Creation Gate Chapter 123

“Yes, not only do I need to find the Neon Light Gra*s, but I’m also looking for more than one plant. A single Neiguang gra*s is not enough to refine the Xuanni Pill.” Zhan Xie said in a downcast tone.

Ning Cheng nodded, “The Xuan Ni Pill is one of the highest ranked fourth grade True Pills now, and without a fifth grade Xuan Dan master, it would indeed be difficult to refine. Dean Zang is a Xuan Dan cultivator, who is the one who can injure him in the Huazhou Continent?”

Zang Hao was silent for a while, before he suddenly hit a sound-proofing ban.

Ning Cheng looked at Zang Hao with suspicion and did not ask, he knew that Zang Hao should not only hit the soundproofing ban so that Ruimu Danqin and Meng Jingxiu could not hear it. Could it be that there was something else hidden from the Divine Wind Academy’s Dean Zang’s serious injuries?

“Brother Ning should know about the Yixing Sea, right? The largest sea off the Yixing Continent.” Zang Xao unexpectedly did not directly talk about his father’s serious injury, but instead talked about the Yixing Sea.

Ning Cheng shook his head, “I only know that the largest sea is the Mango Sea, I came over from the Ping Continent, so I am familiar with the Mango Sea.”

Zang Xie shook his head, “The Mango Sea is just the inner sea of the Yixing Sea, it is nothing compared to the Yixing Sea, it is just a drop in the ocean. Many people know that the Yixing Continent is vast and has nine continents, divided into lower, middle and higher continents. In fact, the Yixing Continent is also lost in the Yixing Sea. The Yixing Sea can only be seen when you reach the edge of the land, and on the lower continents only the Hua Continent can reach the Yixing Sea. On the other hand, both the Flat Continent and the Waki Continent cannot see the Yixing Sea, only the inner sea, such as the Mango Sea, etc.”

Ning Cheng sucked in a cold breath, he knew that even a flat continent was boundless, while he had never even walked across a corner of the Chemical Continent, and the Yixing Continent was even bigger. Now he heard Zang Xie say that the Yixing Sea was even bigger than the Yixing Continent, at what cultivation level would he be able to walk through it? It was ridiculous that he was still thinking of rushing out of the Yixing Continent and returning to Earth.

After learning that Ning Cheng did not know about the Yixing Sea, Zang Xie spoke even more clearly, “I know this not because I am really knowledgeable, but because my father has told me this. Among the cultivators with high cultivation levels, there was this thing circulating that beyond the nine continents of the Yixing Continent, there was a tenth continent. It’s just that this tenth continent is separated by the Yixing Sea and cannot be seen.”

Ning Cheng nodded, he was not surprised by this. In ancient China, it was also unknown that there was still the land of America across the Pacific Ocean. It should be quite normal for a continent or planet to have such a situation.

“I heard that that tenth continent was where the Yixing Continent was truly filled with great powers, and the highest cultivation level even exceeded that of the Transformation Cauldron. Of course, it is my father who is not sure.”

When Zang Hao said this, Ning Cheng asked suspiciously, “I’ve heard people say that the Yixing Continent’s cultivation to the extreme is to become a Tripod, so since your father doesn’t dare to be sure, how does he know about this?”

Zhan Hao sighed and said, “The land of the Nine Continents of the Yixing Continent is not so peaceful as it seems, besides the countless demonic beasts that often have beast tides, what is more frightening is the foreign enemies coming from the Yixing Sea.”

“A beast tide of demonic beasts coming from the sea?” As soon as Ning Cheng heard of the beast tide, he immediately recalled the beast tide that had once occurred in the Mango Sea.

Zao Xie shook his head, “It’s not just demonic beasts, but cultivators coming from across the Yixing Sea. It is difficult to cross the Yixing Sea, even if one cultivates to the extreme in the Yixing Continent, so nine out of ten cultivators who come across from the opposite side of the Yixing Sea will fall in the Yixing Sea. But there are also some cultivators who have found some land islands in the Yixing Sea before they fall. In these islands, they reproduced their offspring.

Even if a land island is big, its resources are limited after all. The increasing number of offspring of these people also caused a lack of resources. So they had to look for another island or a place with resources, and it wasn’t uncommon for them to find the land of the nine continents of the Yixing Continent as a result.”

Ning Cheng came to some understanding and asked, “You mean to say that these people are going to attack the Land of the Nine Continents in the Yixing Continent? Why is that? The Yixing Continent is vast and boundless, so those people should have places to hide and cultivate when they come.”

Zang Xao said, “You don’t know how many these people are, not thousands at all, but hundreds of thousands and millions coming over. Not only that, they have also joined forces with the demonic beasts of the Yixing Sea. They must turn the Nine Continents into their territory, and this fight has never stopped. The battle for the Nine Continents has never stopped. The battle for the Nine Continents is relatively peaceful as it is the rear of the Yixing Sea battlefield. My father was injured in the Yixing Sea battlefield.”

“So this is the Three Continents Battle, I’ve heard of it.” Ning Cheng nodded, he had heard of the Three Continents War when he first arrived in the Cang Qin Kingdom. Not only had he heard of it, but he also knew that the Meteorite Star Academy had chosen ten places in the Cang Qin Academy because a Xuan Dan expert from the Ping Continent had taken great credit in the Three Continents War.

When Ning Cheng thought of this name, he suddenly recalled the one he had killed, Lian Hao, and it seemed that the two names were just one word apart.

Zhan Xao’s tone suddenly became somewhat agitated, “It would be fine if my father had really been injured in the Three Continents War, fighting against the Yixing Sea cultivators. But he was secretly injured by the insidious villain who fought in the Three Continents. My father vowed to take revenge for this, but he had no choice but to grit his teeth and swallow his anger even though his Dan Lake was shattered.”

Ning Cheng did not ask, he knew that since Zang Xao had said this, he would definitely say who had hurt his father.

“The person who hurt my father was Shui Yi Han, a XuanDan cultivator from the Shui Family and Lu Ye, a XuanDan cultivator from Luo Throat Academy, these two are insidious and poisonous. To secretly kill someone from their own side, and to do so under the sign of great justice, is truly shameless. Unfortunately, my father is the only one who knows of their evil deeds now. When I came to Angry Axe Valley this time, my father had already instructed that if I could not find the Neon Light Gra*s, I should never return to Huazhou.

Senior Brother Ning, you have an enmity with the Shui Family, so I am only telling you this. That XuanDan cultivator from the Shui Family was also seriously injured by my father even though he sneakily attacked him, and he should be in the middle of healing now, only his injuries are lighter.” When Zang Xie finished speaking, the sparks of anger were still bubbling in his eyes.

After hearing Zang Xie’s words, Ning Cheng suddenly stood up, his face shifting. He could not have imagined that the XuanDan Dean of the Divine Wind Academy was seriously injured by a XuanDan cultivator of the Shui Clan.

Was he right or wrong to leave Ji Luofei at the Divine Wind Academy? What if that Water Family’s XuanDan cultivator had recovered from his injuries and sought out the Divine Wind Academy, which then?

“But I don’t think Shui Yi Han of the Shui Family would dare to casually seek out my Divine Wind Academy even if he had recovered from his injuries. No matter what, Divine Wind Academy is still a five-star academy. So even if I can’t find the Neon Light Gra*s, I will still return to the Hualu Continent.” Zhan Xie did not care about Ning Cheng’s thoughts and still said to himself.

Ning Cheng was no longer in the mood to talk to Zang Xie, he only wanted to return to Divine Wind Academy to take Ji Luofei away as soon as Angry Axe Valley was closed. If he had known about this matter, he would have brought Ji Luofei with him even if it was a risk.

Seeing Ning Cheng fall silent, Zhan Xie also stopped speaking. Just at that moment, the entire room suddenly shook. Not only did it shake up, but the shaking was getting bigger and bigger.

“Senior Brother Zang, what’s wrong?” Ruimu Danqin was the first to ask in alarm, she was the youngest and was still unable to adapt quickly to some unexpected events.

Zang Xao didn’t know what was going on either, the sound kyu inside the room suddenly rang out, “The airship is under attack by demonic beasts over the Lost Mountain Range, everyone stay in their rooms and don’t go out casually.”

Ning Cheng was also secretly shocked, this airship was flying so high and there was still a demonic beast attack, what kind of demonic beast was this, it was a little too strong, right?

This bumping and tumbling lasted for a whole day before it slowly smoothed out.

“That demonic beast should have been *dropped* ……” feeling that the room had calmed down, Meng Jingxiu breathed out and said.

Several people also breathed a sigh of relief, in case the airship was breached, such a high place, even if they fell down without dying, falling in the Lost Mountain Range would be a nine-death situation.

But just as this breath of relief came off, the airship lurched up again. In this way, the airship pa*sed through constant bumps and bruises, and the people did not care to cultivate, and lived their lives in fear that the airship would be attacked by demonic beasts and split into pieces.

It was not until half a month later that the airship settled down completely. During this half month, the few people could only hide inside their rooms, except for occasionally going out when it was more peaceful and dining in the food cabin. Ning Cheng had gone out several times, but had never seen that Connie Wang Shang again.

After half a month of bumps and bruises, Ning Cheng was relieved after the airship had settled down. He didn’t want to fall into the Lost Mountain Range either, once he entered the Lost Mountain Range, he didn’t know when he would be able to return to the Continent of Transformation.

“Ning Xiaocheng, Lord Kang asks you to come over.” Just at that moment, a Yuan Building cultivator opened the door of the room where Ning Cheng’s few people were and said.

This person, whom Ning Cheng and the others knew, was the same Zhuyuan cultivator who had brought Ning Cheng and the others into the cabin room just before when Ning Cheng and the others had boarded the airship.

Ning Cheng stood up in confusion, he didn’t know who Lord Kang was at all. However, now that he was on someone else’s airship, no matter which lord called him, he could only go over.

Following this Yuan Building cultivator to the deck of the airship, Ning Cheng then realised that the deck was bloodstained, the traces of the battle had not been completely erased. Ning Cheng had studied formations, and he knew that the defensive formations on this deck had been rearranged.

When they had boarded the airship from Moze City Square, this deck was still clean and dry, but now it was already bloodstained, so it was evident that the airship had been attacked in no small way during the previous half month.

A majestic man was sitting on a green rattan chair at the edge of the deck, and in front of him there was a white jade table with a cup of spiritual tea on it, which was still slightly hot.

As soon as Ning Cheng saw this man, he recognised him as the same majestic man who had presided over the first and second rounds of the competition at Moze Grand Square. He immediately knew that this man should be that Lord Kang and hurriedly went forward and bowed and said, “Junior Ning Cheng has met Senior Kang.”

“You are Ning Cheng?” The majestic man asked in a light voice.

“It is none other than junior.” Ning Cheng was a little anxious in his heart, he did not understand exactly what this man was looking for him to come over because of.

This majestic man nodded and surprisingly did not ask Ning Cheng about why he had changed his name, instead, he pointed to another green rattan chair opposite him and said to Ning Cheng in a warm manner, “Sit down, I will ask you a few words.”