Creation Gate Chapter 174

Ning Cheng was in a good mood, the fact that all of Meteorite Academy was present meant that the rest of the academies were fine. He smiled and said, “I think I’ve heard Meng Yu Jing of Meteorite Star Academy talk about you, you should be Dean Mann of Meteorite Star Academy, right?”

Ning Cheng had heard the name Dean Man when he first followed Meng Yu Jing, so he thought that it must be the Man Jean in front of him.

“You know Meng Yu Jing, that’s great. Yes, I am the vice dean of Meteorite Academy, have you ever been to the Huazhou Continent?” Hearing Ning Cheng say that he knew him and knew Meng Yu Jing, Man Jean immediately felt a lot more cordial.

“I originally went to Raging Axe Valley from the Huazhou Continent, my real name is not Zhuo Yi, but Ning Cheng.” Ning Cheng laughed. He knew Meng Yu Jing, not in a friendly sort of way. At this time, he deliberately mentioned Meng Yu Jing’s name, just to draw some relations with Man Jean and then inquire about the news.

When Man Jean heard the name Ning Cheng, he immediately asked in shock, “You’re Ning Cheng who came first in the Five Star Academy Grand Competition? The Ning Cheng from Divine Wind Academy? Are you impersonating someone else’s military position?”

Although Man Jean had never seen Ning Cheng’s face, he was not at all unfamiliar with the name Ning Cheng, and his face had changed when he said that Ning Cheng was impersonating someone else’s name. In just the Nine Continents Cultivator Army, openly impersonating someone else’s military rank was a great crime.

Yang Hong Hou hurriedly said, “Ning Shao Du was directly appointed by General Empty Commander, because of the urgency of the war in the Yixing Sea, the military rank of Ensign Zhuo was temporarily used, General Empty Commander was aware of this, and also directly promoted the military rank of Ensign to Shao Du, Dean Mann need not worry.”

“So that’s how it is.” Man Jean breathed a sigh of relief.

Ning Cheng took the opportunity to say, “Dean Mann, you know that I am from Divine Wind Academy, and this time I am here to return to Divine Wind Academy. I am really grateful to Dean Man for bringing the Hua Continent cultivator army here to block the Yixing Sea’s cultivator army, it would have been …… to let these Yixing Sea’s cultivator army enter the Hua Continent.”

At this point Ning Cheng suddenly stopped his words, he felt that Man Jean’s expression was not right, he actually had a sad and angry look, Ning Cheng hurriedly asked, “Dean Man, is there something wrong with the Hua Continent?”

“Alas, the Hwa Continent was already occupied by the cultivators of the Yixing Sea a few days ago. The several true kingdoms were all not spared, and those beasts of the Yixing Sea burned and killed everywhere and allowed the demonic beasts to devour ordinary people everywhere ……”

“What?” Ning Cheng didn’t wait for Man Jean to finish speaking, his face turned blue, the Hualu Continent was occupied by the cultivators of the Yixing Sea, so where could Luo Fei go? And what about An Yi of the Meteorite Academy?

Ning Cheng’s tone was no longer as calm and collected as it had been a moment ago, and he asked in an icy voice, “Since the Hwa Continent has been occupied by Yixing Sea cultivators, why is Dean Mann still here leading an army of cultivators to tangle with Yixing Sea cultivators?”

“There are many inner disciples in the five-star colleges of the Huali Continent, as well as some four-star colleges, and these are the future of the Huali Continent. I’m leading the army just to break the back and prepare to send these outstanding disciples to the middle level continent. By the way, there is one called An Yi in our academy that you know, right? She was also sent away.” Man Jean said with a sigh.

But after he finished speaking, his eyes stared with some eagerness at Ning Cheng’s black and silver battleship and said, “Ning Shao Du, I have seen that your axe intent is very strong, if you cooperate with this black and silver battleship, together with my side’s army of cultivators, you might be able to drive the cultivators of the Yixing Sea away once again.”

“Drive them away? I will make it impossible for any of them to leave.” Ning Cheng’s tone with a powerful killing intent made even Man Jean feel a slight tremor, this Ning Cheng did not seem to have a high cultivation level, yet his comprehension of killing intent was far inferior even to his own.

“Ning Shao Du, as long as you are willing to make a move, I am very willing to cooperate with you in battle. Right now there are many other cultivators in the Huazhou Continent who have united and are fighting against the demonic beasts and cultivators of the Yixing Sea, only they have not unified. Once they are unified, they will definitely be a powerful force in the Continent. And they didn’t expect me to kill back unharmed.” Man Jean was also aroused by this powerful killing intent of Ning Cheng, or perhaps he thought of the kind of brutal acts of the Yixing Sea cultivators.

Ning Cheng clenched his fist, his anger nearly making him squeeze the air out, “Dean Mann, I want to know if the inner disciples of Divine Wind Academy were also sent out?”

“Divine Wind Academy?” Man Jean immediately understood that Ning Cheng was from the Divine Wind Academy, and it seemed that he had a fiancée called Ji Luofei who was also in the Divine Wind Academy. Ning Cheng was angry because he thought that the Divine Wind Academy had been wiped out by the Yixing Sea Cultivator Army, so he must have been worried about his fiancée.

Man Jean said, “The Divine Wind Academy was not destroyed by the Yixing Sea cultivators, it was destroyed half a year ago, and even now it is still a headless case. I even made a special trip to see the Divine Wind Academy when things went wrong.”

The Divine Wind Academy was not exterminated by the Yixinghai cultivators? It was exterminated six months ago? Ning Cheng’s eyes widened as he stared at Man Jean, who had exterminated the Divine Wind Academy half a year ago?

“Do you have a fiancée called Ji Luofei at the Divine Wind Academy?” Man Jean asked.

Ning Cheng forced himself to calm his anger and nodded, “Yes, my fiancée, Ji Luofei, is at Divine Wind Academy, and I have returned this time to pick up Luofei and leave here. Dean Man, you’ve been to the Divine Wind Academy and seen it, don’t you have any clue?”

Man Jean pondered for a moment and said, “To say that there is no clue at all, that’s not true either, but I won’t say anything. If you are worried about your fiancée, Ji Luofei, there is no need. You have a friend who has taken your fiancée away. Two XuanDan cultivators teamed up against that friend of yours, but that friend of yours easily split the arms of those two XuanDan cultivators.

It seems that that friend of yours did not like to kill and did not kill anyone. So when the Divine Wind Academy was destroyed, there were many disciples of the Divine Wind Academy who were not killed, so if you go to the Huazhou Continent now, you might still be able to find the disciples of the Divine Wind Academy.”

Hearing that Ji Luofei was alright, Ning Cheng had been relieved, but he really couldn’t recall that he had such a friend.

Seeing Ning Cheng struggling to remember, Man Jean said once again, “That was a white-haired old crone, she said that she was your friend and told the people who attacked the Divine Wind Academy to get lost. Although the people who attacked the Divine Wind Academy were all repelled by her, many of the experts of the Divine Wind Academy had died and the rest dispersed on their own, while your fiancée was taken away by that friend of yours.”

Surprisingly, it was the white-haired old crone, Ning Cheng really did not expect the white-haired old crone to help. He and the white-haired old crone were not exactly friends, but he had helped the other party a bit, so he thought that the other party should have looked at this bit of love to help out.

“Many thanks to Dean Mann.” Ning Cheng put his heart down and bowed to Man Jean even more gratefully.

To Ning Cheng, as long as Ji Luofei was alright, as for who had exterminated the Divine Wind Academy, he believed that he would find out sooner or later. Even if he didn’t look for it, Zang Xie would still come back to look for it.


Even though he knew that Ji Luofei had been taken away by the white-haired old crone, Ning Cheng still intended to go to the Divine Wind Academy to take a look. Man Jean quickly sorted out the Hua Continent Cultivator Army and also followed Ning Cheng to the Hua Continent.

Because of Man Jean’s following, Ning Cheng could only ask Yang Hong Hou to slow down his speed.

They had already been on the edge of the Hua Continent, and now it had only taken them half a day to set foot on the territory of the Hua Continent. Ning Cheng’s concern for the Hua Continent was entirely because of Ji Luofei. Now that Ji Luofei was gone, and he had learned that the Divine Wind Academy had not been destroyed by the Yixing Sea Cultivator Army, Ning Cheng had long since lost the angry mood he had felt before.

In contrast, he was from Earth and his sense of belonging to the nine continents of the Yixing Continent was not yet very strong.

But after Ning Cheng set foot on the Continent of Transformation once again, the anger in his chest was once again set ablaze. Everywhere he went, there were no intact buildings at all, and almost all the villages and cities had been destroyed. There were white bones and broken limbs everywhere, and some of the demonic beasts from the Yixing Sea were still going around devouring ordinary people.

From time to time, a small army of Yixing Sea cultivators could be seen chasing and killing low-level martial artists and cultivators from the Hua Continent, and those ordinary people who could be seen had long been killed. These Yixinghai cultivators obviously knew that they would not stay on the Hua Continent for a long time, so they went around killing and destroying.

When Ning Cheng’s divine sense swept across an Yixing Sea cultivator commanding a demonic beast to swallow a child who was only a few years old in one gulp, he turned back to Man Jean who was on the warship and said, “Dean Man, I have decided to leave no one alive in all the cultivator armies and demonic beasts that enter the Yixing Sea. I will be in the front, and you will follow with the army, and also gather the scattered parts of the Huazhou cultivator army. If you encounter Xuan Dan cultivators, please also help me out, Dean Mann.”

Ning Cheng decided not to let these Yixing Sea cultivators leave, he was also self aware that once he met a Xuan Dan cultivator, he was currently no match. Man Jean was the best a*sistant, as long as Man Jean could force the other side, he could join hands with Man Jean to kill the Xuan Dan cultivators.

Man Jean had wanted to fight back for a long time, but his strength was limited and he could hardly even get out of it when he was pestered by others in the Yixing Sea. He was afraid that Ning Cheng would not do anything, but now that Ning Cheng wanted to help, he would not refuse and said, “Thank you, Ning Shao Du, for helping me out. Now with Ning’s help, I have much more confidence. They don’t have many XuanDan cultivators on the Continent, there are at most two more. There was a big battle before, and both sides lost a lot, with almost all the XuanDan cultivators being defeated.”

Ning Cheng’s cultivation level was lower than Man Jean’s, but he had a spirit stone cannon, and his axe pattern was a swarm killing axe intent, so as long as no XuanDan cultivators interfered with his hands, he and Yang Hong Hou working together would simply destroy them.

At this point, the cultivators of the Yixing Sea had long since taken control of the Hua Continent, and there was no question of entangling themselves together. For those tens of hundreds of Yixing Sea cultivators and demonic beasts gathered together, Ning Cheng did not even need to make a move, as Yang Hong Hou’s spirit stone cannon blasted past them and they were directly exterminated. Only for the individual fleeing cultivators would Ning Cheng occasionally sacrifice one or two axe patterns.

Before Ning Cheng’s arrival, the largest army of cultivators in the Hualian Continent was Man Jean’s. The Yixinghai cultivators knew that they would not be able to stay in Hualu for long, so after pestering Man Jean, they all seized the time to go to Hualu and loot it. So they didn’t occupy the cities to defend them either, they just burned, killed and plundered to their heart’s content, destroying everything. It was just that they did not expect that Ning Cheng’s arrival would free Man Jean.

Against these scattered soldiers who were burning and looting around, Ning Cheng and the Black Silver Warship were able to fight with ease. When it came to the back, as soon as Ning Cheng made his move, Man Jean sealed off the entire surrounding area, not allowing one person or demon to get away.