Creation Gate Chapter 162

As he watched this woman leave, Ning Cheng secretly said in his heart, “What a tough woman, you can’t tell from her appearance at all. This Meng Jingxiu had won the lottery for having such an old mother.

Ning Cheng ignored the woman who had left and continued to check on the purple-skirted woman. However, he could tell that this woman’s cultivation level was definitely higher than Sikong Kai’s, and not just a little or two points higher.


The middle-aged beauty woman soon caught up with Meng Jingxiu, and when she saw her old mother chasing her, Meng Jingxiu stopped continuing her escape and just kept crying. The old mother is also too ashamed of her, how can she talk like this.

Seeing that her daughter was only crying and not saying anything, the middle-aged beauty had to say, “I just don’t feel at ease with you, I was going to go back to Hwachow and bring you here. You know, I couldn’t let go of your old man again. You also came here with that boy and know that men can’t do without a woman by their side ……”

Speaking here, the middle-aged beautiful woman thought of Ning Cheng and the purple-skirted woman again, and with a turn of phrase she said with hatred again, “Xiu Xiu, don’t worry, mother has already warned that brat, if he dares to step on two boats, mother will cut off his little bird.”

When Meng Jingxiu heard that her mother was going to talk like this, she cried even harder. How could she have such an old mother?

When the middle-aged beauty saw that her daughter had just met her and was crying non-stop, she also panicked.

“I’ve said it all, Senior Brother Xiao Cheng and I are just fellow senior siblings, there’s no relationship at all. You must say this to force me to die ……” Luckily, Meng Jingxiu still knew what kind of temperament her old mother had, and explained while crying.

The middle-aged beauty woman secretly sighed in her heart, that expression on her daughter’s face before she was confident she hadn’t misread it. But since her daughter said so, she couldn’t afford to continue to kill back, so she had to say, “In that case, then you come with me, do you want to go say hello to that little city senior brother of yours?”

Meng Jingxiu cried as she said, “How can I have the face to go and meet Senior Brother Xiao Cheng, I. I …… Oooh ……”

Seeing this, the middle-aged beauty had to take her daughter, sacrifice an airship and leave from this town in an instant.


Meng Jingxiu’s old lady went after her. Ning Cheng was not worried at all, even if this old mother of Meng Jingxiu’s was extremely good, she was still her mother.

When she saw Ning Cheng’s hand on her chest, she screamed and immediately tried to slash Ning Cheng with her flying sword. Unfortunately, her divine sense could not be used yet, so she had no way to sacrifice her flying sword.

“You’re awake, that’s best ……” Ning Cheng smiled awkwardly and hurriedly took his hand off this purple-skirted woman’s chest.

“You. You ……” The purple-skirted woman was so furious that she couldn’t even utter a complete sentence. After you half a day, she finally spat out a sentence, “You are shameless, shameless, beast ……”

Ning Cheng’s face sank. This woman didn’t even know what the situation was, she opened her mouth and cursed, she almost gave away her little life to save her. He didn’t expect this woman to thank him either, was the superiority of a larger sect so good?

“Who’s shameless? Look at you, you still have a trifle of a human face, why are you talking like a fart?” Ning Cheng did not hesitate to retort. He was not Mr. Nice Guy. This purple-skirted woman had nothing to do with him, on the contrary, he had even saved her.

“You, you just shamelessly touched me ……” The words after this, the purple-skirted woman really could not say. But completely unaware of this said half, even more people misunderstand.

Ning Cheng cut a sound. “Touch you? You’re good at touching? I even said that you touched my hand with your breast.”

With these words, Ning Cheng himself felt a little shameless. However, this woman opened her mouth to scold his benefactor, and he was very upset in his heart.

“You ……” The purple-skirted woman’s face turned red with anger this time, and the blood in her body flowed faster.

Ning Cheng knew that he could not continue, this woman was completely indiscriminate. Only someone who was used to thinking they were right would be like this. People in general would ask a question about why they were here.

“Now that you’ve woken up, I’m going to ask you ……”

Before Ning Cheng could ask Yue Ying and the others to come down, the already broken room was once again kicked open by someone.

A Daoist nun with a face full of anger rushed in, this Daoist nun was surrounded by a murderous aura and was close to choosing someone to devour.

“Master, save me ……,” the purple-skirted woman cried out as soon as she saw this Daoist nun.

Ning Cheng hurriedly explained, “Ex ……”

Just as he said just one word, the Buddhist dust in this Daoist nun’s hand had already blasted at Ning Cheng. This one obviously did not use full strength, but went straight for Ning Cheng’s dantian.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, he did not think that this Daoist nun did not want to kill him, this person wanted to destroy his dantian first and then slowly concoct it.

These people all relied on the fact that their cultivation level was a little higher, they simply did not listen to people’s explanations. When his dantian was destroyed, what the hell was he going to explain? Even if this Daoist nun knew that he had been wronged, at most she would only give an oh, she would definitely not help him to restore his dantian, not to mention that this Daoist nun could not do so either. Ning Cheng had seen through these people.

Ning Cheng forcibly sacrificed his spear, instantly transforming into the Thirty Six Xuan Bing Spears, while his body struggled to move a little.

Before the thirty Xuan Ice spear arrows had finished taking shape under this Daoist nun’s Buddha Dust, they were directly blasted away by this Daoist nun, and the remnant spear in his hand was also directly slapped away by this Buddha Dust. The Buddha dust only stalled for half a breath before it blasted directly at Ning Cheng’s chest.

Ning Cheng spurted out a mouthful of blood furiously and crashed through the roof of the room.

The roof was not knocked off by himself, it was blasted out by the powerful force of this Daoist Nun’s Buddha Dust. Ning Cheng felt as if his internal organs were going to shatter, and this body didn’t even belong to him anymore.

Ning Cheng knew that he had not recovered from his previous injuries and had suffered even more serious injuries this time. This Daoist nun’s cultivation level was definitely higher than Meng Jingxiu’s old mother’s cultivation level, so how could he dare to continue explaining to this Daoist nun, and without hesitation, he took out that Grade 8 Blood Transporting Talisman. At this moment, his whole body was covered in blood, and the transport talisman did not even need him to use blood to inspire it, just as soon as he took it out, it was instantly inspired.

A red light flashed, and Ning Cheng had disappeared without a trace at this moment.

“Hehe, to have such an advanced Transporting Talisman, it’s kind of cheap for you.” The Daoist Nun found that Ning Cheng had all but disappeared, and only then did she return to the room with some reluctance.


Wrapped away by the Blood Transporting Talisman, Ning Cheng found himself completely devoid of any consciousness. His divine sense could not even release half of it, and his entire being was in a chaotic state.

It was not known how long it took before Ning Cheng was flung down by a great force and fell with a ‘thud’ onto the edge of an ancient path.

Ning Cheng climbed up with difficulty, feeling a little sad in his heart. This was what happened when one did not have strength, no matter if he had sense or not. These cultivators who thought they were above him would not even give him the chance to explain. If he hadn’t gotten a Blood Transporting Talisman, he would have already died, which reminded Ning Cheng of the story of the farmer and the snake. He was that miserable farmer, and it was a pity that he had used up this Blood Transporting Talisman that had just arrived before it was warm.

Ning Cheng sat in the same spot for most of an hour before he stood up trembling, his injuries were adding insult to injury. This made him more and more desperate to learn how to refine pills and improve his cultivation level.

There was a pile of spirit herbs inside his storage ring, but now they could not be turned into pills. Likewise there was a pile of spirit stones, which now had no way to turn into cultivation.

Ning Cheng checked his injuries, his five organs were traumatised, fortunately he had avoided his dantian in time, as well as that Daoist nun who only intended to shatter his dantian first before slowly concocting it. Otherwise, even if he had the Blood Transporting Talisman, he would not have had the life to use it.

Carefully, he took out the Violet Heavenly Glazed Marrow and took a sip, the Violet Heavenly Glazed Marrow was for repairing his meridians, Ning Cheng really had no more pills, so he used this precious thing to repair his five organs a little.

After drinking the Violet Heavenly Glazed Marrow, the burning sensation in his five organs gradually dissipated, and although the true essence was still unable to gather, Ning Cheng knew that his injuries were once again slowly starting to heal. The Xuanhuang Origin was really too heavenly, and it looked like as long as he didn’t die and was given a certain amount of time, he would be able to repair his injuries.

Ning Cheng stood alone on top of this ancient path, his heart even thinking about Luo Fei. The stunning beauty of the purple-skirted woman had shocked him, and he would be lying to himself if he said that he would not be moved at all by such a beautiful woman. But after experiencing this incident, he realised that only Consort Luo would believe in him unconditionally, and only Consort Luo would sit down and give him the chance to explain.

Even if Consort Luo saw what he had done, she would definitely wait for him to slowly explain it to her.

“I must hurry up and return to the Continent of Transformation.” Ning Cheng clenched his fist and secretly thought to himself.

A beast carriage with heavy wheel sounds came from far and near, Ning Cheng stood by the roadside, and not too long after, this beast carriage had stopped beside Ning Cheng.

The driver of the cart was an old man in his fifties, his skin was tanned by the sun and he knew from a glance that he had been out driving carts for many years.

“Does this little brother need any help?” This old man saw Ning Cheng standing by the roadside covered in blood and asked cautiously.

When Ning Cheng saw the worried expression in this old man’s eyes, he hurriedly said, “Thank you, old man, I met a road thief because I was with a merchant group. Although I escaped, I was injured and now I am also lost, I wonder if old uncle knows about Long Mill City and Xihai City?”

Hearing Ning Cheng say that he was from a merchant group and that he had met a road thief, the old man driving the cart’s eyes visibly relaxed. He was sure that Ning Cheng was not a cultivator, and a cultivator should not follow a caravan.

“Long Mill City is very far from here, that is, Xihai City is also very far away. My youngest son and I are sending the Bright Light Stones to Taiwan Sea Town, where there are merchant ships going out to sea, and our Bright Light Stones are for the merchant ships. If little brother wants to go to Taiwanhai Town, he can join us.” The old man said with great enthusiasm.

At this moment, a black-skinned young man, in his twenties, looked very shy, jumped down from inside the rear carriage.

Ning Cheng hurriedly clasped his fist and said, “My name is Ning Xiaocheng, I’ve heard of Taiwan Sea Town. The caravan has dispersed, so I will go to Taiwan Sea Town as well.”

As Ning Cheng spoke, he had already seen that the back carriage was indeed filled with many bright light stones, bright light stones were not considered to be any kind of material, they could merely shine. It looked like the father and son had dug them out and were going to send them to Taiwanhai Town to sell to the merchants.