Creation Gate Chapter 127

Ning Cheng didn’t find it too strange, he had been reshaped by the Xuanhuang Origin and had the chance to come to the Angry Axe Valley, it was normal for him to be able to achieve a great killing intent. Moreover, through his comprehension of killing intent, he could vaguely feel that once killing intent reached the Mortalisation realm, it would give rise to something else, and as for what it was, he could not understand it yet.

Ning Cheng did not care about these realms, he had the Xuanhuang Origin in his body, if he was still unable to comprehend the Origin Killing Intent quickly, then he would be a true wastrel.

Sticking the golden giant axe directly into his back, Ning Cheng stood up once again and walked deeper into the Angry Axe Valley.

A trail of axe rhymes in the Furious Axe Valley made it impossible for Ning Cheng to stop himself, and when his comprehension and experience reached an extreme point once again, another cracking axe shadow blasted into the middle of his intent.

This time Ning Cheng was prepared for it, he raised his hand and grabbed the huge golden axe on his back and just slashed out with it.

The First Mark of the Angry Axe, this was the first axe mark killing intent that he had just comprehended in the Angry Axe Valley. As he chopped out this axe, his intention was also blasted out with an axe.

“Boom ……”

This invisible axe mark and the axe mark in Ning Cheng’s intent blasted together, sending Ning Cheng flying straight away, and Ning Cheng then felt a pain in his purple mansion, and then he spurted out several mouthfuls of blood as he flew backwards once again.

But this time Ning Cheng did not do the same as before, he quickly leaped up and the huge axe in his hand struck out once again, this was the same axe that had just blasted into his mind.

The golden axe shadow brought up by this axe was no longer a line that cut through the air, a huge vortex formed underneath the golden axe shadow, just like a tornado.

The tornado-style killing intent of the axe gathered all the killing power within a few feet radius and coalesced into a single point. It blasted on top of the stone wall in the valley.

“Boom boom ……” an even more violent and terrifying explosion rang out. On top of that unbelievably hard stone wall. A blasted whirlpool centre was formed. No, or rather a huge stone crater was blasted out by the giant axe. The stone crater was shaped like a funnel, and the inside was cut by the axe’s killing intent as if it was a smooth mirror, without any half-edges, precisely the effect brought out by that axe just now.

Ning Cheng stood with his axe raised, his chest surging with pride, this axe was even more imposing than the previous one, and it was gathered into a single point. Even if a cultivator at the Yuan Building Realm was hit by his axe, it would probably be difficult to save a life.

“This is the second style of my Angry Axe, the Whirlwind.” Ning Cheng’s voice echoed endlessly in the huge axe valley.

Ning Cheng’s heart was filled with excitement and elation, he had only entered the Angry Axe Valley for just a dozen days and not only had he advanced to the fourth level of Condensing Truth, he had also comprehended a true killing move. If he continued, what would his achievements be when he left the valley in the future?

With an overwhelming feeling of excitement, Ning Cheng once again advanced towards the valley. This time, however, he had only walked a dozen metres away. An immensely powerful suppressive force came over, and Ning Cheng hurriedly stopped. He was certain that if he dared to ignore this force. If he continued to walk forward, he could be blown out at any time and anywhere.

If he was blown out of this area, he would only have to come back, but once he was blown out of the Angry Axe Valley, he might have to face a soul search by a great power of the Yuan Soul Realm.

Ning Cheng sat down again, he wanted to get used to it first before moving on. However, after Ning Cheng sat down, he felt the pressure getting stronger and stronger, and he subconsciously grabbed the ground, but his hand was cold.

Ning Cheng was stunned, then he grabbed a football sized stone, his divine sense swept into the stone and he was immediately shocked. With a casual grasp, what he grabbed in his hand was surprisingly a Fey Desolate Extreme Essence. Not only was it a Fey Desolate Pole Essence, it was also dark silver in colour.

After so many years of fighting, Ning Cheng was not ignorant now. The Iso-Wilderness Extreme Essence in his hand was a top-notch material for smithing, an extremely rare existence.

The Other Desolate Pole Essence was originally a meteorite in the starry sky, which had fallen on a planet and slowly formed under a specific environment over a long period of time. There are colours for this kind of polar essence, earthy yellow is a grade eight refining material, dark silver is a grade nine refining material, and silver is a refining material that has surpa*sed grade nine.

Ning Cheng had only seen it in some introductions, but he knew nothing about what it could be used for.

But the Iso Desolate Extreme Essence in his hand was already dark silver, which meant that it was a Grade Nine rare artefact refining material that was worth a fortune.

Ning Cheng searched once again and found four more pieces of Fey Desolate Extreme Essence, and he did not hesitate to put these treasures into his storage bag. Together with the one in his hand, there were already five pieces of Fey Desolate Extreme Essence, two were dark silver, two were earthy yellow, and one was surprisingly already silver.

Before Ning Cheng had time to think about how these Fey Desolate Pole Essences had gotten here, an even more powerful force directly blasted him up.

Having already known that this was the aura of the Axe Rhythm inside the Angry Axe Valley, Ning Cheng wanted to forcefully retreat some distance to avoid being blasted away by this Axe Rhythm of the Angry Axe Valley. However, under this kind of power, Ning Cheng had no room to resist and he was directly taken away from this place.

When Ning Cheng came to his senses, he found that he was already standing on top of a small, low hill. This was definitely not the place he had just entered, and Ning Cheng looked around and strangely found that there was no entrance to any canyon within his sight.

Ning Cheng closed his eyes, and one of the axe killing intents that he had comprehended in the Angry Axe Valley became clear once again. It was exactly half a column of incense before he opened his eyes. At this moment, he vaguely understood the meaning of the Angry Axe Valley, which contained a deep valley that had truly been split down by a giant axe, a deep valley that contained the Axe Slaying Intent and various axe rhythms.

But not all people are able to enter this real axe valley, only after feeling the axe killing intent and having an epiphany can they unknowingly walk into the Valley of the Angry Axe. This means that the true entrance to the Valley of the Angry Axe is unknown to anyone. Only those who are destined to do so can walk in. And as he possessed the Xuanhuang Origin, he was undoubtedly the one with the destiny.

That Lan Yu Chen was not simple either, but unfortunately, he was slightly weaker and did not block the first axe killing intent after entering the Angry Axe Valley.

Ning Cheng looked around the small hill, there were only a few Grade 1 and Grade 2 Spiritual Herbs, for such Spiritual Herbs, Ning Cheng was not interested in wasting his time yet. A shrill sound attracted Ning Cheng’s attention, his divine thoughts swept over and several figures seemed to be running towards the shrill sound.

There must be something good there, so Ning Cheng directly hung his golden axe on his back while speeding up and rushing towards the place where the whistling sound came from. With his current strength, he could already compete for some good things. Not everything could only be found by him, and once others found something better, he was not the type of person with a noble style who would actively give up good things to others. He would not be soft in the event that he could fight for it.

By the time Ning Cheng arrived, there were already a dozen people here. A faint fragrance came out, and what these ten or so people were surrounding was an icy lake that emitted gusts of cold air, with nine pieces of green mushroom-shaped things floating in the centre of the lake.

At first glance, Ning Cheng recognised that these were Xuanshuangzhi, which was a Grade 5 Spiritual Herb that could be used to refine the Xuanshuang Pill. This was a top-grade healing elixir, even if an expert of the Yuan Soul realm was seriously injured, the Xuan Xuan Continuation Pill would be extremely effective. As long as the body was not broken, this healing elixir would allow the cultivator to heal his injuries in a very short period of time. Moreover, Xuanshuangzhi has an even more important characteristic, that is, it has excellent healing effects even if it is not refined into a Xuansui Dan.

This is the most important point for over 90% of cultivators. This was because most people did not know how to refine pills, including Ning Cheng.

When Ning Cheng arrived, no one cared, there were already more than ten people here, and it was not strange to have one more. Even if 10,000 people came, when they grabbed the Xuan Frost Chi later, only the few that were fast would be able to grab it.

Not to mention the incomparable coldness of this icy lake, even if there was no icy coldness, a slower speed over such a long distance would not even be enough to drink the soup.

Ning Cheng took a look at the people at this lake, one Yuan Building cultivator, the rest were all True Condensation cultivators, his cultivation level was not the lowest, nor was it the highest. This made Ning Cheng feel confident in his heart, when he would compete for speed in the icy lake later, he would definitely not be worse than the others. He had the experience of the Cold River, plus now that his true essence was thick and he was only at Condensed True cultivation, his Sea of Consciousness was about to be formed, would he be afraid that he would not be able to grab the Xuan Frost Chi?

The fragrance was still faint as the Xuan Frost Chi had not yet ripened, and it would be stronger when it did.

Ning Cheng squeezed into the crowd and stared closely at the Xuan Frost Ganoderma in the centre of the lake. Half a column of incense pa*sed before the Xuan Frost Ganoderma completely unfolded and the rich fragrance was emitted at the same time.

Ning Cheng rushed out almost immediately, but while Ning Cheng was fast, others were not slow either.

There was a strong resistance over the icy lake, and several unsuspecting Condensed Truth cultivators fell into the icy lake with a thud. The ice-cold, bone-chilling water of the lake immediately overwhelmed those few Condensed Truth cultivators who had fallen into the water, and those few Condensed Truth cultivators who had fallen into the water no longer cared about asking for Xuanshangzhi and hurriedly swam towards the shore.

But then a few waves of water rolled up and those few Condensed Truth cultivators disappeared into the frozen lake in a very short time. A few blood splashes tumbled up immediately afterwards, never to be seen again.

Some of the cultivators who had not landed on the icy lake watched their scalps explode and hurriedly had to force themselves to raise their flight altitude. A black shadow emerged from the icy lake, bringing a cultivator who had already flown high enough into the lake, and the lake water once again burst into a shower of blood.

Some of the timid cultivators even slowed down some of their speed, this scramble for the Xuan Frost Chi slowed down already, and now there were people slowing down, that was even more hopeless.

The importance of the divine mind is completely reflected in this moment, the divine mind or divine sense strong cultivators, directly appear in the forefront. Those with poorer divine thoughts will have to fall behind.

Ning Cheng’s speed was second only to that Yuan Building Cultivator, just a little bit slower than that Yuan Building Cultivator. When that Yuan Building Cultivator saw that Ning Cheng was so swift, he gave Ning Cheng a puzzled look.

It was only a distance of a few hundred metres, so it didn’t take much time at all. That Origin Building cultivator was the first to arrive, and he had just leaned down to grab the Xuan Frost Chi when another splash of water rushed out of the icy lake. The Zhuyuan cultivator had obviously been prepared for this and had already raised his hand and thrust out a long sword, aiming it at the water splash.

At that moment, Ning Cheng had already arrived.