Creation Gate Chapter 138

“Haha, it’s my turn to get rich ……,” Ning Cheng laughed and turned his head to Yue Ying and said, “Yue Ying, I’ll take you to dig the mine.”

Yue Ying hadn’t reacted and repeated in a daze, “Mining?”

“That’s right, it’s mining.” Ning Cheng finished speaking and left one step ahead.

Seeing this, Yue Ying hurriedly followed behind Ning Cheng, she was now at the early stage of True Condensation, her cultivation was more than tens of times stronger than before, so of course her speed also increased along with it.


More than two hours later, Ning Cheng looked dumbfounded at the wrecked mine in front of him for a long time before saying, “How is this possible?”

This mine was only a small part of it when he left, even if tens of thousands of people were digging here until the Angry Axe Valley closed, it wouldn’t be possible for all of it to be dug up, right? But what was happening now was that there was nothing left of the mine in front of him, not to mention the mine, even a complete weed had been dug up by someone else.

“Huh, big brother Ning, look there seems to be someone else in here ……” Yue Ying said in shock, pointing into the distance.

Ning Cheng also saw the figures in front of him at the same time, they were two Condensed Truth cultivators who seemed to be looking for something.

“What the hell is going on here? Did we avoid the transmission from the Angry Axe Valley, or did the transmission not start at all after the change in the Angry Axe Valley?” Ning Cheng was also completely baffled.

Ning Cheng quickly arrived in front of the two cultivators, who immediately stared at them warily when they saw Ning Cheng and Yue Ying both coming over.

Ning Cheng clasped his fist and said, “Please, two friends, Senior Sister and I have been trapped in one place for most of the year and missed the time to teleport out of the Angry Axe Valley, how come two friends have not been teleported out either?”

Seeing that Ning Cheng was asking about this matter, the two Condensed Truth cultivators loosened their guard slightly, and one of them said bitterly, “Don’t say it, not to mention that you were not teleported out, all those who entered the Raging Axe Valley were unable to get out. After the change in the Angry Axe Valley, not a single person has been teleported out after three months have arrived.”

Ning Cheng and Yue Ying both fell silent. Since none of the people who had entered the Furious Axe Valley had been teleported out, it meant that their good intentions of being considered as fallen were empty.


This not so good news made Ning Cheng a little disappointed, walking all the way there with Yue Ying, not to mention the spiritual herbs. Even demonic beasts were rarely encountered a single one.

“There’s something in there that doesn’t live up to its name.” Yue Ying said somewhat depressedly.

“No, it’s because there are simply too many people entering the Angry Axe Valley this time. It’s the entrance to Jia Continent that has seen as many as tens of thousands of people enter, so maybe other entrances have seen even more people enter. With so many people entering the Angry Axe Valley and going through a year’s worth of searching, even the best stuff would be gotten rid of.” Ning Cheng said with a sigh, he had been in seclusion. Although he had also obtained many good things, but compared to other people, what he had obtained certainly could not be considered much.

“Big brother Ning, why don’t we go to the depths of the Furious Axe Valley. I’ve heard that the Furious Axe Valley is boundless, even if hundreds of thousands of people come in. There are also places where no one goes.” Yue Ying said hurriedly.

“Good.” This was what Ning Cheng had originally thought, the Furious Axe Valley had a lot of things, it was impossible to get them all so easily. His original idea was to find a large amount of spiritual herbs and cultivation resources in the Furious Axe Valley, and then return to the Underwater Cave to learn alchemy.

He had wasted so much energy in advancing from Condensing True to Building Yuan. He had wasted so many spirit stones and had even used four extremely high quality spirit stones. He would definitely need more resources in the future, so how could he do that if he didn’t know how to refine pills?

Although he had not gone back on time to look for Ji Luofei, Ning Cheng believed that Ji Luofei would definitely be waiting for him at Divine Wind Academy. Having been with Ji Luofei for so long, he knew her very well. Since he had said that he wanted Ji Luofei to wait for him at the Divine Wind Academy, Ji Luofei would wait for him at the Divine Wind Academy. Unless the Divine Wind Academy no longer existed, in the Chemical Continent. Divine Wind Academy was also a five-star academy, so how could it cease to exist for no reason?


Deep in the Angry Axe Valley, tens of thousands of cultivators were crowded in front of a mountain range that stretched for a hundred miles. To be exact, this mountain range that stretched for a hundred miles consisted of countless low hillocks. These countless low hills were crisscrossed and green. The scent of spiritual gra*ses was overwhelming, and some extremely high grade spiritual gra*ses could even be seen in the distance.

What was strange was this. In the face of so many high grade spirit gra*ses, the cultivators here did not even swarm over them.

If one looks closely, some of these hills have been dug up beyond recognition, while others are still unharmed. Numerous cultivators were in groups, scattered in front of some of the untouched mountain bags. Each of them exuded a powerful aura. These auras were united as if they were fighting against the mountain bags on the opposite side.

Finally a cheer came as the cultivators in front of one of the mountain bags seemed to gain the upper hand in the confrontation, a layer of invisibility in front of the bag was dispersed and all the men swarmed up to it.

If those who had just arrived had seen this scene, they would have understood perfectly why some of the mountain bags here had been dug up beyond recognition, while others were still unharmed.

“Senior Sister Jingxiu, I’ve found something good ……,” a young girl with an extremely ugly appearance shouted out joyfully.

A young male cultivator beside her hurriedly covered the young girl’s mouth, reached out and snatched the item from her hand and put it in his own storage bag, then said sternly, “Dan Qin, don’t talk too much, just find something and put it away.”

Before the ugly-looking girl had time to reply, she heard someone at the side drink in a low voice, “I saw the thing first, take it out.”

The young male cultivator pulled the extremely ugly young girl behind him and said, “Friend, the things here are all ownerless, my senior sister got them first just now, that’s a bit too much for you.”

“Cut the crap, hand it over or not.” The male cultivator gave a low bellow and said with some impatience.

“So what if I don’t hand it over?” Another pretty female cultivator with a slightly dark complexion walked over and said with a sneer.

The male cultivator let out a sarcastic laugh, “If you don’t hand it over, you can die.”

As he spoke, he had already sacrificed a huge green claw, and as soon as this huge claw was sacrificed, the powerful aura that swept up directly enveloped all three people in front of him. When they were under the killing intent of this huge claw, even breathing felt oppressive.

These three people were undoubtedly Zang Xie, Meng Jingxiu and Ruimu Danqin who had gotten separated from Ning Cheng. If Ning Cheng had not been in seclusion at the bottom of the river for almost a year, after such a long time, everyone might have met up as well. It was just that Ning Cheng had been in seclusion at the bottom of the river for almost a year, and the three of them had not found Ning Cheng even after they met.

When Meng Jingxiu saw that her opponent had made the first move, where would she hold back, her halberd was similarly sacrificed, and the moment she struck was a move of the Raging River Tide Rising, she was only at the sixth level of True Condensation, while her opponent was already at the ninth level of True Condensation. Even though she was conceited, she did not dare to take a ninth level of True Condensation lightly.

The shadow of the halberd formed a killing intent like the rising tide of a furious river and swept towards the giant claw. The ninth level Condensed Truth who wanted to eat up Meng Jingxiu’s trio immediately felt a chill in his body under the wave-like shadow of the halberd. He had not expected that a sixth level of True Condensation could have such a powerful halberd technique.

“Boom …… click ……” The huge green claws of the ninth level Condensed Truth cultivator and the halberd shadow blasted together, stirring up a sky of exploding true essence. Several halberd shadows broke out of the blockade of the giant claw and blasted at the chest of the ninth level cultivator. Although the halberd shadows were much less powerful due to the giant claws, they still tore open the ninth level cultivator’s clothes and brought out several bloodstains.

These few bloodstains were not much of an injury, but the ninth level cultivator was clearly at a disadvantage under this move.

Meng Jingxiu’s heart sank, she thought that this move could cause her opponent to be seriously injured, but she didn’t expect that it would only come with a few blood marks without any pain. If they really fought, her situation would not be optimistic.

“Haha…… two people to fight Senior Brother Koji alone, since that’s the case, don’t blame me, Shang Mugao, for being ungracious.” As the voice fell, a man in brown clothes landed in front of Meng Jingxiu.

“Shame on you all, I didn’t move even when I was standing here just now, since when did two men beat one?” Zang Xie cursed angrily.

The brown-clothed cultivator called Shang Mugao simply ignored Zang Hao’s words and directly sacrificed a flying sword to blast at Meng Jingxiu, while saying to another ninth level condensation cultivator who was forced back by Meng Jingxiu, “Senior Brother Koji, you go teach this nonsense one a lesson, and leave this black pot woman to me.”

Meng Jingxiu was about to say a few words back, but when she heard such rude words from this brown-clothed cultivator, she was so furious that the halberd in her hand blasted out again.

The continuous and majestic halberd shadows were even stronger than earlier, but they were easily blocked by the other party’s sword mane. Meng Jingxiu’s heart sank, she knew as soon as she met her opponent that this Shang Mugao was more powerful than Fang Xin who had easily defeated her at Mo Ze Grand Square, and not just a little bit more powerful. The sword mane he sent out was bizarre and seemed to be able to bind her true essence and divine thoughts.

But this was not a tournament stage, there was no way for her to admit defeat, even if she had to be killed, she could only top it.

The continuous halberd shadows were easily broken by Shang Mugao, while several of the opponent’s sword maces pa*sed through the halberd shadows without any lag.

Meng Jingxiu was horrified and withdrew her halberd, forcing it to become a shield to block the sword arrows that came through.

“Poof ……” two blood splashed out, her waist and arm were still swept by the sword maneuvers.

The sword mane on her arm was only a few centimeters away from cutting off all of her arm, and even then, her arm would still be ruined if she didn’t hurry to heal it.

Seeing Meng Jingxiu seriously injured, Zang Xie, who was already no match for his opponent, was blown away by a claw blast to the chest. At this moment, he had several bloody holes in his chest, and the injuries he received were not lighter than Meng Jingxiu’s.

Ruimu Danqin was in a great hurry and hurriedly cried, “You guys don’t kill senior brother Zang and senior sister Jingxiu, that thing we give you ……”

After saying that she didn’t even have time to wait for Zang Xie to speak, she directly took down Zang Xie’s storage bag and threw it to the other party. Ruimu Danqin was in this only after hearing from others, generally throwing their own storage bag out, without deep hatred, you can no longer make a move to kill.

This called Koji brother condensed true ninth layer of cultivators sneered, “early told you to take out not to take, now late ……”

As he spoke, the giant claw in his hand was about to be sacrificed again.