Creation Gate Chapter 124

Ning Cheng forced down his inner tension, “In front of senior, junior does not dare to sit down without permission. If senior asks, junior will tell you everything.”

One had to bow down when one was under the roof, Ning Cheng sighed in his heart. This person surnamed Kang’s cultivation level definitely exceeded the Xuan Dan realm, and was at least a Yuan Soul realm cultivator. A Cloud Soul Realm cultivator, that had his own Yuan Shen. Even if their ** was broken, as long as the Yuan Shen existed, they could take over and reborn. Or reshape the body. The Yuan Shen is not a soul, it can be said that apart from the physical body, the Yuan Shen possesses most of the cultivator’s abilities.

The majestic man nodded, expressing his satisfaction at Ning Cheng’s knowingness. After a brief pause, he said, “What kind of miscellaneous spiritual root do you have?”

“My junior has not tested in detail either, I only tested once when I joined the Two Star Academy, it said that it was a miscellaneous spirit root of four systems, which is not bad.” Ning Cheng replied without half a moment’s hesitation.

There were many people who knew that he was Ning Cheng, and there were also many people who knew that he was a four-string Miscellaneous Spiritual Root, so there was no need for him to conceal it at all. The reason why he had described his Miscellaneous Spiritual Root as better was to explain his cultivation level.

“I watched the competition, you could have helped Divine Wind Academy win the first place, why did you give up in the end?” The majestic man continued to ask.

Ning Cheng said in an unhurried manner, “It was only after joining the Divine Wind Academy that my junior learned that the Xuan Dan Dean of the Divine Wind Academy had been seriously injured, and Deacon Liu Xian thought that the Divine Wind Academy would not be able to retain this six-star academy position even if it advanced to the six-star academy without the help of the seniors sent down from the middle level continent. I am deeply convinced by what Deacon Liu said. In addition, the Divine Wind Academy is indeed not qualified to be promoted to a six-star academy. Therefore, I have voluntarily given up the idea of fighting for the first place for Divine Wind Academy. It is not that senior is intentionally not striving for first place. I ask senior to be clear.”

Ning Cheng pretended to be confused, it was clearly his idea that he had imposed on Liu Xian, and he believed that this person in front of him would not go to confront Liu Xian.

The majestic man nodded instead, “You are right, this tournament was a bit rushed, and there was indeed no way to select a strongest five-star academy for the third round. At best, there is only a way to select the most powerful Condensed Truth cultivator. This matter is now closed. Let me ask you again, you have four mixed spiritual roots, it is reasonable to say that your cultivation will not increase so quickly, why are you already at the third level of True Condensation?”

Ning Cheng didn’t even hide anything this time, and directly said that he had obtained a Spiritual Marrow Spring Pond in the Da’an Forest. He even drew out the location and directions and gave it to the majestic man in front of him.

The majestic man already knew that Ning Cheng had obtained a Spiritual Marrow Pond, so he did not find Ning Cheng’s answer strange and casually took the drawing from Ning Cheng and looked at it, put it away without question and said, “I see that during your competition. You have also comprehended an axe intent and a spear intent, and have even reached the realm of small success with the spear intent. A normal person. Even if their qualifications are unbelievable, they would not have comprehended two origin killing intents at your age, can you explain?”

Ning Cheng however secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he was not afraid that this person would ask him why his cultivation level was so high, he was afraid that this person would ask him when he had last met the Spiritual Marrow Spring. If the other party really asked this, he really didn’t know how to answer. If he lied to the other party, he was afraid that the other party had already investigated, and if he didn’t lie to the other party, he would be dead.

Now that the other party had not asked this question, Ning Cheng was already certain that the other party had not investigated him in detail. Thinking of this, Ning Cheng’s heart settled down a little. Slowly, he told the story of how he had seen a large battlefield in the Daan Forest, and even told the story of the gun marks and axe marks clearly. At the same time, he took out the broken spear from his storage bag and handed it to the majestic man in front of him.

Only when the man took his remnant spear did Ning Cheng say in a slightly smug tone, “I was born with the ability to comprehend, just like the additional question that was given to the Five Star Academy when they selected the disciples, I got the answer with ease.”

Ning Cheng hurriedly stated his ability first, and he became even more frightened in his heart after hearing the other party say that he had comprehended two origin killing intents. Origin he did not understand what they were, but he was sure that his ability to comprehend the Origin Killing Intent so quickly must have something to do with the Xuanhuang Pearl.

The man gave a hint, obviously aware of Ning Cheng’s powerful arithmetic ability.

He examined the remnant spear in his hand for a while before he handed it to Ning Cheng and asked, “You are a miscellaneous spirit root, so it is normal that you cannot see that the leather scroll has changed. With your ability you should be able to tell that the first question must have changes, so why did you fill in that there were no changes? As long as you fill in that there is a change, even if you can’t do the questions that follow, won’t you be able to score another five points?”

Ning Cheng hurriedly and respectfully replied, “After reading the later questions, junior did know that there was a change in the question. However, junior thinks that it is better not to do such speculative things. The reason is that even if one does it, junior will not be able to get any ranking even if he scores five more points, so it is better to fill it in according to reality. Besides, even if junior fills in the question with a change, senior will know that junior was blindfolded in this question. My junior is extremely eager to go to the Angry Axe Valley, and I really don’t want to give seniors any bad impressions.”

The majestic old man nodded and gave a hmph, extremely satisfied with Ning Cheng’s answer, “Not bad, having such a strong comprehension ability at a young age and being able to restrain your **, you are bound to do something in the future.”

He had already seen Ning Cheng’s little self-congratulation before, and he thought there was nothing to this little self-congratulation of Ning Cheng’s. After all, he was a young man, and Ning Cheng did not seem to have reached thirty yet. Having achieved something, it was only human to feel a little bit smug.

Because Ning Cheng had grown a beard and experienced many things in the Great An Forest and the Falling Thunder Desert, he looked far older than his actual age. If the man had known that Ning Cheng was not even nineteen years old, perhaps he would not have thought so.

“If you have any questions, you can ask me as well.” After the majestic man had asked his question, his tone seemed much softer.

Ning Cheng hurriedly asked, “Senior, may I ask if the entrance to the Angry Axe Valley is in the Jia Continent?”

The man smiled lightly, “No, to be exact, there are six entrances to the Angry Axe Valley, and there are entrances on both the intermediate and high level continents. The distance between the entrance of the Valley of the Angry Axe and the Hua Continent is technically shorter than the distance to the Jia Continent. It is only because the Lost Mountains are in between. Because after we cross the Lost Mountain Range. It will take a few more days to fly. We will be able to reach the entrance to Jiazhou in the Angry Axe Valley.”

Hearing this majestic man’s reply, Ning Cheng hurriedly said, “Thank you senior for clearing up the confusion, junior has no more problems.”

It was impossible to have no questions, Ning Cheng was eager to ask about the tenth continent, as well as some things about the Yixing Sea. But he knew that words were bound to fail, and although the other party had called him over, they did not necessarily suspect him. However, he was definitely somewhat suspicious of his gun intent and axe intent. Of course, it was not good not to ask a question, this was an article that Ning Cheng had read in psychology. If one sought to ask the other party questions in a scholarly posture, one would invariably lower the other party’s wariness of oneself.”

“Alright, you should go back first. There shouldn’t be any major dangers for the rest of the journey, so you can also go out of the cabin and walk around.” After the majestic man finished speaking to Ning Cheng, he picked up the white jade spirit tea cup on the table.

Ning Cheng hurriedly excused himself and hurriedly returned to his room.


After returning to his room again, Ning Cheng did not have the heart to talk, and his original desire to ask about Lian Hao Yan was also gone. He just took out the basic jade slip of alchemy that the old woman had given him at the beginning and looked at it. When the other three people saw that Ning Cheng did not have the heart to talk, they all knew better and cultivated on their own.

A few days pa*sed in a hurry. On this day, Ning Cheng felt the centre of gravity dropping, and they all knew that the airship should be descending.

Ning Cheng hurriedly put away the alchemy jade slip and said to Zang Xie and the others, “Prepare to disembark, and try not to separate when you enter the Angry Axe Valley. I heard that it is very dangerous inside, and many people who enter the Angry Axe Valley fall every time.”

“I know, Senior Brother Xiaocheng.” Ruimu Danqin said in a crisp voice, although she was already at the middle stage of True Condensation cultivation, nay, Divine Wind Academy had always kept her as a treasure inside the academy, without the opportunity to exercise. Compared to the rest of the young girls her age, she was still far inferior. All she knew was that she had to listen to Senior Brother Ning Cheng.

That Yue Ying would not be older than Ruimu Danqin either, but that other person’s maturity of mind was simply that of a person who had been in the jungle for a long time.

After the airship landed, Ning Cheng followed the crowd and walked down the airship. This time Ning Cheng deliberately paid attention to the people who came down from the airship together, and he once again saw Connie Wang Shang. At this time, she had her head lowered and was wearing a veil, and her body shape had slightly changed, but Ning Cheng still saw at a glance that this woman was Connie.

When Yue Ying saw Ning Cheng looking her way, she deliberately smiled at Ning Cheng. It was still because of her brother that this had changed her opinion of Ning Cheng a little.

Ning Cheng nodded to Yue Ying, not interested in paying attention to this little girl, it was definitely not entirely good that she had been brought to the Hunting Heaven Seven Star Academy, and that was not something that was in his power to manage. Ning Cheng was already subdued by the sight in front of him, this was not the entrance to the Angry Axe Valley, this was simply a vegetable market.

Ning Cheng roughly calculated that there were at least a hundred thousand people here, all over the mountain. There were all sorts of ground stalls, and all sorts of makeshift shops, and it was incredibly noisy.

After pa*sing the noisy crowd, a white mist surrounded the area, and a booming sound was emitted from inside the mist, making people suspect that it would explode at any moment.

“Inside that mist is the Valley of the Angry Axe, you cannot go in now, once you get close, you will be pushed out by a powerful force. The Angry Axe Valley is not open yet, when it opens, we will each be issued a jade token, with which we can enter.” A cultivator of the cultivation level of Zhuyuan stood at the exit of the airship and said to Ning Cheng and the others.

Just at that moment, the imposing man with the surname Kang slowly stepped out of the mouth of the airship. He swept a glance at Ning Cheng and the other twenty-two people, and then deliberately nodded to Yue Ying and said, “You will go with me later, and the rest of you will wait here for the Angry Axe Valley to open ……”

As he said this, he suddenly stopped and looked at Yong Gu Yun in the crowd and asked, “You are only at the ninth Qi gathering level, how did you get chosen to participate in the Angry Axe Valley?”

Yong Gu Yun hastily replied respectfully, “My junior is a cultivator from the Ping Continent, and because of my great contribution to the Meteoric Star Academy, I was given a place.”

“Oh, that Ning Cheng also came from Ping Continent, right?” The man nodded and asked.

Yong Gu Yun immediately replied, “Senior, Ning Cheng came through the Da’an Forest by himself half a year ago. It seems that he was only at Qi gathering cultivation before he entered the Da’an Forest, and his progress is much more than mine.”

When Ning Cheng heard this on the side, he immediately screamed in his heart that it was not good.