Creation Gate Chapter 111

When the results of the second round came out, Meteor Academy came first with 221 points, while Luo Throat Academy came second with 155 points. Thunder Academy came in third with 138 points, Green Cloud Academy came in fourth with 130 points, while Kamikaze Academy was far behind with only 76 points.

The majestic man who presided over the first and second rounds of the competition announced the start of the third round and then stopped talking. At this moment, an old man sitting below him walked to the front of the main altar and said in a loud voice, “The third round is a competition of the fighting strength of the five academies, and this is also the place where the strength of each academy can be best measured. Therefore the third round also has the most points, the total score is two hundred and fifty points, as for how much each academy can take, that is up to each one’s ability ……”

When Ning Cheng heard this, he thought to himself that really, the first two rounds of this grand competition were definitely not the deciding factor of the grand competition. Perhaps these first two rounds were deliberately added by the person who got the leather scroll that could not be unlocked, so the time was short and the score was low. It was the fifth round that really decided which academy would become a six-star academy.

“Ning Cheng ……” Ji Luofei greeted her with some worry, her aunt had made her sad for just a moment. Her whole heart and soul was on Ning Cheng.

Liu Xian also came over from the main altar, patted Ning Cheng’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry if you didn’t do well on the test, even if you got a hundred percent, our score in the third round is still not optimistic. Take a break for the third round and see how several senior brothers perform, and also learn some practical battle experience in the process.”

Liu Xian’s words made Ning Cheng feel good, by definition he was a core disciple who had been invited back by the Divine Wind Academy at a great cost. It was mainly for the first two rounds, but the truth was that he had only scored a total of 11 points in the two rounds. It was also because this score was so low that it was not counted.

After briefly comforting Ning Cheng. Liu Xian then went to instruct the three late stage True Condensation senior brothers who were going to get points in the third round.

“Although your performance was within my expectations, you got 11 points in two rounds. I’m still a bit disappointed. Originally I thought that you were going to take my spot and would definitely get points for Divine Wind Academy. In fact I really wasn’t wrong.” Meng Jingxiu walked over and looked at Ning Cheng with some disdain as he spoke.

Ning Cheng knew that the other party was because he had almost taken away her place in the competition, and if Liu Xian hadn’t been so nice, Meng Jingxiu’s hatred towards him might have been even greater.

Ning Cheng did not take Meng Jingxiu seriously at all and said lazily, “You don’t seem to be much higher than me.”

“I’m not much higher than you, but it seems that I got all the thirty-five points from the previous two rounds of Divine Wind Academy alone. What’s more, the main place where I got my points was not in the first two rounds, so you won’t understand by saying this.” Meng Jingxiu shook her head at Ning Cheng with a hint of arrogance in her tone.

After saying that. She turned around and left, not even intending to wait for Ning Cheng to answer.

However, Ning Cheng hemmed and hawed behind her and said, “Why are you thinking the same thing as me? Was it because you knew that I would also take points in the third round?”

When Meng Jingxiu heard Ning Cheng’s words, a trace of sarcasm appeared in her eyes and she did not even bother to answer.

At this moment, the old man presiding over the third round once again said, “Now I will talk about the rules of the third round of the competition, there is no limit to the opponents and no limit to the number of fights in the third round, that is, two participants from this academy can also fight against each other ……”

This explanation was that Ning Cheng was a bit confused, since it was a competition between academies. Of course it was the contestants of the academies fighting each other, where was there a fight between people from this academy?

The audience below was also noisy and booming, obviously all did not understand why this rule was set.

When the old man saw the noise, he immediately used his hand to suppress it. At the same time, he raised his voice and said, “Quiet down and listen to me continue with the rules.”

The old man was from the middle level continent. There was still a lot of weight between his words, and after he said this. The audience below immediately quieted down.

Only then did the old man presiding over the competition continue to say aloud, “Before the third round. Each of the twenty-five contestants carries 10 points, adding up to a total of 250 points, which means that each academy has a total of 50 points. The two people who go up to the stage must be carrying points on their person, and the points on the losing team will all be added to the winner.

For example, if Zhang San and Li Si go up on stage to fight, and both of them carry 10 points, then when Zhang San wins, Zhang San’s points will become 20 points and Li Si will have no points on him. Those who have no points are not allowed to go on stage. If Wang Wu brings 10 points and then goes on stage to challenge Zhang San, after Zhang San loses again, all the points on Zhang San will become Wang Wu’s. Wang Wu would then become 30 points and Zhang San would have no more points on him.”

By this point in the old man’s explanation, it was clear enough for all the people to understand. This was indeed the most direct way to grab points, and the most intuitive means. But then, wouldn’t the person with the highest cultivation level end up rolling away all 250 points? But thinking that there was only one Six Star College, this didn’t seem contradictory.

The old man continued, “If one of the two people from this sect has a slightly lower cultivation level and does not want to participate in the dueling competition, he can give the points to someone with a higher cultivation level from the same sect. Then the person who takes out the points may not continue to challenge others on stage, nor may others challenge those without points. In addition to this, each person has three chances to challenge, and at the same time each person can only be challenged a maximum of three times. Remember, if a challenge is between the same college, it will only count once, no matter how many times you are challenged. These are the rules of the tournament, anyone else who has questions can ask them.”

“May I ask if a disciple in this academy loses, but then after stepping down from the stage there are the rest of the disciples who have given points to him, can he still continue to challenge on stage?” The person who asked the question was Liu Xian of Divine Wind Academy.

Everyone else knew what Liu Xian meant when he asked this question, there were very few masters in the Divine Wind Academy’s duel, he was afraid that if one of the most powerful disciples lost, there would be no chance to bounce back.

“No.” This time the old man answered extremely dryly.

“May I ask what happens in the event that you miss and kill your opponent during the bout?” The one who asked was surprisingly Shui Yu of the Shui Clan.

As soon as Ning Cheng heard these words from Shui Yu, he knew that the look this fellow had given him earlier with a murderous intent was meant to kill him before he said anything ah.

The old man glanced coldly at Shui Yu and said expressionlessly, “If you are afraid of death, give your score to someone from your same house earlier.”

After the old man finished, he waited for a moment and then said aloud, “The third round of the competition will now begin, those who go up to the stage to compete will first tell their opponents the scores they are carrying.”

The old man who had presided over the third round had already retired, and a powerful forbidden system had been set up around the square platform in the centre of the square, but not a single person had come on stage.

It didn’t look like anyone was willing to be the first to go, and none of the people watching the battle in the square were in a hurry. Everyone knew that this was just a calm before the battle, and that once the battle started, it would not be peaceful for a moment. The people on the main altar were not in a hurry either, as they seemed to know that there would always be the first to eat the crab.

At this moment, twenty-five names appeared on the third huge formation projection screen, each with 10 points marked after their names. Although all twenty-five people appeared on the array projection screen, it was clear to everyone that under these rules, only those ten or so people would actually be able to compete on the stage, and not everyone would be there.

“Ning Cheng, give me your score. Your cultivation level is too low to keep in your hand and have it taken away by a challenge.” Meng Jingxiu originally thought that she would never speak to Ning Cheng again, but the first time she heard this competition rule, she came to Ning Cheng’s side again.

“How old are you? Why do I give it to you?” If at first Meng Jingxiu thought that she had stolen her spot and she had some problems with herself, Ning Cheng could still understand. Now that she still thought how great she was and rightfully came over to ask for her points, Ning Cheng immediately became upset in his heart.

“Then I will challenge you.” When Meng Jingxiu saw that Ning Cheng was only at the early stage of True Condensation and dared to hold on to 10 points without taking them out, she immediately became upset in her heart. In her opinion, the points in Ning Cheng’s hand were not given to the disciples of this sect, they must have been given to someone else.

“Get lost.” Ning Cheng could not bear it anymore. He said in his heart that this woman was sick, if you want to challenge, other academies still had twenty spots, feel free to challenge. You prefer to fixate on the 10 points in his hand, do you think he is easy to bully?

Meng Jingxiu raised her eye brows, and before she could get angry, Liu Xian had already walked over, “The competition is about to start, what are you still arguing about?”

Ning Cheng said to Liu Xian, “Deacon Liu, Meng Jingxiu actually wants to challenge me, is there something wrong with her brain?”

Meng Jingxiu was just about to explain that Ning Cheng was wasting his points when he saw Liu Xian frown and say.

“Meng Jingxiu, our Divine Wind Academy is also a five-star academy. In the future, don’t do or say such things that make people laugh, prepare and join the competition later.”

“Yes.” Meng Jingxiu did not dare to be rude to Deacon Liu, so he could only reply in a respectful voice and turned around to leave, not even bothering to look at Ning Cheng this time.

“Deacon Liu, are you also asking me for my score?” Ning Cheng’s tone was calm, if Liu Xian had also come to ask for points, he would have immediately given them to Liu Xian and then taken Ji Luofei as far away as he could. He had already received enough benefits in this competition. The hundreds of variations on that ancient scroll had benefited him immensely.

Liu Xian asked him for the scores, that was already showing no respect to him. Even if the scores were to be taken out, he would have to take them himself.

Liu Xian shook his head with a bitter smile and said, “No, just take care of yourself on stage. I see that Shui Yu is looking at you with a murderous intent, you should be careful of him. My Divine Wind Academy is already destined to be at the bottom this time, so why should I need your 10 points? If you’re not sure, you can give your points to Chu Yongxin yourself, he’s the number one in my Divine Wind Academy’s Condensing Truth.”

“Thank you Deacon Liu, I still want to try it myself.” Ning Cheng felt that this Liu Xian was also a man of temperament and was quite right for his temper.

“Divine Wind Academy Meng Jingxiu with 10 points to challenge on the stage, no matter who it is, I will proceed.” After Meng Jingxiu had already gotten onto the square platform, Ning Cheng who was talking to Liu Xian saw this.

When Liu Xian saw Meng Jingxiu being the first to challenge on the stage, he shook his head and turned away with a sigh.

No one had expected that the first person to challenge on the stage would be Meng Jingxiu from Divine Wind Academy. In terms of cultivation level, Meng Jingxiu was only at the sixth level of True Condensation. The disciples prepared by the five five-star academies here for the third round of the duel, the worst cultivation level was at the late stage of True Condensation, right, and a sixth level of True Condensation was actually going to challenge on the stage?

The spectators in the square were all talking, wondering which academy Divine Wind Academy’s Meng Jingxiu was sending her points to.