Creation Gate Chapter 115

Go Ye’s words instantly caused a clamour, as the winners of the previous two matches had gone down to rest. I didn’t expect that this match would not only be a resting match, but that Go Ye of Thunder Academy would continue the challenge without even taking a breath. This was a bit too bullish, not only bullish but also overbearing.

Imagine Qing Yun Academy’s Yuan Jian’s corpse was still lying bleeding on the stage, and he was going to continue the challenge over here.

As expected, when Go Ye was about to challenge Kamikaze Academy, the crowd outside the stage immediately cheered. There was no sympathy, no pity here. Yuan Jian had been killed, that was a lack of strength, and no one was going to sorrow for a dead man anymore. When you come here to watch a match, what you want to see is excitement, what you want to see is hot blood.

Ning Cheng frowned for a moment, Chu Yongxin was also from the Divine Wind Academy, and I heard that he was also the number one expert in the Condensed True cultivation of the Divine Wind Academy, and was also the main battle force in the third round. Ning Cheng did not know how strong Chu Yongxin was, but that last sword technique of Go Ye’s countless sword curtain turning into a giant sword was extremely powerful. If he had been in a hurry, he would have dodged it somewhat enough. Of course, now that he knew that this fellow had this one blow, he was not afraid of it.

Ning Cheng still had some good feelings towards Chu Yongxin, it was because he was worried about himself that Chu Yongxin had offered to help him deal with Shui Yu before.

Ning Cheng had just thought of this when he saw Chu Yongxin walking towards him, “Senior Brother Ning, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful either. I have a grudge against that Go Ye, and this person is ruthless and ruthless. What he killed Yuan Jian with before was a new sword technique, and it was definitely more than just this one move. I’m not sure I can win against him ……”

“Senior Brother Chu, if you don’t mind, I am willing to help you to finish him off.” Ning Cheng thought that Chu Yongxin was looking for his help. Immediately, he took the initiative to intervene and said.

Earlier, Chu Yongxin had to help him out in the battle. Now he was helping Chu Yongxin out in battle. There was no half-hearted hesitation.

Chu Yong Xin smiled faintly, ”Senior Brother Ning, just as you did, I will not be afraid to fight. I sought you out, not to ask for your help in the battle, but because I am not sure. Once I lose, I will definitely be killed by this person. I still have a younger brother in Divine Wind Academy called Chu Yongren. In the event that something happens to me. I hope you can help me look after it for a moment or two ……”

“Senior Brother Chu don’t worry ……” Ning Cheng said without hesitation, he knew that Chu Yongxin was very optimistic about him. It was because of that that this was why he said such words.

Chu Yongxin nodded his head and walked towards the tournament stage with large strides.

However, Chu Yongxin did not have to walk to the tournament stage before a figure landed on the edge of the stage ahead of him. This person then said coldly to Go Ye on the stage, “Go Ye, I am afraid that you will die at the hands of others and want to challenge you first. If you don’t dare to accept, I will back off immediately.”

“Hahahaha, I, Go Ye, am still afraid of you, a mere junior of the eighth level of True Condensation. It is only a matter of time …… for me to kill you and then that Chu Yongxin,” Hearing that this person wanted to challenge himself ahead of him, Gao Ye laughed loudly. Not half caring.

However, this statement of Go Ye caused many people to be dissatisfied, rampant is fine, but this is a bit too rampant. He himself was only at the ninth level of True Condensation, and he was calling a junior at the eighth level of True Condensation. This was simply uncalled for.

This challenger did not care when he was called a junior by Go Ye, instead, he turned his head to Chu Yongxin who came forward and cupped his fist, “Brother Chu, I want to avenge Senior Brother Yuan, can I ask Brother Chu to let me have this fang.”

Chu Yongxin laughed, “If Brother Situ wants to take revenge, just ask first, Chu Yongxin is willing to cheer for Brother Situ ……”

Seeing Chu Yongxin retreat, Ning Cheng was slightly relieved. He had a premonition that Chu Yongxin was not a match for Go Ye. To this person who had gone up to the stage to challenge Go Ye, Ning Cheng also knew that it was Si Tu Yu of Qing Yun Academy. With a cultivation level of the eighth level of Condensing Truth, he had previously scored forty-five points in the first round of the written test, which was considered a good score. He was also the one who had obtained the score for the second round of the Qing Yun Academy.

By this point in the competition, the contestants between the several academies were already full of gunpowder. Go Ye directly said that he would kill Situ Yu before he killed Chu Yongxin, while Situ Yu even directly said that he wanted to take revenge, there was nothing about the competition at all.

This blood-smelling match full of conflict and killing has caused even more pa*sion in the spectators.

The old man presiding over the match, on the other hand, acted as if he didn’t see it. To him, it didn’t matter at all who died and who lived. What mattered most was who got how many points.

When Situ Yu got on the stage, he first gave a fist hug to the surroundings, “Qing Yun Academy Situ Yu, with 40 points to challenge Go Ye.”

After Situ Yu finished speaking, like not waiting for Go Ye to speak, both hands brought up a roiling handprint to pounce on Go Ye.

This was the first time someone carrying a score of more than 10 points had come on stage, and it was a challenger. Once the onlookers heard this, they understood what was going on.

The main combatants Qing Yun Academy had arranged for in the third round were Situ Yu and Yuan Jian, so the rest of the scores were placed with Situ Yu. Now that Yuan Jian had been killed, if Situ Yu also lost, then Qing Yun Academy would be equal to an early exit.

As soon as Situ Yu made his move, Ning Cheng knew that this was not a simple fellow. This person’s cultivation was definitely much more powerful than Yuan Jian’s, so it was no wonder that Qing Yun Academy had to add all the points to Situ Yu’s.

Situ Yu appeared to have brought up a roiling handprint, but in fact, those with strong divine sense could see clearly that what Situ Yu had sacrificed was a large net. And this net is still light-colored, under the roiling handprints, it is not clear to see.

As Go Ye and Situ Yu stood opposite each other, Situ Yu sacrificed a large net, and he felt it the first time, and the long sword magic weapon in his hand once again raised a dense curtain of swords.

But this time the sword curtain met Situ Yu’s great net, but it was not as easy as when he fought Yuan Jian before. The light of the sword curtain was blocked by the large net, appearing as if it was hidden, unable to fully explode out at all.

Being in the middle of the situation, Go Ye certainly knew his situation; his sword curtain had been bound by his opponent’s great net of magic treasures. To him, if he could not get rid of his opponent’s great net and free his sword weapon in the shortest possible time, he was bound to lose.

Desperate to get rid of his opponent’s great net of magic treasures, Go Ye could no longer care about timing, and the sword curtain around him emitted a whistling sound as it gathered in an instant. Just like against Yuan Jian, this large swathe of sword curtain light immediately formed a huge broadsword as it gathered.

Only this time, the huge broadsword did not manage to blast at Situ Yu’s body, and was still bound by Situ Yu’s great net. The giant sword struggled in the great net, surprisingly unable to break free of it for a moment.

Go Ye’s heart sank, he also did not expect Situ Yu’s great net to be so sturdy. Before he could continue to blast out his next sword technique, a stream of light shot out from Situ Yu’s hand.

The instant the stream of light blasted out, the scorching heat enveloped the entire ring. Ning Cheng, who was so far away from him, could feel that scorching heat.

“Boom,” a round shield that Go Ye had hastily sacrificed was blasted by this stream of light.

As the shield had not been fully sacrificed, it immediately cracked after being hit by the stream of light. At that moment, a rainbow, which was even faster than the light, burst out from underneath Go Ye’s feet.

With a soft sound, Situ Yu’s feet were directly taken away by this rainbow, and by now the stream of light had already bypa*sed the circular shield and continued to blast at Go Ye’s body.

Not long ago, Gao Ye, who had arrogantly beheaded Yuan Jian of Qing Yun Academy, had a terrified expression on his face that had not even come to take shape before he was blasted into flying dust by Situ Yu’s stream of light. The fluidity and speed of the battle was dazzling. By the time others got a clear look, Gao Ye had already been killed.

There was a moment of silence in the square, but then an arc of louder cries erupted.

Ning Cheng frowned and stared at Situ Yu, this Situ Yu was too powerful. Not only was this person powerful, but he also had a deliberate mind. Every step of Thunder Academy’s Go Ye’s reaction was within his calculation, and he had also pre-arranged that sneaky rainbow attack. It was he, too, who had not seen what that successful sneak attack rainbow actually was.

At this moment, on the formation projection screen of the third round, the score behind Situ Yu had become 60 points, while Go Ye’s name had disappeared without a trace.

Situ Yu unhurriedly collected his spoils, walked off the stage with Yuan Jian’s corpse and returned to the Qing Yun Academy’s premises once again. While Go Ye’s corpse just turned into a pile of flying ashes, no one bothered to retrieve it either.

“Brother Ning, I’m afraid it would be difficult for me to defeat those people with my cultivation level, I want to leave my points to you.” Min Rui of the Divine Wind Academy was already a little drummed up in his heart after seeing the few bloody fights that followed. He knew his own cultivation level very well, and it would be a thousand times harder to win a match on the stage.

Liu Xian walked over, nodded and said, “Min Rui is right, since we have Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu, your kind of choice is the right one.”

Meng Jingxiu deflated her mouth on the side, obviously a little uncomfortable with Min Rui not giving her the points. Ning Cheng had won a match, and she had won a match just the same. Moreover, her opponent was still at the eighth level of True Condensation, and Ning Cheng’s opponent was just a guy who had just advanced to the seventh level of True Condensation.

After finishing with Min Rui, Liu Xiangyi then turned her gaze to Gu Hong, who was at the eighth level of True Condensation on one side, and asked, “Gu Hong, what are your thoughts?”

Gu Hong said dryly, “Deacon Liu, I still decided to go up and give it a try myself, I’m a bit reluctant not to give it a try.”

After Gu Hong finished speaking, he gave Liu Xian a fist hug and quickly walked out of the Divine Wind Academy’s premises and flew down on top of the tournament stage, then said aloud, “Gu Hong of Divine Wind Academy, with 10 chapters I will meet all the heroes and heroines.”

The agitation from just now when Go Ye had killed Yuan Jian and was then killed by Situ Yu had not yet subsided, so Gu Hong came on stage again and immediately attracted everyone’s attention again.

It wasn’t how famous Gu Hong was, nor was it how high his cultivation level was. In terms of cultivation, Gu Hong was only at the eighth level of true condensation. The reason why everyone on the stage was concerned about Gu Hong was because he was also from the Divine Wind Academy, and he was by far the person with the highest cultivation level from the Divine Wind Academy on the stage.

Both Meng Xiowen and Ning Xiaocheng, who were at the sixth level of True Condensation, had won their two previous matches with ease. Therefore, when Gu Hong from Divine Wind Academy, who was at the eighth level of True Condensation, took to the stage, he immediately attracted a lot of attention.