Creation Gate Chapter 178

Jing Ji didn’t even have time to think about it, and directly sacrificed his Twin Elephant Pagoda to blast at the red-faced Xuan Dan cultivator with all his might, really not caring about the red-faced cultivator’s Six Gate Blade.

Before he struck, he had already made his death wish clear, plus Ning Cheng had always had the upper hand since he had commanded it, and this was in the formation that Ning Cheng had set up, he believed that Ning Cheng would not let him and Man Jean die with this red-faced cultivator in front of him. If Ning Cheng were to really do so, he would admit it.

Man Jean also hesitated for just a moment before he gave in, this kind of moment once missed would definitely not come again. His Red Rainbow Wheel was even more frantically activated, bringing up almost close to a hundred circles to blast out.

At the same time, Ning Cheng made his move.

Ning Cheng also activated his true essence and divine sense as he sacrificed a mouldy bronze coin. This Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin had never been used by Ning Cheng since he had obtained it, and had been refining it non-stop. Even now, he had only refined three of the layers of the ban, far from refining all of the bronze coin.

It was very difficult to sacrifice the Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin, and Ning Cheng was not willing to sacrifice such a thing until the last resort. As the situation was urgent at this time, Ning Cheng could no longer think about anything else and frantically pushed his true essence and divine sense to drive this Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin.

The red-faced XuanDan cultivator’s six-door blade transformed into countless three-dimensional blades, almost strangling the entire area where Ning Cheng and the three of them were, as if the three-dimensional blades would turn the three of them into flesh paste if only there was a moment more.

At this moment, an incomparably large square-hole bronze coin arrived with a bang. The endless three-dimensional six-sided blade mania stalled, and the space of strangling blade mania formed around it also gave a slight lurch.

Man Jean and Jing Ji, who had already been overwhelmed by the three-dimensional blade arrows, felt a sense of relief and the killing arrows in their hands intensified.

The square-hole bronze coin brought up a pattern that could only be vaguely perceived with divine sense, and swept up the red-faced XuanDan cultivator’s six-door blade.

The red-faced XuanDan cultivator sensed that his six-dimensional blades were about to break away from his control, not to mention the six-dimensional blades.

This was definitely something of a top-notch binding magic treasure, and after this red-faced cultivator understood this, he even more frantically drummed up his divine sense to retrieve the six-door blade. He did not retrieve the Six Gate Blade. Facing the full force of two XuanDan cultivators, even if he didn’t die, he would be finished off by the low-level axe killing intent of this chain killing formation.

Although Ning Cheng’s divine sense was powerful, it could not be compared to that of a XuanDan cultivator. Even if his Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin was powerful. He would not be able to bring it into full play.

A powerful divine thought came back at him and Ning Cheng’s sea of consciousness ached as he was blasted out the next moment.

The red-faced XuanDan cultivator’s heart sank when he felt that the Six Gate Blade had once again become his magic treasure. Man Jean and Jing Ji’s attacks had completely enveloped him, and at this moment, this red-faced XuanDan cultivator could only muster his true essence to protect his shield. He had retrieved the Six Gate Blade, but there was no way to counterattack.

As powerful as his True Essence Divine Sense was, after blasting away Ning Cheng’s Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coins and injuring him, he would not be able to block the full force of the two XuanDan cultivators’ attacks.

Boom, boom, blood and mist flew across the air. This XuanDan cultivator was directly blasted to death by Man Jean and Jing Ji.

Ning Cheng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, retrieved the Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coins at the first opportunity, and said to Man Jean and Jing Ji, “You two kill one of the XuanDan cultivators again, the other one will be held back by Qi Xiu Ya.”

After saying this Ning Cheng immediately sat down and began to heal his wounds. The chain formation was about to break, but the most dangerous time was about to pa*s.

Man Jean and Qi Xiuya’s hearts were shocked beyond belief, they could not imagine that Ning Cheng still had a magic treasure that could contain the full force of a late XuanDan cultivator’s strike, what kind of magic treasure was it? It was too terrifying.

The two also knew that Ning Cheng was injured, this was the most crucial time, as long as they could kill the remaining two again, the big picture would be set.

The two remaining Yixing Sea XuanDan cultivators were already like scared birds at this moment. They had no fighting spirit left. All they wanted to do at this moment was to escape as soon as possible, to escape from this terrifying killing formation that was about to be broken.

When Ning Cheng stood up again, Man Jean and Jing Ji had teamed up to kill the fourth XuanDan cultivator in the middle of the killing formation. On the other hand, the three XuanDan cultivators on the Hualu side were attacking the fifth XuanDan cultivator, and the killing formation had not yet been broken.

Three XuanDan cultivators were besieging one XuanDan cultivator, again in the middle of Ning Cheng’s killing formation. It took almost no effort to kill this XuanDan cultivator.

This ambush battle was only a few dozen breaths back and forth, and Jing Ji, Qi Xiuya and Ning Cheng were all injured. Man Jean, on the other hand, had completed Ning Cheng’s intended goal without even being injured.

Without waiting for Ning Cheng to speak. Man Jean, Jing Ji and Qi Xiu Ya had already gone to intercept the remaining two Xuan Dan cultivators.

The killing formation opened and the cultivators of the Yixing Sea immediately knew that they had lost when they discovered that their five XuanDan cultivators had disappeared. With all five XuanDan cultivators taken out, how could the remaining two fight?

Under the frenzied slaughter of the two XuanDan cultivators and dozens of XuanLi cultivators, the army of cultivators from the Chemical Continent had already lost tens of thousands in a short time, and even the XuanLi cultivators had been killed seven or eight times. At this time, the XuanDan cultivators from the Huali Continent came back.

Two XuanDan cultivators from the Hwa Continent held back two XuanDan cultivators from the Yixing Sea, while the remaining one XuanDan cultivator began to slaughter the XuanLi cultivators from the Yixing Sea.

The battle gradually tipped to one side, as the Spirit Stone Cannons kept roaring, the Xuan Liquid cultivators and Chiku Yuan cultivators of the Yixing Sea kept being killed, and the battle was completely without any semblance of suspense.

Ning Cheng did not participate in the battle anymore, there was no need for him to do anything in this kind of battle. Even the spirit stone cannon had stopped firing, three XuanDan cultivators were besieging two XuanDan cultivators and the winner was about to be decided.


An hour later, the heavily injured Man Jean and Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya arrived in front of Ning Cheng, and they did not need to make a move for the rest of the battle.

The two XuanDan cultivators and all the XuanLi cultivators had been killed by them, and the rest of the battle on the Hua Continent was perfectly fine as long as the XuanLi cultivators were fighting in the main battle.

Man Jean and Jing Ji were seriously injured when the XuanDan cultivators of the Yixing Sea counterattacked, with one of Jing Ji’s arms broken and Man Jean’s internal organs heavily damaged, and they killed those two XuanDan cultivators as well. They were in a very happy mood, their wounds were serious, but they would recover slowly. And the army of cultivators from the Yixing Sea invading the Hua Continent will be wiped out on the continent.

No one would have expected this outcome when the Yixing Sea’s cultivator army set foot on the territory of the Huazhou Continent, but this outcome actually appeared in front of everyone. This could be said to be entirely due to Ning Cheng, the spirit stone cannon was brought by Ning Cheng, it was also Ning Cheng’s idea to set up the formation to trap the Yixing Sea cultivators, and even the formation was set up by Ning Cheng.

“Ning Shao Du, if it wasn’t for you, in the future, even if the cultivators of the Yixing Sea withdrew from the Huazhou Continent, the Huazhou Continent would definitely have difficulty recovering its vitality. I, Man Jean, rarely serve people, this time I am sincerely thanking you.” Man Jean even bent his waist to Ning Cheng as he spoke.

Like Qi Xiuya, Jing Ji respected Ning Cheng immensely; Ning Cheng’s cultivation level was not as high as theirs, and they were certain that Ning Cheng’s achievements would be far greater than theirs in the future.

Ning Cheng returned the salute and then said, “I’m going to make a trip to Divine Wind Academy, I won’t be participating in the battle behind the Huazhou Continent, thanks to the three of you.”

As the battle had been fought so far, the Yixing Sea cultivators in the Huazhou Continent only had one choice, and that was to escape as soon as possible. Whether or not Ning Cheng joined the battle behind them was no longer relevant.

“Ning Shao Du, I will definitely tell your name to all the Hua Continent cultivator armies, to all the people of Hua Continent, so that they will know who took back Hua Continent.” Man Jean was still speaking loudly as he sent Ning Cheng away.

Ning Cheng didn’t care about any of this, he wanted to go to the Divine Wind Academy to have a look.


Ning Cheng had never been to the Divine Wind Academy, his map was given to him by Man Jean. The map given by Man Jean was very detailed, the Divine Wind Academy was not close to Moze City, and with the speed of Ning Cheng’s black and silver warship, he had already arrived in just one hour.

The Divine Wind Academy was dead and silent, and not many buildings were damaged. It looked like after the Divine Wind Academy had been exterminated by an unknown force, the cultivators of the Eithal Sea had not yet wreaked havoc on the place.

Ning Cheng’s divine sense swept through and all the things of slight value inside the Divine Wind Academy had been taken away. There was also no sign of any cultivators seen in the vicinity.

The location of Ji Luofei’s cave was also not found by Ning Cheng. Half an hour later, Ning Cheng left the Divine Wind Academy somewhat disappointed. Since Concubine Luo had been taken away by the white-haired old crone, she should be fine.

The cultivation level of the white-haired old crone, Ning Cheng estimated that it was at least above the Yuan Soul Realm. When faced with a figure of this cultivation level, unless they were willing to take the initiative to find him, if the white-haired old crone did not take the initiative to find him, he would definitely not be able to find them.