Creation Gate Chapter 145

Ning Cheng cupped his fist and said, “I am a multi-system Miscellaneous Spiritual Root, and I don’t really want to work in a shop, so I won’t be going to the No-Nan Clan.”

“Big Brother Ning ……” When Yue Ying heard Ning Cheng say that he would not go to the Numinous Sect, he called out with anxiety in his heart.

Ning Cheng gestured for Yue Ying not to be anxious and said calmly, “Yue Ying, going to the Numinous Free Clan is the best thing for you. You can tell your affairs when you go to the Numinous Sect, and the Numinous Sect will make up your mind for you, there is no need to hide such matters. I have my own affairs, and I think you are clear about that. In the future I might go to the Numinous Sect with Concubine Luo to see you siblings.”

Despite Ning Cheng’s explanation, Yue Ying was still a little anxious in her heart and hurriedly said to the purple-skirted woman, “Sister, although Brother Ning is a miscellaneous spirit root, his strength is amazing. It’s definitely not comparable to ordinary Yuan Building cultivators, and, moreover, big brother Ning is ……”

The reason why the Numinous Sect has become a big sect is not because of the high strength of the same cla*s to get in. The Numinous Sect looks for potential more than anything else, and a disciple with no potential who can join the shop management of the Numinous Sect is already the best I can do.”

Ning Cheng was strong, she knew it better than Yue Ying. She had not seen Ning Cheng kill two Yuan Building cultivators from the Red Sky Academy, but previously, when Ning Cheng was robbing the mine cave, he had defeated six people with one. At first, she had thought that Ning Cheng was at the third level of True Condensation, but now it seemed that Ning Cheng was not at the third level of True Condensation, but at the ninth level of True Condensation. It was just that Ning Cheng had concealed his cultivation at first.

As for why Ning Cheng could defeat six people at the same level, apart from the fact that he had concealed his cultivation and others underestimated him. It should be his comprehension of axe intent, she was sure that Ning Cheng had comprehended an axe intent within the Angry Axe Valley.

Only the ability to comprehend, without greater potential, was still not enough to qualify to join the Numinous Sect. Even if your comprehension ability was amazing, you could not use your Yuan Building cultivation to fight against Xuan Liquid or even Xuan Dan cultivators.

Therefore, in a large sect, qualification is the first thing that matters, followed by other things.

Seeing that Yue Ying still wanted to say something else, Ning Cheng hastily stopped Yue Ying’s words. “Yue Ying, if you go back to the Hualu Continent first, help me go and see Concubine Luo. Cultivate properly at the Numinous Sect in the future.”

Ning Cheng knew that Yue Ying would definitely go to the Continent of Harmony, Yue Ying was a pure white Allomantic Wind Spiritual Root. Her brother’s spirit root qualifications were no worse than hers. There was no reason for the Numinous Sect not to want her brother.

“Well, I will definitely go to see sister Luo Fei, and I will keep this bead flower properly.” Yue Ying took out the beaded flower and suddenly felt a little reluctant to part with it in her heart. Being with Ning Cheng, although it was all spent in cultivation, she loved that feeling.

“Let’s go.” The purple-skirted woman said even more dryly.

Ruimu Danqin and Zang Xao both came over to say goodbye to Ning Cheng as well, they were clear that even if Ning Cheng was powerful, it would be difficult for him to go to Le Continent by himself with a Yuan Building cultivation.

Watching the purple-skirted woman and the middle-aged male cultivator leave with Yue Ying and the three others. Ning Cheng was a bit puzzled, there were so many spirit gra*s mountain bags here, but this purple-skirted woman didn’t care?

Meng Jingxiu was not much lost, she could see Ning Cheng’s doubts and took the initiative to say. “It’s because there are too many good things in here. With the strength of the Numinous Sect, I don’t think it would care about these low grade spirit gra*ses, right?”

“Brother Ning, I will also go and look for some spirit herbs.” Situ Yu saw Yue Ying and the others leave before he came over and said.

Ning Cheng patted Situ Yu’s shoulder, “Go ahead and come to me if anyone dares to snatch your spirit herbs.”

Situ Yu was overjoyed in his heart. This was exactly what he wanted, with Ning Cheng now killing two Chiku Yuan cultivators from Red Sky Academy in a row, there was really no one who dared to look for Situ Yu and the others.

Seeing Situ Yu leave, Meng Jingxiu took the initiative to say, “Senior Brother Ning, let’s go somewhere else. Or should we go and get some mountain bags of spirit herbs as well?”

Ning Cheng smiled heatedly, “Since we are here, of course we should get some spirit gra*ses first. This place is right up my alley.”

The spiritual gra*ses here were all surrounded by the Angry Axe Killing Intent outside the mountain bag, and it was the Angry Axe Killing Intent that he had comprehended, so Ning Cheng believed that his ability could break through the Angry Axe Killing Intent here. If it was not possible. Then, he would go and find some people to team up with.

Ning Cheng led Meng Jingxiu away, and the rest of the onlookers dispersed with a bang, each going to look for the Spirit Gra*s Mountain Bag and find a way to break through the Mountain Bag’s killing intent.

As for the killing of the disciples of Red Sky Academy, it was obviously not a big deal in this Angry Axe Valley. Even if they wanted to settle scores with Ning Cheng, it would be something that would happen after they left the Raging Axe Valley.

“Just choose this.” Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu said as they stood before a verdant and lush mountain bale.

Meng Jingxiu gave a hint and was about to sacrifice his halberd. He saw that many cultivators were sacrificing their magic treasures and then using the killing power of the treasures to fight against these spirit gra*s mountain packs.

Ning Cheng stopped Meng Jingxiu, “You follow me, if you go against the hard resistance of the angry axe killing intent here with the help of magic treasures, the two of us will definitely not be able to open a mountain bag, I will try it alone first.”

Ning Cheng took a few steps forward, and as he approached the mountain bag, a powerful continuous killing intent came crashing down on him. If he was caught off guard, he might have been blasted into pieces by this killing intent.

Meng Jingxiu followed closely behind Ning Cheng, and all the killing intent emanating from the mountain bag was blocked by Ning Cheng, so she could not perceive it instead.

Just when she was puzzled, she saw Ning Cheng’s whole body tremble. Without waiting for her to ask, Ning Cheng abruptly brought out his golden axe and struck down with it.

A pale golden axe slashed down in front of Meng Jingxiu’s eyes as if it was about to cut through the sky. Meng Jingxiu looked at this golden axe mark in a dumbfounded manner, still dazed in his heart. Didn’t Ning Cheng say that he couldn’t attack hard with his magic treasures? Why was he attacking hard?

At this moment, Ning Cheng had long since forgotten that he had ever said such a thing, and he had once again returned to the scene in the Angry Axe Valley. It seemed that there were countless axe marks with powerful axe intent blasting at his consciousness, and if he did not resist, he would end up being blasted by this powerful axe intent, just like that Lan Yu Chen.

His resistance was completely subconscious.

Ning Cheng had killed four disciples of the Red Sky Academy because of his arrival and had another companion taken away by the Le Continent’s Numinous Sect. To all the people here, Ning Cheng was also considered a celebrity. His every move was noticed, and some people did not care when they saw Ning Cheng and the two of them tried to break through the killing intent in front of the Spirit Gra*s Mountain Bag. People who had just come here had done this, and when that killing intent came flooding in later, the person who did it would know how foolish it was and would voluntarily back off and find someone to form a group.

However, what these people who were concerned about Ning Cheng could not imagine was that not only did Ning Cheng not back down, but he offered up his own human magic treasure. Some people could not even bear to look any further, as long as they retreated, nothing would happen instead. Once they sacrificed their magic treasures to fight against the killing intent here, it would be a fate of seeking death. A few Yuan-building cultivators who had relied on their greatness before had already lost all their bone scraps. It was because they dared to sacrifice their magic treasures to fight against the killing intent here.

It was not impulsive for Ning Cheng to sacrifice his golden giant axe to fight the killing intent here, he had already encountered this situation in the real one, the Angry Axe Valley. He vaguely understood that the axe intent he had comprehended and the killing intent here had formed a resonance that made him completely different from the others. If he retreated, there was a good chance that he would be blasted by the axe intent of this mountain bag. The axe intent of the Angry Axe Valley was all about going straight ahead and never retreating.

“Ka ……” A soft, inaudible, thin sound that none of the people had expected.

Ning Cheng’s axe intent was powerful, and according to reason, his axe might have caused a great explosion of true essence, and then Ning Cheng was blasted to death by the powerful killing intent.

However, it was unexpected that Ning Cheng’s axe had only caused a slight kind of fine sound, and if one was not concentrating, one would not even be able to hear this fine sound.

A kind of vague intention rose in in Ning Cheng’s consciousness, this feeling flashed away and Ning Cheng could not even catch it before it disappeared.

Ning Cheng sighed, he understood that this must be a new kind of axe intent, but unfortunately the axe intent here could not be compared to that of the real Angry Axe Valley, and he had surprisingly failed to catch it.

After this blurred feeling disappeared, Ning Cheng felt a brightness in front of him, the killing intent in front of him had unexpectedly disappeared, as if an unseen great road had appeared.

“The killing intent has disappeared, let’s hurry in and collect spirit herbs.” Ning Cheng said in surprise, he did not expect at all that he could split the killing intent barrier in front of a Spiritual Gra*s mountain bag with a simple axe.

“Huh, he wasn’t strangled by the killing intent, instead he went in.” As soon as Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu entered the mountain bag, someone immediately noticed it.

Some people who wanted to be greedy for small bargains hurriedly followed and rushed over, what they wanted was simple, instead of grabbing the high grade spirit gra*ses in front of them with Ning Cheng, it was always possible to grab some low grade spirit gra*ses that Ning Cheng did not want.

However, before these people could rush to the foot of the mountain bag, they were immediately blown away by a powerful killing intent.

“The killing intent in front of the mountain bag was still there, how did they get in?” Someone immediately shouted out in horror when they understood this.

For all the previous mountain bags, this was the only way to get in after the killing intent had been blasted away by the combined Qi of many cultivators together. Moreover, once it was blasted open, the killing intent here would dissipate. There was absolutely nothing like Ning Cheng, who just split the killing intent in front of the mountain bag in front of him with one axe, but did not make the killing intent here disappear.

“I see, he has comprehended the axe intent of the Angry Axe Valley, and this is how he can blast away the same killing intent through this axe intent.” None of the cultivators here were stupid, the axe technique Ning Cheng had used earlier had clearly mastered a powerful axe killing intent.

Now Ning Cheng had used the same axe mark to blast away the killing intent barrier in front of the Spirit Gra*s Mountain Bag, this was not difficult to think of at all.

“That’s right, that’s it, it turns out that the best way to fight against the killing intent in front of the mountain bag is to comprehend the axe intent here, rather than winning by virtue of the number of people and the momentum.”

Immediately, some people understood how to break through the killing intent in front of this mountain bag, and some cultivators even found a mountain bag with a killing intent barrier, sat down and closed their eyes to comprehend it carefully.

At this time, Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu were already collecting spirit herbs in a big way. The abundance of spirit herbs here, with only two people collecting them, was something that Ning Cheng could only dream of. He only had one thought in his mind, when he got out from here, he would finally have the spiritual herbs for his alchemy.