Creation Gate Chapter 166

The rock hall is pitted and the surrounding stone walls are not half as regular, with some huge sharp stalagmites hanging down upside down, making one suspect that these stalagmites may smash on the head at any time.

In the middle of the rock temple, there is a round pool. And this irregular rock hall, and this rock hall upside down irregular stalagmites different is that this pool round incomparable. This roundness, as if drawn with the most standard circle drawing tool.

In the middle of the pool suspended in the void a pair of milky white leaves, this pair of leaves by the pool of fog top, as if growing out of the pool in general, the middle of the leaves also emitted a faint golden haze.

The stalagmite right above the pool drips some milky white stalagmite liquid from time to time, and all of this stalagmite liquid falls into the pool.

This is the double-leaf heavenly cloud haze? Ning Cheng almost called out, he knew this thing. It can be said that he got so many things in the Angry Axe Valley, but not necessarily as precious as these two leaves.

Double-leaved Heavenly Cloud Haze is not a spiritual medicine, strictly speaking, it is considered a refining material, but it can’t be completely considered a refining material. Because the double-leaf heavenly cloud haze can refine flying magic treasures, flying magic treasures refined with double-leaf heavenly cloud haze are absolutely priceless.

But no one would be foolish to use the double-leaf heavenly cloud haze to refine flying magic treasures, double-leaf heavenly cloud haze is a more important feature is that it can be refined into two wings.

After a cultivator gets a mature double-leaf heavenly cloud haze, he can refine it and conceal it on his back. In this way, at any time can stimulate the back of the sky cloud wings to fly, as if a pair of wings were born general.

Flying with a sword and flying with ordinary magic treasures are simply weak compared to the Double-leaf Sky Cloud Haze.

The three gazes that shot over sobered Ning Cheng from this elation, there were other people here.

Ning Cheng’s gaze swept this rock hall, the five people who came in just now already had two people fallen to the ground, Ning Cheng’s divine sense swept over and already knew that these two people had no breath long ago. At the same time, from these two people’s wounds, Ning Cheng could also tell that these two people should have been caused by a sneak attack by their companions.

The remaining three were none other than the long-haired cultivator and Zhuang Ya. There was also one person who was the short and fat cultivator who was very upset with Ning Cheng. At this moment, each of the three stood to one side, wary of each other, and no one went to grab the Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze first. Now Ning Cheng’s entry immediately broke the stalemate. The three people together looked at Ning Cheng.

“How were you able to come here?” The long-haired cultivator stared at Ning Cheng and asked in a cold voice, while his divine thoughts were already sweeping over Ning Cheng’s body.

The short fat cultivator gave a heave laugh and said, “This guy is very resourceful, he should have seen that cave entrance just now and followed it in ……”

Speaking of the back of this short fat cultivator with a smile on his face has slowly gone, he also felt that something was wrong. If Ning Cheng is an ordinary person, this journey has seen so many corpses, how he still dare to come in?

Zhuang Ya did not say anything, but only fixed his gaze on Ning Cheng, and the three of them swept their divine thoughts around Ning Cheng at the same time. But still could not see Ning Cheng’s cultivation.

“You go and pick those two leaves off ……” The short fat cultivator looked for half a day and found that Ning Cheng was really just an ordinary cultivator, he frowned suspiciously and tried a question.

The long-haired cultivator’s wary eyes gradually let go, he was confident that he had already seen Ning Cheng’s cultivation level, Ning Cheng had concealed his cultivation level. It was just a late stage Qi gathering cultivator.

When he noticed that Zhuang Ya and the short fat cultivator were both watching Ning Cheng, he suddenly transmitted a voice to the two and said, “This person should not be an ordinary person, we will sneak attack together later.”

“Good ……” Zhuang Ya immediately shot out a dark light after saying the word good, and the dark light directly pounced on Ning Cheng.

The long-haired cultivator also made his move at the same time, but the object of his move was Zhuang Ya.

“Boom ……”

An explosion of true essence resounded in the rock hall. The long-haired cultivator and Zhuang Ya’s magic treasure blasted together. The long-haired cultivator did not expect that Zhuang Ya had not only made a move against Ning Cheng, but also against him.

Zhuang Ya’s true essence was not good because she attacked Ning Cheng and the long-haired cultivator at the same time, and she was directly blasted by the long-haired cultivator and fell back several steps, not waiting for her to recover. Several rays of light shot out by the short fat cultivator had already hit Zhuang Ya’s body as much as possible.

Zhuang Ya looked back at the short fat cultivator in disbelief, “Guang Yu Chong why are you doing it to me?”

The short fat monk said without expression, “You are going to kill my brother, how can I not do it to you?”

“Pang Yuzhe, he is your brother?” Zhuang Ya stared at the long-haired cultivator seemingly in total disbelief at the outcome.

But she didn’t even need the long-haired cultivator to answer. Already knew that this short fat cultivator was telling the truth, Pang Yuzhe, Guang Yu Chong, what else did this need to be explained?

Guang Yu Chong simply ignored Zhuang Ya who was attacked by him secretly, still staring at Ning Cheng with slanted eyes and said, “Kid, you didn’t hear what I said just now? Hurry up and go over.”

He also vaguely saw that Ning Cheng seemed to have only Qi gathering cultivation, besides, how could an expert sleep in a bunk every day and become a crew member rowing a boat?

Ning Cheng said in a light voice, “This pair of double-leaved heavenly cloud haze is not fully ripe, it is a waste to collect it at this time, wait for some time, or you can pick it and refine it.”

As soon as Ning Cheng’s words came out, the three people simultaneously stared at Ning Cheng, even Zhuang Ya who was seriously injured and about to fall looked at Ning Cheng in disbelief.

“You know the Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze? Who are you? Did you intentionally follow us here?” The short fat cultivator asked again word by word.

“He should be a Qi gathering cultivator, it’s not unusual for him to know Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze.” The long-haired cultivator spoke calmly.

Hearing these words, the short fat cultivator could no longer hold back and directly lunged at Ning Cheng and blasted out with his fist, but said under his breath, “Then give me hell.”

Ning Cheng stood without moving, raised his hand and casually blasted out a fist, “the powerful axe intent directly disintegrated the aura of the fat cultivator in the air cleanly, and the axe intent fist shadow did not stagnate half a minute because of this. Completely blasted on the fatty cultivator, blood mist exploded, the fatty cultivator did not even grunt, directly by Ning Cheng a fist to kill.

This scene made the long-haired cultivator completely dumbfounded, where is this Qi gathering cultivator? Even a Yuan building cultivator may not be able to blast a ninth level cultivator into a bloody mist with one punch.

“Senior, spare ……”

Before this long-haired cultivator could finish a sentence begging for mercy, he was once again blasted by Ning Cheng with a single punch.

Zhuang Ya stared blankly at Ning Cheng, only then did she understand how powerful an existence Ning Cheng was, this kind of cultivation was definitely above the peak of Zhuyuan.

She saw Ning Cheng’s gaze swept towards her, the corner of her mouth so a rueful smile, “Many thanks to senior for helping me to take revenge first ……”

After saying that her true essence forcibly ripped her meridians and dantian, and instantly fell.

To these few people died, Ning Cheng is not half sympathy.

After a few flames burned the corpses, Ning Cheng began to tangle, double-leaf heavenly cloud haze is not yet ripe, should he pick it to take away?

The double-leaved heavenly cloud haze has a specific growth environment, is born and grown spirit, once removed, can not continue to grow.

Ning Cheng thought about it again and again and decided to stay here and wait for the Double-leaf Sky Cloud Haze to ripen, this kind of opportunity or he could not meet in his lifetime. If he just casually got rid of the unripe Double-leaf Sky Cloud Haze, he would be too reluctant.

What’s more, he also saw in the canonical text that the double-leafed heavenly cloud haze is refined after maturity, and there is room for advancement.


An incense stick later, Ning Cheng cleared all the traces outside and returned here again. He believed that after staying here and waiting for the Double Leaf Heavenly Cloud Haze to ripen, he could find the Pueblo Sea Island by himself, even a little faster than the time inside the big ship.

The richer the spiritual energy needed for the growth of the Double-leaf Sky Cloud Haze, the better, Ning Cheng threw out tens of thousands of top grade spiritual stones in the pool and set up another spirit gathering formation. After observing for half a day, Ning Cheng found that through this method the Double-leaf Sky Cloud Haze still did not absorb spiritual energy fast enough.

He remembered the scene when he was cultivating, when he was cultivating in the Angry Axe Valley, all those spirit stones were turned into aura mist by him. Or this kind of foggy aura is more suitable for the growth of Double-leaf Sky Cloud Haze.

Ning Cheng thought of this and immediately took out 500,000 to 600,000 top grade spirit stones and spread them all over the rock hall. On that ship he didn’t dare to make big movements to cultivate, here he didn’t have such scruples.

As Ning Cheng entered the cultivation state, this rock hall soon formed a fog, Ning Cheng and the things inside the rock hall were surrounded by this spiritual fog. Ning Cheng also gradually put the double-leaf heavenly cloud haze aside and wholeheartedly immersed himself in cultivation.

The double-leaf heavenly cloud haze in the midst of the dense spiritual fog, the golden haze emitted more and more bright, but these Ning Cheng completely did not notice.

The dense spiritual fog was absorbed by Ning Cheng without a trace left, transformed into his true essence, and then impacted his meridians and nodes, Ning Cheng’s cultivation in this unconscious progress and improvement.

Originally Ning Cheng only intended to cultivate for half a month and then leave, but after he cultivated for almost a month, he was still once in this crazy absorption of spiritual qi cultivation. And he was already at the late stage of the third level of Yuan building, as his cultivation level increased, his speed of absorbing spiritual qi followed faster and faster.

The double-leafed heavenly cloud haze has long matured under the urging of the spirit mist, and the faint haze has even hidden, Ning Cheng still does not realize.

Another half month pa*sed, when Ning Cheng felt his cultivation level reached a critical point again, he even opened all his nodes to absorb spiritual qi.

Countless spirit stones were turned into powder under Ning Cheng’s cultivation, and when Ning Cheng felt a tremor in his sea of consciousness, after a slight crunching sound, he opened his eyes violently.

The bubbling true essence had formed a substance, flowing in the wide meridians, and the divine sense swept out again, the surrounding was even clearer.

A booming vibration sound came faintly, Ning Cheng did not care at all, he stood up joyfully and said to himself, “Already in the middle stage of Yuan building, even those geniuses cultivation speed is just like this.”

At this time the booming sound is getting louder and louder, but also with a harsh and incomparable killing sound, Ning Cheng finally felt that something was wrong, this sound is not the original sound on this desert island.