Creation Gate Chapter 116

Ning Cheng, however, did not think highly of Gu Hong as he whispered to Ji Luofei at his side, “Luofei, before I thought that with my cultivation level I should still be able to protect myself if I tried everything to escape. When I saw that XuanDan cultivator easily slap the Shui Family’s Chiku Yuan Elder to death earlier, I realised that I was very wrong. Not only can I not defend myself with my cultivation, but I am still an ant-like existence here.”

Ji Luofei gripped Ning Cheng’s hand tightly, her heart had always been just worried about the Shui Clan. Although Ning Cheng was strong, he only had a cultivation level of the third level of True Condensation, while she was only at the sixth level of Qi gathering, so there was even a far cry.

“Luo Fei, originally I didn’t care very much about the Furious Axe Valley, but this time I have to get a place to go to the Furious Axe Valley. Only when I’m strong myself can I say something.”

Speaking here, Ning Cheng also held Ji Luofei’s hand back and looked at her as he said, “Luofei, after this Grand Competition, I reckon that the people from the Intermediate Continent will leave the Huali Continent immediately with the 20 places to attend the Furious Axe Valley. Although I have a way for you to go there, your cultivation level is too low and I have no idea what’s going on inside the Angry Axe Valley. Therefore, I hope you can hide in the Divine Wind Academy to retreat and train hard, Deacon Liu promised me a separate cave in the Divine Wind Academy, this cave is for you to stay for the time being, until I return.”

Ji Luofei said with a hmph, “I understand, go ahead and go to Angry Axe Valley, I will wait for you at Divine Wind Academy.”

Ji Luofei also secretly made up her mind in her heart, she decided to work hard on her cultivation, to shorten the distance between her and Ning Cheng as soon as possible. She understood Ning Cheng’s thoughts very well, Divine Wind Academy was not a place for retirement, to live with dignity in this place, she had to improve her strength. She had come from the Cang Qin Kingdom until now. She had already experienced too many things long ago.


“Divine Wind Academy. Oh. That sounds so powerful, I, Lian Hao, have come to meet you.” A lazy voice came out, followed by a triangle-eyed man with black hair draped over his shoulders flying and landing on top of the tournament stage.

After landing on the stage, the man swept his eyes at Gu Hong, “Originally I was going to finish off Chu Yongxin before finishing off Situ Yu, as I wanted to complete Brother Gao Ye’s idea, but since you want to come up here first and seek death, I’ll let you do it. 10 points may be small. At least it’s a point. Remember that I came on stage with 20 points, so it’s a bargain for you.”

When Gu Hong heard that Lian Hao didn’t look at him at all, his face turned red with anger, he didn’t say anything at all, and the tyrannical tiger shovel in his hand had already blasted out.

Lian Hao raised his hand at the same time as Gu Hong did, and a huge big seal was offered up by him. In a matter of breath, the big seal transformed into a circle of nearly ten feet and blasted at Gu Hong.

Those who had cultivated knew that magic treasures that did not appear to be very powerful in terms of killing power on the surface would often be more powerful in their attacks. But the divine thought or divine sense needed is also even more powerful. And cultivators with poorer divine thoughts would basically choose magic weapons such as swords, knives and guns that could easily inspire killing energy.

Of course this is not absolute. Any magic weapon, up to a certain point, cannot be judged by its appearance. However, for true cultivators, using the shape of the magic weapon to judge the strength of the cultivator’s divine mind is the most intuitive.

“Boom …… click ……”

The giant seal blasted onto Gu Hong’s Tyrannical Tiger Shovel, directly scattering the true essence around it. In just one glance, Gu Hong was blasted dozens of meters away and spewed several mouthfuls of blood in the air. If it wasn’t for his Tyrannical Tiger Shovel, this blow would have taken away half of his life.

Definitely not a match for this man, Gu Hong’s heart chilled and he was about to admit defeat in a hurry. However, he immediately realised that his voice was suppressed by the true essence brought up by the giant seal, and he was unable to make a sound at all.

Lian Hao was going to kill him, Gu Hong immediately understood this in his heart, and at this moment, he had endless regrets in his heart, he definitely shouldn’t have come up to the stage to show off his abilities. This was not something that could be done to show off at all, this was something that would get him killed, if he did not have that strength, he simply could not go up on stage to compete.

At this moment, Lian Hao’s giant seal had already smashed down for the second time, and Gu Hong forced himself to hold back the panic inside him and reluctantly offered up the Tyrannical Tiger Shovel once again.

Perhaps it was because he had exploded out of the Jedi with more powerful true essence than usual, and this time the Tyrannical Tiger Shovel exploded the air around him with a popping sound, and blasted directly on top of the giant seal.

“Ka ……” Once again, there was a crunching sound as Gu Hong was blasted by the giant seal and landed on the stage, opening his mouth with another mouthful of blood. This time, Lian Hao didn’t give Gu Hong any more chances, rushing forward and stepping on Gu Hong’s chest with one foot.

Gu Hong’s chest was sunken by Lian Hao’s foot and he tried to raise his head to ask why he was not allowed to admit defeat, but unfortunately, he no longer had the strength to do so. His head was only half raised before it completely drooped on top of the stage.

When Gu Hong was blown back the first time, all the people could already see that he was bound to lose, and some could also see that Lian Hao’s true essence had prevented Gu Hong from admitting defeat. But no one dared to step forward to stop Lian Hao from continuing to do so. The Shui Family’s Chikyuang Elder had learned from his past, and no one dared to make the slightest overreaction in the Grand Tournament.

Ning Cheng frowned for a moment, he killed Shui Yu, that was because Shui Yu wanted to kill him, but Gu Hong was even about to surrender, and he and Lian Hao were not a big enemy, so why did Lian Hao have to kill Gu Hong? Plus in these matches, apart from the first match where Meng Jingxiu’s opponent was alive, all the rest were killed. This was not a match, this was a life and death duel.

The people in the square also sensed the bloodshed of the Five Star Grand Tournament, but this bloodshed only brought about more frenzied uproar. Those who came to watch the competition only wanted it to be more bloody, no one wanted it to be as plain as water, without a single ripple.

Those on stage here are the elite disciples of the various academies, and watching the elite disciples fight each other in blood is the main reason why most people come here.

After Lian Hao had killed Gu Hong, surprisingly, just like Go Ye before, he did not step down from the stage, but continued to stand on the stage without expression, “Thunder Academy Lian Hao with 30 points challenges Chu Yongxin of Divine Wind Academy.”

Liu Xian was unable to hold back this time, he immediately said to Chu Yongxin, “Senior nephew Yongxin, you are no match for Lian Hao ……”

Chu Yongxin clasped his fist to Liu Xian, “Deacon Liu, even if I am bound to lose, I still have to go up and give it a try, otherwise losing without a fight will leave a mark on my heart. At the last moment, I will admit defeat in advance, please don’t worry Deacon Liu.”

“Deacon Liu, we don’t have much of a gap with Thunder Academy either, and that Gao Ye wasn’t killed by my Divine Wind Academy, why must that Lian Hao have a problem with our Divine Academy?” Another cultivator of the Divine Wind Academy at the Yuan Building realm put Lian Hao’s successive challenges to the Divine Wind Academy and was puzzled.

Liu Xian stared at Lian Hao and said in a slow voice, “I don’t understand what this is about either, according to reason, even if he wanted to challenge, he would have challenged Situ Yu.”

As several people spoke, Lian Hao and Chu Yongxin were already fighting on the tournament stage. Lian Hao’s giant seal tumbled, and almost the entire tournament stage was covered with the shadow of the giant seal.

The forbidden system around the incredibly spacious square tournament stage was shaken by the true essence blasted out by the giant seal.

Chu Yongxin’s magic weapon was a broad-backed purple blade, and unlike Gu Hong who was not even able to fight back, Chu Yongxin still had the ability to sacrifice a round shield, and the purple blade was even able to stalemate with the giant seal.

But if he continues to think like this, Chu Yongxin will definitely follow in Gu Hong’s footsteps.

After half an hour, Chu Yongxin felt that his true essence was running low, and it was very difficult for him to control both the shield and the purple blade at the same time. He knew it was time to admit defeat, at least to save face.

At this moment, Chu Yongxin suddenly felt the giant seal expanding by nearly double again, and not only that, a black triangular streamer was being offered by Lian Hao. Immediately, Chu Yongxin felt breathless, while his divine thoughts stiffened, and he immediately understood that Lian Hao had not tried his best at all before, and that his opponent was waiting for this moment, so he hurriedly shouted, “I concede defeat.”

But his voice was directly swept back by the black triangular streamer, and the giant seal, which had more than doubled in size, fell even faster than before, landing directly on top of Chu Yongxin’s round shield. Chu Yongxin’s shield was directly smashed away by this blow, and Chu Yongxin hurriedly fell backwards, but he never imagined that Lian Hao’s control of the giant seal had reached a level that he could not even imagine.

After the huge seal smashed the shield, it reversed back without any warning and then hit Chu Yongxin’s back.

“Pfft ……” a continuous arrow of blood spurted out, Chu Yongxin was similarly decapitated by Lian Hao without any chance to admit defeat.

In a short period of time, two people from Divine Wind Academy were killed in a row. This was exactly a contrast to Divine Wind Academy’s previous two consecutive victories, a contrast so stark and piercing.

Ning Cheng stared at Lian Hao from afar and did not say anything. Lian Hao’s insidiousness was no worse than Situ Yu’s, and it seemed that he was determined to kill the people of Divine Wind Academy in general. Judging from this fellow’s endless tricks, Ning Cheng was not sure if this person had other tricks up his sleeve.

Seemingly knowing that Ning Cheng was looking at himself, Lian Hao actually gave Ning Cheng a faint smile. However, Ning Cheng’s heart jolted, this person seemed to have unintentionally seen himself just now, but his smile carried a strong killing intent. This person was targeting him, Ning Cheng understood at the first moment.

Gu Hong and Chu Yongxin had been killed by Lian Hao, most likely because they had been dragged in by himself, and this person wanted to kill all the people of Divine Wind Academy first before finally coming to challenge him. Unexpectedly, Chu Yongxin did not die at the hands of Go Ye, but at the hands of Lian Hao.

Ning Cheng thought for half a day, but could not figure out where he had offended Lian Hao. Why did this person have such a strong killing intent towards himself? However, at this moment, Ning Cheng also listed Lian Hao as someone he would definitely kill, and since he was going to target him, he would definitely not be polite.

The participant standings on the array projection screen for the third round changed once again, the first place winner was still Si Tu Yu of Qing Yun Academy with 60 points. And because Lian Hao had killed two people in a row, plus the 20 points he carried with him, his score was now up to 40 points.

Ning Cheng, on the other hand, had 30 points and was in third place on the standings for this round at this point.

There were only nine people with points on the leaderboard at the moment: Qing Yun Academy’s Situ Yu with 60 points, Thunder Academy’s Lian Hao with 40 points and Ling Naixin with 20 points. Ning Cheng of Divine Wind Academy has 30 points and Meng Jingxiu has 20 points. Fang Xin of Luo Throat College scored 30 points, Pu Li Xin scored 10 points. Meng Yu Jing and Che Wen of Meteorites College 20 marks.

All of them knew that the third round of the competition had only just begun and Lian Hao was the real master.