Creation Gate Chapter 176

All seven XuanDan cultivators entering the killing formation was the maximum number of people Ning Cheng considered. If there were only fewer people entering the killing formation, then his killing formation would last longer. As for the outside of the killing formation, Ning Cheng had long prepared to set up numerous defensive formations, absolutely not allowing the opponent to attack from both inside and outside. The only thing that he had no way to take into account was that once a Xuan Dan cultivator did not enter the formation, the losses of the Hua Continent Cultivator Army would be huge.

Seeing how quickly Ning Cheng refined the formation flags, Man made the three finally somewhat convinced that Ning Cheng could set up the Chain Kill Formation. In order to cooperate with Ning Cheng, so that the XuanDan cultivators inside Moze City would not be suspicious. Man Jean’s trio kept mobilising their army of cultivators to set up the formation.


Ning Cheng’s side was afraid of Mo Ze City’s Yixing Sea cultivator army, and the cultivators on the Yixing Sea side were equally afraid of the cultivator army on the Huazhou side.

The Hua Continent’s cultivator army was densely packed with at least a hundred thousand, and they had only seen three XuanDan cultivators. Only three XuanDan cultivators and they dared to besiege the city? This made the Yixing Sea’s cultivator army very confused, and of course they were afraid.

It was not without a price that the Yixing Sea cultivator army had taken over the Hua Continent. When they had just invaded the Continent, there was a great battle between the two sides.

That battle was at the edge of the Yixing Sea on the Hua Continent, and the Yixing Sea had invested nearly 200,000 cultivator soldiers and more than 20 XuanDan cultivators. That battle resulted in the loss of eleven XuanDan cultivators and nearly 100,000 cultivator troops, which only repelled the Hua Continent’s cultivator army. Had there not been fewer XuanDan cultivators on the Hua Continent’s side, it would have been difficult to predict the outcome of that battle.

“Xi Du, I see that there are only three XuanDan cultivators on the Hua Continent side, and their strength should be far worse than ours.” A thin XuanDan cultivator at the city head said to another red-faced cultivator only after observing for a while.

“The Hua Continent cultivators are tricky. If there are only three XuanDan cultivators. They dare to surround the city? Have you noticed. There is an area where they have set up a shielding formation as soon as they arrived. There’s no way for my divine sense to sweep in, so there might be some kind of trickery.

Besides, we don’t even need to fight them now, as soon as everything is ready, we will retreat immediately. If during the retreat, we find that they are indeed bluffing, we will destroy them by hand. It’s only a delay of a few days.” The red-faced cultivator replied.

In fact, most of the people agreed with what the red-faced cultivator said. Even if the Hua Continent Cultivator Army was inferior to them, it didn’t matter if they delayed their move by a few days.

Their purpose in the Hua Continent had already been achieved. They had planned to leave, so there was no need to fight to the death against the Hua Zhou cultivator army. Wouldn’t it be better to wait until everything was ready before they fought?


Both sides had their own plans, and the first day pa*sed like this. The Yixinghai cultivator army of Moze City tried several times to impact, but Man Jean did not take the initiative to meet the battle, but merely surrounded, i.e. did not go away, nor did he attack. After a few attempts, the Yixinghai monks’ army did not choose to attack either, but instead retreated again.

The remaining two days. Both sides spent both days in trial and error. And during these few days, Ning Cheng had been constantly refining formation flags. Laying out formations. The Yixing Sea was also incredibly quiet apart from some trial and error.

Ning Cheng’s speed in setting up formations was already incomparably swift, he could set up several formations within half a pillar of incense, and by setting up formations for several days in a row, even Ning Cheng himself could not remember how many formations he had actually set up.

Defensive formations, killing formations, trapping formations, concealment formations ……

All kinds of formations were stacked together, and at the end of the day, the several piles of refining materials provided by Man Jean were all refined into formation flags by Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng was sure that the formation flags he had refined since he had learnt the formations combined were not as many as the ones he had refined in these few days.

On the fifth day, Ning Cheng finally stopped.

Seeing that Ning Cheng did not continue to set up formations, several XuanDan cultivators and even some XuanLi cultivators gathered around and asked Ning Cheng about his progress.

“My formation has been completely set up, Moze City has been holding still for the rest of the days except for the first two days when they tried to attack a few times. It means that they are also moving, we don’t know what they are doing these days, and we don’t need to know.” Ning Cheng was all set to make his move, as for what the Yixing Sea cultivators of Moze City were doing, it didn’t matter, he wasn’t going to rush into Moze City for a physical fight anyway.

“Shall we make our move now?” Jing Ji asked, he was a Xuan Dan cultivator and was instead a little more nervous than Ning Cheng right now.

Ning Cheng nodded and took out three formation flags and handed them to Man Jean, Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya, “These are the killing formation command flags that I have refined, when the time comes the flags will have the correct orientation instructions. Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya will follow the correct orientation and hold the remaining six people at bay. Man Jean and I will take out one first in the shortest possible time, and then we will take them down one by one.”

“Then how will we lure a few Xuan Dan cultivators here?” This was what Jing Ji was most worried about.

Ning Cheng pointed to the black and silver battleship behind him and said, “Luring them in is the easiest, we will have the black and silver battleship bombard Moze City like crazy later. With the power of the Black Silver Battleship, if they don’t come out, then they are really looking for death. After I place the Black Silver Battleship behind the Hidden Chain Kill Formation, those Xuan Dan cultivators will definitely be the first to come and scrap the Black Silver Battleship, and as a result will naturally enter the formation.”

“Good idea.” Qi Xiu Ya laughed harshly, this method of Ning Cheng’s was too damaging. No wonder he had constantly arranged layer after layer of defensive formations in front of the Black Silver Battleship before, he thought that Ning Cheng wanted to ensure the safety and power of the Black Silver Battleship, but it turned out that he wanted to draw in XuanDan cultivators.

Earlier, he was regretting that there were too few spirit stone cannons, but now it seemed that only one would work.

“Huh, they seem to be heading out too.” Man Jean saw countless Yixinghai cultivators surging up to the city, and even several city gates had been opened wide.

“I see, these Yixing Sea cultivators are refining flying magic treasures these days, they are making retreat preparations and plan to leave this place once they are not defeated.” Ning Cheng said in a daze.

Jing Ji also said in awe, “So many flying magic treasures were refined in a few days, they have many powerful artifact refiners.”

Man Jean said disdainfully, “These Yixing Sea cultivators are fine fighting downwind battles, once they have a little setback, they immediately want to go back to the Yixing Sea and refine even flying magic treasures.”

Ning Cheng knew that these Yixing Sea cultivators wanted to retreat was not such a thought as Man Jean had said, but rather they knew that this battle would not last long, and even in the end they would retreat back. Now that they had everything in hand and their mission was complete, where would they be willing to fight again?

However, if they wanted to walk away through such low-level flying magic treasures, that would be too much to underestimate his Ning Cheng’s intelligence. He had set up formations for five days in a row, so how could he not set up an air ban? Just because other Level 3 Formation Masters were unable to set up the air ban, it did not mean that he was unable to do so as well. He couldn’t set up the high-level air-restrictions, but he could still set up these low-level air-restrictions.

“Yang Hong Hou, start blasting with the Spirit Stone Cannon, aim it at the places where there are many Yixing Sea cultivators.” Ning Cheng immediately gave the order to Yang Hong Hou to fire the cannon.

Yang Hong Hou, who had been waiting for a long time, almost as soon as Ning Cheng gave the order, was blasting out a cannon.

A blinding ball of white light meteorically landed on the head of Moze City, and the powerful spirit source concentrated together and burst out.

“Boom ……” Mo Ze City’s city walls exploded as if they were made of paper mache under this kind of spirit stone cannon. Hundreds of Yixing Sea cultivators were directly turned into nothingness by the white light of the Spirit Stone Cannon, while more cultivators were seriously injured by the Spirit Stone Cannon’s waves.

“They actually have a spirit stone cannon!” Several XuanDan cultivators from the Yixing Sea immediately knew that something was wrong, the other party was definitely not as strong as them, if the other party was stronger than them, they definitely could not have waited until now to blast out the Spirit Stone Cannon.

There was no point in continuing to hold on to Mo Ze City when the army of Hua Zhou cultivators had spirit stone cannons.

A red-faced late Xuan Dan cultivator immediately shouted, “Everyone scatter and leave Mo Ze City to attack, a few Xuan Dan and I will go with them to destroy the other side’s spirit stone cannon. They also only have one spirit stone cannon, as long as we destroy their spirit stone cannon, we will definitely be able to kill all the Huazhou cultivators here.”

Just as this red-faced Xuan Dan cultivator finished his words, another cannon blasted over. Looking at the hundreds of Yixinghai cultivators who were defenceless under the spirit stone cannon, the red-faced XuanDan cultivator’s face turned even redder and blacker. The first one rushed out, followed by the other four XuanDan cultivators. The remaining two XuanDan cultivators did not rush up together as well as Ning Cheng had guessed, but instead led the Yixing Sea cultivators to scatter their attacks.

Although this was less stressful for Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng also knew that this would result in greater losses for the Hua Continent Cultivator Army. Once those two Xuan Dan cultivators charged into the army of Hua Continent cultivators, there would be no one to be their opponent. He had set up a formation, but how long could this formation stop a XuanDan cultivator? At most, it would only be a few minutes.

“Yang Hong Hou, you specifically aim your cannons at those two XuanDan cultivators among them who are not rushing towards our side.” After Ning Cheng saw that the seven XuanDan cultivators from the other side had split into two parts and only five of them were rushing over, he immediately told Yang Hong Hou to change the target of his attack.

As long as the XuanDan cultivators were held back, the rest of the army of cultivators could be killed even if there were more. Once a XuanDan cultivator rushed into the Huazhou cultivator army, the deaths and injuries would be absolutely tragic.