Creation Gate Chapter 173

“Yang Hong Hou, I’m planning to go to the Chemical Continent, what’s your plan?” Ning Cheng’s conversation with Kong Peng Peng had ended, and he was ready to go. (文學館.) He had a good impression of Yang Hong Hou, and if Yang Hong Hou was willing to go to the Chemical Continent with him, he did not mind.

Yang Hong Hou gave a military salute to Ning Cheng and said loudly, “I am also willing to join the Yizheng Battalion and become Ning Shao Du’s personal soldier, please give Ning Shao Du permission.”

Air Peng Peng said from the side, “Ning Cheng, you are already a five-star young capital, you are the one who can make the decision on such matters.”

Ning Cheng admired Yang Hong Hou’s ability to steer a ship and his emphasis on loyalty, and when he heard Empty Peng Peng’s words, he immediately said, “Then I agree for Yang Hong Hou to become my personal soldier, only that I want to help Yang Hong Hou get promoted to a two-star ensign, but I don’t know how to get it.”

Empty Peng Peng laughed, “You have the power now, but you can’t do it now, how about this, I will help you with this first, and you will do your best then.”

As Empty Peng Peng said, he had casually helped Yang Hong Hou change his shoulder badge, which changed from a red one star to an orange two star.

Yang Hong Hou was overjoyed and hurriedly thanked Ning Cheng and Empty Peng Peng, and in his heart he even felt that he had made the right decision. It had taken him several years to go from no star to one star, but now it had only taken half a day to go from one star to two stars.

Ning Cheng also had a good impression of Empty Pengpeng, a six-star General, at least the other party spoke and acted in a crisp and decisive manner, without beating about the bush.


After bidding farewell to Kong Pengpeng, Yang Honghao controlled the warship and turned it in a different direction, quickly heading towards Hualu. Ning Cheng attached the downwind talisman given to him by Empty Pengpeng to the black and silver warship, and the speed of the black and silver warship was indeed nearly doubled.

In his heart, Yang Hong Hou was marvelling at Ning Cheng’s wealth as a five-star young capital, using spirit stones to drive the black and silver warship not to mention. He had to add a downwind talisman to it.

Ning Cheng handed the warship over to Yang Hong Hou to control. He himself returned to the cabin and took out the ring of the Xuan Liquid cultivator of the Yixing Sea. This Xuan Liquid cultivator seemed to be of considerable origin. I wondered if the inside of his ring was just as worthy of anticipation.

A Xuan Liquid cultivator’s ring was quickly refined by Ning Cheng. When Ning Cheng saw the mountains of various materials, he almost couldn’t believe that it was just a Xuan Liquid cultivator’s ring. Not to mention the piles and piles of spiritual herbs, even those materials for refining weapons were also in piles and piles. Compared to these things, hundreds of thousands of top grade spirit stones were considered insignificant inside this ring.

What the hell was this guy doing? Was he a material collector? If not, where else would he get so many materials? It looked like he not only had to learn alchemy, but also weapon and talisman refining, otherwise how would he handle so many materials?

After admiring it for a while. Only then did Ning Cheng put the ring away with a joyful heart, he did not go through them one by one. What was most important to him now was the Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze, he must refine the Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze in the shortest possible time, the sooner such things became his own the better.

Yang Hong Hou concentrated on controlling the warship, he rarely had the opportunity to fly such top quality black and silver warships, he was even a little more excited than Ning Cheng about being able to operate such a warship.

After Ning Cheng had set up the Isolation Formation, he fully devoted himself to refining the Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze. The Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze was a natural treasure, and to be able to obtain it was definitely a remarkable thing. Once it was leaked, it would cause countless people to scramble for it.

Time pa*sed in an instant. Yang Hong Hou’s warship also met some Yixing Sea cultivators along the way, as the warship was too fast. The Yixing Sea cultivators near the lower continents were all of low cultivation level, so there was nothing to stop them, or it was simply too late to stop them.

On the eighth day, Ning Cheng, who had been holding a pair of Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes, and the pair of Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze with a light golden haze in his hands had disappeared. Ning Cheng stood up with joy, his divine sense could clearly see two more almost invisible pale gold shadow marks on his back.

A feeling of being able to stretch out his wings at any time surged through his heart, as the Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze was completely refined by him.

Ning Cheng’s thoughts flashed and a pair of milky white wings appeared on his back, this was the pair of Twin-leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze that he had refined. The white wings were edged with a faint golden haze, making Ning Cheng want to fly out immediately to try out his pair of Twin-leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze.

He subconsciously flapped the twin wings at his back, and a powerful wind stream swept out, freely and roundly.

Ning Cheng forcefully suppressed the surprise and joy within his heart, in the cruel and incomparable Yixing Continent, he had one more means. An extra pair of wings could definitely give him an extra layer of protection for his little life.

Ning Cheng knew that after a mature Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze was refined, it was possible to advance under the nourishment of his own true essence, and he was looking forward to how far his Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze would advance.

Putting away the Sky Cloud Twin Wings, Ning Cheng removed the Isolation Formation, and he was ready to check in detail if there were any of the more precious materials in the two piles in the Seize Ring.

Instead, a message came from Yang Hong Hou, Ning Cheng put his things away and just as he walked out, he heard Yang Hong Hou, who was operating the warship, say, “Ning Shao Du, this place is approaching the Hualu Continent, and the warship’s monitoring array shows that there is a battle between the Hualu Continent’s cultivator army and the Yixing Sea’s cultivator army. Should we join the battle, or go around?”

Ning Cheng’s heart was overjoyed, since the cultivator army of the Hualu Continent and the cultivator army of the Yixing Sea were still fighting, it meant that the Hualu Continent was probably still safe and sound right now.

“Charge over, prepare the Spirit Stone Cannon to blast a few cannons first to clear the way.” Ning Cheng said without hesitation, since he had met them, he would definitely have to finish off these Yixing Sea guys.

Yang Hong Hou was waiting for these words from Ning Cheng, once Ning Cheng agreed, he controlled the warship and rushed straight towards the battlefield.

The top-grade black and silver warship was so swift that it had already rushed to the outskirts of the battlefield, and it was only then that the mingling army of cultivators became aware of it. Yang Hong Hou did not wait for these cultivator soldiers to react, the spirit stone cannon had already blasted out with a choking white light.

“Boom boom boom boom ……” Yang Hong Hou blasted out several cannons in quick succession, the white light exploded into a wild whirlpool of spirit sources, directly engulfing one or two thousand Yixing Sea cultivators.

After several cannons were blasted out, the black and silver warship only then arrived close, Ning Cheng had long ago sacrificed his golden giant axe, and an axe pattern split out. Before the spirit stone frenzy had completely subsided, a twisted golden axe cracked out of thin air. Countless Yixing Sea cultivators who were under the killing intent of the golden axe stripe were instantly killed in seconds.

The originally stagnant battlefield stirred up, those low-level sea ships and low-level warships flying in the air were in a mess. This chaos soon turned into a one-sided trend, with the Hua Continent cultivators’ side understanding that someone was coming to support them, while the Yixing Sea cultivators’ side simply collapsed and fell back.

The scale of this battlefield was far from being comparable to the one Ning Cheng had participated in before, and the combined numbers of both sides were less than ten thousand. Ning Cheng only had a few axe patterns, and with the power of the Spirit Stone Cannon, the battlefield was controlled by the Hua Continent Cultivator Army’s side in a short period of time.

“It was gone before we could get over it, these Yixing Sea guys are really unbeatable.” Yang Hong Hou said with some displeasure.

Ning Cheng laughed, “There’s a XuanDan cultivator here, if there wasn’t also a XuanDan cultivator blocking this side of the Hua Continent, maybe that guy would have already come over, you control the warship, I’ll go over and give him a hand.”

Ning Cheng’s divine sense had already seen the two XuanDan cultivators fighting in the distance, he was here to kill a great deal and those two XuanDan cultivators had both seen it. It was just that the XuanDan cultivator on the Hua Continent’s side had an even greater aura because of Ning Cheng’s help, while the XuanDan cultivator from the Yixing Sea wanted to come over to support him, but he was entangled by the XuanDan cultivator from the Hua Continent and could not get away for a while.”

When that XuanDan cultivator from the Yixing Sea saw Ning Cheng’s top-cla*s Black Silver Warship coming over, he no longer dared to pester it, and he immediately tried to escape.

Ning Cheng had no intention of letting him get away, if it was him alone, he wouldn’t dare to stop a XuanDan cultivator. Now since there was a XuanDan cultivator helping out, he could stop the other party with a single blast from the side.

After approaching this Yixing Sea XuanDan cultivator, Ning Cheng barely gave it any thought before he rushed out of the warship and sacrificed his golden giant axe. He raised his hand in a whirlwind move, and the powerful axe shadow killing intent swept up the killing momentum around him, directly sealing the XuanDan cultivator’s retreat.

The XuanDan cultivator fighting this Yixing Sea cultivator instantly understood Ning Cheng’s thoughts, and even more so, he used all his true energy to offer up his greatest killing move. The circular wheel in his hand brought up dozens of circles, sealing the other side of this Yixing Sea cultivator.

This Yixinghai XuanDan cultivator was originally panicking in his heart, but then he saw that Ning Cheng was only a cultivator with the cultivation level of Zhuyuan, so he chose to rush towards Ning Cheng’s side without any hesitation, and at the same time, he sacrificed his own magic treasure.

“Boom ……” The whirlwind killing intent caused by the golden giant axe and this XuanDan cultivator’s magic treasure blasted together, and Ning Cheng was directly blasted backwards.

Luckily, Ning Cheng knew that he was no match for his opponent and had already prepared to retreat backwards when he struck. Although he was blown far away this time, he was only slightly injured.

This XuanDan cultivator of the Yixing Sea, however, was a*saulted by the powerful Swirling Fury Axe killing intent and retreated several steps backwards at the same time. While he was still secretly shocked in his heart that Ning Cheng, a Yuan Building cultivator, had such a powerful true essence and had mastered such a powerful axe intent, he forgot that there was another XuanDan cultivator behind him.

Dozens of wheel circles directly swept this retreating XuanDan cultivator of the Yixing Sea within them, and a mist of blood spilled out as a XuanDan cultivator was thus killed by Ning Cheng and another XuanDan cultivator working together.

The XuanDan cultivator skillfully put away the rings and came to Ning Cheng’s black and silver warship and cupped his fist and said, “Man Jean of the Huazhou Meteorite Academy has met Shao Du Zhuo, thank you for saving him in time.”

Man Jean was not exactly from the Cultivator Army, he was from the Meteorite Academy. But when the Yixing Sea Cultivator Army invaded Huazhou, he would participate and be the leader. So even though he wasn’t considered to be in the Huazhou army, he still held the military rank of a four-star Grand Marquis.

However, Man Jean’s cultivation level was higher than Ning Cheng’s, and he clasped his fist in gratitude to Ning Cheng, mainly because Ning Cheng had come to his aid. As for the military rank being one rank lower than Ning Cheng, this was not some military camp, he did not care. He just wondered in his heart that Ning Cheng was already a five-star young capital at such a young age.