Creation Gate Chapter 167

“Boom ……” A violent shaking sound came from Ning Cheng, and he felt the ground beneath his feet tremble. This natural formation seemed to have been destroyed, allowing his divine sense to suddenly penetrate out of this underground rock hall. When he saw the scene, he was so shocked that he could not utter a single word.

A great battle, it was a real great battle, with densely packed demonic beasts and cultivators fighting together. As soon as Ning Cheng took a look, he knew that the Great War of the Yixing Sea had broken out once again, and this time, it had reached the Inner Sea.

One side of the battle was a combination of demonic beasts and cultivators, the clothes of these cultivators were different from the clothing of the cultivators on this side of the Jia Continent continent, they should be cultivators from the Yixing Sea, the other side was unified with the uniform of the Jia Continent cultivators.

The two sides mingled together and countless cultivators were killed every moment. Those with higher cultivation levels were controlling this airship magic treasure to fight with the other side, while those with lower cultivation levels were fighting physically on the warship.

“Boom ……” After a terrifying cannon shot, a sizzling fire light fell among the army of Jiazhou cultivators, who immediately fell in a large area.

A few cannonballs landed on the isolated island where Ning Cheng was, instantly causing some upside down stalagmites to crack and fall down. Only then did Ning Cheng remember his Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze, and he hurriedly focused his attention on the Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze.

When Ning Cheng saw that the Double-leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze had already collected a faint golden haze, he was immediately overjoyed, he knew that the Double-leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze had fully matured. At this moment, Ning Cheng was no longer in the mood to watch this tragic battle, and the first thing he did was to carefully collect these two pieces of Double-leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze that were suspended above the pool. He then used a large jade box to put the two pieces of Double-leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze into the jade box, and only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

A rush of footsteps came, and Ning Cheng knew that the two sides of the battle had already fought their way to the top of this isolated island. This natural killing formation that he was in had also been completely destroyed. No matter how powerful this natural killing formation was, it was no match for this kind of powerful spirit stone cannonball and expert cultivator’s bombardment.

The one who rushed in was a soldier dressed in the Jiazhou Cultivator Army, he was bloodied and badly wounded, and behind him were two other Yixinghai cultivators chasing him.

Ning Cheng was immediately about to go forward to help this soldier of the Jia Continent Cultivators when the Yixing Sea cultivator suddenly raised his hand and shot out a red aura. This Jia Continent cultivator soldier fell down a few metres away from the rock hall and was instantly killed.

The two Yixing Sea cultivators who came after him also saw Ning Cheng and did not hesitate to rush in to continue blasting Ning Cheng.

These were only two early stage True Condensation cultivators, Ning Cheng raised his hand and blasted out two axe fists, these two Yixing Sea cultivators were not even able to fight back under Ning Cheng’s axe fists and were blown away by Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng looked at the increasing number of cultivation soldiers from both sides of the island, there were also many cultivators of the Xuanzhu Yuan fighting in the air, there were even cultivators above the Xuanzhu Yuan, he knew that he had to be on one of the sides, otherwise he wouldn’t know what happened if he was killed.

Ning Cheng took off the cultivator uniform of this Jiazhou soldier as quickly as he could and put it on his own body. Then he burnt the bodies of the two Yixinghai cultivators and dug a pit for this Jiazhou cultivator-soldier to bury.

He saw a dagger on the waist of this Jia Continent cultivator soldier, and on the dagger were the words ‘Yixing Camp Zhuo Yi’ engraved. Ning Cheng did not touch this dagger and buried it with this Xiu soldier.

Whether or not these Cultivation Soldiers had joined the army because of their cultivation resources, it was an indisputable fact that without them, the Demonic Beasts and Yixing Sea Cultivators would have occupied the Nine Continents a long time ago. Ning Cheng still admired these cultivation soldiers.

What’s more, he had already seen the tragic battle situation, and the chances of not falling in such a battle situation were really not great.

Seeing that more people were about to flock this way, Ning Cheng hurriedly rushed out of this rock hall and turned back with a few more axe punches, completely burying the pa*sageway of this rock hall, before carefully drilling out from the mouth of the rocky beach. With another fist, he blasted this rocky beach opening into pieces.

When he reached the outside, the sound of countless magic treasures booming and spells exploding was even clearer, interspersed with the bombardment of spirit stone cannons, making Ning Cheng realise how tragic this kind of cultivator battle was. He had seen many war movies, and these war movies were no match for the bloody and horrific scenes in front of him.

Ning Cheng did not go out immediately, he did not belong to any side and although he was wearing the Jia Continent cultivator uniform, no one recognised who he was.

Ning Cheng leaned against a recessed boulder and looked at his cultivator uniform, on the left shoulder of his cultivator uniform was an orange shoulder plate with two stars on it, it read Ensign Zhuo Yi.

“Boom boom ……” More intense explosions smashed some debris onto Ning Cheng, who noticed that there were more and more cultivator armies on this island, densely packed.

His divine sense swept out and saw that this area of sea was filled with battles that stretched for hundreds of miles. Ning Cheng was secretly shocked in his heart, he reckoned that this was a great battle.

This place could not stay any longer, he had to leave immediately.

Ning Cheng stood up, ready to kill his way out and find a safer place, when he found two more cultivator soldiers fighting and rushing over to this side. These were only two Qi gathering cultivators, Ning Cheng took out a flying sword and raised his hand to directly cut that Yixing Sea cultivator in half.

The Jiazhou cultivator soldier gratefully bowed to Ning Cheng and said, “Yang Hong Hou of the Yixing Sea Cultivation Camp thanks Lieutenant Zhuo for saving him.”

Ning Cheng did not understand the etiquette inside this cultivator’s military camp, so he waved his hand and said, “Don’t be polite on the battlefield, we are all fellow soldiers.”

The shoulder plate of the man he had saved, Yang Hong Hou, was red in colour and had only one star, so he was probably one rank lower than him. He was eager to ask this Yang Hong Hou what was going on, but did not know how to do so without revealing himself.

“The Yifei battalion is almost completely wiped out, Yang Hong Hou is willing to follow Ensign Zhuo’s orders ……” Seeing Ning Cheng did not speak for a long time, this one star cultivation soldier had to say again.

Ning Cheng had to say with a hmph, “Our Yixing Battalion was also almost completely wiped out, this time it was really too pa*sive ……”

Ning Cheng was guessing, he reckoned that if the Jia Continent Cultivator Army hadn’t been pa*sive, people wouldn’t have casually hit this inner sea of the Yixing Sea.

Yang Hong Hou nodded approvingly and said, “Ensign Zhuo is right, this time the Pu Bu Sea Island was attacked secretly, our side suffered heavy casualties, even more so than the great battle a hundred years ago.”

So it was a sneak attack, Ning Cheng looked at the Yixing Sea cultivator army and the demonic beasts that had gained the upper hand on the battlefield across the board, and said after a moment of contemplation, “I believe that Fuzhou and Zhongzhou will have troops coming to support us, our first priority is to retreat out first.”

Yang Hong Hou shook his head and said, “Ensign Zhuo, I reckon there is no one coming to support us. This attack is not just on our Jiazhou, the rest of the continents should have been attacked at the same time.”

Ning Cheng’s heart was shocked, being attacked at the same time? He even had to hurry back to the Hua Continent. What if the cultivators and demonic beasts from the Yixing Sea hit the Hua Continent?

The cultivator army of Jia Continent was forced to come to Ning Cheng’s island, and as the army of demonic beasts and cultivators from the Yixing Sea became more and more numerous, the Jia Continent army on the island became smaller and smaller.

Yang Hong Hou, however, did not know what Ning Cheng was thinking, his eyes were now red with anxiety, when he had first joined the cultivator army, he had indeed done so for the sake of cultivation. But after all these years of experience, he had already had his own sect’s view of the Cultivator Army. At this time, seeing his companions constantly being killed, how could he still hold back.

However, the Jia Continent Cultivator Army was highly disciplined, he had already said that he would listen to Ning Cheng’s orders, and now that Ning Cheng had not said anything, he did not dare to rush to kill on his own.

“You follow behind me.” Ning Cheng said and also charged out, while the Golden Giant Axe had already been sacrificed by him. It was a pity for him to have the spear, otherwise, if he had executed a spear technique like the Thirty Six Spears of Xuan Bing at this time, it would have definitely swept a large area.

Seeing Ning Cheng rushing out, Yang Hong Hou hurriedly gripped his thick-backed long sword and followed him.

As soon as Ning Cheng came out, many Yixing Sea cultivators and demonic beasts immediately surrounded him, and the golden axe in Ning Cheng’s hand blasted out, bringing up a golden axe shadow in the sky.

A tearing and distorted axe shadow suddenly appeared in the air, this distorted axe mark became clearer and clearer, around the clear distorted axe mark slowly appeared dense and fine cracks, these fine lines instantly cracked in the air, the roaming golden axe shadow was the result of these fine lines cracking out.

This was Ning Cheng’s Angry Axe Third Form, the Axe Ripple. This was the first time Ning Cheng had truly performed this move after he had comprehended the Axe Ripple killing intent. Moreover, he was facing these cultivators whose cultivation levels were far inferior to his, as well as some low-level demonic beasts.

The cultivators and demonic beasts that rushed onto the island at this time were all low-level cultivators, with the highest cultivation level being less than Zhuyuan. As for those above the cultivation level of Zhuyuan, they were all fighting alone in the air, and no one would fight with these low-level cultivators.

The axe pattern with a light golden colour cracked in the air, and a strong killing machine swept down, hundreds of Yixinghai cultivation soldiers cracked under this terrifying axe pattern in an instant.

These low-level cultivators were barely able to resist under the killing intent of the axe pattern, and once it pa*sed, blood and mist flew across this part of the sky where the axe pattern cracked, and countless low-level cultivators and demonic beasts fell one after another.

Ning Cheng was like mowing gra*s, taking out all the Yixing Sea cultivators that came up with a single axe. Yang Hong Hou stared dumbfounded at Ning Cheng’s terrifying axe strike and did not come back to his senses for a long time, what kind of an ensign was this? He had been inside the Cultivator Army for several years. How come he had never heard of such a strong ensign?

Just as he was still dazed, Ning Cheng’s voice had already come, “Yang Hong Hou, hurry up and collect the spoils of war, as well as gather the scattered soldiers on our side.”

“Yes, Ensign.” Yang Hong Hou respectfully replied loudly and hurriedly did as Ning Cheng instructed. With Ning Cheng, the lieutenant, in front of him, he did not have to fight at all.

Looking at the might of his axe, Ning Cheng was secretly shocked in his heart, this axe pattern was too powerful. With the example of this axe in front of him, Ning Cheng even charged directly towards the places where there were many Yixing Sea cultivators, while continuously slashing out the golden axe pattern.

Ning Cheng killed the golden axe pattern all the way through, and a pale golden trail soon formed behind him.