Creation Gate Chapter 143

“What a powerful killing intent, this killing intent seems to be similar to the killing intent in front of those spirit gra*s mountain bags ……”

“Indeed it is, this is the killing intent of the Angry Axe Valley, and that man is using a huge golden axe as well.”

“Could it be that he has comprehended the Axe Killing Intent of the Furious Axe Valley? It’s so powerful ……”

The onlookers had been searching for spirit herbs in front of this mountain pack, and there were already people who had sensed Ning Cheng’s powerful Axe Killing Intent.

With this powerful Axe Killing Intent of Ning Cheng, it was already irrelevant for Ning Cheng to kill four disciples of Red Sky Academy in a row. Every time the Angry Axe Valley opened, many people entered, but those who could truly comprehend the Axe Intent were a rare few. Everyone who had comprehended the Axe Intent would end up doing something as long as they did not fall.

Even Zang Xie was surprised, it did not surprise him that Ning Cheng had killed Shang Mugao and Koji Tongfu, he had already seen how powerful Ning Cheng was. He did not expect Ning Cheng to be able to kill two Yuan Building cultivators from the Red Sky Academy, if this was not something he had seen with his own eyes, he would never have believed the result.

“Senior Brother Ning, you have already built a Yuan?” Zang Xie now knew that Ning Cheng must have built Yuan.

“Senior Brother Ning Cheng, you gave me my place in the Angry Axe Valley, and now you saved my life, thank you.” Meng Jingxiu came over and said to Ning Cheng gratefully, after she finished, she hesitated and added, “Senior Brother Ning, I have a little something else I would like to ……”

Ning Cheng raised his hand to stop Meng Jingxiu’s words, “I know, let’s talk about this later.”

Meng Jingxiu had said at Mo Ze Grand Plaza that she would have something to report when she entered the Furious Axe Valley, Ning Cheng had suspected that she had some secrets in the Furious Axe Valley at first. Now that Meng Jingxiu had brought it up again, it made him even more certain that he was right in what he was thinking. However, it was better to talk about such matters when there were only two of them.

“Hahahaha ……” A cheerful laugh came from a man with a slender figure who had landed next to Ning Cheng and the others.

Behind this slender male cultivator, there were two other men and one woman, plus this laughing male cultivator, making a total of four people.

Ning Cheng’s face was as normal, and he did not seem to care about this male cultivator who had come over. He just picked up the storage bags and magic treasures on the ground as if nothing had happened, and only then did he calmly look at the visitor without speaking. This slender male cultivator was already at the eighth level of cultivation in the Yuan Building layer and had a dangerous aura that should be much stronger than Wu Zhen.

The three people behind him, apart from a short male cultivator who was only at the third level of Yuan Building, the other two were all at the sixth level of Yuan Building.

“Good ability friend, I am Luan Hong from the Feng Continent Xuan Yue Seven Star Academy, and would like to invite you to join our small team. How about we lend each other our strength and search for spirit herbs together?” Not only was Luan Hong handsome and slender, he also spoke in a way that made people feel like spring.

Ning Cheng frowned for a moment, “Searching for spirit herbs together?”

He had already seen many mountain packs with spirit gra*ses here, and he had also seen many people tackling a mountain pack that seemed to have a ban on it. But the exact situation was not clear to him. He had clashed with the cultivators from the Red Sky Academy as soon as he arrived, and only just now had it subsided for a while.

Seeing that Ning Cheng did not understand, Luan Hong hurriedly explained, “My group is six in total, the previous Wu Zhen and Ren Yan Fei fell, if you don’t mind, join our group instead of them, and the spirit herbs we collected will be divided equally.”

Seeing that Ning Cheng still did not understand, at the side Zang Xie said, “Senior Brother Ning, this is how it is. The mountain packs here all have many spirit herbs, but these packs seem to be surrounded by a kind of axe-killing intent in the Angry Axe Valley. If one cannot break through the axe-killing intent in front of the mountain bags with qi or some other method, there is no way to enter the mountain bags to collect the spirit herbs. If one attacked forcibly, not only would one fail to break the killing intent in front of these mountain bags, but one would also make the killing intent stronger and stronger.

Therefore, all the senior Yuan builders here have formed a small team to fight against these killing intents protecting the mountain bag, once they break the axe killing intent in front of the mountain bag, they can enter the mountain bag to collect the spiritual herbs. The Condensed True cultivators were a little less powerful, so they could only swarm together and break through the mountain bag by virtue of the stacked strength of their people. As soon as the killing intent in front of the mountain bag was broken, everyone grabbed it together, and the stronger they were, the more they grabbed. Danqin senior sister is because follow behind, pick up a fruit ……”

As soon as Zhanxao explained, Ning Cheng immediately understood, it turned out that all the spirit gra*s mountain bags here were wrapped by killing intent. He still had some experience in dealing with the Axe Killing Intent of the Angry Axe Valley.

“Thanks to Brother Luan for looking up to me, it’s just that I don’t plan to team up with anyone else for the time being.” Ning Cheng said with a polite cupped fist.

Luan Hong regretted somewhat and remained undeterred as he persuaded, “Friend, the killing intent here is absolutely impossible for one person to fight against. Previously, there were several Yuan Establishment cultivators with more powerful cultivation levels who had to rely on one person to fight against the Axe Killing Intent here, but ended up being directly blown away by the killing intent here, without even the ability to put up half a fight.”

Luan Hong had just seen Ning Cheng’s strike, Ning Cheng’s huge axe carried a powerful axe killing intent, if Ning Cheng joined them, their success rate of breaking through the killing intent in front of the mountain bag would definitely rise exponentially. The effect would definitely not be worse than the two of them combined, Wu Zhen and Ren Yan Chiao.

Ning Cheng still smiled and said, “Thank you, I really have no intention of forming a team, besides I still have a few senior brothers and sisters, so if I were to form a team, it would be with them.”

Luan Hong regrettably glanced at Zang Xie and the others at the side before saying, “In that case, then forget it.”

Although Ning Cheng was good, but if he had to bring Zang Xie and the others with him to form a team because of Ning Cheng, then he was not willing to do so. A few people not doing anything but having to distribute spirit herbs, how could it be such a good thing?”

“Brother Ning, congratulations on your successful Yuan building.” Seeing Luan Hong leave, Situ Yu, who had long wanted to come over and say hello, came up with a smile on his face and said.

“Senior Brother Xiaocheng, when Senior Sister Jingxiu and Senior Brother Zang were seriously injured earlier, only this senior brother came over to help. He gave two healing pills ……,” Ruimu Danqin had always been grateful to Situ Yu, and now that Situ Yu had come over, she hurriedly said in Ning Cheng’s ear.

Situ Yu, however, said awkwardly, “I am really ashamed, my strength is limited and I could only leave two pills behind, then I watched Senior Brother Zang and Senior Sister Meng being bullied.”

Ning Cheng hurriedly said, “Thank you, Brother Situ, with Brother Situ’s cultivation level, to be able to do this is already showing as much help as possible, Ning Cheng took it down.”

Ning Cheng was very clear about the situation here, he would not blame the rest of the people in the Hua Continent for not stepping in, because if people stepped in that would be the end of certain death. Because of this, the fact that Situ Yu was able to take out pills to help was enough to show the helping hand.

Regardless of what happened outside, at this moment, Ning Cheng was showing all his might here, which was already enough to shock anyone here.

For the cultivators from the Chemical Continent, apart from Yong Gu Yun who had found a mountain to lean on, the rest of them had not found a mountain to lean on. Now they were eager to come over and greet Ning Cheng and look for a backer as well. But when they thought of the disciples of Divine Wind Academy being bullied before, they did not have anyone to stand up for them, and they did not have the face to come up for a while.

The short, unattractive cultivator, Laosheng, who was standing with Yong Gu Yun, had a somewhat ugly face at this moment. He thought that he could easily kill Ning Cheng, but now he realised that Ning Cheng could easily kill him. He paid himself that he was definitely not a match for Wu Zhen, and Ning Cheng had now killed even Wu Zhen, still with the joint efforts of two Yuan Building cultivators. How could this kind of cultivation care about him, an early Yuan Building cultivator?

Yong Gu Yun was also staring at Ning Cheng in shock, she had not thought at all that Ning Cheng had already succeeded in building Yuan. This fellow was really a miscellaneous spirit root? This cultivation speed was simply too terrifying, right?

Other people were not yet very intuitive about Ning Cheng’s cultivation level, and many people who had come to the Continent of Transformation even thought that Ning Cheng had hidden his cultivation level during the Mo Ze Grand Square Grand Competition. Only she knew very well that Ning Cheng had not concealed his cultivation at all. Not only did he not conceal his cultivation, but he had also advanced from Qi gathering cultivation to Yuan building cultivation in really only that little bit of time, just two years.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. He is a miscellaneous spirit root, but he only got some opportunities in the Raging Axe Valley, and that’s why he has this kind of cultivation. Once he gets out of Raging Axe Valley, not to mention he will be chased by Red Sky Academy. Even if he wasn’t chased, with his kind of qualification, it would probably be difficult for him to make greater progress if he couldn’t enter a senior academy or sect.”

Knowing that Yong Gu Yun’s words were meant to please him, Laosheng’s face still eased up a lot. Then he nodded and said, “You’re right now, a casual cultivator’s opportunity only comes once or twice, it won’t always be accompanied by good luck. By the way, is that girl beside him confirmed to be a pure heterodyne wind spirit root?”

“That’s right, Yue Ying is definitely pure hetero wind spirit root, and the colour is pure white when testing the spirit root ……,” Yong Gu Yun said with certainty.

The pure white colour of the hetero-wind spirit root? The actual fact is that the actual people are not the same as Yong Gu Yun, he almost shouted out loud. He knew that in Pingzhou as long as the colour of the single main spiritual root reached turbid white, it could be called a pure spiritual root. He had also previously thought that Yue Ying’s pure foreign wind spirit root was also turbid white, or at most just white, but he had never expected it to be pure white.

“Whose Spiritual Root is pure white of Heterodyne Spiritual Root?” A clear, cold voice rang out beside Yong Gu Yun and Lao Sheng.

Appearing in front of the two was a purple-skirted woman with a veil on her face, her cultivation level should be around the ninth level of condensation, and beside her was a middle-aged cultivator. Laosheng could only know that the middle-aged cultivator’s cultivation level was stronger than his, but he could not tell how many layers of Yuan building the person was.

“I’m Laosheng from the Huntian Seven Star Academy ……”

Before he could finish his words, Laosheng was interrupted by the purple-skirted woman with a veil on her face, “I asked you who is a pure white Altered Wind Spiritual Root, not you.”

A cultivator of the ninth level of condensation spoke, and Law Sheng surprisingly subconsciously winced and hurriedly said, “Her name is Yue Ying, she is ……”

Yong Gu Yun also knew that these two people in front of him seemed to be of unusual origin, and hurriedly interjected, “Senior sister Yue Ying and I are from the Hualian continent together, and is indeed a pure white heterogeneous wind spirit root, and she is over there ……”

After saying that, Yong Gu Yun reached out and pointed at Yue Ying who was still talking to Ruimu Danqin.