Creation Gate Chapter 144

“Your name is Yue Ying, and you are a pure white Other Wind Spiritual Root?” The purple-skirted woman with a veiled face quickly arrived in front of Yue Ying and opened her mouth to ask.

Yue Ying was of a similar age to Ruimu Danqin, and despite being much more mature than Ruimu Danqin, there was still a lot of common language for the same age, and at this moment she was chattering away with Ruimu Danqin. Now a strange woman suddenly stared at her and asked about her spiritual roots, making her a little surprised.

Although spiritual roots were not a secret matter, they were not something you could just tell a stranger.

When this purple-skirted woman and middle-aged male cultivator had come earlier, Ning Cheng had already noticed them, it seemed that he had seen these two back when he was digging for mines.

Yue Ying was only two or three years younger than Ning Cheng, and in Ning Cheng’s opinion, Yue Ying was still too young, so since someone was asking for something, of course he was the one to step in.

“Who are you to ask about Yue Ying’s spiritual roots?” Ning Cheng spoke with the same lack of respect, just as this purple-skirted woman asked Yue Ying.

Ning Cheng came from Earth and believed that respect was mutual, and since the other party was disrespectful, there was no need for him to do so. Unless he was facing someone whose cultivation level was far superior to his, respectfully addressing his seniors, then there was no way out. The two opponents, one at the ninth level of True Condensation and one at the late stage of Yuan Building, could he not put it in his eyes.

Even if he knew that this late stage of Yuan Building was not simple, Ning Cheng did not care.

“Your concealment technique is good, I wonder if you were at the ninth level of True Condensation when you were digging, or if you had already built a Yuan Yuan.” This purple-skirted woman with a veil on her face did not get angry just because Ning Cheng spoke unkindly, instead she spoke about Ning Cheng’s merit method. She definitely did not believe that Ning Cheng had already built a Yuan Yuan by the third level of True Condensation half a year ago. Even a person who cultivated even faster could not be that fast.

Ning Cheng thought to himself that indeed, these two were really there when he was digging. He simply said, “I was already at the ninth level of True Condensation when I was digging, and I dug up two extremely high quality spirit stones in the spirit stone mine. I later succeeded in building a Yuan with two extremely high quality spirit stones.”

When she heard Ning Cheng say that she had dug up extremely high-quality spirit stones, the purple-skirted woman with a veil on her face also had a slight shock in her eyes. However, when she heard that Ning Cheng had used extremely high quality spirit stones to build his Yuan Yuan, a hint of irony appeared in her eyes as she said in a faint voice. “Using a very high quality spirit stone to build a Yuan, and using two of them, this is the first time I have heard of it, you are really rich.”

Ning Cheng also did not care in the slightest about the sarcastic intent of the purple-skirted woman. Turning back to Zang Xie and the others, he said, “Let’s go, let’s go to the mountain bag ahead and see if we can make a small fortune.”

“Wait, Yue Ying hasn’t answered my question yet.” This purple-skirted woman stopped Ning Cheng and the others.

Ning Cheng frowned and said with some displeasure, “The few of us have nothing to do with you and have never met, so why should we tell you about your spiritual roots? You’re not being too forceful, are you?”

When the middle-aged male cultivator saw that Ning Cheng and the purple-skirted woman were not on speaking terms, he hurriedly stepped forward and said with a cupped fist. “This friend, please don’t misunderstand, we are from the Le Continent No-Nan Clan. We just happened to be here and heard someone say that Yue Ying was a pure white Altered Wind Spiritual Root, so we wanted to ask about it fruitfully, if Yue Ying is indeed a pure white Altered Wind Spiritual Root. Our Wu Nian Clan is extremely welcome to join her ……”

The moment the three words Wu Nian Zong were spoken, all those around who heard them were silent, that is, the eyes of the middle-aged cultivator and the woman in purple were all with respect and admiration. Some people looked at Yue Ying with even more envy, hating to immediately let themselves take Yue Ying’s place.

Apart from Zang Xao, the rest of the people on Ning Cheng’s side were all rustics from the Hualian Continent, none of them had ever heard of the Numinous Sect.

Knowing that Ning Cheng and the others did not know, Zang Xie said in a small voice. “I heard that the Numinous Sect is one of the three great sects in the Le Continent, and also one of the three great sects in the Yixing Continent. There are many strong people within the sect, and it has an extremely high status in the Yixing Continent. However, I have also heard that the Wu Nian Sect is extremely strict in recruiting disciples and will never accept those without certain qualifications. Once they are accepted, there are all kinds of resources within the sect.”

“You’re wrong, after joining the Numinous Sect. All the resources are used to nurture core disciples. Ordinary disciples need to struggle on their own before they can get the cultivation resources they want.” The purple-skirted woman had obviously heard Zang Xao’s words and immediately retorted.

Ning Cheng, however, was moved in his heart, no wonder this purple-skirted woman looked so high and mighty. It looked like there were indeed a few of them. If Yue Ying had joined the Numinous Sect, then the old man surnamed Kang would be a floating cloud to her.

“Yue Ying, answer her truthfully.” Ning Cheng nodded to Yue Ying who was looking at him.

Only when Yue Ying saw Ning Cheng nod did she salute the purple-skirted woman and say, “In reply to this sister’s words, I am indeed a pure white Altered Wind Spiritual Root.”

At this point, both the purple-skirted woman and the middle-aged male cultivator had understood that Ning Cheng was the leader here. A hint of excitement still flashed in their eyes when they heard Yue Ying say that they were pure white Altered Wind Spiritual Root.

A pure white Altered Wind Spiritual Root was something that even the Numinous Sect did not have.

“Are you willing to join my Numinous Sect?” The purple-skirted woman didn’t even discuss with the middle-aged male cultivator before she looked at Yue Ying eagerly and said.

After saying that, she seemed to remember that Ning Cheng was the one who made the decision and hastily added to Ning Cheng, “My Wu Nian Clan is one of the three great clans in the entire Yixing Continent. With such Spiritual Root Qualifications as Yue Ying, only in the No Numinous Sect will she be able to obtain the greatest improvement.”

In Ning Cheng’s heart, he was hoping that Yue Ying would join the No Numinous Sect, Yue Ying was in no small amount of trouble right now, and he did not have any strength to fight against that Kang surname cultivator right now.

Yue Ying had also heard Zang Xao’s introduction of the Numinous Sect from the side, and in her heart she wanted very much to join the Numinous Sect. However, she knew that Ning Cheng had also offended the cultivator surnamed Kang.

Thinking of this, Yue Ying hurriedly said, “Thank you for this sister’s love, Ning Cheng is my senior brother, I hope he can also join the Numinous Free Sect ……”

Speaking here, she thought of Zang Xie and the others and added, “We offended the Red Sky Academy before, so I want to join them ……”

Yue Ying did not say the words that she hoped Zang Xie and the others would also join the Numinous Sect, this purple-skirted woman had long heard what Yue Ying meant, and she immediately frowned a little. The Numinous Sect was extremely strict in recruiting disciples, and it was not something that could be joined casually. Ning Cheng had used two extremely high quality spirit stones to advance to Yuan Building, so it would be strange if his spirit root qualifications were very good.

The purple-skirted woman turned back and the middle-aged cultivator asked each other with a look before looking at Ruimu Danqin and asking, “What are the spiritual roots of the few of you?”

Ruimu Danqin was the first to say, “I am a white pure fire spirit root.”

“White pure fire spirit root? Not bad, your Spiritual Root can join our Inner Sect of the Numinous Sect.” The purple-skirted woman’s eyes once again flashed with a hint of joy, if the rest of the people’s spiritual roots were all good, she could also make the decision to join the Wu Nian Sect together. In that case, Yue Ying was bound to join the Numinous Sect. It was just that it seemed unlikely that these random few people, all of whom had good spiritual roots, would join. At least that Senior Brother Ning, who was leading the group, didn’t have good spiritual roots.

“Mine is a turbid white main earth spirit root, which is also a pure spirit root.” Zang Xie also hurriedly said.

The purple-skirted woman showed a hint of disappointment at the corner of her eyes, and then said, “Only pure white spirit roots can be called pure spirit roots, and the white fire spirit root of Ruimu Danqin just now cannot be called a pure spirit root either.”

Zang Xie said in confusion, “But when I tested my spirit roots, it was clear that there was only one lineage of primary spirit roots.”

The middle-aged man smiled faintly, “That’s because there is a mistake in the magic treasure used to test the spiritual roots in the Huazhou Continent, as long as the main spiritual roots protrude and the branch spiritual roots are not very obvious, some of the branch spiritual roots cannot be tested. It is also because of this that there are as many pure spirit roots as there are cows in the Huali Continent.”

When Zang Xao looked at the hint of a smile on the corner of the middle-aged man’s mouth, how could he not understand what the other party meant, and his face was a little hot. He was a core disciple at Divine Wind Academy, not because his old man was the dean, but because he was indeed pure spirit root qualified. I didn’t expect that the difference between a pure spirit root from the Chemical Continent and a pure spirit root from someone else’s High Continent would be so great.

The purple-skirted woman said, “Even so, you are qualified to join the outer sect of our Numinous Sect, and whether you can become an inner disciple or not will depend on how hard you work later.”

Even if he was an outer disciple of the Numinous Sect, Zang Xie would be happy to do so for a hundred times, he knew the Numinous Sect best. However, now that Yue Ying had not given her nod, he could not show it, and could only thank the other party. He had already made up his mind that as long as he could join the Numinous Sect, he would ask Yue Ying to help him ask the Numinous Sect for a Xuan Ni Pill.

Meng Jingxiu said somewhat downcastly, “I am a main gold spirit root, and although I am also turbid white, I am a three system miscellaneous spirit root ……”

The purple-skirted woman frowned for a moment and said, “Your qualifications don’t allow you to become an outer disciple of the Numinous Sect yet, if you don’t mind, I can arrange for you to do some odd jobs at the Numinous Sect’s merchant shop.”

Meng Jingxiu had always been a high-minded and arrogant person, how could she accept going to the Numinous Sect to do odd jobs? She saluted and said, “Thank you for this senior sister’s love, I have decided to be a casual cultivator.”

Originally, Meng Jingxiu had intended to return to Divine Wind Academy, but now that she had seen too many powerful clans and capable people in the Angry Axe Valley, she no longer had any thoughts of returning to Divine Wind Academy.

The purple-skirted woman nodded and took out an elixir and handed it to Meng Jingxiu, saying, “This elixir will allow your arm injury to heal in the shortest possible time, and will not affect your future cultivation at all.”

Some of the people around were already anxious for Meng Jingxiu, even going to the shop of the Numinous Sect to do odd jobs was countless times better than normal sects and casual cultivators. This silly woman, she had refused.

Meng Jingxiu hurriedly took the potion and thanked her once again. When faced with such a good thing, she would not refuse. Once she refused, it would be joking with her own little life.

In his heart, Ning Cheng was somewhat puzzled, Meng Jingxiu was also a Miscellaneous Spiritual Root, so how could she see the changes in that leather scroll? Even if he only saw two kinds, he had seen the changes after all. According to his previous thoughts, a Miscellaneous Spiritual Root would not be able to see the changes in the leather scroll.

“What about you?” The words of the purple-skirted woman interrupted Ning Cheng’s thoughts.