Creation Gate Chapter 155

However, such a sword fist, to try to finish him off, was too much to underestimate him, Ning Cheng. Instead of forcing his way out of the range of the fist covered by Cui Neping’s sword intent, Ning Cheng was once again actively swept up. At this moment Ning Cheng was swept up by the sword intent killing power of Cui Neping’s deathly aura, and at the same time as these sword intents began to tear Ning Cheng apart, Ning Cheng also threw out a fist.

Seeing Ning Cheng being blasted into the middle of the sword intent killing momentum by his own sword fist, the corner of Cui Neping’s mouth also revealed a cold smile, he really thought highly of Ning Cheng. Not everyone who could break through the Angry Axe Lotus Pond was someone like him and Gui Yutang.

Just then, he suddenly sensed that something was wrong as a terrifying vortex of killing intent burst open in his sword intent. Ning Cheng had clearly not used any magic treasures, but he could just feel a huge angry axe blasting in the middle of his sword intent killing power.

This furious axe was so terrifying that it directly swallowed up his sword intent killing power and blasted it away. If that was it, Cui Neping believed he could still back off.

But this was surprisingly not the end, after this powerful axe killing vortex swallowed up his sword intent killing power, it once again swept up the killing power around it and coalesced into a single point, blasting at his chest.

It was an axe fist, and it was an axe intent in this axe fist that was not known to be too much stronger than his sword intent. Cui Neping himself could fuse his sword intent into his fist, and had already seen it in one glance against Ning Cheng’s axe fist.

The powerful axe fist killing intent blasted over, Cui Neping knew that if he did not find a way to dodge this fist, this fist could tear him into pieces, this fist was too terrifying.

Cui Neping brought his left hand around, the powerful sword intent completely coalesced into an invisible true essence wall with his left hand.

“Ka-ching ……” Ning Cheng’s fist blasted against his left fist and the true essence exploded, while a clicking sound was made at the centre of the exploding true essence.

Knowing that his left hand bone was broken, Cui Neping was relieved instead, and his right hand brought up a powerful sword intent aura to stop the gap in front of his chest.

“Boom.” There was another sound of true essence bursting.

With a “click”, this time it was not Cui Nepenthe’s hand bone that broke, but Ning Cheng’s hand bone that broke again, and Ning Cheng flew backwards at the same time.

Cui Neping also took a few steps backwards before he was able to stand still, apart from his face which looked a little ugly, he was not seriously hurt. The fracture of his hand bone was not an injury to him at all.

Gui Yutang looked at the ugly looking Cui Neping with a smile and said, “Brother Cui, I didn’t expect that the sword fist you have always been proud of would really be a b*tch for once, this Ning Cheng I would really like to meet.”

Cui Neping’s face was ugly and he did not reply to Gui Yutang’s words, he was thinking back to the fight he had just had with Ning Cheng.

This process looked like Ning Cheng was slightly more injured than him, but why did he feel as if he was on the inferior side?

“Senior Brother Ning, is your hand alright.” Meng Jingxiu hurriedly landed beside Ning Cheng and held him up.

Ning Cheng breathed heavily for a few moments and said, “Don’t think that my hand bones are broken, actually my hand is fine at all, it’s just that this guy is so powerful.”

From the looks of it, he seemed to have fallen at a disadvantage in the battle with Cui Neping just now.

Ning Cheng took several breaths of air before he once again walked to his original position and looked at Cui Neping, “Brother Cui, although just now I took more steps back than you did. However, you broke one more bone in your hand than I did, so this shows that you have just fallen behind. So then, I think you’ve lost.”

Meng Jingxiu looked at Ning Cheng in a dumbfounded manner, she had always thought that Ning Cheng was very matter-of-fact as a person. Even she had seen just now that Ning Cheng had fallen slightly behind. Whether it was the battle scene or the final result. It was unexpected that Ning Cheng would say the result the other way round.

What Meng Jingxiu did not expect was that Cui Neping’s face changed for a while and surprisingly said, “That’s right, just now I did fall at a disadvantage ……”

“Very well, then I will not be polite.” Ning Cheng didn’t even wait for Cui Neping to finish his words, he had already taken a step over and collected all the things on the stone.

Cui Neping’s heart was dripping blood as he watched, he had just said that he was still downwind, not that he had lost, and this guy had already put away the stuff.

However, he thought over the circumstances of the action he had just taken, and finally did not raise any objections. He sensed that things didn’t seem to be what he felt they were. His own injuries were certainly clear to him, and his hand bone was only broken by one. While Ning Cheng said that he had broken an extra hand bone, did this implication mean that Ning Cheng’s hand bone had never been broken from beginning to end?

If Ning Cheng’s hand bone had never been broken, why did he hear the sound of it breaking twice?

Gui Yutang also stared blankly at Cui Neping, Ning Cheng had put the item away and Cui Neping had not raised any objections, this did not seem right. It was reasonable to say that Cui Neping could have continued to fight again.

“Brother Cui, you have finally made me think highly of you, it looks like the things you obtained in the Angry Axe Valley are far more than that.” Gui Yutang also found it strange, Cui Neping did not seem to be such a good talker.

Just as he was still hesitating, he suddenly heard Ning Cheng say, “Senior sister Jingxiu, this time I have obtained so many spirit herbs and also a ring, it looks like we can go now.”

“Wait, Brother Ning’s punch just now carried an axe intent, even Brother Cui took the initiative to admit defeat, I, Gui Yutang, am extremely impressed. I would also like to have a match with Brother Ning, I don’t think Brother Ning would be afraid to fight, right?” Seeing that Ning Cheng wanted to leave, Gui Yutang hurriedly jumped ahead and said.

Ning Cheng frowned for a while before saying, “I have already seen how powerful geniuses are when I fought with Brother Cui just now, if I didn’t have a craving for Brother Cui’s Violet Sky Glazed Marrow I would never have fought, knowing that my ring is handed down from ancient cultivators ……”

Gui Yutang laughed, raised his hand and threw out a black and unpleasant piece on that stone and said, “This is the topmost refining material of the Yixing Continent, Burning True Star Sand.”

Ning Cheng was depressed beyond words in his heart, these guys had really gotten something good, Burning True Star Sand was a ninth grade refining material, even if Ning Cheng had not come into contact with those profoundly cultivated great powers, he knew that when this kind of thing came out, it would immediately cause a scramble.

“The Burning True Star Sand was found by me inside the Angry Axe Valley, you should know that once our sect learns that I have taken out the Burning True Star Sand as a bet, even if I am a core disciple, I will not be spared from being punished by the sect rules.”

Ning Cheng smiled faintly and said, “The Burning True Star Sand is indeed precious, but what would I, a Yuan Building cultivator, need this for? Or maybe what you have is precious, but the price is still not enough. Maybe I already had more than ten pieces of Burning True Star Sand inside this ring, so do you think it’s foolish for me to use this as a lottery prize with you?”

Gui Yutang sneered, “Your ring may indeed have more than ten pieces of Burning True Star Sand inside, but it may also have nothing inside and be empty.”

Ning Cheng acted as if he had not heard Gui Yutang’s words and just did not reply.

When Gui Yutang saw Ning Cheng’s appearance, he knew that people just disliked the small amount of chips. After thinking about it, he gritted his teeth again and took out a rusty cooker and said, “This is also what I got in the Angry Axe Valley, the grade is not visible even to me, so this is always enough, right?”

As soon as Ning Cheng’s divine sense landed on this furnace, a light flashed in his eyes and he immediately smiled and said, “Since Brother Gui has said that it is enough, I definitely have no problem with it. Brother Gui just please do it first.”

Gui Yutang was waiting for these words from Ning Cheng, and as soon as Ning Cheng’s words fell, a long spear with a blue body had already landed in his hand.

“Hehe, Brother Gui is using a lance as well, I also use a lance.” Ning Cheng said as he raised his hand, and the broken lance also appeared in Ning Cheng’s hand.

Hearing these words from Ning Cheng, Cui Neping felt more and more that his previous judgement was correct. Ning Cheng was definitely not someone who used his fists like him, nor was he someone who used a lance like Gui Yutang. Only this kind of person was the most terrifying. What made him even more fearful was that Ning Cheng was not using a complete lance, but a lance with a somewhat tattered head and tail.

Meng Jingxiu almost laughed out loud when he heard Ning Cheng’s words. Fortunately, there was no one here who used an axe, and if there was one, she was sure that Ning Cheng would say, “Huh, you use an axe as well.

Gui Yutang seemed to feel that something was wrong, but as he had already challenged Ning Cheng, he would definitely not back down. With a shake of the blue lance in his hand, it had transformed into a ten foot long one.

“Eat my spear first ……” Gui Yutang was incomparably decisive, and as Ning Cheng sacrificed his spear, the blue spear in his hand had already stabbed out.

A blue ripple that could be seen by the naked eye appeared in the air, which spread out like ripples falling in a lake.

Even Cui Neping on the other side was staggered, he could not have imagined that Gui Yutang’s spear technique had reached such a level. This kind of blue ripples coalescing out of thin air was a sign of a great accomplishment of gun intent.

Once this rippling gun intent wrapped around the opponent, the scene would be completely up to Gui Yutang.

Ning Cheng, however, did not care, as the spear in his hand transformed into thirty icy cold spear maces one after another, and these spear maces formed a spear net in an instant.

While Gui Yutang’s rippling spear intent was to spread out in a centre to the surroundings, Ning Cheng’s spear net was to gather and connect the spear manes that had already been sacrificed.

In just a short time, the two’s gun intents completely blasted together. The blue rippling spear intent and Ning Cheng’s Xuan Bing Thirty-Six Spear Spear Manifest clashed with a burst of exploding spear manifest sounds.

The blue rippling gun intent was blasted by Ning Cheng’s net-like gun mane and instantly shattered, but the shattered blue ripples did not dissipate, instead they transformed into countless blue flashing manes and blasted at Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng was not afraid in the slightest, after his gun net smashed away Gui Yutang’s blue rippling gun intent, it did not dissipate, instead it spun up and blasted away the countless blue flashing awnings.

Instead, Gui Yutang shivered as the terrifying bone etching coldness came clearly, and before he could completely block these cold Qi out, the gun net blasted out by Ning Cheng had already shrunk abruptly, forming a thick Xuan Ice gun shadow that blasted over.

At this moment, where did Ning Cheng look like he was half out of breath from his lack of true essence? Gui Yutang completely understood why after Ning Cheng and Cui Nepenthe fought, Cui Nepenthe had to admit defeat instead when he had clearly not suffered much loss. He was certain that the lance was still not the opponent’s main magic weapon.