Creation Gate Chapter 159

The inside of the tomb had been built with a stone staircase going down diagonally, Ning Cheng’s divine sense did not dare to sweep too far and only checked within a ten metre range. This stone staircase going down was definitely more than ten meters, so Ning Cheng did not continue to check further, he had to be careful in front of the Xuan Liquid Realm cultivators.

Ning Cheng’s divine sense carefully checked the stone stairs several times and found that they were extremely old and it was estimated that they were not built by that Xuan Liquid cultivator. It was likely that this Xuan Liquid cultivator had found this place and then found it to be a good place and had stayed.

Ning Cheng set up a trapping formation that had not been activated at the exit of this tombstone, before he carefully and slowly moved down the stairs. He did not dare to activate this trapping formation yet, so that if he could not beat him and escape later, he could activate the trapping formation to stop his opponent for a while.

The stone staircase was very long, and the further down it went, the more humid and gloomy it became. Ning Cheng really could not figure out why a Xuan Liquid cultivator would choose such a place to cultivate. What was so good about cultivating in such a place?

But as Ning Cheng went further down, he slowly understood why the other party wanted to cultivate here. Deep inside this damp tomb, there was actually an extremely dense spiritual aura. This aura carried a very evil aura, which gave Ning Cheng an indescribable twinge.

Meng Jingxiu also felt it, her cultivation level was too poor and she just followed behind Ning Cheng carefully.

The two walked extremely slowly, and it was only after an incense stick that Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu’s feet reached a flat place. It was a not-so-large stone house, and there was a furnace with flames burning in each of the four corners of the stone house.

There were clearly four flame-burning stoves in this stone house, but Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu felt a gloomy coldness. Even the flames. It was also incomparably gloomy and cold.

There was a corridor to the left and right of the stone house. Ning Cheng was thinking about which corridor he should take. The corridor on the right emitted a groaning sound. Ning Cheng gestured to Meng Jingxiu and the two of them carefully dodged into the corridor on the right. At the end of the corridor were two more stone huts, and the moaning sound was coming from one of the stone huts.

There was no door to the stone room, and the ban had not been put on either.

Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu hid by one of the pillars at the edge of the door on the left, and could clearly see the scene inside the stone room on the right.

As soon as Meng Jingxiu took a look at that scene, her face burnt red. Luckily, she knew what this place was and forcibly concealed her aura. It had to be said that Ning Cheng’s modified concealment technique was incomparable, whether it was the other party’s carelessness or not. At least up until now Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu had not been discovered.

In the stone house opposite, a man with unkempt clothes was pressing the green-dressed woman that Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu had just seen onto a wooden couch, shrugging desperately. The green-dressed woman’s clothes had long since been torn into pieces, and she was lying on the wooden couch moaning helplessly, not knowing whether it was pain or pain.

The woman with the veiled face from the Numinous Sect was being left at the foot of the wall, and it looked like the man didn’t have time to bother with her yet.

Ning Cheng had come from Earth and had seen some small movies, and the fact that this man was doing nothing half-hearted just made him despise it in his heart. This man’s cultivation level was very powerful. Ning Cheng estimated that this man was the one who swept out his divine sense at the beginning.

But Meng Jingxiu was different, she had never seen such a thing before. Just after looking at him for a while, she felt a little weak. At first, Ning Cheng did not care about Meng Jingxiu’s movement, as Meng Jingxiu was also considered to be a person who was out on her own, so even if she saw such a thing, she should not have been surprised. But now Meng Jingxiu’s blood flow speed increased, how could this be?

The other party, a Xuan Liquid cultivator, had not discovered Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu now, not because Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu’s cultivation was powerful, but because their concealment techniques were powerful. This, coupled with the fact that the two of them had the presence of mind, was the reason why they had not been discovered until now.

It could be said that Ning Cheng’s plan was already half complete, if Meng Jingxiu was discovered by this person at this time because of the accelerated blood flow or even because of the beating heart, it would be the end of the story.

Ning Cheng hurriedly grabbed Meng Jingxiu’s hand and carefully ran some true essence over to calm down her accelerated blood flow. At this time, he did not even dare to use the Clear God Duel.

Luckily, Meng Jingxiu was still aware of the seriousness of the matter and forced her spirit to stabilize, and with Ning Cheng’s help, her agitation also calmed down, and finally, she was once again completely hidden along with the surroundings.

Ning Cheng let out a breath, fortunately that Xuan Liquid cultivator was on a roll at the moment, otherwise it could have been a big deal.

Meng Jingxiu was wondering if Ning Cheng would make a move at this time, as this would be the best time to do so. In fact, Ning Cheng was also considering whether or not to make a move at this time, the scene in front of him was not in his calculations. But if he made his move at this time, then he could definitely make this Xuan Liquid cultivator seriously injured.

While Ning Cheng was still hesitating, an angry cold humming voice came from outside. When Ning Cheng heard this cold grunt, he immediately suppressed his hands’ **.

The man who was already nearing the end was also finished at this cold grunt, and he hurriedly got down from the green-skirted woman. Without waiting for him to speak, a woman in an aqua-coloured dress had already landed in the opposite room.

Ning Cheng’s heart was already sinking when he saw this woman in an aqua-coloured dress, and he did not dare to use his divine sense to scan this woman. But he was sure that this woman’s cultivation level was already at least Xuan Liquid cultivation level. If he dared to backstab one Xuan Liquid cultivator, then two Xuan Liquid cultivators, what he should be considering now was how he could get away.

“Sikong Kai you son of a b*tch, I’ve worked so hard for you, and you’re going behind my back to even screw a maidservant ……” The woman in the aqua dress sounded furious, and even raised her hand and slapped her twice.

The man who was called Sikong Kai awkwardly loled and said, “Jiao Jiao, I waited for you for half a day and you didn’t come back, this is not some miss you, so first ……”

“Bullsh*t ……” the woman named Jiao Jiao shouted angrily and raised her hand to split the green-skirted woman who was already sitting up and cowering and hiding to the side into two.

Sikong Kai’s face turned a little ugly, but he did not get angry, but only said, “Piao Piao, you have killed the man too, so you should be at peace now, right?”

“Sikong Kai you shameless thing, I killed today, tomorrow you find a few more over, this kind of b*tch I have killed more ……” the woman was still angry beyond measure.

Sikong Kai grunted, finally did not retort, he casually picked up the purple-skirted woman on the ground and threw her on the wooden couch and said, “I heard that this is a woman with extremely high quality spiritual roots, wait ……”

While speaking, Sikong Kai had already pulled the veil off the purple-skirted woman’s face. When he saw the appearance of the purple-skirted woman, he was frozen in place, completely forgetting what he was going to say later.

Not only was Sikong Kai frozen, but the woman called Piao Piao also stared blankly at the purple-skirted woman on the wooden couch. This woman was simply too beautiful, they were sure they had never seen such a beauty before.

A face so perfect that it was three times more beautiful than the fairies that came out of the landscape paintings. How beautiful would this woman be once she woke up and opened her eyes?

Ning Cheng, who was watching from afar, was also almost stunned, but fortunately he knew that he was in a dangerous situation and quickly got over it.

He had seen many beautiful women, his former girlfriend Tian Muwan, as well as An Yi and Yue Ying, and that Meng Yu Jing, were all extremely beautiful young girls. But Ning Cheng also thought that none of these beauties were as beautiful as this purple-skirted woman in front of him. He had felt beautiful when he saw this woman’s eyes before, and only now did he know what was stunning.

No wonder she had used a veil to cover her face, such a clear and beautiful face was simply a scourge to the nation.

“So beautiful ……” It was a while before Sikong Kai murmured a sentence to himself.

With a raised eyebrow, Piao Jiao had reached out and grabbed this purple-skirted woman, adding under her breath, “Since you just said give it to me first ……”

Sikong Kai hastily stopped in front, “No, I must get this woman, just this one, I promise to treat you later ……”

“Bullsh*t ……” Piao Piao scolded Sikong Kai for the second time angrily for bullsh*t, at the same time her hand raised, a flying sword had appeared in her hand, the next moment the flying sword had slashed at the neck of the purple dress woman with a sword light.

The next moment, the flying sword had already slashed at the purple-skirted woman’s neck with a sword light. “Dang,” a sound of impact rang out inside this underground chamber, and instantly echoed with a louder sound.

This was Sikong Kai using his own magic treasure to block Piao Piao’s strike, so he could see that the purple-skirted woman’s attraction to him was too great.

“Good, Sikong Kai, you even dared to make a move with the old mother, you, you ……” The woman called Piao Jiao was so furious that she actually turned around and rushed out of the stone house again, and soon disappeared.

Ning Cheng secretly sighed in relief, he knew that this woman had left the tomb room. He only hoped that during the time he and Sikong Kai were making their move, this woman would never return.

When this woman left, Sikong Kai did not care at all, his gaze once again fell on the purple-skirted woman, his eyes flashing with joy and sizzling light. At this moment, he only had the purple-skirted woman in his eyes. Ning Cheng patted Meng Jingxiu with his hand, gesturing for her to stay put for the time being, as he himself had carefully moved to the doorway of the opposite stone room.

To sneak attack, he had to get closer, he had to succeed in this sneak attack, failure could mean the death of three people.

Sikong Kai stared at the purple-skirted woman for half a day, the lust in his eyes finally unable to let go, he raised his hand and tore off his clothes. Earlier when he was doing things with the green-skirted woman, these clothes hadn’t been completely pulled off, and this time he couldn’t hold back completely.

Ning Cheng secretly despised in his heart, with this kind of appearance of this purple-skirted woman, the first feeling was that he couldn’t bear to hurt. This Sikong Kai completely ignored the fact that the woman he had just made love with was killed on the side and still had the interest to do this, this was really a guy who was scum to the core.