Creation Gate Chapter 120

When Fang Xin was defeated, all knew that the original second-ranked Luo Throat Academy was finished.

With Lian Hao being so powerful, the rest of the five-star academies began to discuss the situation. The Meteorite Academy was the most worried, there was only one Che Wen in the Meteorite Academy now, and Che Wen had clearly stated that he was not a match for Ning Cheng. It was evident that Che Wen was also very dangerous to Lian Hao.

Situ Yu of Qing Yun Academy was also frowning as he looked at Lian Hao, who he also considered to be his formidable opponent. The only one who was under the least pressure was Ling Naixin from Thunder Academy. She has not played a single match so far and has 20 points. Lian Hao was from Thunder Academy, so she didn’t need any pressure at all.

There was even talk in the square that Lian Hao would be the number one in the Five Star Academy competition this time, as Lian Hao’s skills were just too amazing.

Liu Xian also frowned for a moment, staring at Lian Hao for a while before saying, “Ning Cheng, we should not touch this person for now, he looks a bit weird.”

Ning Cheng smiled faintly, “Deacon Liu, even if I don’t touch him, he will still take the initiative to challenge me.”

After saying that, Ning Cheng had once again flown up and landed on top of the tournament stage, “Divine Wind Academy Ning Xiaocheng with 50 points challenges Lian Hao.”

Lian Hao was proudly hesitating on top of the stage with the might of his victory over Fang Xin, but he did not expect that someone else would dare to challenge him on the stage at this time.

As Ning Cheng flew onto the stage, the spectators in the square were all in an uproar, their emotions all lifted. No one dared to underestimate Ning Cheng at this time either, all of them knew who was more powerful when Ning Cheng and Lian Hao faced off. It was the incomparably powerful looking Lian Hao. Or the dark horse Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng took to the stage. Meteoric Star Academy and Qing Yun Academy were relieved. These two people were both people they did not want to meet. Now that these two were on the stage in a firefight, it was the best thing to do.

Fang Xin, who had stepped down from the stage, looked at Ning Cheng who was on the stage in dismay, sighed secretly and did not say anything. No one knew better than him how terrifying Lian Hao was, but there was no point in saying this. One would not understand what he was talking about at all unless they experienced it themselves.

“Kid, I was going to finish you off after a while, but I didn’t expect you to be too late. If you’re looking for death, then I’ll make it up to you first.” When Lian Hao saw that it was Ning Cheng who was on the stage, he even laughed coldly, his body overflowing with killing intent.

The Rakshasa Seal had already been sacrificed, and the person he wanted to kill the most was Ning Cheng, and now that Ning Cheng was standing right in front of his eyes, there was no way for Lian Hao to have any half tolerance.

For the first time, the Rakshasa Seal bulged out into a large seal that was close to two feet in circumference, and a murderous aura stimulated the air around it as it bulged.

“How powerful ……” Those on the sidelines were secretly amazed at the power of the Rakshasa Seal that Lian Hao blasted out this time. It seemed to be once again stronger than when he fought with Fang Xin just now.

The spear in Ning Cheng’s hand brought up, and this time, twenty-four spear maces were blasted out at once. A huge net of spears was formed. The Xuan Bing Thirty-Six Spear’s Xuan Bing aura had been removed by Ning Cheng, and this pure twenty-four spear mane formed a spear net that was even more severe.

The invisible gun net and the huge Rakshasa Seal instantly blasted together, such a violent clash that even the cultivators watching on the square could feel the ground tremble slightly.

A trace of bitterness seeped out of the corner of Meng Yu Jing’s mouth, she then realized that Ning Cheng had only used sixteen gun maces to fight with her, and had not used his full strength at all.

“Boom boom boom boom ……” True essence exploded and overflowed as the Rakshasa Seal and Ning Cheng’s remnant spear awnings were like rolling dark clouds that enveloped the entire tournament stage.

Ning Cheng knew that in a competition of true essence, he would definitely not be able to kill Lian Hao, and his Xuan Bing Thirty Six Spear, because he had removed the ice cold, had become a spear technique with little character. But he still had to remove it, his true essence was limited, once he injected more true essence to drum up the ice cold, it would be more than worth the loss for him.

Previously, when he fought with people of low cultivation, Ning Cheng could not see it, but now that he was fighting with cultivators with strong true essence, he already felt that his Xuan Bing Thirty Six Spear was not suitable for him to use.

As the spear mane and the great seal were strangling together, Lian Hao’s black triangular streamer was silently sacrificed, and at the same time, Ning Cheng’s spear was once again grasped in his hand, and the spear drew a half circle in his hand, sweeping with a tearing killing intent to blast through the middle of this strangling spear mane and seal shadow.

This was a shot that he had comprehended during his battle with Meng Yu Jing, and only this shot could blast out his full gun intent.

The majestic killing intent all coalesced in the tip of Ning Cheng’s shot, which pierced through the surrounding air and blasted towards Lian Hao’s chest with a miserable whistle.

The incomparable gun killing intent could be felt by anyone watching the battle, but Lian Hao, who was in the middle of the situation, was not even aware of it.

All the people felt odd, even Ning Cheng himself felt a little puzzled. Ning Cheng did not expect to finish off Lian Hao with this shot, but after this shot, he was sure that Lian Hao would be finished off by him, and he had already prepared the Seven Obsidian Ice Needles.

Against someone like Lian Hao, Ning Cheng didn’t want to hold back half a point. As long as Lian Hao blocked his shot that was bursting with killing intent, that aura would immediately be knocked out of him, and the Seven Obsidian Ice Needles and Axe Fist would be the opponent’s grave.

Right at this moment, Lian Hao suddenly revealed a sneer, not only did he not care about the lance that Ning Cheng blasted at him with a murderous intent, but instead, he drummed up the black and black triangular streamer with all his might, and in the blink of an eye, a black dark cloud formed above the two of them.

Ning Cheng suddenly felt bad as his Violet Mansion ached and his divine thoughts were immediately blocked, while the murderous lance also stalled instantly. There seemed to be boundless blackness pouring into his Violet Mansion, making his outstretched divine thoughts feel as if they had met a thick wall.

This black triangular streamer was actually a magic treasure that cut off his divine thoughts, and as long as his divine thoughts were cut off, his killing shot would become insignificant even if it was terrifying. No wonder Lian Hao was not nervous at all and had the time to mock him.

While Ning Cheng was shocked in his heart, he felt that the Xuanhuang Origin was about to overflow, to drive away the blackness that was blocking the divine thought from wrapping around the Violet Mansion. However, without waiting for the Xuanhuang Origin to overflow, the star river that was resting next to the Xuanhuang Pearl suddenly pulsed a little. This was the moment when the blackness, which was boundless compared to the Purple Mansion, was absorbed in a matter of breath, and Ning Cheng’s divine thoughts were once again stagnant.

Lian Hao obviously felt the lurch of Ning Cheng’s lance, and he sneered as he stared at Ning Cheng and said, “You know now, this is my true strength. Do you know why I must kill you? I am taking revenge for Shui Yu. Later I will help you take good care of that woman surnamed Ji, and your head will burst open under my big foot ……”

Before Lian Hao could finish his words, he felt something wrong, the lance that had just stalled for a moment blasted over again, not only did it blast over, but the killing intent did not diminish half a bit, instead, with his words the killing intent coalesced even more, forming an unstoppable piercing lance intent.

It was not good, Lian Hao immediately knew that his God Binding Streamer had not worked, and at that moment, Ning Cheng’s lance had already reached him.

Lian Hao’s soul flew away and he wanted to put up a round shield, but it was too late, so he could only use his true essence to dodge out of the way.

Unfortunately, he was only a cultivator at the ninth level of True Condensation, and as he was using the Luo Sha Seal and the Binding God Streamer at the same time, his divine thoughts were not so powerful that he still had the strength to dodge this terrifying lance killing intent.

What’s more, even if he had the ability, this kind of gun intent killing move was not so easily dodged.

“Poof,” a blood mist exploded, and half of Lian Hao’s body was blasted away by Ning Cheng’s shot. At the same time, because he had mobilized his true essence to block Ning Cheng’s shot, several spear maces directly pa*sed through his Rakshasa Seal and blasted on his other arm, directly turning his other arm into nothingness.

It had to be said that Lian Hao’s vitality was immensely strong, and it was in this situation that he still forced himself to open his mouth and say the words to admit defeat.

Ning Cheng’s heart to kill him was incredibly strong, so how could he let Lian Hao admit defeat? The long spear in his hand slashed across and blasted directly on top of Lian Hao’s head.

Lian Hao’s huge head was like a huge watermelon, which was blown into a bloody mist by Ning Cheng’s spear.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and took Lian Hao’s belongings into his own storage bag, a ball of fire was thrown onto it, and Lian Hao’s entire body flew into ashes.

Only when he had finished with Lian Hao did Ning Cheng breathe a sigh of relief. He knew that if Lian Hao hadn’t relied too much on his Triangle Streamer, this duel would definitely not have been so easy.

The entire square was silent, originally thinking that this was an early and powerful duel, and that it would definitely take until the battle was white hot before a winner could be decided. However, it was not expected that in just half a pillar of time, the two men had already separated the winner from the loser, not only the winner but also the life and death.

Not only did Ning Cheng blow Lian Hao’s head off on the stage, but he also collected Lian Hao’s things and even turned him into flying ashes with a ball of fire.

It was only after a while that a burst of lively voices erupted outside the stage, the fight did not last long, but the process was exciting. This Ning Xiaocheng once again made all the people aware of his toughness, which could definitely not be explained by luck.

Lian Hao had killed two experts from Divine Wind Academy in a row, not allowing any admission of defeat, and this time he was finally killed by Divine Wind Academy’s Ning Xiaocheng in return. Again, this Divine Wind Academy’s Ning Xiaocheng did not allow Lian Hao the chance to admit defeat. Not only did he not allow him to admit defeat, he didn’t even give a single crumb of his bones left behind.

Ling Naixin’s face was incomparably pale, she could not have imagined that Lian Hao had lost so miserably and so quickly, she was almost certain that Ning Xiaocheng was going to challenge her next. Lian Hao had even killed Chu Yongxin and Gu Hong of Divine Wind Academy, so how could Ning Xiaocheng let her go? Not only would he not let her go, but he would definitely kill her. Unless she conceded defeat as soon as she got on stage, and she could only concede defeat if she got on stage, the key was that Ning Xiaocheng could give her time to concede defeat?

Liu Xian almost shouted out loud in excitement, Ning Cheng had defeated Lian Hao, now it was 140 points, as long as Ning Cheng was willing to challenge another random one, Divine Wind Academy would be number one. Then he sighed, he knew that Ning Cheng should not continue the challenge.

All eyes were focused on Ning Cheng, all wanting to know who Ning Cheng would challenge next.