Creation Gate Chapter 122

Ning Cheng had been running around, and with his beard, he did not look young, in fact, Zang Xao was a little older than Ning Cheng. Although he was older than Ning Cheng, he had nevertheless seen with his own eyes how formidable Ning Cheng was on the stage, even an expert like Hao was unable to walk off the stage under Ning Cheng, so he had long admired Ning Cheng to the utmost.

He knew that his cultivation level looked a little higher than Ning Cheng’s, but if he really had to fight, he would not be a match for Ning Cheng at all.

Now that Liu Xian wanted Ning Cheng to take care of him and Ruimu Danqin, he immediately cupped his fist to Ning Cheng and said, “Zang Xie has met Senior Brother Ning ……”

He could have addressed Ning Cheng as Senior Brother, but he did not do so. What’s more, with his status, he was not sure how much higher than Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng hurriedly said, “Senior Brother Zang is older than me, just call me Senior Brother directly.”

However, Zang Xao said with a straight face, “My family father has always admonished me that the achievers in the Yixing Continent are the first. Senior Brother Ning’s skills are obvious to everyone, so it is only right that Zang Xie respects him as Senior Brother.”

Ruimu Danqin was obviously not very worldly yet, she had only seen Zang Xie call out Senior Brother Ning Cheng, which was why she hurriedly followed and called out Senior Brother Xiao Cheng. She had also been watching Ning Cheng’s bout, and listening to the people on the side talk, she had a great admiration for this Senior Brother Ning Xiaocheng inside her heart.

After greeting the two, Ning Cheng said to Liu Xian, “Deacon Liu, even if you don’t instruct me, Zang Xao, Ruimu Danqin and I are all from Divine Wind Academy, so we should help each other. It’s just that Ning Cheng has a matter to entrust to Deacon Liu as well ……”

Liu Xian was incomparably worldly, and even before Ning Cheng’s words were spoken, he already knew what Ning Cheng wanted to say. Immediately, he said, “Ning Cheng. You only need to go to the Angry Axe Valley. Ji Luofei is a disciple of my Divine Wind Academy. I will definitely not let her be aggrieved. Originally, I agreed to you having a cave house. When Concubine Luo follows me back to Divine Wind Academy, I will arrange for her to choose her own.”

Seeing that Liu Xian was so understanding, Ning Cheng was overjoyed in his heart and hurriedly thanked him again before discussing the matter of Angry Axe Valley.

The Five Star Grand Competition, which had been noisy for almost a year, had finally ended, and several families were happy and several families were sad. The biggest winner was Meteor Star Academy, which not only managed to emerge as the first six-star academy in the Lower Continent, but also received five tickets to Raging Axe Valley. Moreover, it had been given five places to go to the Angry Axe Valley. As for the dead Shui Yu, that had very little to do with Meteorite Academy at all.

So for Meteor Academy, apart from selecting five elites to go to the Furious Axe Valley, the more important thing was to start the process of forming a six-star academy.


The next day when Liu Xian and Ji Luofei sent Ning Cheng, Meng Jingxiu, Zang Xie and Ruimu Danqin to Moze Grand Square, a silver airship mana was already parked in the centre of Moze Grand Square. Apart from them, the rest of the people had arrived long ago.

Ning Cheng and the others did not have to wait long before a man in a yellow cultivator’s uniform said loudly, “All cultivators who are heading to Jia Continent, enter the airship, which will be leaving here soon.”

Ning Cheng had instructed Ji Luofei not to leave Divine Wind Academy. When he returned, he asked Deacon Liu Xian to take more trouble with Ji Luofei again before asking him to do so. Only then did he and Ji Luofei wave and enter the cabin.

Ji Luofei watched Ning Cheng enter the airship, forcing herself to hold back her tears. She had already secretly resolved in her heart that she would fight hard to cultivate at Meteor Star Academy. Ning Cheng had given her a large portion of the prizes he had received, and he had even given her a Yuan Building Pill and a medium grade spirit weapon, in addition to taking away a storage bag.

The silver airship rushed into the air with a silver light from Mo Ze Grand Square and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Liu Xian quickly also sacrificed his airship magic treasure, informed all the people of Divine Wind Academy and Ji Luofei to enter the airship magic treasure, and then immediately controlled the airship to leave Mo Ze City.

This was what Ning Cheng had repeatedly said, once he left, he also asked Liu Xian not to stay in Moze Grand Square for half a moment longer and leave immediately. From the time Ning Cheng guessed right about the matter that the Six Star Academy would only be able to come to the Huazhou Continent to help with the construction of the Six Star Academy after the Furious Axe Valley had closed, Liu Xian had taken Ning Cheng’s opinion very seriously.

Just after the divine Wind Academy’s airship had left, a Xuan Liquid cultivator from the Shui Clan and a late stage Yuan Building cultivator arrived at Mo Ze Grand Square. Only after they learnt that the Divine Wind Academy had left a moment ago did they turn back to the Shui Clan with some resentment.


The four people from the Divine Wind Academy who were heading to the Angry Axe Valley were vaguely led by Ning Cheng, it was Meng Jingxiu, whose eyes grew on top of his head, who was also obediently standing behind Ning Cheng at this time.

There were a total of twenty-two people heading to the Furious Axe Valley this time from the Chemical Continent, and when Ning Cheng looked at them, many of them were familiar faces. Che Ziwen, Meng Yu Jing, Situ Yu, Ling Naixin, Fang Xin, Pu Li Xin, Yue Ying, and so on. What made Ning Cheng puzzled was that he actually saw Yong Gu Yun from Ping Zhou. Even now, Yong Gu Yun was only at the late 9th Qi gathering level, and she was from Ping Chau, so where did she get the qualifications to enter the Angry Axe Valley?

Ning Cheng’s doubts had not yet been solved when he once again saw a familiar back figure, which quickly disappeared from his sight and entered the inner cabin of the airship with a few other people. Ning Cheng frowned and kept thinking about where he had seen this back figure before.

Ning Cheng thought that his memory was incredibly strong, but he could not remember exactly where he had seen this back figure before.

A man with a Yuan Building cultivation said to the group, “Four people in one cabin, hurry up and get in. When the airship pa*ses through the Lost Mountain Range later, it may encounter powerful demonic beast attacks, so when you feel the airship swaying violently or lurching, stay inside the cabin and don’t come out.”

Everyone hurriedly answered, but at the same time, they were also questioning in their hearts, the airship was flying at such a high altitude, but there was still a demonic beast attack, how strong should this demonic beast be?

“Lost Mountain Range, what a strange name.” Behind Ning Cheng, Ruimu Danqin underestimated in a small voice.

“Senior Sister Dan Qin, don’t talk too much here, just listen to Senior Brother Ning.” Zao Xie hastily admonished.

“The ancient legend of the Lost Mountain Range is that this mountain range has no centre, the centre of the mountain range is lost. Another legend is that anyone who dares to walk past the centre of the Lost Mountain Range, whether from the ground or in the air, will vanish without a trace. It is for this reason that the Lost Mountains got their name. Our airship, too, can only go over from the edge of the Lost Mountain Range.” It was a young man in the middle of the group who took the initiative to answer Rui Mu Danqin’s words.

Ning Cheng’s heart suddenly moved, and he finally remembered where he had seen that back figure before.

The man who had just answered Ruimu Danqin took the initiative to walk up to Ning Cheng and said with a cupped fist, “I am Fang Xin from Luo Throat Academy, I have met Brother Ning.”

Ning Cheng immediately understood that Fang Xin had almost died at the hands of Lian Hao and naturally did not have any half-hearted feelings towards the sinister and vicious Lian Hao. After he had killed Lian Hao and helped him take revenge, he must have been somewhat grateful to him in his heart, and only now did he take the initiative to come up and speak, which was reasonable.

“So it’s Brother Fang from Luo Throat Academy, thanks to Brother Fang for clearing up the confusion just now, I actually didn’t know that the Lost Mountain Range had such an origin.” Ning Cheng hastily returned the greeting with a fist.

The two were about to say a few more words when the Yuan Building cultivator said once again, “Let’s talk after the airship has pa*sed the Lost Mountain Range and landed, for now, let’s enter the inner cabin room first.”

The crowd did not dare to stay outside any longer and looked for a room to enter. There were exactly four people from the Divine Wind Academy, so they chose the same room.

“We’ll stay inside the room, don’t go out.” Immediately after Ning Cheng entered the room, he said to the remaining three.

Ning Cheng was now equal to the representative of the Divine Wind Academy, so no one expressed any disagreement with his words and closed their eyes. Meng Jingxiu was eager to ask Ning Cheng how he had taken out Lian Hao, but Ning Cheng obviously did not want to talk much, and she did not dare to take the initiative to disturb Ning Cheng.

What Ning Cheng was thinking about at this moment was that back figure, he had now remembered who that back figure was. It was that balding man at the third level of True Condensation that he had seen on the streets of Moze City, that guy was carrying a jade bracelet in his hand and that was what made him take notice. At that time, he had given up following that bald man because Fei Luo had been stopped by someone from the Shui family.

And the reason he couldn’t remember was because the back he saw just now was a woman, and a long-haired young girl at that. A balding and a long-haired young girl, no wonder he couldn’t remember for a while.

This long-haired maiden Ning Cheng also recognised who it was, it was really the king named Connie from the Falling Thunder Desert. It was only after Ning Cheng recognised the other party as the king superior he had met in the desert that he thought of the jade bracelet and then thought of the slight resemblance between these two people’s backs. To Ning Cheng, as long as there was a slight resemblance, he could make the connection.

Ning Cheng was certain that even if that balding man was not Connie, he was still extremely related. Moreover, Ning Cheng was already certain that it was definitely not a coincidence that he had seen that bald man on the street and was attracted to his bracelet back then.

Whether this king called Connie was here for the Angry Axe Valley or for the jade seal he was carrying, Ning Cheng was a little more wary in his heart. That young girl was not a simple person either as she had managed to enter the ruins of the Blue Yi True Kingdom and come out unharmed.

“Zang Hao, how did our Divine Wind Academy’s Dean Zang get injured? Are the injuries serious?” Once the doubt in Ning Cheng’s heart was gone, his entire being relaxed. He did not ask Liu Xian about Dean Zang’s injury, with the kind of old and cunning Liu Xian, as soon as he asked, people would know what he meant.

He asked Dean Zang about his injuries, indeed he was still a little worried about Ji Luofei’s safety. If Divine Wind Academy’s Dean Xuan Dan’s injuries weren’t really serious, then Ji Luofei’s safety at Divine Wind Academy would have another layer of protection.

Zang Xao had obviously not thought about it so much, and now that Ning Cheng asked, he hastily replied, “Thanks to Brother Ning’s concern, my father’s injuries are very serious, and this time I am going to Raging Axe Valley to look for the Neon Light Gra*s ……”

“Neiguang gra*s?” Ning Cheng’s heart twitched, searching for the Neiguang Gra*s, wouldn’t that mean that Dean Zang’s Dan Lake was seriously injured? A XuanDan cultivator’s Dan Lake was injured, if it was serious, it was equal to a ruined person.

He had also obtained a Neon Light Gra*s in the Daan Forest before, but it was auctioned off by him, so it was a bit of a pity now that he thought about it.