Creation Gate Chapter 141

“Boom” like the sound of a defeated leather being smashed into pieces, Shang Mugao was directly blown up by the powerful true essence fist force. By the time he landed on the ground, his shape was even more miserable than that of the Koji monk, not to mention his breath.

The surroundings instantly fell silent, if Ning Cheng killing the cultivator surnamed Koji was not how shocking it was to the people. Then Ning Cheng’s killing of Shang Mugao had already surpa*sed everyone’s expectation.

Those who did not know these two people were fine, but only those who knew the cultivator surnamed Kozi and Shang Mugao knew how serious the consequences of what Ning Cheng had done were. At the same time, all of them knew that Ning Cheng was definitely not a True Condensation Cultivator, and no True Condensation Cultivator could kill Shang Mugao with three punches.

Only Ning Cheng himself knew that even if he had not yet built up his Yuan, if he went all out, he might not be unable to finish off Shang Mugao with three punches.

Shang Mugao was a core disciple of the Seven Star Academy of the Red Sky, not only was his cultivation unbelievable, but he also had endless potential and was a key disciple of the Red Sky Academy. But such a person was killed by Ning Cheng with one punch, how could the Red Sky Academy rest in peace with such a matter?

Not to mention the fact that the Red Sky Academy could not rest, even the Yuan-building cultivators of the Red Sky Academy inside the Angry Axe Valley would not rest.

“Senior Brother Xiao Cheng, you’re really amazing.” Ruimu Danqin rushed up excitedly and called out.

In fact, apart from Ruimu Danqin rushing up, all of the cultivators in the Hualu Continent remained silent. They, like everyone else, did not expect Ning Cheng to have killed Shang Mugao so easily. What’s more, they did not expect that Ning Cheng had really killed Shang Mugao.

Ning Cheng could still say that he had just arrived and did not know who the cultivator surnamed Koji was when he killed him, but now that Ning Cheng had killed Shang Mugao, he obviously could no longer use that excuse.

Similarly, although the cultivator surnamed Koji was also from the Red Sky Academy, his status was far too different from Shang Mugao’s.

Situ Yu had some bitterness in his heart, he had given up his match with Ning Cheng in the third round of the Moze Grand Plaza, but in his heart he thought that he was not that much different than Ning Cheng. And now he found out that if he faced the three punches Ning Cheng had just delivered, he would be just as unable to escape. Ning Cheng was more than several times stronger than when he was at Mo Ze Grand Plaza.

“Senior Sister Jingxiu, Senior Brother Zang, Senior Brother Xiaocheng helped us take revenge and killed these two bad guys, you should be celebrating and happy, right?” Ruimu Danqin quickly sensed that something was wrong with the atmosphere and asked in a hurry.

“Senior Brother Ning, I’m sorry, this matter originally had nothing to do with you, but it has involved you in it.” Zang Xie said to Ning Cheng in a very uneasy manner.

Ning Cheng had been prepared when he killed the cultivator surnamed Koji, otherwise he wouldn’t have killed Shang Mugao. To him, it was simply unrealistic not to kill the cultivator surnamed Koji, it was not in his nature to hold back when people were about to kill him. As for killing Shang Mugao, that was equally true.

If he didn’t kill Shang Mugao, he would have to explain to Shang Mugao that he didn’t know that the surname Koji was from the Seven Stars Academy. Then he would be insulted in a hundred different ways, and in the end, he would probably still have to be hunted down and killed by others. Instead of that, it would be better to kill it painfully. If there were any other Chiku Yuan cultivators from the Red Sky Academy inside the Angry Axe Valley looking for him to settle the score, he would finish them off all the same.

In a place where strength was paramount, it was better to reason with others than to put one’s face up for a beating.

Besides, now that everyone was in Raging Axe Valley, the news could not leak out. For the cultivators of Red Sky Academy in Raging Axe Valley, Ning Cheng really didn’t care. As soon as he left the Raging Axe Valley, he would find a way to return to the Huazhou Continent at the first opportunity and take Ji Luofei away.

He did not believe that others could return from Jia Continent to Hua Continent, but not him.

“Don’t worry, this matter has nothing to do with you. I killed the person, you were originally the victim, if Red Sky Academy dares to deal with Divine Wind Academy because of this matter, in the future, when my cultivation level goes up, I will find will this scene.” Ning Cheng patted Zang Xie’s shoulder and said.

He thought that the Red Sky Academy would not do such a thing, if for every person who had offended the Red Sky Academy, the Red Sky Academy would have to exterminate people’s sects, that would be too outrageous.

“My friend is so skilled, Dong Guo Xiao’s eyes are clumsy.” The bearded man who had exchanged Xuan Frost Chi with Ning Cheng earlier was the first to come in front of Ning Cheng, his smile was pleasant and his demeanor was more than several times warmer than before.

Ning Cheng did not have any obvious true essence fluctuations or cultivation level on his body, and he was not too old, plus being called Senior Brother Xiao Cheng by Ruimu Danqin, he did not put it in his eyes. In his opinion, even if Ning Cheng had defeated Koji Tongfu, in the end, he probably wouldn’t be able to get past Shang Mugao.

Now that Ning Cheng had killed both Yeji Tongfu and Shang Mugao in seconds, he did not even need to use his divine sense to observe Ning Cheng now to know that Ning Cheng was a Yuan Building cultivator.

Knowing what Dong Guo Xiao was here for, Ning Cheng smiled faintly and said, “If friend Dong Guo is here to exchange for Xuan Frost Chi, forget it, Xuan Frost Chi is still of great use to me.”

Dong Guo Xiao had indeed come to exchange for the Xuan Frost Ganoderma, he had not expected that Ning Cheng had not only killed Koji Tong Fu but also Shang Mou Gao. Seeing that Ning Cheng had not even waited for his words to come out before he had said them, he could only smile awkwardly, “Friend name a price, as long as it is within my affordability, I can accept it.”

Ning Cheng gave an apologetic look and said, “Sorry, I really don’t want to sell the Xuan Frost Chi anymore.”

“You don’t have the chance to sell it either.” An icy cold word from the side interrupted Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng had already seen the people coming, a woman with dan phoenix eyes, at the third level of early Yuan Building, and a male cultivator with long eyebrows whose body was covered in true Yuan, at the seventh level of late Yuan Building.

Dong Guo Xiao knew that this was a Yuan Building cultivator from Red Sky Academy coming over, and he hurriedly moved aside. He was a true dan master and rarely tried to offend others under normal circumstances, and few people came to offend him.

However, Zang Xao came to Ning Cheng’s side and said in a low voice, “Senior Brother Ning, they should be the Zhuyuan cultivators from the Red Sky Academy, the Zhuyuan cultivators are all alone on the other side robbing for spirit herbs. It is probably because they know that someone from their sect has been killed ……”

Zang Xie still hadn’t finished his words, the female cultivator had already raised her hand and a blue light shot over. Zang Xie felt a coldness all over his body, before he had time to react, he saw that Ning Cheng had an additional golden giant axe in his hand, that blue light was blocked by the golden giant axe with an ear-piercing explosive sound, and all kinds of scattered true essence rays splashed out in all directions.

“You guys stand back, I’ll deal with these two guys.” Ning Cheng said in a deep voice, he knew that facing the Yuan Building cultivators, Zang Xie and the others would not be able to help at all, not to mention that Zang Xie and Meng Jingxiu were still in the midst of serious injuries.

“No wonder he killed Senior Nephew Shang, so he is very impressive on the strength of his Yuan Building cultivation.” Another male cultivator with long eyebrows sneered and said.

He had been observing Ning Cheng’s cultivation level, which was not obvious as Ning Cheng cultivated Xuanhuang Wufang and his cultivation level spilled out. If he was a Xuan Liquid cultivator of course he could tell at a glance, his Yuan Building cultivation and Ning Cheng’s Yuan Building cultivation could not be compared at all, checking Ning Cheng’s cultivation required some time of divine sense observation.

He was already sure that Ning Cheng had built Yuan, but now that Ning Cheng had done it again, he could immediately see that Ning Cheng was not very pure in using his Yuan building true essence, and should have built Yuan not long ago.

He was ridiculing Ning Cheng under his breath, but in his heart, he was secretly amazed. A cultivator who had only just built Yuan, it was surprising that he needed to observe him carefully for a while before he could tell his cultivation level, once the other party’s cultivation level was solid, or was in the middle stage of building Yuan, he would not necessarily be able to tell the other party’s cultivation level.

Ning Cheng did not take the initiative to strike, he just gripped the golden giant axe and stared at the long-browed cultivator in front of him. To the Danfeng-eyed early Yuan Building female cultivator, Ning Cheng simply ignored it.

The long-browed cultivator did not come up and make a move like that female cultivator, he first cupped his fist and turned half a circle around before saying, “I am Wu Zhen of the Seven Star Academy of the Red Sky, and my disciples of the Seven Star Academy of the Red Sky have never held the strong over the weak. This person has killed a core disciple of my Red Sky Academy’s Condensing Truth on the grounds that he is a Yuan Building cultivator, and I, Wu Zhen, want to take revenge. I think this reasoning is justified even if it is said to the heavens.”

The long-browed cultivator who called himself Wu Zhen originally thought that after he finished speaking, there would be people around him immediately echoing his words. However, what he did not expect was that after he finished speaking, there was actually a cold scene, with not a single person echoing his words.

The people around were not fools, the Seven Star Academy was certainly remarkable, but now everyone was trapped in the Angry Axe Valley. Moreover, Ning Cheng had struck such a powerful blow, who would be willing to offend someone at this time when there were no results?

If they didn’t voice out and concur, they would at most lose an opportunity to ingratiate themselves with the Red Sky Academy. Once they did, in the event that Wu Zhen lost, they might have offended Ning Cheng. Besides, everyone was clear about what had happened here, and Wu Zhen’s claim of being reasonable was simply a joke.

Ning Cheng calmly said to Ruimu Danqin behind him, “Senior Sister Danqin, tell this high ranking person who uses reason to convince others and does not hold the strong over the weak what happened.”

Although Ruimu Danqin was nearly inexperienced, she was very articulate in her speech. In just a few words, she told the whole story, and finally added, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask the people here. If Senior Brother Xiaocheng hadn’t come early, the three of us would not only have had our things snatched away by the people from your Red Sky Academy, but we would have been killed as well.”

Wu Zhen’s face turned a little ugly, he had originally meant that after he had spoken and there were people around to echo his words, he would make a move to kill Ning Cheng.

He didn’t care who was reasonable, he was sure that even if the people from Red Sky Academy were not reasonable, there would still be people who would agree. But to his surprise, there was really no one to agree. This led to people telling the real reason, the reason being that the disciples of Red Sky Academy were holding strong and bullying the weak. This was a slap in the face of what he had just said.

The female cultivator frowned and coldly snorted as she was about to speak. Wu Zhen knew that his companion was about to make a direct move, but it wasn’t very good to make a direct move at this time.

He stared and said in a deep voice, “We will investigate this matter, you killed a disciple of my Red Sky Academy, I can’t believe it based on just one side of the story. Besides, my Red Sky Academy is also a seven-star academy, even if there is a misunderstanding between a disciple and you, you can’t kill a disciple of my academy even if you are a Zhuyuan cultivator, you can absolutely tell me ……”

Ning Cheng sneered and said, “I didn’t hear that Koji Tongfu say that he was from the Red Sky Academy, if you want to do it then don’t find any messy reasons. Just come straight over, I’ll take it all.”