Creation Gate Chapter 134

Ning Cheng knew that his injuries were too heavy, he did not dare to go back directly, but changed his direction and ran wildly and desperately. His true essence and divine thoughts were already stronger than the average True Condensation cultivator, and now that he was burning his true essence for his life, his speed was even swifter. In a short period of time, he ran out of the range of the divine thoughts of the condensing cultivator.

However, Ning Cheng knew that if he continued like this, he would definitely be chased by the Yuan Building cultivator. After escaping a certain distance, Ning Cheng directly hid in a gully, while throwing out dozens of formation flags.

This is the second level shielding formation that Ning Cheng set up in the shortest possible time, he knew that at this point there was no second way except to use the formation.

If it was just a True Condensation cultivator chasing him, he could still escape, but in case there was a Zhuyuan cultivator coming after him, he wouldn’t be so lucky. Fortunately, only Zhuyuan cultivators can come in here, otherwise even if he set up a concealment formation, it would not be of any use.

In the concealment formation, Ning Cheng collected his whole body’s aura and carefully swallowed a Xuanshang Zhi. The injuries he received were too heavy, and not only that, after being seriously injured, he also forcibly pushed up his true essence and burned it to escape, which added to his woes. If his meridians had not been reshaped by the Xuanhuang Origin, Ning Cheng’s meridians would have been completely shattered. No matter how powerful a fourth level True Condensation cultivator was, he couldn’t compete with a Yuan Establishment cultivator, let alone a middle stage Yuan Establishment cultivator.

Ning Cheng held back the pain that tore through his body and laughed at himself, he thought that the whirlwind could kill a Zhuyuan cultivator. If the whirlwind could kill a Zhuyuan cultivator, it must be an early Zhuyuan cultivator that he had succeeded in sneaking up on, otherwise it would definitely not be possible to kill a Zhuyuan cultivator.

The previous cultivator who was seriously injured in the middle stage of Zhuyuan was also suspected of being attacked by him, otherwise he would not have been able to take advantage of it.

The effect of Xuanshuangzhi is very good, but it is not a panacea, after all, this is not a Xuan renewal pill, his injuries are still getting worse. If you take Xuanshuangzhi, immediately with the true essence to open the medicinal properties of the spiritual herbs, or there is still effect.

Right now Ning Cheng doesn’t even dare to stretch his divine thoughts. Not to mention running true essence to heal his injuries. So many people were chasing him, and now that he was not far away, once there were aura fluctuations, he would definitely be discovered.

After three hours had pa*sed. Ning Cheng felt weaker and weaker, if he didn’t find a place to heal, he might have his foundation destroyed again. The Xuanhuang Origin had helped him remodel once, who knew if he could remodel a second time? He carefully stretched out his divine thoughts to confirm that there was no one around, then he quickly scurried out of his hiding place, changed direction, and ran as fast as he could towards the long river.


The more Ying is a little impatient in the hall is not very big walk around, she is not only impatient, but also afraid. This is the bottom of the river. There is no one, that is, the sound is isolated by the formation.

This loneliness and solitude made it impossible for her to feel at ease, let alone to cultivate. When she first hid in the cavern alone, she could at least hear all kinds of sounds. Although afraid. But did not know loneliness. Only now did she realize that the world without sound is the loneliest.

When will Ning Cheng come back? It had been nearly four days since this trip.

Yue Ying, who had been wandering around for half a day, finally couldn’t stand the loneliness of not having any sound and she had to go up to take a look.

Yue Ying walked out of the half-moon arch, took out the formation flag Ning Cheng gave her and threw it down, and sure enough the broken gap temporarily sealed by Ning Cheng opened up again. While Yue Ying was swimming in the somewhat icy cold river water, she instead quieted down. She finally heard a sound, showing that she was not the only one in this world, even if it was only the sound of the water and the sound of the fish swimming, it was still good.

After she got out of the water, Yue Ying just had time to take a breath when she saw Ning Cheng, who was covered in blood, flopping down by the river. Obviously it was already seriously injured among serious injuries. Yue Ying was greatly alarmed and hurriedly rushed up to the river and picked Ning Cheng up with one hand.

Yue Ying was not ignorant of anything, and when she held Ning Cheng in her hands, she knew that Ning Cheng was still breathing. But it had turned to internal breathing, and it looked like he was healing himself.

Yue Ying settled down a little and followed Ning Cheng’s example, securing Ning Cheng on her back. When she was about to go into the river, she saw the blood stains by the river. Yue Ying hurriedly used water to wash away those blood stains before she took Ning Cheng into the water again. Ning Cheng was seriously injured and was obviously being chased by others, so if others saw the bloodstains and came here, it would be the end.

Luckily, what Yue Ying was worried about did not happen, until she carried Ning Cheng into the concealment formation and put away the formation flags again, Yue Ying’s nervous heart settled down a bit.

Yue Ying put Ning Cheng on the exquisite wooden bed and looked at Ning Cheng who still hadn’t woken up, she felt a bit embarra*sed.

Ning Cheng was so badly injured, she didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t let Ning Cheng just lie there all wet, right?

After thinking about it for half a day, Yue Ying still took off Ning Cheng’s soaked clothes. Looking at the shocking wound on Ning Cheng’s chest, Yue Ying was secretly shocked in her heart. Ning Cheng was injured so badly, but he could still return to this place.

After carefully scrubbing all the blood on Ning Cheng’s body, Yue Ying looked at Ning Cheng’s shorts again, and finally did not have the courage to help Ning Cheng take them off. Not to mention taking them off, she was scared to look at them.

If it was An Yi, she would not hesitate to help Ning Cheng get naked. But she is different from Anyi, she knows more than Anyi. She did not go through Ning Cheng’s storage bag, but only covered Ning Cheng’s body with a thin silk quilt that was already there by the wooden bed.


When Ning Cheng was brought back to the bed in the room by Yue Ying again, the injuries in his body were already starting to heal on their own. If it was someone else who was so crazy about burning true essence to run away, even if it did not hurt the root, recovery would not take a day or two. Ning Cheng’s meridians had been reshaped by the Xuanhuang Origin, so although the burning of true essence was serious, it was not so serious as to injure his fundamentals. Now that he felt safe, he subconsciously closed his six senses.

Ning Cheng, who rarely dreamed since his cultivation, once again had a long dream. He took Luo Fei back to Jiangzhou and held a very grand wedding in Jiangzhou. His sister Ruo Lan was at his wedding and when he tried to talk to her, she ignored him. He said that he had changed his mind and was fond of the new, and that he had found Ji Luofei and forgotten Tian Muwan.

And this time, he saw Tian Muwan among the guests, only the one who accompanied Tian Muwan was the one who drove her away in the first place.

Ning Cheng suddenly broke out in a fine sweat, Huo sat up.

“You’re awake, scared me to death.” Yue Ying still worried immensely knowing that Ning Cheng’s meridians were beating stronger and stronger. After all, Ning Cheng hadn’t woken up since she carried him back.

Ning Cheng swept a glance at the several storage bags placed beside him and already knew in his heart that it was Yue Ying who had saved him back. He was still somewhat conscious before he collapsed at the river, but his body was so bad that there was absolutely no way to return to the river.

“Yue Ying, thank you for saving me.” Ning Cheng breathed out and sat up, as long as he returned, he would recover quickly from any serious injuries.

When Yue Ying saw Ning Cheng**s upper body, she blushed and said, “I was a little anxious staying here alone, so I went out to take a look, I didn’t expect to see you collapsed by the river.”

Ning Cheng nodded, took out a piece of clothing and casually put it on, panted and said, “I won’t be going out for a while.”

“Well, then when the three months are up, it would be best for us to be teleported out together.” Yue Ying was the happiest in her heart when she heard Ning Cheng say that she would not go out. She was afraid that she would be left alone in here.

Ning Cheng shook his head, “Even if the three months arrive, I guess I won’t go out. If I’m not wrong, this place should have a formation that I can’t even see, so maybe it’s not affected by teleportation. If this place could also be teleported out, that senior who opened this place would have been teleported out long ago, wouldn’t he be able to open up a cave here?”

“Why not go out?” Yue Ying asked in surprise, as for Ning Cheng’s comment that this place could not be teleported out, she completely ignored it.

“That old guy named Kang shouldn’t let me go, before I have the strength, I would be looking for death if I went out.” Ning Cheng said in a deep voice.

To Ning Cheng, if he could stay in here, he would definitely not go out. After all, he and that Kang surname has not completely torn his face, once completely torn face, is Ji Luofei may suffer.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into. If you have offended him, I will go and talk to him, he should not do anything to you.”

Ning Cheng laughed coldly, “You go and talk, you’d better think about yourself. You should be glad now that you were squeezed into this, otherwise, you will definitely not end up in a good place, don’t think I am sensationalizing.”

“Ah ……” Yue Ying looked at Ning Cheng with a shocked expression, she even forgot to ask Ning Cheng why she didn’t have a good end.

Ning Cheng was silent for a moment before asking, “Yue Ying, how many kinds of variations did you see in the first round of the Five Star Grand Competition?”

“A total of more than fifty variations, but I feel that there should be more, I just didn’t see that many.” Yue Ying answered honestly.

“Then what did you comprehend in the second round?” Ning Cheng asked again.

Yue Ying frowned for a moment, she felt that there really seemed to be something wrong with this matter, she still didn’t hide it from Ning Cheng and said, “I felt that those changes were the source of a kind of gong method, it seems that I saw something most ancient and mysterious in there, but I couldn’t tell what it was.”

Ning Cheng froze when he heard Yue Ying’s words, the fact that Yue Ying could see more than fifty kinds of changes was already completely beyond his guesses. But he did not expect that Yue Ying’s understanding of the changes in the skin scroll was completely different from his, he saw more than six hundred changes, and the changes he saw seemed to be some gong methods or spells. But Yue Ying saw the origin of a gong method, could it be that Yue Ying understood it more thoroughly than he did?”