Creation Gate Chapter 128

When Ning Cheng arrived, he did not immediately go and grab the Xuan Frost Chi, just like the Yuan Building cultivator before him. He directly grabbed the huge golden axe behind him and slashed it towards the ice lake. After the axe went down, he simultaneously followed behind and grabbed the Xuan Frost Ganoderma plants.

“Ow……” An extremely muffled scream came from under Ning Cheng’s huge axe, and a huge splash of water rolled up while a blood streak quickly spilled away into the distance.

Ning Cheng had already grabbed four Xuan Frost Ganoderma stalks in a row at this time, while turning around and leaving. There were nine Xuan Frost Ganoderma stalks here, and he was sure that he would not be able to grab that many, so four stalks were already enough. The Yuan Building cultivator had repelled the demonic beast under the water and also picked two Xuan Frost Ganoderma. The remaining three Xuan Frost Ganoderma were snatched away by the three ninth level cultivators who came later.

With the four Xuan Frost Ganoderma, Ning Cheng landed on the shore as fast as he could, while secretly rejoicing in his heart. He had no idea where the demonic beast under the water was when he dropped his axe, he had just chosen the most advantageous position to sneak up on him and chopped down, and his guesses proved to be correct.

Ning Cheng had just wanted to leave when three True Condensation cultivators had already blocked Ning Cheng’s path. Two were at the seventh level of True Condensation and one was at the ninth level of True Condensation.

“Leave the Xuan Frost Chi you obtained before you can leave.” A short, seventh level True Condensation cultivator stared at Ning Cheng and said contemptuously.

A cold smile appeared at the corner of Ning Cheng’s mouth, he knew that he could not walk away so easily. He thought that the first one to find him was the early Yuan Building cultivator, but he did not expect that the Yuan Building cultivator did not find him, instead, it was the two True Condensation cultivators that found him. Not only did they want him to leave behind the Xuan Frost Chi, but they even wanted to leave them all behind.

“You planted my Xuan Frost Chi?” Ning Cheng sneered.

“No, but you are only at the fourth level of True Condensation and you want to take away four Xuan Frost Chi plants by yourself, don’t you think it’s too ugly to eat?” The cultivator at the seventh level of True Condensation frowned a little.

This was the Angry Axe Valley, Ning Cheng did not conceal his cultivation, here the strong spoke, he hated to make his cultivation higher, would he conceal his cultivation. It was not unusual for the other party to see at a glance that he was at the fourth level of True Condensation.

“What if I don’t want to give it?” Ning Cheng opened his hand and the golden giant axe had already appeared in his hand.

The cultivator who did not speak took a glance at the golden giant axe in Ning Cheng’s hand and said in a light voice, “Even the axe is filled with the smell of copper, it looks like you are very rich, I guess there are quite a lot of gold coins, to be able to build up this kind of axe.”

If this cultivator of the ninth level of True Condensation still had some scruples in his speech, this cultivator of the seventh level of True Condensation was even more blunt, “Today you have to give or not give, if you want to live for a few more hours, hand over the Xuanshang Chi.”

Ning Cheng no longer bothered to talk nonsense, and the huge golden axe in his hand slashed out with a golden axe shadow, the First Scar of the Angry Axe. He was looking for someone to try out his first stance, and he wouldn’t hesitate half the time when someone sent it to his door.

Ning Cheng only chopped out an axe shadow, but the people around him felt that a golden axe shadow had formed all over this space, and a strong killing intent instantly swept through the entire killing potential nearby. Some of the cultivators at the edge were shocked and retreated one after another.

Faced with such a diffuse axe shadow, the feeling given to the crowd was that there was only one axe mark. No matter where you were hiding, you would be swept up in the axe’s shadow.

Even the eyes of the Yuan Building cultivator who was standing on the side watching the battle were shocked, for if this axe had come at him, he would not have known how to resist it. This kind of

The seventh level cultivator who was the first to bear the brunt of the attack was even more shocked, and it was only at this moment that he realised that he had provoked the wrong kind of being. At this moment, it was too late to beg for mercy, and he could only sacrifice his round shield in haste.

Unfortunately, before the shield could be fully activated, it was blasted right in the middle by this golden-coloured axe mark.

“With an ear-splitting explosion, the uninspired round shield was directly split in half by Ning Cheng’s golden axe mark, and a spray of blood spurted out as the seventh level True Condensation cultivator was killed without even being able to fight back.

The other two True Condensation cultivators, carried by Ning Cheng’s axe shadow, were blasted out at the same time, spewing out several clouds of blood in the air and landing on the ground with a thud.

However, they were only rippled by the axe shadow, their injuries were not serious, and they immediately leapt up again, staring at Ning Cheng in astonishment. What kind of cultivation level was this? How could anyone have such an unbelievable cultivation level at the fourth level of True Condensation?

Ning Cheng directly hung his giant axe on his back and coldly stared at these two people, “Scram, don’t let little master see you again.”

The two True Condensation Cultivators did not dare to say a word and hurriedly turned around and left, disappearing without a trace in an instant. Ning Cheng picked up the storage bag on the ground and burnt the True Condensation Cultivator he had killed with a ball of fire before he left with a flourish.

At this moment, there was no one following Ning Cheng, they scattered in all directions, even the Yuan Building Cultivator, who also changed his direction and disappeared in an instant.

Ning Cheng was in a good mood, the first stance of the Angry Axe was so terrifying that it almost killed a seventh level of True Condensation in seconds. Although Ning Cheng knew that this was because the seventh level True Condensation cultivator did not take him seriously and was caught off guard by him, but in a real fight, Ning Cheng believed that it would be a matter of three strikes to destroy that seventh level True Condensation cultivator.

Or maybe it was because there were simply too many cultivators entering the Angry Axe Valley this time, Ning Cheng had barely seen any high grade spiritual herbs along the way.

Ning Cheng no longer had half a doubt that there were good things inside the Angry Axe Valley. It had only been a short time since he had entered and he had already harvested more than what he had accumulated outside.

Ning Cheng was just thinking about whether it was possible to sacrifice flying magic treasures inside here when he heard a scream come out, which was definitely a high decibel scream.

It would have been fine if it was just a scream, but Ning Cheng also heard that this scream had some familiarity to it. His divine thoughts immediately swept out, and a familiar face appeared in his divine thoughts.

It was actually Yue Ying, and Ning Cheng did not have any doubts about Yue Ying entering the Angry Axe Valley. In that situation, it would be strange for her not to enter the Angry Axe Valley. Even a True Condensation Cultivator would not be able to resist such an influx of people, let alone a mere Yue Ying.

The only thing was that Yue Ying no longer had the quiet and playful look she had at the time, her hair was covered in black and grey, and she couldn’t even distinguish the colour of her clothes. What was important was that her blouse had been ripped off by a sixth-level cultivator, revealing her white skin and a pink bib.

It looked like Yue Ying had just screamed because her clothes had been ripped off. If this were Yue Yuanhua here, he would definitely be looking for those two True Condensation cultivators to fight for his life.

Ning Cheng turned his head around and quickly landed on the periphery while sneering, “Two late stage True Condensation practitioners, bullying a little girl with Qi gathering cultivation, how dare they have shame?”

“You are big brother Ning ……” Yue Ying called out in surprise, she even rubbed her eyes. She had actually met Ning Cheng, she had seen Ning Cheng’s strength with her own eyes, it was absolutely formidable.

It was only after a while that she came to her senses and hurriedly ran behind Ning Cheng, her incomparably frightened expression finally settling down a little.

Regardless of Ning Cheng’s character, Ning Cheng was someone she knew, and was much better than this fierce sixth level True Condensation cultivator in front of her.

“A mere fourth level True Condensation mole ……” Before this sixth level True Condensation cultivator could finish his sentence, Ning Cheng’s golden giant axe had already cleaved over.

When this cultivator of the sixth level of True Condensation saw the golden axe shadow splitting over, the powerful axe killing intent had already shaken his mind, and he was simply incapable of blocking Ning Cheng’s axe.

“It’s so strong ……” This cultivator of the sixth level of True Condensation could not even retreat before he uttered two words in despair, and then his body was split in half by the huge golden axe.

Ning Cheng retrieved the Golden Giant Axe, and felt more and more that the axe was good to use. If he had still used the residual spear, he might have had to take two more strokes. This Angry Axe First Trace Dao was now all done at once.

“Big brother Ning, thank you, if it wasn’t for you, I, I ……” Yue Ying only knew the extreme aftermath at this time, she didn’t even dare to imagine what the result would be after all her clothes were torn?

After Ning Cheng stared at Yue Ying for half a day, Yue Ying suddenly thought that the clothes on her chest had already been torn, and she suddenly became anxious again. She had heard about Ning Cheng and Su Zhu together back then, but she had heard about it from Yong Gu Yun, and she herself had seen the scene at that time. Ning Cheng even wanted to sleep with Su Zhu, would he want to do the same to her ……

The more Yue Ying thought about it, the more frightened she became, this was driving a tiger from the front door and a wolf from the back. If he was about to do something to herself, there was nothing she could do but die. Ning Cheng was so powerful that she wouldn’t even be able to die. The man just now was obviously already a Condensing True Expert, but in front of Ning Cheng, he couldn’t even pa*s a single face-to-face.

She hurriedly pulled up the clothes that had been torn off her chest and looked up carefully at Ning Cheng, only to see that Ning Cheng was frowning. With a shake of her hand, the dress she had pulled up fell down once again, and the pink bib and half of the snowy white was once again exposed.

Yue Ying’s body trembled slightly, but she did not dare to let herself cry out.

At this time, Ning Cheng spoke, “I really can’t figure it out, you’re draped and covered in dust, you look like an old woman, was that man blind just now? Why did he pull your clothes?”

Ning Cheng really couldn’t figure it out, Yue Ying was beautiful, not even inferior to Meng Yu Jing, he admitted this, but even if she was beautiful, Yue Ying was still a green pepper. If a green pepper was clean and dry, it would look good to the eyes. But at this moment, Yue Ying, even if she was in a hurry, would not take off her clothes in this place, right?

So he asked this not to flirt with Yue Ying, but he wanted to know why that sixth level condensation cultivator was pulling Yue Ying’s clothes.

“Ah ……” Yue Ying looked at Ning Cheng in astonishment, she did not expect at all that Ning Cheng would say such a sentence after staring at her for half a day.