Creation Gate Chapter 153

Meng Jingxiu whispered in Ning Cheng’s ear, “I know these two, one is a genius from Dragon and Phoenix Nine Star Academy, Cui Neping, and the other is a genius from Gui Yuan City, Gui Yutang. They were the first to enter that killing intent forbidden stone gate.”

“Nine Star Academy?” Ning Cheng repeated in surprise, when he was in the Cang Qin Kingdom, he was still discussing whether there was an eight-star academy in the Yixing Continent, but now even a nine-star academy had come out.

Meng Jingxiu gave a hmph, “It’s the Nine Star Academy, I heard that these two places are known as the Three Great Sects of the Le Continent along with the No Nien Sect that Yue Ying entered.”

Ning Cheng asked again, “If you say so, wouldn’t it mean that this Guiyuan City is also remarkable? Could it also be a nine-star rank?”

“I don’t know about that, I heard about it before because of the people around me when these two people broke open the killing intent ban on the cave’s stone door. I heard that this Gui Yuan City is merely a city of the Gui Family, which means that Gui Yuan City is in fact owned by the Gui family.”

So that was the case, a family could be ranked alongside the Nine Star Academy, this family was also remarkable. Ning Cheng suddenly laughed, “This family should be one of the largest families in the Yixing Continent, but this surname is really not flattering.”

Meng Jingxiu froze for a moment and quickly understood Ning Cheng’s meaning and once again whispered, “I heard from others that Cui Neping and Gui Yutang are both among the top ten geniuses under the Xuan Dan of Le Continent and are both key training targets of their respective clans.”

“Aren’t the key cultivation targets the same as Senior Sister Danqin, who has to stay in the clan to cultivate? How did they come to the Angry Axe Valley?” Ning Cheng subconsciously said back. In his impression all the core disciples of the sects, the ones with unbelievable qualifications, were to be protected, not to run around like a gra*sroots like him.

Meng Jingxiu shook his head, “It’s not like that, I heard that in the really big sects, the more adversely qualified the disciples are, the more they have to go out for training. But they have many cards at their back, so it’s hard for them to fall. Stay in the clan and cultivate. Even if they cultivate at a higher level, they still lack competitiveness.”

At this moment, the two cultivators who were facing each other had already walked towards Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu’s side, and the two stopped about ten meters away from Ning Cheng.

The one on the left was wearing a brown cultivator’s uniform and had long, slender eyebrows. His face was white and clean, his eyes were extremely bright, and his expression looked calm, but his body carried an aura of danger like that of a cheetah. The one on the right is slightly shorter, with bronzed skin and thick lips. Unlike the one on the left, he was covered in an explosive aura that was outwardly visible, making it clear at first glance that he was not to be messed with.

“Who are you? I believe as long as …… why have I never seen you before?” The white cultivator on the left wearing a brown cultivator’s uniform stared at Ning Cheng and asked in a deep voice.

At the same time, he stared even more suspiciously at Meng Jingxiu beside Ning Cheng, who he had seen before. A few days ago, when he was breaking through the killing intent restriction of the stone door, this woman seemed to be in the vicinity of it. But this woman was only at the sixth level of True Condensation cultivation, how could she have come here?

But Meng Jingxiu was quickly ignored by him, he had already guessed that Meng Jingxiu’s ability to come here must have something to do with Ning Cheng. His divine sense was already carefully observing Ning Cheng. Vaguely, he sensed that Ning Cheng only had an early stage of cultivation.

Ning Cheng sensed the other party’s caution and he likewise understood what was going on, although there were no more Grade 7 Spiritual Herbs here, there were still many Grade 6 Spiritual Herbs. They were all of use to him, and one person getting them was certainly different from several people sharing them.

“I haven’t seen you before either, so what’s so strange about that. The Yixing Continent is so big, does everyone get to meet a genius like me?” Ning Cheng said with a heave.

This man had not finished the previous sentence, but Ning Cheng had already heard his meaning. That was that as long as there were some abilities, he had seen them all, or rather he should have seen them all.

“I have a nickname, it’s called Waiting for you every day Who made you come to the killer only ……”

Ning Cheng hadn’t even finished saying this. The white cultivator then frowned and said to himself, “Waiting for you every day Who Let You Before You Come Killer …… Could it be that the friend has been here for a few days and is waiting here every day for another person to break through the Angry Axe Lotus Pond?”

“So short for genius Killer ……,” Ning Cheng finished this sentence just as the man’s self talk was finished.

Upon hearing Genius Killer, this white clean cultivator already understood that Ning Cheng was flirting with them. Ning Cheng must have known that the two of them were among the top ten geniuses under the XuanDan cultivators of Le Continent.

Angry Axe Lotus Pond? Ning Cheng had not expected that the place he had barged through that was as terrifying as the hell of the earth. It actually had such an elegant name?

The reason why Ning Cheng said this was because he was already prepared to fight. These two fellows were both at the seventh level of Yuan Building, so when they fought later, Ning Cheng was not afraid, he was just worried about Meng Jingxiu.

“Haha ……” The white-skinned cultivator laughed loudly and suddenly said, “Genius Killer, my friend’s nickname is indeed good, I am Cui Neping from the Dragon Phoenix Nine Stars Academy.”

The diminutive Zhuyuan cultivator who came with him also buzzed, “Gui Yutang of Le Continent’s Guiyuan City.”

Ning Cheng thought that these two people had confronted each other when they first arrived and had almost fought, and now that they saw him, an outsider, they would definitely make a move at the first sign of disagreement. Instead, he did not expect that these two people not only did not make a move, but instead, they gave themselves the names of their clans and looked very serious.

“Divine Wind Academy Ning Cheng.” Ning Cheng was all ready for a fight, but people didn’t even have that intention, so he didn’t want to continue causing trouble.

“Divine Wind Academy?” Cui Neping and Gui Yutang looked at each other, both seeing the doubt in each other’s eyes, they did not have the slightest impression of this Divine Wind Academy.

Then both of them knew that this Divine Wind Academy must be an unremarkable academy, and Cui Neping stopped asking, instead he said with a smile, “Since Brother Ning can cross the Raging Axe Lotus Pond and is a genius killer, he must not be an ordinary person. I am ashamed to say that I was barely put together into the ranks of Le Continent’s geniuses and also barely crossed the Raging Axe Lotus Pond, so I, Cui, would like to experience the might of Brother Ning’s genius killer.”

Cui Neping’s tone seemed humble, but in fact arrogance was implied in it, not even looking at Ning Cheng, a self-proclaimed genius killer, in his eyes. It was just that he looked well cultivated and did not point his nose and sneer at the challenge. But the words he said were no different from pointing his nose at the challenge.

Having issued the challenge himself, Ning Cheng’s expression remained calm, and Cui Nei Ping finally raised an eyebrow in his heart, “Brother Ning, could it be that you don’t see me and Gui Yutang in your eyes and don’t care to fight with us?”

The slightly shorter cultivator on the side said with a chuckle, “If you want to challenge me, Gui Yutang, get past Cui Neping first, I am not interested in fighting with losers.”

Ning Cheng did not expect that these two guys did not look at these spirit gra*ses at all, Dao did not even mention them now, but only to challenge him, and did not ask him what he had obtained in the wooden house. a*sociated with the purple-skirted woman with a veil on her face from the Numinous Sect, Ye Mo’s heart became more and more puzzled, could it be that all the disciples of the big sects were so rich? Rich enough to not even care about the Grade Six Spiritual Herbs, and the goodies in this cave?

This Cui Neping and Gui Yutang didn’t care about the spirit herbs, but that didn’t mean that he, Ning Cheng, didn’t care.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng also cupped his fist and smiled, “Since Brother Cui has challenged me, I will definitely not refuse. However, I am someone who has not seen the world, unlike Brother Cui and Brother Gui who come from a large sect. While many of the spirit herbs here Brother Cui and Brother Gui do not care, I cannot let our fight ruin these spirit herbs.”

After saying that, Ning Cheng didn’t even wait for Cui Neping and Gui Yutang to reply and said directly to Meng Jingxiu, “Senior sister Jingxiu, these spirit herbs are not something that the two geniuses can see, so in order to avoid them being destroyed during the fight, let’s hurry up and dig them away first.”

Meng Jingxiu secretly laughed in her heart and hurriedly replied, already rushing into the Spiritual Herb Garden and starting to dig up the Spiritual Herbs. Ning Cheng also rushed over, not forgetting to turn back to Cui Neping who was frozen on the side in his busy schedule and said, “Brother Cui, wait for me for a while, I will come and compete with you as soon as I finish these spirit gra*ses.”

Cui Neping looked dumbfounded at Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu, who were already digging up the spirit gra*ses, and said in his heart, “Who said that they didn’t care about these spirit gra*ses? Spiritual gra*ses of rank four or above, even for a nine-star sect, were still good things, how could one not care?

Of course, the disciples of the big clan should have the awareness and courage of the disciples of the big clan among themselves. The side that wins the competition naturally has to share more spirit gra*ses, and the side that loses naturally has less or none ah. Now that the competition had not even begun, to grab the spirit gra*s, this Ning Cheng was too straightforward and petty, right?

Gui Yutang rushed into the Pill Garden almost right after Ning Cheng, “Brother Cui comes from the Nine Stars Academy, of course he doesn’t care about these spirit gra*ses, but I need to find my own cultivation resources, and I have a great use for these things.”

With his mouth full, he had already started to dig up the spirit herbs.

When Cui Neping saw this, he immediately knew that after he and Ning Cheng had split their victory, it would be impossible to share the spiritual gra*ses. Being reserved at this time was idiotic, and he did not hesitate to rush into the Spiritual Herb Garden as well, saying with a heated smile on his lips, “Spiritual Herbs of rank four and above are of vital importance to me, how can I not need them. Dragon Phoenix Academy is rich, that’s the resources of the academy, not mine, Cui Neping.”

Ning Cheng saw this and cursed in his heart, these guys wanted to be reserved again, and now when he came to dig for himself, he immediately revealed his original face.

Seeing that Meng Jingxiu’s speed in digging up the spirit herbs was too slow, he simply stopped digging one by one and directly blasted out at the lush spirit herb garden in front of him.

A powerful fist and axe killing intent directly penetrated into the spiritual gra*s garden beneath his feet, this was the axe pattern killing intent he had just comprehended. The axe pattern loosened all the soil beneath the spiritual gra*ses, and under Ning Cheng’s powerful divine sense control, it did not harm the spiritual gra*ses.

After all the Spiritual Gra*ses around this area had been loosened, Ning Cheng reached out with his hand, and as if they had grown eyes, all the countless Spiritual Gra*ses broke free from the soil and fell cleanly into Ning Cheng’s hand, and were instantly put into Ning Cheng’s storage bag.

Ning Cheng was secretly happy, fortunately, his divine sense had increased greatly in that Angry Axe Lotus Pond, otherwise he would not have been able to get this trick. Without stopping even further, he quickly walked over to another large area of new lushness and blasted out another fist.

Cui Neping and Gui Yutang looked at Ning Cheng dumbfounded at this rogue style of plundering spiritual gra*ses and said to themselves, “This is too shameless.