighed at how big this Ning Shao Du was, to ask the general to help him select his cultivator soldiers while he went to rest by himself.

Empty Peng Peng said with a laugh, “That’s fine too, let that Yang Hong Hou follow me later.”

Empty Pengpeng understood Ning Cheng’s meaning, Ning Cheng was probably not particularly interested in the Cultivator Army. I was afraid that his main purpose for joining the Cultivator Army was still to cultivate.

This was indeed what Ning Cheng meant, he simply did not want to stay inside the Cultivator Army for much longer. His initial purpose for joining the Cultivator Army was to return to the Continent of Transformation. Now the reason he was still back here was also to participate in the Rule Road.

When the Rule Road came out, he would go around to find his own cultivation resources. To improve his strength, he would have to go to the Rule Road to gain insight, and to improve his cultivation, he would need a lot of cultivation resources. Relying on the resources in the cultivator army, whether others had enough or not, he definitely did not have enough.


Empty Pengpeng indeed had no words for Ning Cheng, who arrived at his own Shao Du camp and looked around for a while, satisfied in his heart. He was satisfied with the rest of the place, except for the fact that it was a little smaller than Empty Pengpeng’s general residence. This place could not even be called the Shao Du Camp, but should be called his Shao Du Mansion. This was because this place was not garrisoned with soldiers, but was equivalent to Ning Cheng’s personal cave.

In the cultivator army, as long as one reached the rank of one star, one would have their own separate dwelling, and Ning Cheng was already a five star. Not only did he have a separate dwelling, but it was also beautiful and luxurious.

Not only that, but there were also two clean-cut maidservants who had been sent to Ning Cheng’s Shao Dufu.

It was extremely normal for a cultivator army to have female servant girls serving them. Ning Cheng had already seen this as soon as he arrived, and he even saw that there were more than a dozen beautiful female servant girls in Empty Peng Peng’s mansion.

However, Ning Cheng was not fond of maidservants, he had many secrets and simply did not want anyone around when he was cultivating. And with his character, there was really no way he could leave a woman he had slept with here again to the rest of the people.

Besides, he hadn’t even bedded Consort Luo, so how could he give his first time to a maid here that he didn’t know?

The maidservants were sent by Empty Pengpeng, and Ning Cheng directly told the two maidservants to go back to Empty Pengpeng’s general residence again.


After Ning Cheng finished setting up his residence with various formations, Yang Hong Hou had already arrived at Ning Cheng’s residence with a woman of Xuan Liquid cultivation.

“Nan Yuefang has met Young Du Ning.” The woman with Xuan Liquid cultivation did not wait for Ning Cheng to speak and took the initiative to come forward and salute.

Nan Yuefang looked to be in her thirties, her features were not very delicate, yet she had an air of martial prowess. What was conspicuous was her incomparably hot figure, a standard curvy woman. If her face had been more perfect, this was a peerless beauty. Unfortunately there are regrets about everything and her face is at best described as having decent features. On her shoulder is a green four-star shoulder plate that reads First Lieutenant Nan Yue Fang.

Seeing Ning Cheng sizing up Nan Yuefang, Yang Hong Hou hastily added from the side, “Young Capital Ning, this is First Lieutenant Nan Yuefang, who is new to our Young Capital Battalion. General Empty asked at the camp who was willing to join our Shao Du Battalion, and only First Lieutenant Nan Yue Fang came forward. A Shao Du Battalion is made up of four First Lieutenant battalions, and we have to continue to pick our soldiers.”

In his heart, Ning Cheng thought, “How am I picking the soldiers? This is obviously soldiers picking me, okay? Empty Peng Peng said that those who were willing would come over, but it turned out that only Nan Yue Fang came over, obviously the rest were not willing.

Ning Cheng didn’t care if his Shao Du Battalion could recruit a full complement of soldiers, he said to Nan Yuefang, “Welcome First Lieutenant Nan to our Shao Du Battalion.”

After saying this Ning Cheng said to Yang Hong Hou, “Let’s make our Shao Du Battalion a First Lieutenant Battalion for the time being, the rest of the soldiers, I will recruit them later. I have to close up now, so you and First Lieutenant Nan will handle the affairs of the barracks.”

Nan Yuefang stared blankly at this new young capital who had turned away after just one word, and was puzzled in her heart. She thought that this Shao Du would surely treat her with great courtesy and even be grateful that she had joined his Shao Du battalion. But to her surprise, it was just a casual welcome like that, and then it was gone.

But that was fine, the reason she had joined this Shao Du camp of Ning Cheng was because she had heard that Ning Cheng only had a middle stage cultivation of Yuan Building. She was afraid of being hara*sed by those so-called Shao Du, and since Ning Cheng only had a cultivation level of Zhuyuan, even if he hara*sed her, he could not do anything to her.


Ning Cheng was certainly not in the mood to bother about these things, he had already closed his door again, this time he still continued to refine pills.

The continuous refining of formation flags for a few days outside Moze City had given him inspiration, and he felt that the reason why his previous alchemy kept failing was not because he was unsuitable for alchemy, nor was it because his alchemy comprehension was poor, but because his cultivation level was too poor.

It didn’t matter that his cultivation was poor, when he was refining pills, he was still using a spirit weapon dan furnace. His magic treasures were less than spirit weapons, and using a spirit weapon dan furnace posed certain problems in terms of control. As a result, he caused one potion after another to fail.

At this time, his cultivation level had risen directly to the fourth level of Yuan Building, which was more than several times higher than the first level of Yuan Building, both in terms of true essence and divine sense, so he thought that there should be no more problems with using a spirit weapon dan furnace.

This time, Ning Cheng was still refining a Grade 1 Pill, the Qi Return Pill. He carefully preheated the furnace with true fire, while putting six or seven Grade 1 Spiritual Herbs into the furnace in order. One incense stick later, the spirit herbs in the furnace began to melt. Ning Cheng used his divine sense to slowly separate the medicinal liquid from the residue according to his understanding, then threw out the residue and fused the medicinal liquid.

Half an hour later, the medicinal liquid in the dan furnace gradually emitted fragrance, and Ning Cheng’s heart grew more and more excited. Even if it was only a first grade pill, having the medicinal fragrance come out meant that he was one step closer to being a first grade Mortal Pill Master. He had refined countless times before, and the medicinal liquid had separated out, but there was no medicinal fragrance.

An hour later, Ning Cheng felt that his sea of consciousness was all a little tired, this should be caused by his divine sense being consumed too much. Ning Cheng was not shocked but delighted, he had never had a situation where his divine sense was not enough when he had refined so many pills before. Now, it seemed that it was not that his divine sense was powerful, but that he had not even started refining pills.

After another half a column of incense had pa*sed, Ning Cheng had complete control of the Dan liquid in the furnace, and he was about to use the Dan pulling decision in the alchemy foundation to bring out the pills when he suddenly felt that the Dan technique in this alchemy foundation was not perfect. A new Dan Skill naturally formed in his mind, one that was only valid for this kind of dan pill being refined at this time.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate to type out the new dan recipe, and the next moment twelve perfect green-coloured pills had landed in a jade box that he had prepared.