Creation Gate Chapter 118

At this point in the third round, there are only seven people left on the leaderboard of the huge formation display. First is still Situ Yu with 60 points, second is Fang Xin with 50 points, third Lian Hao with 40 points, fourth Ning Xiaocheng and Che Wen both with 30 points, and Ling Naixin and Meng Yu Jing who have not fought on stage both with 20 points.

Lian Hao stared at Ning Cheng, a fierce smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, he wanted to kill the few guys from Divine Wind Academy one by one. It was Meng Jingxiu’s luck that she had lost to Fang Xin early, if Meng Jingxiu hadn’t lost, then she would be the one to suffer death next.

Just when Lian Hao wanted to challenge Ning Cheng on the stage, Meng Yu Jing flew onto the stage first.

Meng Yu Jing’s stunning appearance immediately attracted everyone’s attention, as there were not many female cultivators participating in the third round of the competition. Even Meng Jingxiu from Divine Wind Academy was not bad looking, but compared to Meng Yujing, the difference between Meng Jingxiu and Meng Yujing was too great.

A woman like Meng Yu Jing was extremely eye-catching to look at. Therefore, as soon as she came on stage, she attracted a lot of applause and support.

Meng Yu Jing had a smile on her face, which added a touch of playfulness. She clasped her fist and spun around to all the people before she said in a crisp voice, “Meng Yu Jing of Meteoric Star Academy with 20 points, challenges Ning Xiaocheng of Divine Wind Academy.”

Ning Cheng sneered, he did not know why Meng Yu Jing was challenging him, but he definitely did not fear this woman. As soon as Meng Yu Jing’s challenge declaration was issued, Ning Cheng flew and landed on top of the tournament stage.

“Jing Yu has taken the liberty to challenge, so please show mercy to Brother Ning.” Meng Yu Jing was extremely cultured and spoke in a soft voice, making one’s heart even want to feel pity at the sound of her voice and not even want to lay a heavy hand.

Ning Cheng did not have a half-hearted feeling towards this Meng Yu Jing, and when he heard her say so, he immediately sneered and said, “Since you are afraid, you should just hide at home and hug your child, why do you still come up here to pick a fight?”

Meng Yu Jing’s face immediately turned red, she did not think that Ning Cheng had no manners, she even thought that Ning Cheng had said that on purpose. It must be because last time Ning Cheng followed her and ended up seeing the two of them together with Qu Ping.

Without further ado, Meng Yu Jing raised her hands, and a green flying sword had already appeared in the palm of her hand, and at the same time as she offered the flying sword in her hand, a green round mirror hovered behind her.

Ning Cheng did not move, his divine thoughts fell on Meng Yu Jing’s green mirror, he felt that this green mirror was somewhat strange.

Meng Yu Jing’s cyan flying sword had already been sacrificed, and a cyan wave of sword patterns with a ‘soughing’ sound swept Ning Cheng in in an instant.

Ji Luofei, who was watching the battle from afar, saw that Ning Cheng was no longer visible under Meng Yujing’s cyan waves, and immediately took a few nervous steps forward. Meng Jingxiu had been in a low mood after she had lost. Although she did not like Ning Cheng, but when she saw Ji Luofei walking forward, she hurriedly pulled her back, “You don’t want to live, as long as you go beyond the yellow line in front of you, that old man will make his move, didn’t you see what happened to the Water Family’s Zhuyuan Elder before?”

Ji Luofei winced and hurriedly took a few steps back.

Ning Cheng opened his hand, the lance behind his back had already landed in his palm, and with a casual gesture, the cloth on the lance all exploded and cracked, and at the same time, the lance in his hand had already turned into countless ice-cold spear arrows.

These countless spear maces instantly formed a web of spear maces, his Thirty-six Xuan Bing Spear could already form twenty-four spear maces. However, Ning Cheng did not use his full strength in this shot, he only brought out eight spear maces.

The incomparably cold gun mantles formed a net of icy gun mantles in the time it took to breathe, and this net of icy gun mantles clashed with Meng Yu’s green-coloured wave sword pattern, emitting a crackling sound of exploding true essence.

Although Ning Cheng was only at the third level of True Condensation, his profound true essence was not even half as deep as Meng Yu Jing’s. Moreover, his meridians were wide, and the true essence he blasted out in an instant was even stronger than Meng Yu Jing’s. Meng Yu’s sword ripple wave immediately tended to disintegrate and was about to dissipate into thin air.

Meng Yu Jing originally did not intend to take down Ning Cheng with the first sword ripple, and when Ning Cheng’s spear mane and her first wave of sword net blasted together, she coldly shouted, and the sword ripple wave that was about to dissipate was stirred by the wind and waves, and countless new waves of sword ripples gushed out.

These new waves of sword ripples not only pushed up the original waves of sword ripples that were about to dissipate again, but their sound was even more than twice as powerful.

“I’ll see what else you have ……” After Meng Yu stirred up the second wave of sword ripples, she still didn’t stop, and the green-coloured mirror that was originally suspended behind her was also suspended above the two of them in this instant. At the same time the cyan-colored round mirror shot out countless to cyan-colored rays, these rays fell on top of Ning Cheng’s cold ice spear awning, which directly collapsed.

Ning Cheng could have inspired eight spear maces again and stacked them up just like his opponent. However, Ning Cheng was as if he was dumbfounded, he actually saw Tian Muwan inside the Green Mirror. He saw Tian Muwan’s desperate death and a burst of heartache hit him ……

Huh? Surprisingly, there is still a love interest ……

The Green Mirror was Meng Yu Jing’s magic treasure, and she clearly saw the scenes Ning Cheng saw in the Green Illusion Mirror. These scenes were odd and she hadn’t even seen them before.

However, no matter what Ning Cheng was like inside her Green Illusion Mirror at this moment, she had to take down the other party before she could say anything. Whether she would kill Ning Cheng or not, she also had to see how he would answer.

The Xuanhuang Pearl in Ning Cheng’s Violet Mansion once again emitted Xuanhuang Origin Qi, which turned around in his still unformed Sea of Consciousness, and then disappeared into Ning Cheng’s entire body meridians.

Ning Cheng winced, and when he came back to his senses, he found that Meng Yu Jing’s green-coloured sword ripple waves had already reached his eyes. If this was blasted by such a sword ripple wave, he would be seriously injured without dying.

At this moment, Ning Cheng’s true essence was completely pulsating as another eight gun maces blasted out, these eight gun maces did not have the same icy coldness as before and had turned into pure gun maces.

Without the icy coldness these eight gun maces formed a gun net almost as soon as they blasted out.

The gun net and Meng Yu Jing’s green sword ripple wave clashed together for the second time with a continuous clicking sound. Ning Cheng did not continue to replenish the power of the spear mangles, he believed that if he offered eight more spear mangles at this point, Meng Yu Jing would definitely lose.

During the duel Ning Cheng felt the shortcomings of the Thirty Six Xuan Ice Spear, his ice spiritual roots were not outstanding and his true essence was relatively limited. This kind of Xuan Bing Gun Technique was not very powerful when executed, so it would be better to remove the ice cold.

At the same time, Ning Cheng came to another conclusion, the Thirty-six Xuan Bing Spear was not suitable for him to fully explode the spear intent he had comprehended.

Ning Cheng retrieved the Remnant Spear and once again closed his eyes as the Remnant Spear blasted at the centre of the sword ripple wave.

The Thirty Six Xuan Bing Spear was a group killing spear technique that was not suitable for solo combat, and likewise not suitable for bringing out the true spear intent. Ning Cheng had comprehended a new kind of gun technique in the previous sword technique of Go Ye and the sword technique of Meng Yu Jing in front of him. He was certain that this kind of gun technique could bring his gun intent to the extreme.

Meng Yu Jing’s Sword Ripple Wave was definitely a remarkable sword technique, even much more advanced than his Thirty-Six Spear of Xuan Bing. It was just that like him, Meng Yu Jing was also unable to fully exert that kind of sword ripple wave, which gave him room to counterattack.

Meng Yu Jing had not expected Ning Cheng to come to her senses all of a sudden, and she was about to activate the Green Mirror again when she felt the killing intent of the entire stage being swept away by Ning Cheng’s lance, and the next moment a lance shadow that had coalesced with endless killing intent blasted over.

This terrifying and powerful killing intent left Meng Yu Jing without the slightest way to resist, and she was instantly scared out of her wits. If this lance had blasted her body, it was estimated that her entire body would have exploded.

The gun intent grew stronger and heavier. Meng Yu’s face turned pale as she kept retreating, desperately inspiring her true essence to drive the Green Illusion Mirror to block in front of her. She did not know if her Green Illusion Mirror could block this shot from Ning Cheng.

“Ka” an explosive sound burst out as Ning Cheng’s lance blasted against the Green Illusion Mirror, directly blasting a spider web-like mark in the middle of the Mirror.

Meng Yu was blown up by this terrifying force and crashed like a meteor into the square stage’s prohibitions. On the spot, she spurted out several mouthfuls of blood and slid to the ground, gasping for breath.

Ning Cheng did not go after Meng Yu and kill her, he stood with his eyes closed and did not move. That shot just now was becoming clearer and clearer in his mind, making him ecstatic, this was the shot that truly exploded with killing intent and gun intent. Compared to this shot, he felt that the previous Thirty-six Xuan Bing shots were weak.

However, Ning Cheng knew very well that he was able to comprehend the killing intent of this shot, and apart from watching the battles of the previous few people, the Thirty-six Xuan Bing shots must have been responsible for it.

“Hehe, at such a young age, to have comprehended the gun intent to such an extent, is this person’s spiritual root really poor?” The imposing man sitting on the main altar once again muttered to himself. During Ning Cheng’s first match, he had revealed the skin of the Axe Intent. I had never expected that he would still be involved in the Gun Intent.

“I concede defeat ……,” Meng Yu Jing stood up with difficulty, wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, and heartily put the Green Illusion Mirror into her storage bag. Although she did not know the reason, she understood that Ning Cheng had let her off the hook, otherwise she would have died for sure.

This was one of her most precious magic treasures, and to have it broken by Ning Cheng with a single shot, it was hard for her not to feel heartbroken.

Meng Yu Jing and Ning Cheng fought and went down in complete defeat.

The Divine Wind Academy, which was already extremely low after losing two of its core disciples, had once again raised its hopes because of Ning Cheng’s victory. Liu Xian was even staring eagerly at Ning Cheng who had returned, if the Divine Wind Academy could get a good ranking, then it could still find some comfort after losing two core disciples. Ning Cheng had defeated Meng Yu Jing with unstoppable dominance, giving him a glimpse of hope.

Many cultivators on the sidelines in the square did not have any intuitive feeling about Ning Cheng’s victory over Meng Yu Jing, at most, this black horse was still in the black. But the people of Meteorite Academy were shocked, Meng Yujing was not half as bad as Che Wen in Meteorite Academy. To them, Ning Xiaocheng was able to easily defeat Meng Yujing, which meant that Che Wen was 90% not a match for Ning Xiaocheng either.

What exactly was this Ning Xiaocheng’s origin? How could he be so terrifying?

Ming Haoguai of Qing Yun Academy stared at Ning Cheng with equal fire, this was originally a disciple of their Qing Yun Academy, but unfortunately it was given to Divine Wind Academy by the academy’s rice bucket. At this moment, he could not wait to save the Qi gathering cultivator who had already turned into flying ashes again before turning into flying ashes again. He had completely forgotten how he had celebrated and ridiculed the Divine Wind Academy in his heart when Ning Cheng had gotten 11 points in the first and second rounds.