Creation Gate Chapter 158

Meng Jingxiu followed Ning Cheng closely, and the two of them picked up their speed. But this long mountain road seemed to be endless, the two of them had walked for most of the day, and as they saw the sky was getting dark, they still had not come out of this mountain road.

“Brother Xiaocheng ……” Meng Jingxiu even sensed that something was wrong, and she subconsciously called out in a trembling voice. She was not afraid of facing death, but this kind of weirdness made her very uncomfortable.

Ning Cheng stopped, he looked around and suddenly said, “Senior sister Jingxiu, I don’t think we need to continue walking. If this mountain path wasn’t really extremely long, then it would be the two of us entering the illusion formation.”

“Illusion formation?” Meng Jingxiu repeated unconsciously, she didn’t know about formations but knew how powerful they were, once someone who didn’t know about formations entered an illusion formation, it would be extremely difficult to get out again. Even if there was no one to control it, the person in the illusion formation might still spin around on their own until they fell.

Ning Cheng gestured to Meng Jingxiu not to be nervous, “Senior sister Jingxiu, we don’t necessarily have to have entered the illusion formation, or this path is really incomparably long. I know a little bit about formations, so if it really was an illusion formation, I would have sensed it long ago. The fact that I didn’t detect it means that this is not necessarily an illusion formation.”

“Then what should I do?” Only at this moment did Meng Jingxiu realise how difficult it was to travel to the Yixing Sea alone in Jiazhou, if she was alone, she wouldn’t know what to do at all.

“Don’t worry, it’s already dark now, we’ll spend the night here tonight and leave tomorrow. This place is thin on spiritual energy, and by all rights there won’t be any powerful cultivators coming over. Ordinary cultivators, as long as they haven’t reached the Xuan Liquid Realm, I don’t put them in my eyes yet.” Ning Cheng said in an extremely stable manner.

Meng Jingxiu had no opinion at this time, so of course she would do whatever Ning Cheng said.

Half an hour later, the two left the winding mountain path and instead entered the depths of this mountain range.

“Senior Brother Xiao Cheng, this place is so bizarre, why do we have to come here to dig a cave in the depths?” Meng Jingxiu, knowing that Ning Cheng was trying to dig a cave deep within the mountain range, asked again with some confusion.

Ning Cheng gave a heated laugh, “There is a saying in my old hometown that says the more dangerous the place the safer it is, this should also apply here, instead I feel it is only wrong to spend the night by the roadside.”

Just at this time, a clattering sound of footsteps came, Meng Jingxiu’s heart tightened, this was the first sound she had heard since entering this barren mountain. She subconsciously moved a little closer to Ning Cheng, how could footsteps come from this place? If it was a cultivator, it wouldn’t be walking in this middle of the night.

Ning Cheng patted Meng Jingxiu and said with a voice transmission, “Use the concealment method I taught you and conceal your whole body’s aura. The two footsteps that came over just now were lifeless footsteps. If it was either a zombie or a puppet, I’ve never seen a zombie before, so I guess it was a puppet made by an evil cultivator. Let’s just ignore it and wait for this puppet to walk past.”

Meng Jingxiu hmmed and was already gathering her breath.

Not much time pa*sed after the two had collected their aura, and under the miserable white moonlight came two figures, one in front and one behind, and these two were carrying a wooden box. The faces of the two men were as white as the miserable moonlight.

“They are dead people ……” Meng Jingxiu transmission are a little trembling, dead people still carrying things, obviously zombies are no different.

Ning Cheng did not transmit his voice this time, twenty said in a low voice, “They should not be normal dead people, just ordinary people refined into corpse puppets by a cultivator. This cultivator is so vicious, refining living people hard into such walking corpses.”

He studied formations and had also studied some simple machine puppet techniques, and knew that there was such a spell as refining living people into corpse puppets. This kind of spell was extremely cruel, and Ning Cheng was not interested in seeing it.

At this moment, Ning Cheng’s divine sense had already landed in the wooden box carried by two people, and when he looked clearly at the person inside the box, he let out a surprised eek.

“What’s wrong? Senior Brother Xiao Cheng?” Meng Jingxiu hurriedly asked.

“I know the person inside that box, why did she come here? With this woman coming here, what about Yue Ying and the others?” After answering Meng Jingxiu’s words, Ning Cheng muttered a few more words to himself.

“Who is it?” Meng Jingxiu hurriedly asked.

“It’s that woman with the veil on her face from the Numinous Sect, Yue Ying and Senior Sister Dan Qin as well as Zang Xao are all the ones who joined the Numinous Sect because she made the decision. She herself is at the ninth level of cultivation for Condensing Truth, and the one beside her at the late stage of Yuan Building is even more powerful, how could she have been taken away and had her cultivation sealed in such a small place?” Ning Cheng replied in confusion.

Meng Jingxiu also froze for a moment, and then said, “Isn’t the No-Nan Clan from Le Continent? It is logical to say that she was just transported out, she should have been transported to Le Continent, why is she in Hua Continent?”

After saying that, Meng Jingxiu realised that none of this was the point, the point was that even the main core disciples of this Wu Nian Sect were here, so how good could Senior Sister Dan Qin and the others be?

“Then what do we do?” Meng Jingxiu had just finished asking this question when Ning Cheng suddenly covered her mouth while the aura on his body was completely collected.

Meng Jingxiu was already incredibly intelligent and had an extremely amazing comprehension ability. Ning Cheng did not even need to speak anymore, she knew what to do, and even more so, she collected her entire body’s aura and gradually became one with Ning Cheng, completely merging into this surrounding patch of gra*s.

Just as the two of them had all gathered their auras, a strong divine sense had already swept past them. This divine sense did not linger, it just swiftly swept through and then disappeared.

Meng Jingxiu’s forehead was cold and sweaty, she knew that once she was caught by this divine sense, she and Ning Cheng would be finished.

Ning Cheng let go of Meng Jingxiu and let out a breath and said in a low voice, “This is a fellow with Xuan Liquid cultivation, I can’t beat him yet, at least his divine sense is much stronger than mine.”

After a moment of silence, Ning Cheng said once again, “The difference between Xuan Liquid and Zhuyuan is only that the True Essence is a little stronger and forms a Dan Lake prototype, so if one has a mind, one doesn’t have no chance of winning at all.”

“Senior Brother Xiao Cheng, you want to save her?” Meng Jingxiu asked in a trembling voice, it wasn’t that she didn’t want to save the woman wearing the veil, but that Ning Cheng was going to save someone at the hands of a Xuan Liquid cultivator, that would simply be an egg on a stone.

Ning Cheng said in a deep voice, “I have to go and save her, Yue Ying, Dan Qin and Zang Xao are all with this person, now that she is like this herself, what will happen to Yue Ying and the others? I counted on Divine Wind Academy to protect Fei Luo, and now that something could happen to the disciples of Divine Wind Academy, how could I stay out of it? Besides, it’s not quite appropriate for me to see someone I see and sort of know, if I don’t save them from death.”

“Then let’s go over together.” Seeing that Ning Cheng had already made up his mind, Meng Jingxiu said at the side.

Ning Cheng nodded, “Be careful and follow behind me, remember, no matter where we are, we have to conceal our scent. This fellow is only a cultivator who has just advanced to Xuan Liquid at most, and his cultivation level is still unstable, and his Dan Lake has definitely not yet been fully formed. As long as we don’t get discovered by him before we make our move, we are not without a chance of winning.”

Leaving Meng Jingxiu here alone, Ning Cheng was still not quite at ease. He was certain that this purple-skirted woman had been sent inside this mountain range before being carried over by the corpse puppets, and definitely not carried in by the corpse puppets themselves from outside the mountain.

“Good.” Meng Jingxiu had no objection at all, no matter what Ning Cheng decided, she would not object.


The two corpse puppets carried the wooden box and entered a more secluded canyon. Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu carefully followed the two corpse puppets, but did not dare to make a move.

Ning Cheng knew very well that although that divine sense was not present now, it had already focused on a wooden box. It was indeed easy for him to kill these two corpse puppets now, but after killing them, it would be difficult to escape from this place. To save the woman with the veil on her face, he had to secretly kill the Xuan Liquid cultivator.

He was only an early Yuan building cultivator, and if he wanted to kill the Xuan Liquid cultivator, there was really no better way than to sneak up on him unknowingly.

The two corpse puppets in front of him made another turn, Ning Cheng led Meng Jingxiu to speed up, and when he was close to the two corpse puppets, he suddenly took out the Seven Obsidian Ice Needles and sacrificed them. The Seven Obsidian Ice Needles only flashed in the night sky for a moment before disappearing, even Meng Jingxiu did not see Ning Cheng’s movements.

After another half a column of incense, the two corpse puppets stopped in front of an overgrown grave. These two corpse puppets put the wooden box down and opened it, and dumped the purple-skirted woman inside the box onto the ground in front of the grave.

After doing this, the two corpse puppets lifted the empty wooden box again and turned around to walk back along the way they had come again, not knowing what fatigue was all about.

Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu collected their aura and ambushed in the gra*s on the outskirts of the tomb, not moving at all.

At this moment, some sounds finally came from the silent valley, the soughing sound of the wind blowing on the bushes, which looked even more eerie against the miserable white moonlight.

After this gust of mountain wind blew, the headstone in front of the grave suddenly split open from side to side, and an eerie aura seeped out from within. A woman in a green dress suddenly came out of the cracked tomb. She picked up the purple-skirted woman wearing a veil directly in front of the tomb and turned around to walk into the tomb.

The cracked tomb slowly closed up again.

Before the tomb was about to close up, Ning Cheng picked up Meng Jingxiu and instantly scurried inside. Then he hid in a corner and did not move. He was glad that the Xuan Liquid cultivator had not swept with his divine sense at this time, if he had swept him at this time, he would definitely have been discovered.

Meng Jingxiu was held by Ning Cheng and said in a trembling voice, “Senior Brother Xiaocheng, was that green-skirted woman just now also a corpse puppet?”

Ning Cheng quickly transmitted a voice to Meng Jingxiu, “No, that was a living person. However, her whole body is extremely heavy with Yin Qi, so she must have practiced some weird technique. Senior sister Jingxiu, from now on, if it’s not a special emergency, you should not transmit a voice to me.”

Meng Jingxiu hurriedly nodded her head, but Ning Cheng led her to hide in another, more hidden corner once again. It was only at this point that Ning Cheng carefully began to use his divine sense to observe the situation inside here.