Creation Gate Chapter 149

Ning Cheng’s divine sense swept this storage bag, there were not many spirit stones inside, but there were very many spirit herbs, and all of them were not low grade, he then collected the storage bag and said, “Good, you are also counted as one.”

With two Yuan Building cultivators to start with, some cultivators who knew Ning Cheng’s skills came over one after another, wanting to give Ning Cheng things just to enter this ancient cave.

Many cultivators who did not know Ning Cheng looked at the scene in front of them in complete confusion, what was going on here? A man said that he could break this killing intent prohibition and so many people would believe it? One should know that this was a killing intent ban, even if some Yuan Building cultivators joined forces, they would not be able to break it, right? Was it that easy to lie to people now?

In a short time, Ning Cheng had already collected seven or eight storage bags, seeing that there were still people coming behind him, Ning Cheng hurriedly said, “Wait, I’ll open the stone door first and let the person who arrives first go in.”

“Yes, yes, we should do that.” The few cultivators who came first hurriedly spoke out in agreement, they were afraid that the more people there were, the later they would go in.

However, the red-skirted girl who had previously persuaded the cultivator with a face full of flesh suddenly stepped forward and said to Ning Cheng, “You said before that you had come first, so you were going in first, but now that you have gotten so many people to come over, these people should be considered as cutting in line, right? Could it be that even your own words don’t count? If you really think that we are easy to bully, then don’t blame us for moving strong.”

At the end of her sentence, this young girl’s tone had become icy cold.

Ning Cheng knew that if he let all the people on his side go in, it would be a loss of reason. He hastily clasped his fist and said, “Then may I ask this sister, how much time do you need to open this stone door?”

“Who is your sister, be careful what you say.” Before the red-skirted girl could answer, the fifth level cultivator with a cross face next to him once again stepped forward and said in a stern voice to Ning Cheng.

The red-skirted maiden waved her hand at this cultivator, she understood Ning Cheng’s meaning and stared at him and said in a faint voice, “It will be enough for me to go in for half an incense at most.”

She knew that if she said that it would take an hour, Ning Cheng would probably say that it would take an hour as well. She simply made the time short.

A smile appeared at the corner of Ning Cheng’s mouth, this young girl was simply bragging without a word. He had comprehended the three axe intents of the Angry Axe Valley. Moreover, he was also close to level three in forbidden systems and formations, which was why he was sure of opening this stone door’s killing intent forbidden system. This young girl was definitely bragging when she said half a column of incense time.

However, he still smiled and said, “Alright then. I also only need half a column of incense time, and after half a column of incense, no matter how many times I open this stone door, or whether I fail to open it once, I will give this position to you, sister.”

The red-skirted girl showed the same hint of a smile, “That’s fine, you do it first, I’ll wait here.”

After saying that, she also threw out an incense stick to the side and reached out to flick it. That one incense was already lit by her.

The lingering fragrance spread out, and the surrounding cultivators’ spirits lifted when they smelled this fragrance. The people here were all knowledgeable, and everyone immediately knew that the incense this young girl had thrown out was not a simple incense, but an inexpensive incense for clearing the gods.

It was indeed wealthy and generous. Counting time with the God-clearing incense.

Without caring, Ning Cheng once again stood in front of the stone door and raised his hand to wave out dozens of formation flags in succession. After these formation flags had completely disappeared around this gate, the giant axe in Ning Cheng’s hand also struck out, a light-coloured golden axe mark striking an extremely inconspicuous spot on this stone gate.

“A soft, inaudible sound came out, and the people outside immediately felt the killing intent of the ban in front of the stone door seem to stagnate, followed by a dense aura.

Ning Cheng took a step forward. Raising his hand and pressing it in the middle of the stone door, he turned back and said, “The four people who paid first will go in.”

It was clear to all of them that a gap had opened in the middle of the killing intent ban of this stone door. The four Yuan Building cultivators who had been waiting for a long time simply did not wait for Ning Cheng to say a second word and disappeared in a flash into the gate.

The fifth cultivator who had also handed over spirit stones and spirit herbs hesitated for a moment. Finally, he did not go in. He was afraid that in case he disobeyed Ning Cheng’s wishes, it would be over if he was directly stripped of his qualifications, anyway, he could still enter the next batch.

All the cultivators at the entrance of this stone cave were completely shocked by Ning Cheng, what kind of skill was this? There had been people who had teamed up to go in before. Every time they went in, it was a struggle for their lives. How could it be as easy as Ning Cheng’s? Just a dozen of formation flags and then an axe chop would do?

Even those cultivators who had already known about Ning Cheng’s abilities were somewhat in disbelief. They thought that even if Ning Cheng could get in, it would still take some effort.

More people were already thinking about how many spirit herbs and spirit stones they could gather before they could enter this ancient cave.

The red-skirted girl stared at Ning Cheng with the same shock, she did not think that she could not break the killing intent restriction of this cave, but even if she did, it would definitely not be as simple and easy as Ning Cheng’s. The eyes that were originally sneering with disdain had slightly changed at this point.

After waiting for these four people to enter, Ning Cheng let go of his hand and once again sacrificed his Golden Giant Axe and slashed out with another axe, then said to the other four cultivators who had paid the spirit stones, “You can go in now.”

When these four cultivators heard Ning Cheng’s words, they rushed into the stone door as fast as they could. Ning Cheng released his palm and raised his hand to collect dozens of formation flags before he stood to the side and said to the red-skirted girl, “The next half column of incense time is yours.”

At this moment, the incense that the red-skirted girl had thrown out had only burned for a small amount of time.

Ning Cheng did not appear to have changed half a bit on the surface, but in fact, only he himself knew that his divine sense had been consumed too much. His hand was pressing on top of the stone door, also fighting against the killing intent prohibition of this stone door.

“Friend, this is my spirit stone, please give me a place next time as well.” A cultivator of the ninth level of True Condensation, seeing that Ning Cheng had easily let eight cultivators enter this ancient cave, hurriedly took out a storage bag and sent it to Ning Cheng with both hands.

Ning Cheng did not accept the other party’s storage bag, his divine sense only swept it for a moment before he said in a light voice, “To open this stone door, my consumption is not small. So the fee to enter the stone door is fifty thousand upper grade spirit stones, or spirit herbs of equal value, otherwise, no negotiation.”

There were killing intent prohibitions at the entrance of an ancient cave, it would be strange if there were no formation prohibitions to enter the inside of this ancient cave. Ning Cheng was not in a hurry to enter, he needed spirit stones urgently for his cultivation and spirit herbs urgently for his alchemy, so he would fish for some of these first. As for the things inside the cave, as long as there were prohibitions, he would have a share of them.

The surrounding cultivators all sucked in a cold breath, how many here could come up with so many top grade spirit stones? Apart from the few people who had found the spirit stone mine, only a very few core disciples of seven-star or higher sects. Only a very few core disciples of seven-star or higher sects would be able to do so. This ticket was a little too expensive, wasn’t it?

This red-skirted woman nodded and walked in front of the stone door first and said to the other two, “I’ll feel it first and see how to open this stone door.”

She thought that Ning Cheng could open this stone door within half a pillar of incense. She was sure that she would not have any problems. Before she came over, she had likewise heard that this stone door had a killing intent prohibition. While others were worried about the killing intent ban, she was not half worried about it. As a core disciple of the White Moon Sword Sect, her understanding of sword intent was simply not comparable to that of ordinary people, and even if it was a forbidden cultivation, she paid herself to be much stronger than ordinary cultivators.

The red-skirted girl stood in front of the stone door with her eyes closed and still, all of them knew that she was looking for the gap in this killing intent prohibition.

When half a column of incense was about to arrive, she suddenly opened her eyes. She realised that half a column of incense was too short for her; if there were dozens of half columns of incense, perhaps she would still be able to do it. But now the big words had been spoken. She had absolutely no room for manoeuvre.

“Senior sister Gu Lan, how is it?” The man with a face full of cross flesh hurriedly and eagerly asked, and his tone seemed to be concerned.

Ning Cheng watched more clearly from the side, and after this red-skirted girl opened her eyes, her brows were slightly furrowed. It was obvious that she had not found a way to break open the stone door. That little white face was more cunning, not saying a single word at this time.

“Attack right here, we’ll do it together.” Hearing this cross-fleshed man’s enquiry, the red-skirted girl suddenly pointed to a spot on the stone door and said.

Ning Cheng looked at that location and laughed in his heart, this young girl couldn’t find a better location and didn’t want to lose face. The location pointed at was exactly the location where he had broken open the stone door twice before.

“Senior sister Gu Lan, I’m afraid that three people attacking together here would be too powerful, why don’t I attack alone first and try it out.” The little white-faced male cultivator who had not spoken all along suddenly spoke up, his tone incomparably soft.

The man with a face full of cross flesh heard this little white faced male cultivator say this and hurriedly followed suit. “What Wu Shu said is right, let’s try it first. Wu Shu, although your cultivation level is a little higher than mine, your true essence is not thick, so I’ll try it alone.”

The little white faced man called Wu Shu surprisingly nodded his head. “It’s better, Senior Zuo HongXuan belongs to the category of brute strength cultivators, so it might really work wonders.”

After saying that, he himself gave way to one side, and the young girl called Gu Lan also followed the white-faced man and gave way to one side. Ning Cheng secretly laughed in his heart, this man called Zuo HongXuan had been sold and had to help count the money.

Seeing that the two of them believed in themselves, Zuo HongXuan became even more confident and directly offered up the gong in his hand and blasted it at the location pointed out by the young girl.

The gong, with its air-breaking momentum and sound, blasted the empty stone door without a pause.

“Bam ……” An explosive sound similar to the sound of the gong stirred up, and the cultivators who were closer almost had to cover their ears, the sound was just too terrifying.

Almost immediately after the bang, the gong that was smashed out by Zuo HongXuan came back with a more rapid speed, the gong carried a powerful killing intent that was not even present before Zuo HongXuan smashed it out, and it blasted directly at Zuo HongXuan’s chest. This killing intent could be felt even by the cultivators watching the battle.

Zuo HongXuan simply did not even have the ability to resist, and was directly blasted out by this powerful backlash gong.

“Pfft ……” A bloody light pa*sed by, and Zuo HongXuan’s chest was cut with an extremely deep blood mark by the edge of the incomparably sharp gong, and fresh blood shot out like a fountain.

The young girl was so shocked that she rushed over and raised her hand and nodded a few times, while a few pills had fallen into the mouth of Zuo HongXuan.

It must be said that this young girl’s pills are so amazingly effective that in just a short time, Zuo HongXuan’s chest had been cut open and stopped bleeding, and even Zuo HongXuan stood up trembling.

What no one expected was that the first thing Zuo HongXuan did when he stood up was to point at Ning Cheng and say in a hateful voice, “Son of a b*tch, how dare you deceive me, Zuo HongXuan.”