Creation Gate Chapter 175

The Yixing Sea’s army of cultivators had been a scattering of sand when they entered the Huaxing Continent, only that the Huaxing Continent cultivators had not organised an effective counter-attack. Now that Ning Cheng and Man Jean had organised a counter-attack, a snowball form was immediately formed.

Ning Cheng had never moved his spirit stone cannon afterwards, apart from the first few cannons he had allowed Yang Hong Hou to fire. With this advantage, there was no need for the spirit stone cannons at all, and they could strangle all the small number of cultivators and demonic beasts from the Yixing Sea every time.

There were constantly cultivators from the Yixing Sea being exterminated, while the number of people on the side of the Huazhou cultivator army kept increasing. Unlike the Yixing Sea cultivators who were scattered, after Man Jean had eliminated the Yixing Sea cultivators, he immediately let the organised Hua Continent cultivators re-establish their base before collecting those who were scattered in all directions.

In just four short days, Ning Cheng and Man Jean had collected nearly one-fifth of the territory. On the fifth day when Ning Cheng and Man Jean’s army of Transformation Continent cultivators had gathered to nearly 100,000 people, they finally met their greatest resistance.


Moze City, the home of the Meteor Star Five Star Academy, was also the territory of the Shui Family and at the same time one of the largest cultivation cities in the Huazhou Continent. But now it has become the lair of the Yixing Sea cultivator army, with tens of thousands of Yixing Sea cultivators gathered here. This place was not immediately destroyed by the Yixinghai cultivators, presumably to have a city where they could live.

When Ning Cheng saw seven Xuan Dan cultivators, dozens of Xuan Liquid cultivators, and an unknown number of Yuan Building cultivators, plus an army of 50,000 to 60,000 Yixing Sea cultivators, he knew that whether or not he could hang all the Yixing Sea cultivators in the Huazhou Continent would depend entirely on the battle at Moze City. If this battle was not fought well, even the army of cultivators already gathered on the Hua Continent side would be completely wiped out.

As for Ning Cheng and Man Jean’s gathered army of cultivators from the Hualu Continent, together they only had three Xuan Dan cultivators, Man Jean and a scattered Qi Xiu Ya, as well as the Qing Yun Five Star Academy’s Jing Xuanyuan, and as for the Xuan Liquid cultivators, they only added up to a dozen. Apart from the fact that the gathered army of cultivators was larger than that of the Yixing Sea, the overall strength was definitely inferior to that of the Yixing Sea cultivators.

“Ning Shao Du, do you think we will be able to take down Mo Ze City?” Jing Ji was very polite to Ning Cheng. It was not that Ning Cheng was a five-star Young Capital, but rather that Ning Cheng’s strength had earned his respect along the way.

Man Jean and the other XuanDan scattered Qi Xiu Ya also looked at Ning Cheng expectantly, after having Ning Cheng join them, the fight was incredibly easy all the way. The main reason. Apart from Ning Cheng having the only spirit stone cannon, there was also Ning Cheng’s powerful group killing axe intent.

Although there were many XuanDan cultivators of the Yixing Sea from the Chemical Continent, they did not have a black silver warship and spirit stone cannon like Ning Cheng’s. Therefore, Ning Cheng’s black and silver warship and the spirit stone cannon on it became the only long-range attack weapon on the battlefield.

Ning Cheng also did not expect the Yixing Sea Cultivator Army to have such great strength in Moze City, and it was indeed effortless for such strength to exterminate a Huazhou.

Ning Cheng thought for a while before saying, “The Yixing Sea Cultivator Army in Moze City is definitely stronger than our current strength, the reason why they haven’t come out until now is because they can’t figure out our strength right now. Or rather, they are a scattered mess, each fighting on their own. They don’t even have the most basic means of intelligence.

Add to that the fact that we have been carpet sweeping all the way, and by the time they get word of our coming, we will already be outside Moser City. What’s more, they definitely didn’t know that we had spirit stone cannons, if they knew we had them. They would definitely have shot it out immediately. Instead of borrowing this location of Moze City.”

The three Xuan Dan cultivators and some Xuan Liquid cultivators thought deeply, Mo Ze City’s Yi Xing Hai cultivator dao hadn’t figured out how strong their side was yet. When they figured out the reality of the Hua Continent’s cultivator army, especially after they knew that Ning Cheng’s side had spirit stone cannons, then they would definitely rush out with a thunderous momentum. Although there were many people on the Hua Continent’s side, the Xuan Dan cultivators were far inferior to the other side.

In this kind of cultivator army battle, the number of people was not the main factor of strength, but the high cultivation level was the main determinant of true strength.

“My idea is this. As long as we take out the XuanDan cultivators on the other side, we can surround Moze City and use the spirit stone cannon to wipe out the Yixinghai cultivators in Moze City.”

Ning Cheng was not bragging with these words, he would be setting up layers of defensive formations to protect the Black Silver Warship, as long as there were no Xuan Dan cultivators, those Xuan Liquid cultivators would have to break through his three levels of formations. It would take at least a little time. With this little time, his Spirit Stone Cannon was already fully capable of firing.

Man Jean laughed bitterly, “We only have three XuanDan cultivators, and the other side has seven. It’s more than double our number, how can we fight to finish them off? Right now it’s that they don’t know our strength yet. Once they know, they will immediately rush out, and they will be the ones to finish us off, not us to finish them off.”

Ning Cheng suddenly said, “Here’s what I think, Dean Mann and I will join forces to deal with one of the XuanDan cultivators. The two of you, Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya, will each deal with three people, and then we will come back to help after we kill this XuanDan cultivator.”

After Ning Cheng finished his words, Jing Ji and Qi Xiu Ya’s faces turned ugly, asking them to each deal with three XuanDan cultivators was not like going to send them to their deaths. They wouldn’t even be able to last a dozen breaths.

Man Jean immediately said, “This will definitely not work ……”

Ning Cheng waved his hand to stop Man Jean’s words, “I think the three of you might have misunderstood my meaning, I plan to set up a chain concealment killing formation. The four of us will do it inside the formation, while Jing Ji and Qi Xiu Ya use the formation to hold the remaining six back, and Man Jean and I will take the opportunity to kill them one by one. Of course, the prerequisite is that the opponent does not have a formation expert far superior to me, and if the opponent has a top formation expert, my method may not necessarily work.”

“You’re still a formation master?” Man Jean asked in amazement.

“I can only set up level three formations.” Ning Cheng replied honestly.

Hearing Ning Cheng say that he was only a level three formation master, Man Jean said with some disappointment, “It is true that a level three formation can stop XuanDan cultivators who do not know about formations for a few breaths of time, but trying to use this formation to kill seven XuanDan cultivators is simply unrealistic.”

Jing Ji and Qi Xiuya also shook their heads similarly, indicating that Ning Cheng’s idea was impractical.

Ning Cheng smiled faintly and said, “My formation is different from others, my formation may not be recognizable even to ordinary formation masters, and of course if the other party is a formation master, they will definitely find the formation heart very quickly. But there is another difference between my formation and others, and that is that my formation can be arranged in a circular manner, which is the Continuous Concealment Kill Formation that I mentioned just now.”

The foundation of the formations that Ning Cheng had learnt was merely from An Yi, and after he had sensed the Xuanhuang Origin and comprehended the Xuanhuang Invincibility, his formations had long since become completely different from the inherited formations. Because of this, the killing intent prohibition of that ancient cave in the Angry Axe Valley was useless to him.

Unlike the rest of them, Ning Cheng thought that as long as those seven XuanDan cultivators entered his chain of killing formations, his plan was halfway successful. Although the formation he had set up was a Grade 3 killing formation, it could fuse in the killing intent prohibitions of that cave gate in the Angry Axe Valley. Even if it was a XuanDan cultivator, it would be difficult to break it within a dozen breaths.

Whether this method of his would work or not would depend mainly on how many XuanDan cultivators he and Man Jean could kill in the first ten or so breaths. If not even one could be killed, then he had failed all the same. His formation would only be a three-stage cycle. With seven XuanDan cultivators joining forces, the three-level cyclic formation would soon break.

If they could kill one of them, they would be able to entangle another one again, and then the time for the formation to be broken would be even longer. To Ning Cheng, the more XuanDan cultivators he and Man Jean killed in the first ten or so breaths, the greater the success rate would be.

What he was worried about was that those few XuanDan cultivators had top formation experts who did not enter his chain killing formation, then even if he had more ways to do so, it would be useless.

Hearing Ning Cheng’s explanation, Man let all three of them fall silent. Even if what Ning Cheng said was true, it was still only a level three chain formation. The deterrent effect of a level three formation on XuanDan cultivators was too insignificant, and could even be said to be close to nothing.

Seeing that the three were silent, Ning Cheng once again said, “After this battle, I will all leave the Huazhou. I also took action purely out of anger at what these Yixing Sea cultivators have done, so if the three of you do not agree with my approach, I understand. Then I don’t think we need to continue besieging the city here either, there is no point in besieging the city.”

Qi Xiu Ya was the first to say, “I agree, my chance is the Huazhou, and now that the Huazhou is being ravaged like this, what’s the point of giving this life of mine to the Huazhou? Countless Hua Continent cultivation soldiers could have fallen, and it wouldn’t be more than me, Qi Xiu Ya.”

Hearing that Qi Xiuya agreed with Ning Cheng, Man Jean also said solemnly, “Ning Shaodu, Moze City is my root, I have always lived in Moze City, and now those beasts from the Yixing Sea have taken over Moze City, there is no point for me, Man Jean, to continue living. If I die, I will die, why should I waste my life?”

Ning Shaodu, if you manage to escape in the future, remember to burn a few pieces of paper for me, Jing Ji.”

Ning Cheng said with a heated smile, “I cherish my life, how can I just talk about dying. Don’t worry everyone, there are two main points to this plan of mine. The first is that the Xuan Dan cultivators of the Eithering Sea must be allowed to enter my Chain Concealment Kill Formation. If they don’t come in, my plan will fail. The second and most important point is that we must kill a XuanDan cultivator in the first ten breaths, otherwise there is also a chance of this plan failing.”

“Killing a XuanDan cultivator in ten breaths, I’m afraid that’s a bit difficult ……” Man Jean and Ning Cheng had killed a XuanDan cultivator in a row, but that XuanDan cultivator had already fought with him for half a day. The man also underestimated Ning Cheng, which is why he was pinned down by the two.

Jing Ji also said, ”Ning Shao Du, regardless of the success of your plan, it would be difficult to provoke those Xuan Dan cultivators to come out, right? If they don’t all enter the formation when they come out, wouldn’t the plan have failed as well?”

Ning Cheng said confidently, “Don’t worry about that, in the Chain Kill Formation, Dean Mann and I would have no difficulty killing a XuanDan cultivator in ten breaths. As for getting those XuanDan cultivators to come out, that is even easier. If we didn’t enter the formation together, our army of cultivators would have suffered greater losses, and would not have failed.”