Creation Gate Chapter 114

Not to mention that Shui Yu had completely lost his fighting spirit at this moment, even if Shui Yu’s fighting spirit was high, he would still not be able to completely block Ning Cheng’s long-powered punch. However, if his fighting spirit was high, Ning Cheng’s punch would still not be able to kill him.

“Boom ……” Shui Yu was blasted squarely by Ning Cheng’s punch, and his entire upper dantian exploded. He then fell to the ground as if he was a dead fish.

“Little beast, how dare you kill Shui Yu, old man will split you……” As Shui Yu was killed by Ning Cheng’s punch, an angry voice ripped out, while a grey shadow rushed towards the tournament stage like a lightning bolt.

The Shui Family was used to running rampant in Moze City, and apart from a slight scruple towards Meteorite Academy, it simply had no scruples. And Shui Yu was the future of the Shui Family’s next generation, so for such a person to be blown away directly by Ning Cheng at the tournament stage, the Shui Family was unable to accept it for a while.

Unfortunately, this Shui family elder who rushed towards the stage had forgotten what kind of competition this was and who was presiding over the competition here. Before he could even rush to the edge of the tournament platform, an overwhelmingly powerful pressure blasted over.

This Shui family elder suddenly awoke to the fact that this was not an ordinary competition, but a six-star academy selection competition hosted by a mid-level continental expert. He dared to rush towards the stage in this kind of competition, wouldn’t he be looking for death.

Cold sweat brushed down his back, and without waiting for him to step back and apologise, a huge palm had already struck down.

“Poof ……” Another spray of blood sprayed out, this elder of the Shui Clan did not even have a chance to resist, and was directly slapped into a blood mist by this huge palm.

“How dare you, a mere ant, how dare you charge towards the dueling platform.” It was only at this point that the crowd heard the old man presiding over the third match sneer and sneer as his figure once again landed on top of the main altar.

The onlookers in the square all drew in a cold breath at once; that elder of the Shui family was a cultivator of the Origin Building realm. An expert with such a cultivation level could not even dodge a slap in front of the old man who had come from the middle level continent.

Some people who hadn’t been paying much attention to those experts from the Intermediate Continent only winced at this moment, people didn’t make a move, not because they were good-tempered, but because no one had committed a crime at their hands yet. Now that someone from the Shui family had dared to offend, they were immediately killed.

This kind of decisive style was shocking beyond belief. Even the shock of Ning Cheng killing Shui Yu seemed a little thin in this comparison.

Ning Cheng was calm on the surface, but inwardly he was equally shaken. He had seen a master before, that old crone was a master, it was just because the old crone had not done anything to him, so he actually did not care much about that old crone in his heart. Only now did he realise how far he was from those experts.

When the old man who had just presided over the competition had blasted out with his palm, he had seen clearly the huge killing intent that had directly driven the killing intent around him. The killing intent was clearly not directed at him, but he still felt powerless to resist. If that slap was aimed at him, he could only wait for death.

It was true that without strength everything was in vain. This old man was definitely a XuanDan cultivation expert, while Ning Cheng had heard that the Shui Clan had a XuanDan cultivation expert. If this XuanDan cultivation expert of the Shui Family wanted to kill him, he would not even have the chance to resist, let alone escape.

Strength, it must be strength. Ning Cheng clenched his fists as he made up his mind that even if he didn’t care about all the costs, he had to raise his cultivation level as soon as possible. He absolutely could not wait for death, the Divine Wind Academy could not protect him for the rest of his life. What’s more, he also knew that if that Shui Family expert made a move against him, even the Divine Wind Academy wouldn’t be able to protect him.

Ning Cheng slowly breathed out, collected Shui Yu’s things, and raised his hand to send a fireball to burn Shui Yu into flying ashes. Since he had already offended, there was no need to back down half-heartedly.

Seeing Ning Cheng slowly walk down from the stage, a cacophony of noise erupted from the immensely quiet Grand Square. Not only had Ning Cheng killed Shui Yu, but he had also directly turned him into dust. Who could have thought of such guts and strength before?

At this moment, the score on the big screen of the formation projection had changed again, and behind Ning Xiaocheng was already 20 points, with Shui Yu’s name disappearing as usual.

At the same time, the remaining seven or eight names had also disappeared. However, their names had disappeared, and they were just giving their scores to the rest of the cultivators in your same house for free.

To the crowd watching the battle in the main square, none of this was important, but what was most shocking was that a cultivator at the third level of Condensing Truth had killed Shui Yu at the seventh level of Condensing Truth. This was certainly related to the fact that Shui Yu had just advanced to the seventh level of True Condensation and his cultivation was not stable, but more importantly, this third level of True Condensation was a bit too ferocious and terrifying.

Liu Xian looked at Ning Cheng who walked off the stage in surprise, he did not expect Ning Cheng to be so strong at all, he had actually killed even the seventh level True Condensation level Shui Yu. This was the second surprise he had received after Meng Jingxiu. Could it be that Divine Wind Academy really had a chance to enter the top ranks?

Meng Jingxiu deflated his mouth and said with some disbelief, “That Shui Yu doesn’t live up to his name, when the experts from Meteoric Star Academy challenge over later, hum ……”

Liu Xian heard Meng Jingxiu’s words and did not reply. He certainly knew much more than Meng Jingxiu, although Shui Yu was a disciple of Meteorite Academy, he was a member of the Shui family after all. To say that the people of Meteorite Academy would stand up for Shui Yu, he did not believe it.

As for Meng Jingxiu’s comment that Shui Yu’s name was not true, he also thought deeply that Shui Yu had just advanced to the late stage of True Condensation and his cultivation had not even solidified. Asking for a spot was solely for the purpose of killing Ning Cheng. It was just that he had not expected Ning Cheng to cut himself off instead of killing him.

“Alas, this Shui Yu is a bit too famous to be true, what a big name.” A Deacon of Meteorite Academy shook his head somewhat speechlessly even after seeing Shui Yu being killed.

“He was an elite of the Shui family, and usually everyone else gave him some deference. Over time it has developed the habit of him being an expert, even he himself is not conscious of it. In fact, how high can an expert who relies on pills to pile up be?” Someone next to him sneered and said.

Meng Yu Jing was also the representative of the Meteorite Academy in this battle, and she had been staring at Ning Cheng after he had killed Shui Yu. She always felt that there was something familiar about Ning Cheng, but this familiarity she couldn’t seem to recall.

“Although Shui Yu is unbearable, this Ning Xiaocheng is definitely a guy who plays the pig to eat the tiger. There’s probably a reason why his results were so poor in the first two rounds. Che Ziwen, Meng Yu Jing, although our Meteorite Academy is temporarily in first place, the final round of the competition is full of experts from various academies. And it’s mainly up to you two to get points behind us, you must be careful. Especially that Ning Xiaocheng, you must pay some attention to him ……”

A cultivator of Xuan Liquid cultivation from Meteorite Academy stood out and said gruffly to the two young men and women beside him.

“Yes, Master Lian.” The young male cultivator hastily nodded in response, he was the number one person in the Meteorite Academy’s Condensed True cultivation, his name was Che Wen, and the Meteorite Academy would be relying mainly on him for the third round.

Meng Yu Jing, however, woke up, she finally remembered who this Ning Xiaocheng was who had killed Shui Yu. Several days ago when she and Qu Ping had left Moze City together, it seemed that a person had pa*sed them, and later that person seemed to be up to something and was pa*sed by them.

At the time she had her mind on it, and with so many people coming and going on the main road, she didn’t care about this person, she just swept a casual glance. Now she finally remembered, that person was Ning Xiaocheng.

After learning that that person was Ning Xiaocheng, and then thinking about the fact that Ning Xiaocheng had deliberately lagged behind her, how could Meng Yu not know that Ning Xiaocheng was following her at that time?

Meng Yu Jing’s face turned cold, she could not have imagined that she was being followed. She was always very careful whenever she went out, and she was even more cautious when she went to that mountain village hut. She was confident that even a cultivator of the Origin Building Realm would not necessarily be able to follow her to the vicinity of that hut.

But that day she had the feeling that she was being spied on. Could it be that Ning Xiaocheng could still follow her outside the hut and peek in? Whether it was or not, this person should not be kept.

Of course, she did not know that the reason why Ning Xiaocheng was able to get outside the hut without being discovered by her was mainly due to that old woman.


Two matches were played in the third round, both of which were fought by people from Divine Wind Academy, and both of which were won. In terms of the scores for the third round, Divine Wind Academy was already at 70 points, ahead of the remaining four academies.

The chatter about Ning Cheng in the square finally stopped with the third cultivator who mounted the stage. This cultivator was sturdy and incredibly tall, his strong body almost bursting through his upper body’s cultivator uniform.

This was a fellow at the ninth level of True Condensation, and Ning Cheng could already tell his opponent’s cultivation level from afar.

“Yuan Jian of the Qingyun Academy, bringing 10 points to ask for your expert advice.” The strong cultivator spun around with a smile and a clasp of his fist, at least he didn’t look too annoying.

As soon as Yuan Jian’s words left his mouth, someone else quickly flew onto the stage, this was also a tall male cultivator, when he got on stage, he directly offered his magic treasure and said, “I am Gao Ye from Thunder Academy, also with 10 points ……”

As he spoke Go Ye’s magic treasure had already been sacrificed, bringing up a dense curtain of swords.

Yuan Jian also did not seem to expect Go Ye to fight when he said he would, but he was not half nervous and the magic weapon he sacrificed was a copper pestle.

The bronze pestle brought up a trail of golden light, overlapping with Go Ye’s sword curtain and bursting open on the stage in a crackling flash of light that looked amazing.

Gao Ye was also at the ninth level of True Condensation, the same as Yuan Jian’s cultivation level. Ning Cheng could tell from the hands of these two that both of them were based on profound true essence. Moreover, they were evenly matched, and it was impossible to tell the winner from the loser in a short time.

This kind of fight where the forces were evenly matched and the true essence was exploding looked the most exciting. After watching for a while, Ning Cheng felt that there was no point, these two people should not even be able to beat Meng Jingxiu.

Yuan Jian appeared to be the one with the highest cultivation level in Qingyun Academy, if Yuan Jian lost, Qingyun Academy would be in danger in this Five Star Academy competition.

The two evenly matched men fought for a full half an hour, and just when others thought that they would continue to fight, the sword curtain brought up by Go Ye suddenly closed. This retracted sword curtain transformed into a giant sword in an instant, and this giant sword was like knocking through an egg, tearing apart Yuan Jian’s pestle shadow.

“Poof ……” blood spurted out, Yuan Jian did not expect before he died that Go Ye, who was an even match for him a moment ago, still had this terrifying killer move.

“Thunder Academy Gao Ye carries 20 points to challenge Divine Wind Academy Chu Yongxin ……” What was even more unexpected was that less than a breath after killing Yuan Jian, Gao Ye began to challenge Divine Wind Academy.